Predictions 2-13-17

Spirit, some of the readers are asking if there is a major earthquake coming for New Zealand because of the whales? Is there a major threat to New Zealand?

“Not yet.” I had a visual I was up in the sky looking down on New Zealand, but then the view shifted and I was staring down at Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.  “Over there.. there is your threat”

“The temperature of the water is an issue.”

We should expect a major earthquake or Volcano eruption soon in the Indonesia area. They showed the ocean again and again after the message. Are they implying a Tsunami? They implied that with the old prediction below as well.

Predictions 12-27-16   “A massive earthquake.. Sri Lanka”

The implication was that it was an earthquake and tsunami. They implied February which is odd, they usually don’t go that far out for an earthquake.

Though we have concerns over the marked ’14th’ I also question whether or not they might be talking about next month.

“War is coming.. over land.”

We plan to ask for more details on the war.




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  1. Sheree Avatar

    War! What isssss it good for? Absolutely nothing.

  2. Sara Avatar

    Any idea which countries are involved, or a time frame?

    Are the terror attacks still coming, or do you think they have they been foiled?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      If no terror attacks come this month, I will be very pleased.

  3. Nicole Avatar

    Eric- could it be Vietnam rather than Indonesia?

    I ask because I have had the following:

    12/10/16- in meditation- imagery about a major flood (houses covered in water and people swimming and boating). But feeling like there was a giant wave preceding the flood and sense of tsunami. I knew it was SE Asia. It seemed like the map was zeroing in on Cambodia then faded to NO, VIETNAM.

    12/11/16 – in meditation again- Map of Asia appears. Zeroes in on Vietnam. Looks like a wave going over the map. It seems horrific but then something about the event bringing the world together and unity. And something about a miracle related to it. I kept getting the word miracle.

    12/27/16 – When I saw your post about Sri Lanka my mind went automatically – NO, Vietnam! Like I thought you were confused and wrong on location before I even processed.

    1/17/17 – out of the blue the words “Vietnam is shaking and waving.”

    2/8/17 – vague sense of Vietnam shaking again. And a wave again.

    Have had Vietnam on my mind since it came back on 2/8.

    When the earthquake happened in the Philippines I kept thinking I had the geography wrong and that was what I’d picked up on since they’re so close. But as I was telling myself that I got a loud “Tsunami. It’s a (the?) Tsunami. In Vietnam.”

    Could they have been showing you Vietnam? It’s quite close to Indonesia.

  4. Rhona Avatar

    Hi Eric and spirit .
    I wonder if it is ok if you ask spirit about Lake Oroville.
    I had a precog 2 moths ago about seeing underwater and it was fast moving with muddy waters and debris. .the noise was deafening ..
    also there was a ladies face that had drowned . and she kept saying ..It Shouldnt have happened ..
    Im really concerned for C.A .
    Thank you and spirit in advance if you can help with this ..

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Found this Rhona. I too am a bit worried about people returning to that area.

      1. Rhona Avatar

        Jules 104
        yes It reads as houses under water is seperate to storms in Australia ..
        its like one vision led into another
        like a pathway …
        thanks Jules

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I will try and ask how it plays out, hopefully they can give us some insight.

      1. Rhona Avatar

        Eric thank you …I appreciate it very much

  5. Rhona Avatar

    Eric also could this past predictiin have been about Orville ..instead of Mississippi..
    just checking 😊 it mentions dam ..

  6. Rhona Avatar

    Just to add Some of the articles on Oroville Dam have mentioned south flowing water and evacuations to south ..which ties in with soirits south on the predictiin for dam flooding .
    thank you bless ..

  7. psychic chris Avatar
    psychic chris

    we here in NZ have already had a major quake….i myself cant see anything coming here

    1. james Avatar

      That 7.8 was just the beginning
      Maori elder stated waiting 38 years to tell vision and month of june. He mentioned kaikora and kaiapoi in that vision at waitangi. This quake has brened now we need to wait. Not 38 years or month of june. His messagr was criptic for the elite which john key said i wouldnt take anytjing away from that speaker. Just wait…

  8. Randy Avatar

    Earthquake in Indonesia?
    That’s my biggest fear.. Many news reported about series of earthquakes in Deli Serdang.. That’s in Sumatra.. I’ve just read the news and found out that at least a magnitude 5.0 occurs everyday, and that was really worrying to me..

    There are a series of earthquakes that had occurred before the ‘big one’.. These were called as foreshocks.. Both massive earthquakes in Japan in 2011 and in Aceh in 2004 have these quakes.. This is what I feared Eric that these mini quakes were foreshocks and were actually warning us about the big one..

    Sorry if I used the wrong grammar or verb.. Not good at English but at least you got my point

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Everything points to a Tsunami/earthquake that extends far and wide.

    2. Kelly Avatar

      Just a reply, i had a dream a year ago that png to bali would be completely wiped out. I saw little fire flames everywhere in a stillness and it was smoky. When i woke i thought WOW i don’t even know where these places are located. So i looked on a map. I was shocked of what i saw. Bali and p.n.g are parallel west and east. Maybe a massive volcano explosion.

  9. laurence Avatar

    kim jong-un’s brother has been assassinated, maybe in reference to your war prediction?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


  10. Mary Avatar

    Wow! Saw the recent news of 350 whales died in New Zealand. Made me wondering if there is underground volcanoes that caused heating/boiling. Poor those creatures. Deeply sympathized them and pray for their souls to rest.

    1. james Avatar

      3 waves of whales and almost 700 in total.
      This only happens due to big quake coming.
      Happened to japan. Happened to christxhurch and when 1000 beached chatham islands 1918 nz got massive quakes that year. And couple after that year.

  11. jackie stein Avatar
    jackie stein

    Russia just deployed a secret cruise missile violating a 1987 treaty that bans american and russian intermediate missile based ON LAND

  12. Pamela Avatar

    I read that the whales died because: “Over there.. (Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.) there is your threat” “The temperature of the water is an issue.”

    1. james Avatar

      I interprate spirit as not yet. Just that for nz.
      Any quake. Answer not yet.
      For war. Its around indonesia. Water heating up thats symbolic to war. Moments..mass migration of people.
      North australia will be invaded.
      Nz quake is coming. Soon. V soon. But not yet

  13. sue Avatar

    massive 6 alarm fire at a athletic building in Toronto

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks for the info.

    2. sue Avatar

      I live just a hour from Toronto, thought of you when I saw the news

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        I don’t know if that is a good thing or bad.

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  15. sue Avatar

    its a good thing! you didnt cause it, just predicted it

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


  16. Jon Blue Avatar
    Jon Blue

    Hi Eric,
    You mentioned in one of your post which I could not find recently that someone in rank would commit Treason. That was Michael Flynn. Seems Donald Trump isn’t that great (obviously) at picking his staff. The Nazis are losing footing. The Spirits and guardians are shining light to reveal their true nature. Trump’s man Flynn is a traitor having dealing with the Russians. Not that it is any surprise. There are many newscasts that are questioning if he will be arrested for treason.

  17. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    New Zealand…underneath. 8th continent…geologists say…

  18. james Avatar

    That quake for central nz is coming. Yes not yet but v soon.
    That treat is australia will be invaded via indonesia papa…
    This will be from china. The islands they built is a stepping stone.
    NZ will soon have its megathrust quake soon central nz.

  19. james Avatar

    Whats going to happen. Both nz and australia will become the main arena for war. Its all planned. Australia will be invaded. And new zealand wil get its massive quakes all man made. Not an act of god.
    Nz will fall hard. But picked up by australia.
    Australia will drive the invaders back.

  20. james Avatar

    His war over land means taking land. China needs more land.
    Australia is referred to the chinese as new south china.
    Its on their secret maps in china. They will lay claim to the north part of australia.
    Your older message about new zealandquake in 3. It will be a march month. Not long after the mass whale stranding.

  21. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    Indication of change in water temperature off Australia..

  22. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    Swarm…EQ in Taupo Volcanic zone…

  23. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    Large 6.8 EQ in Fiji…
    however depth of EQ is deep 396.1 km….( no tsunami?)
    so expecting larger EQ that is shallow…

  24. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    6.5 magnitude..EQ…in PNG..

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