Predictions 12-27-16

I had a visual of a massive spider, sitting in a position to give birth to new spiders. Four Americans were tied up and kept held against the leg of the large spider, waiting to be attacked by the baby spiders.

I had a calendar sign that was transparent, someone tore off the top paper, the next number showed ‘2’

Spirit pointed to LA on the map.

“Not yet.. soon.. protect the bridge!”

Spirit seems to be pushing the attacks back by a few days. Either in 2-3 days or on the 2nd. Several times they said ‘Protect the Bridge!’.  I believe by pointing to LA they are showing which event comes first. I also believe the 4 Americans are the 4 terror attacks.

“A massive earthquake.. Sri Lanka”

The implication was that it was an earthquake and tsunami. They implied February which is odd, they usually don’t go that far out for an earthquake.

I had a visual of a explosive volcano eruption. In the visual people were on the volcano mountain, unfortunately they did not survive.

I had a visual of a sniper shooting from high above, people in the streets were pointing to where the shots came from.

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  1. Nicole Avatar

    Eric- I’ve been having very similar sniper images for a few months now. It feels domestic (US) for me but lately it has also felt like that imagery may somehow play into London as well so now not sure.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Let me know if you get a location.

      1. Nicole Avatar

        I just emailed you a bit more of what I’ve seen relative to your stuff in case any of it resonates or helps with a location.

  2. anthony Avatar

    I call ancient of days to bring all isis cells that are planning terror attacks worldwide to higher authorities. Be. And so it is. May we have a blessed new year without terror while I celebrate my birthday.

  3. Observer227 Avatar

    Eric, I must apologize for a previous prediction.

    While I still maintain an attack will occur in New York City as I detailed, I no longer believe the ‘bridge’ was just a metaphor. I had a compelling, oddly foreboding dream a couple nights back which clearly showed bombs going off on a bridge as people fled over it (they, supposedly, were fleeing from a previous attack. The details on that are still murky, however). Now I’m certain there’ll be a bridge attack involved among the three other attacks that were detailed in my dream.

    Two of the attacks seemed to align closely with the information Spirit has provided to you in the past: The first involves plane hijackings, the second a shooting-spree at some important gathering. Sadly, these dream sequences might’ve been shown to me because I read your predictions beforehand … thus manifesting them in my dream. Therefore, I can’t verify the accuracy of those visions.

    However, one sequence of my dream stuck out. At first I thought it was just inspired by your prediction of a “Queen” and “the procession under threat”. But additional details were provided that may prove important to understanding these phrases.

    In this part of my dream, I saw a chinese woman in traditional, royal garments typical of her culture. She was riding a dragon in the middle of the night, flying over what appeared to be a typical town in a heavily forested area. She stopped at an ornate building themed in the typical Oriental style. It was apparent she had some connection to the building in regards to her elevated-position in life. She was among a group of others who rode with her on the dragon, and she optimistically told them something to the likes of “Finally! The scroll within this building will prove my royal heritage/bloodline!” There’s also a secret staircase, which rises from the floor, revealing a hidden chamber. The woman will go into the chamber, after receiving the scroll, to prevent a potential assassin killing her. The woman explains she’s a princess and wants to become queen. I can’t remember her explanation as to why she’d want confirmation of her royal lineage, but I assume the previous King/Queen recently passed-away.

    However, after she enters the building and starts reading the scroll, an unknown assailant walks up to her and aims a pistol in the middle of her forehead. The stunned princess has no time to react as the assassin fires the gun, instantly killing her. The group goes into a panic and looks for cover. The assassin doesn’t appear again, but before the sequence ends members of the group are still hiding behind a large tree not knowing if the assassin will return.

    I think the “Chinese woman” symbolizes her foreign descent and doesn’t literally mean she’s from China. This relates to another prophetic dream I had back in February, where I saw a brown-haired caucasian woman arguing with a man. Suddenly, the man pulls out a concealed shotgun and brutally kills the woman by firing into her head. A large group of people were standing nearby, obviously in shock. However, this assassination occurred in an airport, and the woman targeted was either about to leave/just entered the airport terminal. I thought about how the Chinese woman in my other dream was riding a dragon, so if the two visions are related does that mean the dragon represents the woman’s flight landing at an airport? The caucasian woman in my old dream, while not an obvious observation, was clearly an important individual in regards to politics. Looking at both dreams, this woman has to be related to both politics and a royal dynasty.

    I can think of only one person who satisfies the dreams details and is famous enough that her assassination would be so devastating: Duchess Kate, the wife of Prince William (grandson of Queen Elizabeth II).

    What do you think of this? Does anyone here from the United Kingdom know about any important events Kate’s travelling to in the next few weeks? We must do everything we can to prevent this from happening.

    1. Sammie Mendez Avatar

      It’s interesting because about 3 nights ago I had a vision that I was floating over China, and the vision threw me down to the ground from the sky, and in front of me was an Asian woman (who I’ll assume is Chinese) and she waved as a queen/royalty would. I waved back and that vision ended…didn’t piece it together as it’s the ONLY vision i had

      1. Observer227 Avatar

        Interesting. I guess it’s possible the person my dream’s referencing IS of asian descent, but I don’t know of any Chinese royalty with that much of a cultural impact compared the British monarchy. The assassination also has something to do with the future terrorist attacks I’ve predicted … as if this assassination signals the terrorist attacks are about to occur.

    2. Mrs P Avatar

      You can check out details of upcoming royal engagements here

      I had a wee check – Kate doesn’t appear to have any upcoming events to attend – but that’s not to say she won’t have, if that makes sense. For security purposes they may not be published in advance.

      1. Observer227 Avatar

        It could be one of those personal events, like a vacation or something? I’m not sure how that’d fit in the whole “genealogical scroll” and “wanting to become Queen” scenario, though. A personal trip to meet a family member or something would make the most sense, and I doubt they’d publish every time that occurred for reasons you stated.

      2. Observer227 Avatar

        Actually, I’m starting to think Kate isn’t the target. There’s another older family member that would fit-the-bill in terms of “next to succeed the throne/become queen.” That would be the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla, wife of Prince Charles (eldest son of Elizabeth and heir to the throne).

        This would still be a horrific and infamous event if it ever occurred. However, I don’t think she had any important events in the given timeframe as well, but I’ll look into that further.

      3. Observer227 Avatar

        Yes, there will certainly be many private events Kate will attend with her family. Taken from her official blog:

        ” Privately, William and Kate will have several celebratory events planned, including a staff luncheon with more than twenty guests. The couple have a close-knit team of aides surrounding them and it’s a nice opportunity to enjoy the festive period.”

        This puts a possible attack against her back on the table, but there’s no way of knowing where they travel because of this. I honestly have no idea how we’d get this warning to them in time, assuming they pay close attention to that kind of warning at all.

    3. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Did they say which bridge?

      1. Observer227 Avatar

        No, but there were some details in the surrounding environment that could at least pinpoint what american city this will occur in. Now that I look back at these details, Los Angeles (or another California city) seems to fit perfectly. However, I’m not sure if this city was chosen as the genuine location or if reading your predictions before I fell asleep made it appear in my dream.

        Anyways, when the people started fleeing across the bridge after a previous attack/event, many bombs were detonated killing most of the civilians. I should note: The people were actual-size in my dream, but the environment (including the bridge) was a miniature model of the actual city. The bridge the people were fleeing over, while wide enough to accomodate, was far too small on it’s own to be anything major. The city looked more akin to a upper-class suburb, and models of mountains surrounded the periphery of this supposed representation of a downtown area. The river flowed down from between one of the mountains out into a larger body of water not shown in the dream. If I remember correctly, isn’t Los Angeles surrounded by mountains and intersected by a river? I’m assuming the bomb goes off on a major bridge crossing that river?

        In all, I believe your bridge prediction’s accurate. The other visions I, you, and some others users are having must be referencing other terrorist attacks occuring days after/before the bridge bombing.

        One more thing: I had a strange feeling about the following four days from today. Like, on each day, there’ll be one major terrorist attack. The first involves some kind of bombing, but seems more like the actions of a lone wolf than a whole sophisticated operation. Casualties are minimal; the event appears more shocking than deadly. The second’s an assassination of a princess/queen, and is extremely shocking. The third involves water, like an explosion near/within water. I’m starting to think this event is the one related to a ‘bridge’.

        The fourth, however, dwarfs all three previous incidents combined. I strongly believe this will occur in New York City, likely on December 31st/January 1st (but, again, I’m bad at timing my predictions). This one seems to combine themes from the previous three attacks and multiplies it considerably. Somehow, planes will be thrown into the mix. This attack will replace 9/11 as “the worst ever”.

        Hopefully my information helps in someway. Please try and stay safe everyone. The future isn’t set in stone.

  4. Lisa Avatar

    My sons going to Sri Lanka on 3rd of January till 17th I’m worried now …

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Lets not worry. Let’s wait until we get a more detailed time frame

  5. twiceblessed Avatar

    The National Dream Center has had some overlaps with your predictions Eric. Here is one which comes to mind. It is from 12-20-16

  6. Juan Jose Perez Avatar

    Eric, I cannot think of a bridge in Los Angeles that would be iconic to our area our L.A. bridges (utilitarian and ugly) as the bridges in San Francisco are, for example. I remember a prediction about bridges and San Francisco. Are the Spirits saying that there will be an L.A. incident first, then the bridge event in another place?

  7. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    Good news..
    French police arrest man..planned attack on New Years Eve.,

    1. Mary Avatar

      Yay!!! 🙂

  8. MotherofanAngel Avatar

    Is it possible that this is all in NYC? The Queensboro bridge is the closest bridge to Trump Tower, Central Park, and the British Consulate in NYC. It leads from the east side of Manhattan into Queens. So, if there was an attack in that section of Manhattan, people fleeing would be likely to use the bridge to cross over to Queens. You have British Union Jacks and a procession over a bridge to Queens all in one small geographical area. The Queensboro bridge is over a century old and is rather iconic. Chinatown is also in lower Manhattan, so it could be that is related (maybe where the perp lives?).

    Just after the election I had a dream of a shooting. I saw it occurring more in a business complex, vs a mall. The corridors were wide and had planters, furniture, etc., like many malls, the difference was that I saw no merchandise in the windows, nor do I recall seeing any store signs in the large picture windows. I am not prone to nightmares, so this was odd for me. I dove under a metal table to avoid the bullets, and could easily step out of the now broken window into the corridor when the shooting ceased. I only saw a single shooter, and even tho I knew I was being shot at, I felt very safe in the aftermath. I didn’t consider it as being prophetic (I usually have a different feeling when getting messages in dreams) until I read your prediction of a mall shooting a few weeks later. Then I realized I felt safe realizing that I was astral traveling. Wish I could give you more.

    1. Observer227 Avatar

      I’m open to anything at this point. The problem is that, while one person’s convinced New York City’s the target, another throws an equally viable city into the mix. This isn’t ‘bad’, honestly, but when some symbols are introduced that could be relevant, the entire perspective of the attacks can be put into doubt.

      If anyone needs some catching-up on our predictions as of late, I’m going to list the most common themes we’ve seen about this upcoming attack. Perhaps someone new here can offer a fresh perspective, and put the puzzle pieces in places we’ve overlooked?

      LIST (from most to least common, from my observations)

      – Bombing (almost universal through all visions)
      – Terrorism (also universal through our visions; it’s unlikely the upcoming incident is carried out by a lone-wolf. This operation’s extremely sophisticated, involving dozens of trained individuals communicating every facet of their insidious plans.
      – United States (Most are in agreement a bombing happens within the continental U.S. A few, however, believe the United Kingdom’s involved as well)
      – Political Assassination (At least one very important individual is killed as a result of these terrorists. It’s not certain if they were an intended target or simply collateral damage, but odd visions as of late suggest the former. Three possible targets: Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Duchess Kate (wife of Prince William).
      – New York City/Los Angeles/San Francisco/London (These cities, in themselves ordered from most to least common, are mentioned so often in our visions we’re almost certain at least one will suffer from the upcoming attacks. If an attack hits more than one city, each attack will happen very soon after the other; they may be synchronized).
      – Bridge (Very recently we’ve been convinced a bomb will detonate on a bridge in one of the cities previously mentioned. Further details are unclear, but some think the victims run onto the bridge to flee a separate attack … as if the first blast was intended to ‘corral’ all those people onto the bridge so the second bomb would maximize casualties).
      – Occurs During/Around Popular Holiday (In a majority of predictions, the attack happens in the timeframe suggested. New Years Day, and the days surrounding it, is of our highest concern when faced with these precognitions. Most place the attack during winter).

      There are many other symbols/clues not mentioned in my list, but these are by far the most common and should get those unfamiliar up to speed on the situation before deciding to research further.

      1. Mrs P Avatar

        Hi Observer – thanks for your replies to my comment above.

        This has all been preying on my mind, and i’ve been trying to straighten it out, and think positively (the law of attraction is a very real thing) and had been speaking with my husband, who lived & worked in London for many years. I asked him about different parades, different occasions etc. There’s a New Years parade in London on 1st January

        (Quote from web page above)

        “The 2017 parade is themed ‘Lights, Camera, Action’, featuring film and TV-themed displays and performances, with huge balloons, music and confetti filling the air.

        Catch the festivities along the parade route, which runs from Green Park Tube station at 12pm, to Parliament Square at around 3.30pm, via Piccadilly Circus, Lower Regent Street, Pall Mall, Trafalgar Square and Whitehall.”

        There would most probably be a lot of flag waving etc, although it’s not a Royal linked parade, it is a very British procession, and may fit into time frames given?
        Also, when reading the information on the event, they predict large crowds to watch along the planned route, and it will also be televised live too, all across the world.

        Oh, and even though it’s not a parade assuch, the New year fireworks celebrations at midnight will also attract many many people to the centre of London.

        Hoping it helps in some way… i am still thinking and will comment if i think of anything else!

    2. nutmom Avatar

      I totally resonate with your NYC connection. I remember during 911 people had to leave the city on foot via the Brooklyn bridge. I could see the skyline from my house and I’m always aware that something may happen soon. It’s unnerving.

  9. Luna tic Avatar

    Just a thought but the Rose parade is on Monday Jan. 2nd as well as the Tournament of Roses “the Rose Bowl” game which is Penn State vs USC . The parade has a rose queen and court and is in Pasadena which is close to LA. It’s known as “America’s New Years Celebration”. Eric’s notes on 12/31/14 ” I had a visual of bullets shells next to cut roses. Then Spirit reminded me of a previous prediction. They also reminded me this is a trilogy.” 2 years almost exactly until the event?

    1. Mary Avatar

      Excellent point! I too remember we as SWC tried to figure out 2 years ago and yet nothing happened. So this could be it as it fits description. Thanks Luna and blessings to you!

    2. Rhona Avatar

      luna tic yes
      I remember the roses prediction
      this could be it ..a catch worth noting and paying attention to .
      love light and prayers ..

    3. jules104 Avatar

      Great catch Luna tic. I remember that well. Always thought about that Rose Parade.

  10. Mary Avatar

    Eric, on different note to post. Something is definitely up with frequently high earthquakes in west of USA since 4am. Keeping eyes on Calif along with west in USA. Wondering if the bridge will collapse due to a major earthquake. Is that in older prediction somewhere? Just checking.


  11. anthony Avatar

    Peace agreement with syria today on my birthday. That’s one hell of a gift. Hope it holds.

    1. star48 Avatar

      Happy Birthday…wishing you a great year..

    2. Rhona Avatar

      Anthony a special gift indeed for you …Happy Bithday …
      Yes love and light to solidify peace agreemt
      blessings your way

  12. anthony Avatar

    If the bomb is in new York or terror event you should be calling upon angel of the east for more help. He is in charge and hopefully better pin point. That’s what Eric has to do and other seers.

  13. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    Volcanic eruptions…2 in Peru! Trigger state of Emergency..
    Mass evacuations…

    1. Mary Avatar

      That’s explained the earthquakes behavior lately. I suspected it related with a volcano activities. Thanks Star for updated.

  14. Rhona Avatar

    Debbie Reynolds has just passed away .. a mothers grief …gone to join her beloved daughter Carrie
    Thank you Debbie for all the joy you brought to my youth ..
    prayers for family and friends ..unemaginable loss for them

    1. dopeanddiamond Avatar

      I had a dream last night that this exact thing happened. My mom and I were talking today and I told her this would happen. I kept thinking it would happen in Carrie’s house. I just learned now that they lived next door to each other. Carrie’s daughter must be beside herself. That poor family. Such heartbreak at the holidays of all times.

    2. twiceblessed Avatar

      She could be our Queen to Princess Leia.
      Just so sad and shocking. Blessed be their memories.

    3. jules104 Avatar

      That’s so sad. I had no idea they were related. Their poor family and friends. Praying for them all.

  15. chiron Avatar

    If you look ” psychic predictions 2017 and beyond Jeanne Mayell.”… month by month… very exact, there is much similar than here. Looks very shocking. Specially future with Trump.

  16. Observer227 Avatar

    Had another of those epiphanies in regards to the assassination of a “royal” or “princess” …

    Now that I think about it, the symbols in my dream a few days ago may not of been literally referring to a monarch/heir. If you think of my vision of the Chinese woman as a metaphor for Hillary Clinton, it starts to make a lot more sense.

    The ‘palace’, perhaps, symbolizes an organization related to intelligence gathering or the media. The ‘scroll’ may be a damning piece of information that she thinks will disqualify Trump from stepping into office. The ‘secret hideaway/staircase’ is how she’ll avoid suspicion if implicated in the leak of Trump’s information. The ‘Chinese’ theme might point to her colluding with a Chinese organization. The Chinese organization is the same one which deals with foreign-intelligence/media. Putting the pieces together, she’ll request the assistance of this group to ‘dig-up some dirt’ on Trump’s criminal past to make him legally unfit for president. However, if she’s discovered as the mastermind of this plan, the same will happen to her. Therefore, she will disguise her meetings with this group … perhaps literally wearing a disguise to avoid being recognized.

    However, something goes wrong. When she arrives at the airport, supposedly the closest one to this shady group’s headquarters, an assassin sneaks right next to her and shoots her in the head. She dies immediately, yet something strange occurs. The news reports her death as the result of an “underlying medical condition”. She’s said to have died peacefully. They’ve managed to cover-up her assassination and the nefarious decisions leading up to it.

    What follows after this event involves the terrorist attacks on New York City. The bombing on a Los Angeles bridge will occur shortly before this tragic ‘peaceful passing’ of a political figure.

    Sorry for rambling. I felt I should put my thoughts on here so as to help prevent these dire precognitions.

    Stay safe everyone. We’ll get through this madness, but only if we stick together. The night’s always darkest before the dawn.

    1. Tot Avatar

      It is all sounding complicated

    2. anthony Avatar

      Would like to know if you go to church. Do you believe in jesus. A lot of seers talk with various spirits. My vision I have for clinton and her husband is fixing her tree of life which involves the clinton charity. Becomes blessed.

  17. Francine Avatar

    I am convinced that the queen refers to an actual royal, and isn’t really complicated. Most likely, Elizabeth.

    1. Observer227 Avatar

      Yes, that’d seem to be the most logical solution. There’s no indication this royal is of a very advanced age, however. It seems more nefarious somehow. The visions I’ve had clearly show an assassin with a gun doing the deed.

      Therefore, I’m inclinded to believe it’s NOT Elizabeth. While it’d be shocking to see the queen pass away, she IS 90+ years old. The world will see it as a natural passing of old age; not a tragedy but still very depressing.

      I believe that the “royal” theme represents a political ‘dynasty’. The family similar to the Bush’s in the United States. This political family has an important female politician who must be very relevant to this day. I’m starting to think it’s Hillary Clinton.

      I REALLY hope I’m wrong, because this assassination would signal the assassination of two MORE very important american politicians.

      1. Francine Avatar

        There would really be no point in going after Hillary now, she’s through. And Caroline Kennedy is ambassador to Japan, not controversial enough to invite an attack.

        Eric’s prediction did not indicate that it would be a shocking death.

      2. Observer227 Avatar

        Francine, you could be right. However, I try to look at each vision/dream through two different lenses: Metaphorical and Literal. The difficult part is judging which symbols the universe intends to be taken literally OR symbolically. All visions combine aspects of both, so you can’t rely on a single perspective.

        When I present explanations for a vision, I write down almost all those that ‘click’ with me. I’ve made COUNTLESS attempts at deciphering a particular visions. However, only a very small percentage I seriously consider. For example, I put down two of my best explanations regarding my “Chinese Princess” vision: The first was more literal (Death of actual royalty; Duchess Kate cited as a likely possibility). The second was more metaphorical (Death of “royalty” defined as a very influential family in a particular sphere of the world; Hillary Clinton, who’s assassination would be absolutely shocking worldwide. However, not entirely sure the assassin worked for an organization or was just a crazy person).

        In the beginning, I usually juggle several different theories about an upcoming event at any given time. Details within those may change as small bits of information are spontaneously fed to me the following days. Eventually, I can whittle it down to two or even one theory. If I manage to get to one theory, then all I’d need to do is compare it to other’s predictions made independent of my own (who I also don’t communicate with or know). If mine matches up very well to theirs, I have the opportunity to stop/mitigate the event. There’s also the part about having accurate predictions in the first place, but I’m fairly certain I’ve confirmed my abilities to close peers in the past.

        Hope that made sense of things. No psychic’s 100 percent accurate 100 percent of the time. The accuracy of a vision, at least for me, is overwhelmingly dependant upon trusting the information universe shows to me … the other most important variable being my emotional state when divining the future.

    2. Julia Avatar

      The Queen of Thailand is also elderly and in poor health. This could be the “Chinese” connection, but I agree with you that it’s most likely Queen Elizabeth.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        It could be Thailand. Keep in mind the events might have nothing to do with each other. The passing of the queen is used as a precursor to a terror attack. With that said its more likely they are connected.

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Oh my that must have been horrible for any close family members or friends to have had to experience. Also, that is a bit strange considering the prediction.

    2. BeachHut Avatar

      I actually wonder if there’s an official news blackout (we have those in the UK, believe it or not) about the real state of the Queen’s health over the holiday period. And somehow a little slip-up went out by accident (or mischief).

      Now (NYE) it’s reported that the Queen is too ill for her scheduled New Year’s Day activity. It’s not looking great. Other prediction round ups are saying her time is soon to come, though to be honest at her age it’s not very surprising.

  18. Francine Avatar

    Sorry, that was an old link.

    1. Luna tic Avatar

      Here is the link This kind of reminds me of when Pope John Paul II died. It was reported on April 1st 2005 that he died and it was retracted but he really did die on April 2nd 2005. I remember this as it was the same day my husband’s nephew died and we thought that would be just like Stanton to say “look who I walked in with”.

  19. Francine Avatar

    Eric, Psychic Nikki has put out her 2017 predictions and some of them do reflect some of the things you have been saying, very specifically #65.

    She predicts that the Golden Gate Bridge will be partially destroyed and there will be a lot of deaths.

    1. Julia Avatar

      Psychic Nikki predicts a huge numbers of disasters and deaths every year. Occasionally some actually come true!

      1. Francine Avatar

        Yeah, I noticed that, lol, she covers alllllll the bases. But the bridge one was so specigic I wanted to mention it.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      When is it expected. What month is she predicting it for?

      1. Francine Avatar

        She did not give a month, just that it would be in 2017.

  20. anthony Avatar

    following a person who is going to university/college. Talking with lady with grey hair who is the teacher. He was eating alone in supermarket.

  21. Crosbie Avatar

    Bogoslof volcano in Aleutian Islands (Alaska) just started spewing ash, and the eruption warning has been moved from ‘orange’ to ‘red.’

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks ! Can I have a link to that news.

  22. Mr.XY Avatar

    plane makes emergency landing in Prague after bomb threat

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you for the update. I will keep an eye on the details.

  23. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    information on Volcanic activity uptick.,around the world..

  24. Sara Avatar

    Are you sensing anything bad for New Year’s Eve or around then? Lots of news articles have mentioned increasing security against terror attacks, and some would-be attackers were caught in countries in Europe.
    Do you feel like anything is imminent?
    All this talk of attacks is scary; plus ISIS did advise followers to attack New Year’s events. I hope not, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they did.

    1. BeachHut Avatar

      And they have. 🙁

  25. Rhona Avatar

    SWC in Perth west Aust it has just gone 2017 .

    All the very best of Peace Joy and safety to all of you andcyours
    love Rhona xx💖💖💖

  26. Observer227 Avatar

    Been working on a timeline of the upcoming events as I believe they occur. Also made some minor alterations to a couple predictions.

    1st: Royal assassination (if regarding the English Crown: assassination possibly preceded by Elizabeth’s passing of old age? There’s some suggesting she’ll pass very soon, and I’m inclined to believe them. However, if true, I doubt my vision of the assassinated princess was what this was referring to)

    2nd: Lone wolf terrorist attack on the edge of major city (It didn’t seem like there were many casualties. I’m thinking it’s one of those situations that could’ve turned out far worse but, by mere chance, didn’t)

    3rd: Bridge attack in/nearby LA (As there’s no particularly significant bridges in/close-to LA, I think the “bridge” MIGHT be a highway overpass. Also thought of the name “Silicon Valley”, and the Valley closely fits the environment I saw in my vision.

    4th: Plane attacks on NYC (Two seem to be hi-jacked and rammed into buildings; the last appears to be bombed while in mid-air)

    Dates/Times (very speculative) – New Years seems unlikely to have a major attack on any western/European nation. Yes, I was convinced the attacks were in December, but now it seems unlikely. All I know for sure is they must take place before Trump takes the oath of office. Therefore, the attacks occur between Today and January 21st (when the next president takes office). If I were a betting man, I’d place the assassination in the second week of January. The following three occur about a week after the assassination, and may even be synchronized on the same day.

    Those are my latest interpretations. Ask if you need me to clarify/describe an interpretation in more detail.

    As always, stay safe everyone and have a happy New Years!

    1. smalltowngirl Avatar

      So you feel Trump will be able to take office? I think you earlier had a feeling he won’t.

      1. Observer227 Avatar

        No, I still don’t think he will take office. Five months ago I had a vision that neither Trump nor Clinton would ever take the oath of office next year. I disregarded that vision as impossible, and just another crazy intrusive thought.

        Now, as the coronation of the next president approaches, and I keep receiving visions of a terrorist attack eclipsing 9/11, Trump has to be one of the unfortunate victims. But I fear he isn’t the only one. If my visions are to make any sense, Barack Obama and a large portion of his Cabinet will be killed. In the resulting chaos across the grief-striken country, a new president will take office. It won’t be Biden or Clinton. Someone completely unexpected will temporarily hold the highest office in the land.

        The historical events I see occurring afterwards is mostly speculative on my part. Note: I didn’t intend for the list to be this long, but I often get carried away by my ideas. These are the long-term events I see happening, roughly in order as they occur:

        – There’ll be a terrifying, global conflict which starts in the Middle East
        – As unbelievable as it may seem to us now, the United States and their allies not only lose this war, but their current government’s usurped/occupied as well.
        – The U.S. concedes defeat, their occupied territories given-back by the occupiers, and a new democratic government is established. The government, for a brief time, is run by a committee and not a president.
        – The opposing front to the United States, no longer having a common enemy, quickly collapses into sectarian conflict and anarchy.
        – Perhaps due to the unity felt when fighting the enemy, and the shared humiliation after defeat, the United States economy recovers astonishingly quickly along with most of Western Europe. With their enemies too busy fighting amongst themselves, the West no longer fears the drawbacks of their ambitions.
        – The first president of the new U.S. government is elected by popular vote. He/She may die of old age while in office.
        – After almost a decade of indecisive civil wars. a powerful and organized nation emerges in eastern Asia. Over the next couple decades after it’s establishment, this country will annex more and more territory despite the West’s idle threats.
        – The West tries to threaten this Asian Empire, but ultimately does nothing to stop it’s continued expansion. While they’re given many opportunity’s to fight back, the West never wants to repeat the events which lead up to it’s near-destruction.
        – The Empire, now controlling more than half the globe and most of the world’s population, starts to make actual advances into Western territory for the first time. Despite unilateral promises to contrary, the international Western government cedes this territory. The citizens are furious at their government’s cowardice, and rebellions start breaking out across the West.
        – The international body governing the nations (almost all within Western Europe, South America, Central America. North America, Western Africa, and Central Africa) collapses into hundreds of warring/rebellious states.

        (Writing the rest soon in a follow-up post. Need to celebrate New Years Eve with my family)

  27. Francine Avatar

    Observer, maybe it would be a good idea to start a separate page for your predictions.

    1. Observer227 Avatar

      I’ve been seriously thinking about this. I feel guilty when I post my predictions under Eric’s as it seems like I’m trying to draw attention away from him. This isn’t what I intend whatsoever, but that’s what people may think.

      What’s holding me back is that I don’t want this to become a full-time occupation. I have so many old dreams I’ve just started chasing, and want to make them integral to my lifestyle. Prophesizing the future through clairvoyance isn’t one of them. The only reason I’m posting on this site is to possibly change the events I see approaching. Sadly, in terms of ESP, I don’t see things going well for me if my predictions are accurate or not.

      If I’m wrong, people won’t trust me again when I’m actually right. If I’m right, and reveal my identity to the public, I’ll become famous and/or be whisked away by some shady organization wanting to take advantage of my visions. Both of these scenarios will prevent me from accomplishing my dreams. Whenever I may try to distance myself from becoming a prophet, my adherents will see it as a betrayal. They’ll think I don’t care about saving people’s lives. Or the government might try to get rid of me if they can no longer control me.

      Maybe that’s mostly paranoia. Still, my point stands: I never want to be known as a herald of death and destruction. Sure, people can learn about the predictions I write. If those same people figure out exactly who I am, however, there’ll be no going back. I’ll never be happy about myself ever again. And, in a Catch 22, my predictions will become far less accurate due to my depressed emotional state.

      I’m not judging those who follow this path. Eric, as far as I know, seems to work very hard on preventing future disasters. He also enjoys helping others with their troubles. As long as he’s happy with what he does, and doesn’t try to harm others in the process, no one has the right to stop him from accomplishing his dreams. It’s a great path for him, but it’s not the right path for me.

      I’ll stop posting on here after these events occur, don’t occur, or are averted. If I keep predicting major future events, I’ll become a shell of a man. Evil, while in the short-term thwarted the world over, will find a way to get around my clairvoyance even if I wanted to be a prophet. Since I’ve already posted some of my predictions here, I think I’ve done my part. The rest is up to anyone else.

      Never stop chasing your dreams. Do only what makes you happy; doing anything else is a crime against your very being. Finally, if the reason you’re not doing something is always “it’s too hard”, you’re always wrong.

      Stay safe everyone. My life, and all yours, have just begun. My last prediction to you all: After one final great war, the world will be united under one benevolent flag, and true world peace will reign throughout Earth (and beyond) for a thousand years.

      1. BeachHut Avatar

        Good luck, observer. It may be that your ESP calling is the path you have to follow whether you like it or not, it may make you even more depressed/disturbed if you try to ignore or suppress it. Just my opinion which may be completely wrong of course, but whatever you decide I wish you all the best.

      2. Observer227 Avatar

        While I’ll still use ESP, I doubt I’ll share any more of my visions with others except maybe close family or friends.

        At most, if I truly must use my clairvoyance to keep altering future disasters, I’ll try to stay anonymous. I know, that sounds like an impressive feat in the age of the internet, but I’ll find a way. If I foresee something so significant that it changes the world forever, I’ll share prediction on the web under a pseudonym among other precautions I’ll take.

        Just to clarify, I’ll still hang around and post a bit more on this site until the described events occur (which, as I stated elsewhere, should occur between today and January 21st). Apologies for phrasing things like I was never coming back after my last post. Was very tired after staying up for New Years and I was looking for ways to finish my post satisfyingly.

  28. BeachHut Avatar

    The January Farsight video is now up, and I haven’t even had time to watch it yet but the few comments so far make it clear they’re predicting the (UK) Queen is going to die.

    1. BeachHut Avatar

      I have watched it now, and the viewer actually names The Queen (and Windsor Castle – I think ‘The Queen’ is like ‘The Moon’ as in that particular moon, not any old moon elsewhere near other planets, or for that matter Thailand). He doesn’t name her as the deceased woman although that does fit her description, but in a separate vision she wanders the corridor of the palace with dementia in a nightgown. A very striking image, and one that supports my sense that we’ve not been told everything about the state of her health.

      There is also a vision of what seems to be the inauguration – flashmob-like disruptions co-ordinated through twitter, and some riot-like scenes. And an earthquake/tsunami.

      Linky Dinky:

      1. BeachHut Avatar

        Sorry, the earthquake tsunami is not at the inauguration, but a separate prediction!

  29. Lia Avatar

    There’s just been an attack on a Turkish nightclub in Istanbul. Two persons in Santa suits killed at least 2 people; many injured. Ugh! Did you see this in any of your visions, Eric? Saw it on BBC.

  30. Randy Avatar

    Eric there’s a terror attack in Istanbul. The governor said that 35 people were killed on the attack. Both attackers were wearing Santa suit…

  31. BeachHut Avatar

    It may be worth pointing out that the Reina nightclub (meaning queen? Or is it a homonym meaning something else in Turkish?) is right underneath a bridge connecting Europe and Asia.

    1. BeachHut Avatar

      The Bosphorus Bridge is lit up an orangey-red at night. Although Eric seems sure that his bridge vision is linked to SF or at least the U.S., is it possible that you saw an orangey red bridge and thought ‘Golden Gate’ when it may be this one? Or is this yet another bridge?

  32. Sonndra May Avatar

    It’s now reported 35 dead and 40 injured in the Istanbal terror attack. Horrible news.

  33. M. Avatar

    Two planes collided in McKinney, Texas.

  34. Mary Avatar

    Praying for the people killed in Istanbul.

    On Separate Note : I’ve Monitored The Constant Quakes In Brawley, California. Keep eyes on coming up the big ones anytime somewhere on this planet. Not sure where cuz it continues to process and will release to create a big quake somewhere else. :/ I’ve seen that patterns on numerous on times.

  35. chiron Avatar

    Maybe visions are given in the little pieces,( or predictions can´t be communicated exactly) like a mystery, or dreams, which you can try to solve..
    ” Reina” means queen.

  36. Randy Avatar

    Just want to inform you guys..another bad news.. Now from Indonesia: A tourist ship carrying 247 people caught fire in Jakarta. 23 people were killed…police still investigated the cause of the fire, although terrorism is unlikely..

    It’s the first day of 2017….

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Thanks Randy. How horrible. Praying for those you lost loved ones.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I don’t believe so, they showed the US

  37. jules104 Avatar

    Eric I remember the Spirits gave you a name, but you couldn’t remember it. Could the volcano be either Mt Marapi in far West Sumatra or the other one Mt Merapi with an “e” in central Java area?

  38. Irish Eyes Avatar

    Thinking about the bridges in LA – there are little bridges in the Venice area, an area near Santa Monica, near the Pacific Ocean – where there are suburban houses along walkways that feature lots of little – mini – bridges. A number of celebrities and industrialists live there. See a map of Venice, CA, and look just beyond Abbot Kinney Blvd to see the area with lots of little bridges across man-made canals.

  39. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    Report…out of 130…report says 4 major volcanos..near eruption..

  40. […] Predictions 12-27-16   “A massive earthquake.. Sri Lanka” […]

  41. […] I had a visual of a very large wave  rushing across the sea, then they connected it to Sri Lanka, confirming a Tsunami,  they must be talking about this previous prediction: Predictions 12-27-16 […]

  42. jules104 Avatar

    Eric. Bridge on scenic highway 101 down due to buckling, deterioration from winter storm. May be closed for upto a year while they replace it. Cuts part of town off.

  43. […] to unfold soon too. Predictions 3-25-17  Earthquakes: Predictions 2-21-17 Predictions 3-7-17  Predictions 12-27-16 Predictions […]

  44. rhona Avatar

    Eric this is a landslide in sri Lanka
    it maybe connected to your prediction
    It doesnt fit completely ..but worh o note ..
    prayers for victims and families ..

  45. […] Predictions 12-27-16    “A massive earthquake.. Sri Lanka” […]

  46. mary chastain Avatar

    Hi. Another note that kind of goes along with recent predictions regarding the letters IL. I said Illinois. Now there is bridge predicitons and building bombings. If you look at pictures of Chicago, there are several bridges going over the Chicago river into lake Michigan. Also trump tower is right on the river.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks I will keep that in mind as I refocus on coming predictions

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