2015-17 Prediction Summary

This is the summary page of the world predictions for 2015. It allows you to click on each individual set of ‘Notes’.  To the left you can click on quoted headline news articles that compare the facts to the prediction.

Next to the headlines on the left shows a * which is symbolic to a prediction that more accurate then the others.

At the bottom of the notes is the Summary of previous years

Predictions 3-30-17

Predictions 3-28-16

Predictions 3-25-17

Predictions 3-21-17

Predictions 3-20-16

Predictions 3-19-17

Predictions 3-14-17  Peru Mudslide

Predictions 3-13-17

Predictions 3-7-17

Predictions 3-6-17

Predictions 3-5-17

Predictions 2-26-17

Predictions 2-25-17  Germany Car Attack

Predictions 2-21-17

Predictions 2-19-17  TrumpCare  Republicans Pull Bill

Predictions 2-17-17

Predictions 2-13-17  Toronto Fire

Predictions 2-10-17  Philippines Earthquake Toronto Fire

Predictions 2-4-17  Germany Car Attack

Predictions 1-31-17  Fire Bomb on Hong Kong Train

Predictions 1-28-17

Predictions 1-18-17  Mexico School Shooting  Veracruz Mass Grave

Prediction 1-8-17  Canada Shooting  German Train Attack

Predictions 1-3-17 Central Italy Earthquake  Florida Airport Shooting Israel Truck Attack Mexico School Shooting

Predictions 12-27-16

Predictions 12-23-16 Israel Truck Attack

Predictions 12-22-16 George Michael Passes Somalia Bombing North Dakota Pipeline  Philippines Earthquake

Predictions 12-19-16

Prediction: US Terror Attacks

Predictions 12-12-16  Jeff Sessions and Russian Ambassador  Putin Involved in Hacking  Florida Airport Shooting Russian Dossier

Predictions 12-10-16

Predictions 12-6-16  Indonesia Earthquake

Predictions 11-29-16

Predictions 11-24-16  Former President Fidel Castro Dies  Ohio State Shooting

Predictions 11-21-16  Ohio State Shooting **  Winter Storm Stella

Predictions 11-11-16  Putin Involved in Hacking

US Presidential Prediction  We are Wrong

Predictions 10-30-16  Violent Protest Japan 7.3 Earthquake

Prediction: Assassination, Florida Hurricane and California Quake  Yulin Explosion Russian Ambassador Assassinated

Predictions 10-18-16

Predictions 10-13-16

Predictions 10-10-16

Prediction US Terror Attack 3

Prediction California Earthquake

Earthquake Prediction

Florida Hurricane Prediction  Hurricane Matthew**

Prediction: The Florida Hurricane  Hurricane Matthew **

US Terror Attack 2  US Navy Ship Attacked

Prediction: US Terror Attack 1  New Jersey Marine Race Bombing *

Predictions 9-7-16  Cyber Attack

Predictions 9-3-16  LA Train Crash   France Terror Threat

Prediction: UK Abdication

Predictions 8-29-16

Predictions 8-23-16  Kabul University Attack  Clinton Not Feeling Well  Turkey’s Plan to Kidnap Cleric

Prediction: Assassination Coming

Predictions 8-14-16  Florida Storm Predictions Indonesia Earthquake

US Multi Attack Prediction  Manhattan Explosion

Prediction: Canada Attack  Foiled Canadian Attack

Prediction: Hijacked Plane   Super Typhoon Meranti

Terror Attacks Arriving Soon

Saudi Attack  US Navy Ship Attacked

The Fall of Trump  Trump Fallout

Next for Venezuela

Indonesia Earthquake Prediction

Southern California Attack Prediction

Predictions 7-18-16  Kabul University Attack  George Michael Passes Hollywood Stabbing Rampage

Prediction German Train Bomb  German Train Attack  German Terror Attack

Prediction Paris Attack  France Terror Attack

Mexico Hurricane Prediction  Hurricane Earl  Tropical Earl Triggers Landslides

Philippine Typhoon  Typhoon Hagupit

Bridge Attack

Predictions 6-16-16  Germany Theater Shooting  France Terror Attack Turkey Stadium Bombing  Louvre Attack Foiled

Predictions 6-13-16

Predictions 6-11-16 UK Terror Attack  London Attack  Heroic British MP** Hero Doctor and Nurses during London Attack**

Predictions 6-8-16  Turkey Stadium Bombing

Predictions 6-5-16

Predictions on 6-3-16 Train Crash

Predictions 5-30-16  Orlando Shooting

Predictions 5-28-16  Orlando Shooting  Istanbul Airport Attack  Germany Terror Attack

Predictions 5-19-16

Predictions 5-14-16

Predictions 5-10-16 Muslim Ban Turkey Car Bomb Sumatra Volcano Eruption  German Terror Attack 

Predictions 5-6-16  Clinton Not Feeling Well

Predictions 5-3-16  India Drought  Senior ISIS Leader is Dead NJ Train Crash India Train Explosion

Predictions 5-2-16 China Landslide  India Drought  Millions at Risk of Starvation

Predictions 4-24-16

Predictions 4-23-16 US Attack

Predictions 4-21-16 Tropical Storm Colin  US Navy Ship Attacked

Predictions 4-18-16  Suicide Bomber Strikes Turkey

Predictions 4-15-16  Protest Becomes Violent at Trump Rally  EgyptAir Terror Attack

Predictions 4-8-16  EgyptAir Bombing

Predictions 4-2-16  French Police Stabbed

Predictions 4-1-16  Belgium Police Attack  Pakistan Hospital Bombing

Predictions 3-29-16 Austin Texas Campus Murder Ecuador Earthquake  Orlando Shooting Chile Earthquake

Predictions 3-24-16

Predictions 3-17-16  Russian Plane Crash Brussels Airport Attack

Predictions 3-10-16  Russian Plane Crash

Texas Shooting Coming

Predictions 3-1-16

Predictions 2-27-16  Violence at Chicago Trump Rally Protest Becomes Violent at Trump Rally  UK Man Plotted Trump Assassination

Predictions 2-19-16 Texas Shooting  Bakersfield Earthquake Austin Texas Campus Murder  Plane Crash in Texas   Texas Shooting  Dallas Shooting

Predictions 2-16-16  Indonesia Earthquake

Predictions 2-14-16  Fiji Cyclone  Venezuela Crisis  Venezuelans Cross to Colombia  Manhattan Explosion  Australia Cyclone Debbie

Predictions 2-5-16

Predictions 1-27-16  Mob at Stockholm Train Station Fireball Crashed into Alantic

Predictions 1-25-16

Predictions 1-24-16

Predictions 1-22-16  Japan Earthquake

Predictions 1-16-16  New Zealand Earthquake

Predictions 1-11-16

Predictions 1-7-16 Trump Rally Violence Trump Supporter Punches Protestor  Violence at Chicago Trump Rally

Predictions 1-6-16 Germany Train Crash Brussels Terror Raid Japan Earthquake

Predictions 1-5-16  Michigan Shooting Spree  Ontario School Stabbing EgyptAir Bombing

Predictions 1-4-16 New York Shootings

Predictions for 1-3-16

Predictions 12-30-15

Predictions on 12-29-15  Mississippi River Flooding

Predictions on 12-27-15  New Years Attack Foiled in Belgium

World Predictions of 2015

Predictions for 12-26-15

Predictions on 12-22-15   European Floods Germany Terror Attack

Predictions 12-21-15 UK Flooding  Canada School Shooting

Predictions on 12-19-15  Mexico Fireworks Explosion

Predictions on 12-15-15 Canada School Shooting

Predictions on 12-12-15  Manhattan Explosion

Predictions on 12-9-15  Mosques Destroyed Mob at Stockholm Train Station  Baton Rouge Shooting  Cruise Ship On Fire

Predictions on 12-4-15 Moscow Bus Stop Bombing Muslims Shield Christians in Kenya Bus Attack  Ankara Bombing Cancer Breakthrough  Russian Plane Crash  Angela Merkel Assassination Attempt

Predictions 12-1-15   Tajikistan Earthquake Brussels Airport Attack

Prediction 11-25-15 Belgium Bombing New Years Attack Foiled in Belgium Brussels Terrorist Planned to Attack France

Notes on 11-23-15  Peru Earthquake

Predictions on 11-21-15 South America Flooding  El Chapo Capurted Canada School Shooting Brussels Airport Attack

Predictions on 11-16-15 Brussels Terrorist Planned to Attack France  Tropical Storm Colin Florida Storm Predictions

Predictions on 11-10-15

Predictions on 11-8-15 New Zealand Earthquake

Predictions on 11-8-15 San Francisco Earthquake

Predictions on 11-2-15

Predictions on 10-28-15 Jihadi John Killed in US Airstrikes  Istanbul Bombing*

Predictions on 10-26-15  Nigeria Attack  Germany Train Crash

Predictions on 10-22-15 California Earthquake / Meteor Strike  Fireball Crashed into Alantic

Predictions on 10-20-15 Afghanistan Earthquake Causes Landslide  Mogadishu Hotel Bombing Mogadishu Hotel Bombing US Intelligence: ISIS Bombed Russian Plane  Chile Earthquake

Notes on 10-16-15

Notes on 10-15-15   India Earthquake Fireball Crashed into Alantic Sydney Shooting

Notes on 10-9-15  Terror Attack in Ankara, Turkey Bombing US Intelligence: ISIS Bombed Russian Plane

Notes on 10-8-15

Predictions on 10-5-15   Terror Attack in Ankara, Turkey Bombing Tornado Hits Australia

Notes on 10-3-15 Airplane Bombing  Terror Attack in Ankara, Turkey Bombing Russian Plane Crash in EgyptUS Intelligence: ISIS Bombed Russian Plane Beirut Bombing*

Notes on 9-30-15   Roseburg Oregon School Shooting

Predictions on 9-28-15   Liuzhou China Explosions*  Israel Discovers Oil Reserves US Intelligence: ISIS Bombed Russian Plane  Terror Attack in Ankara, Turkey Bombing Russian Plane Crash in Egypt* Romania Night Club Fire Ten ISIS Leaders Killed

Predictions on 9-23-15   Mormon Church Ponderizing Scandal

Notes on 9-16-15 Military Base Bombing Boko Haram Attacks Military Base EgyptAir Terror Attack

Predictions on 9-14-15   Louisiana Natural Gas Explosion  Oil Rig Fire  Nigeria Gas Explosion

Predictions on 9-7-15  ISIS War at a Stalemate  Iraq Rescue Mission

Notes on 9-3-15 Refugees Forced off Hungary Train Hostage Taker on Cathedral Steps  Zhejiang China Explosion*  Chile Earthquake and Tsunami

Predictions on 8-31-15

Notes on 8-26-15 – Guatemala President Resigns Sacramento College Shooting

Predictions on 8-24-15 Now called predictions, these sets of messages are designed to happen within a months time: Typhoon Dujuan   Typhoon Lando Jihadi John Killed in US Airstrikes Ten ISIS Leaders Killed

Notes on 8-21-15 – Australia Tornado and Flooding

Notes on 8-19-15

Notes on 8-18-15

Predictions 8-17-15 Presidents Told to Resign* Pakistan Bus Terminal Bombing Japans Volcano Mount Aso Erupts

Notes 8-12-15   Brazil President’s Impeachment Proceedings Impeachment of Brazil’s President  Dilma Rousseff Impeached

Notes on 8-10-15 – Lightning Strikes an Airplane Refugees Arrive in Germany

Notes on 8-4-15 – North Korea Attacks South Korea Presidents Told to Resign* Guatemala President Resigns*

Notes 8-1-15

Notes on 7-30-15   Hospital in Afghanistan Bombed by US

Notes on 7-27-15 – Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras Resigns

Notes on 7-21-15Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras Resigns Pope Orders Audit UK Investigatory Powers bill

Notes on 7-19-15 – North Ireland House Fire  Iraq Rescue Mission  Iran Frees 4 US Prisioners*

Notes on 7-16-15 – China Explosion* Jimmy Carter has Cancer China Blast Ecuador Volcano Erupts Guatemala President Resigns  ZombieCon Shooting

Notes on 7-4-15

Notes on 7-3-15 – Son of Boston Police Captain Charged in Terror Plot For July 4th Beirut Bombing

Notes on 7-2-15 – Iran Nuclear Deal

Notes on 6-30-15   Chile Earthquake and Tsunami

Notes on 6-28-15 – Philippine Ferry Sinks* Philae’s Comet May Have Life

Notes on 6-19-15 Nashville Tennessee Shooting  Ecuador Earthquake  Louisiana Flooding  Florida Storm Predictions

Notes on 6-16-15

Notes on 6-15-15

Notes on 6-10-15 – Blue Drop Heroin Overdoses     Chile Earthquake* Kansas Shooting  Florida Storm Predictions

Notes on 6-8-15

Notes on 6-3-15 Part 2

Notes on 6-3-15 – Nepal LandslideGhana Gas Station Mokhtar Belmokhtar: Top Islamist ‘killed’ by US Top Al Qaeda Leader Killed* Flash Floods in China* Nashville Tennessee Shooting  Hurricane Patricia

Notes on 5-30-15

Notes on 5-24-15 South Africa Train Crash

Notes on 5-18-15

Notes on 5-14-15 Palestine Arson Attack Palestine Rage

Notes on 5-12-15

Notes on 5-10-15 – Blue Drop Heroin Overdoses

Notes on 5-5-15 – Legionnaires Outbreak

Notes on 4-27-15 – Three People Shot in Baltimore Riots

Notes on 4-23-15 – Nepal Earthquake Obama Takes Responsibility for Strike that Killed Hostages

Notes on 4-16-15 – Baltimore Riots Cancer Breakthrough

Notes on 4-11-15 – Secret Service Probe

Notes on 4-5-15 – Dallas Police Station Attempted Bombing Burundi Coup Nepal Earthquake

Notes on 4-1-15 – Turkey Bombing

Notes on 3-28-15

Notes on 3-24-15 – Spain: Student Armed With Knive Kills Teacher*

Notes on 3-18-15 Earthquake Coming – Teen Rescued in Nepal Quake

Notes on 3-10-15 Mars  –  Water on Mars**

Notes on 3-8-15 – Germanwings Crash / Andreas LubitzStatue of Liberty  DEA Sex ScandalBomb Threat

Notes on 2-24-15 – Russian Progress SpacecraftNepal Earthquake  Foiled Terror Plot On Paris  Paris Terror Attack

Notes on 2-23-15   Chile Earthquake and Tsunami

Notes on 2-15-15 – Arsenic Found in Wine  Train Derails in North Dakota Vanuatu: Cyclone Pam Small Japan Tsunami

Notes on 2-12-15 – Germanwings Crash / Andreas Lubitz

Notes on 2-4-15

Notes 2-3-15 –Brazil’s Oil Ship Explosion

Notes on 1-28-15

Notes on 1-25-15 – Germanwings Crash / Andreas Lubitz* Denmark Terror Attack* Copenhagen Synagogue Shooting

Notes on 1-23-15 – King of Clubs, Izzat Ibrahim Al-Douri Killed* Ukraine Peace Deal

Notes on 1-19-15

Notes on 1-18-15 – Germanwings Crash / Andreas Lubitz*

Notes on 1-16-15Copenhagen Synagogue Shooting

Notes on 1-15-15 – Dallas Police Station Attempted Bombing

Notes on 1-5-15 – Australia Cyclones Russian Volcano Erupts

Notes on 1-4-15 – Equadors Wolf Volcano Explosion at hospital in Mexico City

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The Summary of Previous years: http://worldwidepredictions.com/the-summary/

30 responses to “2015-17 Prediction Summary”

  1. These predictions are not necessarily for 2016. I’m extremely good with details, bad with dates.
    There will be a group of terrorists who will Infiltrate a group of Buddhists visiting the USA. They shave there heads, wear togas, travel as part of a Buddhist leaders group. Then they poison the water supply near Dallas Texas. Hundreds die. Instead of being poised for destruction, i see an era of amazing progress. Ending hunger worldwide for several hundred years, interstellar travel. Colonizing other planets, and our moon. Advances in science, medicine, agriculture. Average human life span increased to 200 years. Its strange, i can trace all of this to one man, a sleeping psychic. Just like edgar cayce, only way better. This good time lasts about 500 years. Finally gives way to greed.USA and UK eventually change there policies about aggression. They team up and conquer huge chunks of the world.
    Around the year 2630 the USA is attacked by several nations with ICBMs. US defenses intercept everyone of them. Then, three days later. A comet the size of the state of Utah hits the us It will be roughly centered over Ohio. It splits the tectonic plate at the miss. River. A wave in the earth 9 foot high will travel west, like a wave in the ocean, throwing telephone poles and houses like toys. This starts a chain reaction that sends two tidal waves to Japan. The first 350 ft high, the second 300 ft high. Japan also destroyed. Island remains, stripped to the bedrock.
    What’s left of the USA is ruled by the UK. Russia having been taken over by three of their generals. They see the USA is no longer a threat, and they go out, and conquer vast areas of the world. Then after that India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran go out to conquer. They are armed with a strange new weapon that destroys not just the enemy, but also the earth. Its not a bomb. I don’t know what to call that. It looks like wadding up the horizon, like a peace of paper, then releasing it. Nothing will ever grow there again.
    Its horrific, some sort of space time distorter. I don’t know what to call that. It also works on the ocean.
    During this era, its better to die than to live.

  2. Any predictions regarding the RNC Convention in Cleveland coming up Monday? What is going on with all the police getting shot by protestors? I am really concerned about the upcoming convention as it is in my vicinity. I pray for peace. Thank you, Eric

  3. This will sound stupid. Trust me, I know lol. But I see an actual UFO landing just a few yards from our mars rover. This is not an accident. Its an attempt to make contact from a safe distance. Not sure about the year. But not that far off.

  4. Soon we will be introduced to 21 billion small people not of this world. They look like us, only short, with big heads. Not like dwarfs, these folks have normal proportions except for the head. They are very friendly.

  5. Russia will prove to the world that the earth is hollow in an attempt to point out the dishonesty of the US gov. It is very effective.

  6. Prince William will not be king. He will be denied the throne after it is discovered that his bride is transgender. He will leave the UK. Years later he will be assassinated in France. His car will be attacked by terrorists on motorcycles. This is only a distraction from the real attack. There will be folks saying the French did not provide enough protection. The British will ask to see the video from the traffic cams.
    While their waiting for that, the real attack. A group of terrorists will take over a nuclear power plant in the UK, and cause a meltdown. Prince Harry says famously ” nuclear strikes will be answered with nuclear strikes” and he launches 2 ICBMs at known terrorist strongholds. / this shocked me, it didn’t know the royal family had the authority to do that.

  7. Holy crap! I just saw something unbelievable. Germany, and France and a few other allies will invade Russia. They will do so without any help from the USA.
    Amazingly, they will succeed. The Russians will stop them. But they are not able to drive them out. Europeans won’t be able to push any further. Russia hesitates from using nukes, because of Russian civilians.
    And, also Europe has nukes. Europe asks USA for help. USA refuses. Eventually Europeans retreat, there is a seas fire. Unsure about the year. Maybe 2017-2018?
    I’m not good with dates.

  8. I saw revelution in Cuba, USA involved. Helping revolutionary army, american boots on the ground. We win easily, over in 6 months. Revolution in Philippines, preside t refuses to step down when his term is over. USA involved. We win. New power source discovered by a scientist in Africa.

  9. OK, all kinds of weirdness lately. Soon scientists will discover signal coming from earth. Its the same message over and over.
    It tells of ancient war with the planet of the giants, and their colony on mars. It tells travelers to be advised. Earth has a defense system in place, do not come here in ships that are armed, the automated system will blow you out of the sky. It also asks that our planet be allowed to progress on its own without alien contact until a certain year.
    Which is coming up soon.
    I also saw the second face on mars, not the famous one. The one they think is a woman. That’s no woman, that’s the face of posiedon. The king of the atlanteans. The face was put there by an alien ally that was also being attacked by the giants. When posieden destroyed them, he effectively saved this world. The face is to honor him.
    Just gets weirder and weirder.

  10. The current President of the Philippines will refuse to step down when his term is finished. This causes a revolution. USA helps rebels. Rebels win.

  11. A giant power will approach from the clouds reaching out to humanity for help . The final power will be preceded by 3 initial approaches/ exposures.

  12. Three world leaders assassinated at a single speach! Exploding rounds to the head! Very shocking to watch! Its a very disgusting scene. Im a combat vet and this bothered me. Now that’s bad. Sniper attack from on high. Assassin never caught.

  13. Houston Texas wiped out by nuclear weapon. Smuggled across Mexican border.
    Weapon taken up the service elevator in a tall building, then detonated. Unbelievable death toll.

  14. About 2420 ad the destroyer comes. Rogue planet moving at incredible speed buzzes the earth. Not a collision magnetic fields interact. Causes earth’s inner planets to collide with each other. Earths magnetic field thrown off as a result. Earth begins to stager back and forth in an exaggerated wabble. Even wabbles out of original place. The effect on the earths crust extraordinarily bad.

  15. Massive volcanic eruption in north Korea. Because it devistates the area occupied by the ruling party, makes possible a successful coup.
    South Korea helps north Korean people, and rebels. Korea is unified under flag of freedom. No idea when this will happen.

  16. I follow you very frequently….and you really are pretty accurate! Thanks for all the work you do,…I know it must be hard sometimes (when the events come true, and are horrible to face,..and when the events don’t seem to happen,..due to the time line changing….and you look like you are “missing the mark” in some people’s minds). I can’t believe how accurate you are, though. I have my daughter following you now. Someone has to “sound the alarm”,….thanks for being that person.

  17. Eric, thanks for your efforts. You really have been very accurate. One thing that would help on this page if the date had a brief description of the big predictions — like “plane crash, Trump Russia”. I noticed today that Rachel Maddow literally was using your language from your 12-12-16 predictions on air to describe the circumstances. It was about back door deals. I decided to Google it and was surprised to find that your 12-12-16 prediction was 4 days before a Washington Post article about Nixon’s “back door deals” with Russia wondering if Trump would do the same.
    The tape taps also seems really interesting since Trump himself seems to be implying he’s been taping stuff. Anyway, I love your work and appreciate you posting on this topic despite the blowback you get from people that don’t want it to be true. You just need to go with what Spirit tells you and let the chips fall where they may… the predictions will speak for themselves as they either happen or not, regardless of people’s political views. Hang in there and just keep posting whatever they are saying and let the hits speak.

  18. This prediction may not happen in the near future, may be long time off
    North Korean submarine will attack the US with 2 nuclear weapons. LA will be destroyed. Second missile will be sent towards San Diego. But it malfunctions, and splashes down in ocean, no detonation. US uses a new weapon to cause north Korean volcanoes to erupt. Ruling class decimated. People rebel, south Korea helps the people.FREEDOM! All of Korea united under new flag of freedom. Dictator attacks US forces with nukes again, and frames China for the attack. US responds. China decimated. North korean dictator runs away, and hides in Russia. Chinese people see an opportunity to be free, and rebel. US and Russia help them. China is free at last! Christianity becomes the most popular religion in China. India will be the next superpower. Then, years later India becomes predominantly Muslim. Then will mabus come, The creature will be of Turkish decent. THIS MAY NOT BE THE Antichrist OF THE BIBLE.

  19. Hey Eric, 13 ppl were injured, 1 dead, maybe more, when an SUV plowed into a crowd in NY Times Square. They think it’s an accident but police are unwilling to commit that it’s not intentional. Don’t know if that matches up to any of your predictions, but thought I’d mention it.

  20. Eric, Journalist and Fox News founder Iiles died, is that the person spirit was referring to?

  21. Celebrity actor John Travolta will commit suicide with a nickel plated pistol. He puts it in his mouth and pulls the trigger. I’m sorry if that’s to graphic, I can never tell. Audios John,

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