Predictions 9-30-17

The new hurricane is a category 6.. it will throw things around like the eye of a tornado. How much more do you need to show you there is a major issue here.. a problem that only you can fix.

I thought I told you to get rid of that hat.. No!

Kim Jong un dies. (Really? That contradicts other messages?)

A visual of a battleships firing on each other leading to multiple casualties.

Oh October how ruthless you are.. spiders, hurricanes, and earthquakes circling all of you. Brace yourself for a bad month.

I had a visual of the number 5, then it shifted to show unspeakable damage from an earthquake, massive damage.

I had a visual of a large brawl at a stadium.

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  1. any indication of when kim jong un is dying in terms of years? Is it this year of in the near future?

      1. Craig Hamilton Parker says that he foresees Kim Jong Un going in the next few months, though he sees him disappearing, possibly into China, perhaps dead, it’s left uncertain. But his reign will be over.

      2. Hello Eric and SWC!
        RE: Kim Jung Un- I think if I remember correctly you /Spirit made a prediction sometime last year about this Kim Jung Un situation –and that he was going to be assassinated or something to that effect?? (I think it was something to the effect of the US and China working together in this to get rid of him?? and then the rest of the prediction said that China would take Half of North Korea and South korea would take the other half??
        Again, I am pretty sure that was the prediction – but I could be off on my recall…
        Apologies to you if that is so…

  2. Eric, I posted this on my Facebook page last night:

    “Tonight, a few minutes ago, saw the end of this years River fire in Brisbane. This year was called Sun Super River Fire, but why I’m not sure. The fireworks spectacular of a full half hour was most enjoyable, but something I couldn’t help noticing was the predominant colour of the night…..Orange and red.
    In 2001 at the River Fire celebrations, I watched the predominance of reds and oranges there at that year’s celebrations. A few months later at the fireworks in Hervey Bay, I also noted the predominant colours of orange and reds for those fireworks.
    At the end of that year came the American Twin Towers disaster best known as 9/11. Coincidence?
    I may be nuts, and others have taken that claims from you, but I’d suggest we watch what’s coming, in world events, over the next few months…..and I hope I’m terribly wrong…..

    1. Hi Pete. We cannot see your post on FB because of your settings. If you change the post to public, people who are not on your friend list can see.

      1. Oh ok dopeanddiamond. Sorry. I only put the facebook link as proof that I had posted what I said I did prior to Eric’s posting. I’d rather leave facebook private because of some troubles I’ve had previously. Thanks.

    1. Omg I looked and that link looks very close to what eric is saying for the next hurricane for Florida! AMAZING and must follow! Thanks for sharing!

      1. No problem! Another thing I have yet to know is if the aftermath of this hurricane would take months for Florida to recover. It’s hard for me to imagine this once-in-a-lifetime hurricane would wipe the entire state out clean.

    2. Eric you should look at the link shared above by anonymous. The trajectory for Columbus Day is EXACTLY as your prediction with the lines across the middle of the state! I wish I could find that prediction to look back but I can’t find it!

      1. Eric,
        I looked at the link you sent, but that’s not the one I’m looking for. The one I’m referring to showed Florida with several black lines as a path from lower left to upper right. (Possibly the Tampa area to Jacksonville-ish?) Not sure if you recall it or not.

      2. I’ve just took a look at some previous predictions and looked the latest model. Now it’s showing the hurricane going westward through the southern and central area.

        And one of those previous productions mention about the storm moving at an angle, so I’ve also found another model that closely matches that.

  3. I wish Spirit would tell us what exactly WE can do on an individual level to help climate change other than the obvious.

    Our govts have the final say on what treaties the US joins. I & others have done our part by voting for ppl who recognize it and try to change it. We recycle, we protest, we tweet, we pray, we donate.

    I know many of us are overwhelmed by the inability to change our govt’s choices to things that would help. So I’d personally like to know what we individuals can change beyond controlling our own behavior and trying to put ppl into power that care about this stuff. We can’t change minds, as it seems to make those who oppose climate change initiatives even more dogged in their anti-climate beliefs. I’m exhausted from trying and know many others who feel the same.

    This is a serious question, not just a rant. What can those of us not in power actually do besides the obvious like recycle, vote, etc.

    1. Point taken, mhb. I agreed. Read somewhere from the time traveler. He hidden his identity of his face and wanted to warn the world that we can prevent if taken action seriously with the weather and wasted pollution situation. By the time in 2100 will be 15 billion population worldwide. Not enough to feed and take water. Many moved to Mars and other planet (s). Earth slowly dying. :((((

      Our future children and grandchildren will live in different world outside of the beautiful earth that is dying to doom. If we don’t prevent to do something about the climate control and wasted then the earth is doomed. Some will move to other planets to start all over. It’s up to us as we have less then a century to take actions. Govt knows this and does not reveal the secrets till it’s too late. They are not to bright for time wisely.

      Let me see if I can find it then enclosed the links. I feel for our motherly earth’s pains. Don’t let her die by our selfishness and greedy.

    2. One thing I don’t understand about the climate change controversy….whether or not it’s true, wouldn’t it be logical to treat the environment better?
      Whether one believes in global warming or not, isn’t it best to be on the safe side and choose better ways of living?

      That way if we are negatively affecting our planet, we can fix it…and even if we’re not causing climate change, it sure can’t hurt the planet if we become more environmentally friendly anyway.

      1. Thanks, I’ll look at it.
        I keep feeling like there is some sort of science that can help reverse things and then going forward we can take better care. This is a wake up call but at this point those who care about climate change don’t have government power to change things

  4. Eric,
    When you wrote “spiders, hurricanes, and earthquakes” circling around you….what did the spider part mean? Some kind of insect infestation?

    Also, do you have any guesses as to where or how soon the battleship thing will happen?

    1. Sara- in the past I believe “spiders” have been used to represent terrorists.

      1. Oh, okay. I was thinking plague of locusts or something! Guess I’d better review these symbols.

  5. can you go into more details, on the hurricanes and earthquakes locations? on a higher note, doesn’t GOD decide when a planet’s life, is over? humans, have not learned the most single important lesson………love. love of people, love of planet earth, love of difference of opinions, which teaches all of us, and ALL of us grow as a result. thank you eric and the group, for all you do, everyones thoughs (energies), do make a difference, but most people don’t understand, this, most important concept…………

    1. I’m keeping people updated with earthquake reports from Dutchsinse, which are usually accurate and have at least a few days warning. There are several large quakes due, in West Pacific, Mexico again, both any moment now, and there is a long-term build up off the NW Pacific coast which could culminate with a very large quake sooner or later. Dutchsinse’s next weekly forecast comes out tonight/tomorrow and I will type up the summary again.

      When you say humans haven’t learned about love, there is a mass Awakening in process, and quite a sharp divide between those who are waking or have woken up, and those who have chosen to stick with the old ways. The old ways of control domination and polarisation are working less and less and leading to craziness. There is a split going on between the two paradigms of consciousness. So yes, a lot of the world looks dark and terrible, but there are a great many who are willing a better earth into being. Environmental disasters are often like mass karma, which is tough on those of us who get caught up in it who have spent years trying to do the right thing.

      Also, I’m intrigued by the hat!

  6. Kim does die. just made seem to die by the media. he will live on. same as hitler never died but lived a peaceful quiet life in argentina. kim will still be living even after the media makes out he isnt. funny world we live in. media tv is alot of lies but movies tell alot of truths.

  7. Hi , everyone about the earthquake I’ve heard in Spanish from another psychic that between October the 13th – 14th Los Angeles was going to have a major devastating earthquake! God forbid of course been praying because I am like many would be scared! But trying my best to keep calm! Also was mentioned to stock up on 3 months supply for food because we were not gonna receive help and there not gonna be food for 3 months! Yep! Super! Scary! I just thought I’d add in my 2 cents I’m sorry Eric I never mean to involve other people’s predictions…im a long time now follower of yours! God bless us all and like many say prayer so please prayers to at least bring down the magnitude or category! With your predictions for October only means it’s coming! In was hoping the other predictions would be wrong but i guess not…but hey that is why I’ve been following up with you because trying to know about the future! Which is always scary i remember it being 2009 and me looking out the window almost new years eve wondering what horrific future lays ahead and sure enough it’s coming! Boy! did i dread coming this far! I think my fear sensed all this going on now Oh the earthquake quake would strike around 3 – 4 am when the moon crosses paths with the Sun!

  8. Also another thing about the quake she said that during the earthquake something was gonna happen like it did in the past?! Hmm…could it be Northridge, Sylmar ,Whittier? Thrust fault? Oh boy! It be nice to know what location the epic center will be i live in the san fernando valley hopefully this time its not here! I also heard last year it would strike near LAX but who knows…jist hope itbwont be big like they say hopefully a 5 mag or 6 but nothing greater God forbid.

  9. By the way, if people didn’t see (the blog post is a few days old now) I posted a summary of Farsight’s latest predictions for October – or a little longer, as is often the case. It’s underneath the previous earthquake blog post of 26th Sept.

    1. Thanks for sharing Beachhut! I just got finished reading your comments from that post very interesting and a good way you put out how Dutchsinse is working on Earthquake! I also read Erics other past predictions that could be related to earthquake this October i think he is right but not locations i knownit hard to predict quakes but San Jose And San Fransisco was mention perphaps San Jose referred to Mexico’s deadly quake since before that happened Eric mention again San Josey? And he also mentioned before San Francisco maybe referring that the earthquake is going to be an impact like the 1906 San Fransisco quak. But not going to be in San Fransisco but rather Los Angeles because as of most people assume or say or predicting a major quake in southern california. Hopefully not god forbid but who knows. There is much ive been hearing and reading from all corners of this world and all i can say im filled up with fear what this earth is coming too lol from us having to have all these devasting events to be more himnle to humanity and loving the earth to getting in touch spiritually with our lord and guardian angels and after all of this our energy will be the same as the earth meaning days will be longer than they have been going lately…etc… interesting though..hope you have a blessed day!

      1. Yes Johnny I think Eric believes the San Josey reference turned out to the the Mexico quake. It’s easier said than done, but it’s important not to give in to fear and let these thoughts obsess you, it can take over your life. It is frightening, especially if you live in an area which could be affected, but the only thing we can do is focus on what is good in the present moment and keeps our spirits / vibration as high as we can. Bless you as well.

      1. If you go to Eric’s home page and scroll down it should be under the post labelled 09-26-17. I also recommend the original video which contains more information, search Farsight Press on youtube and look for their October Timecross predictions. There are four predcitions this month.

  10. Gm. Airbus France to lax major engine failure over ocean. Diverted to Canada. All safe.

  11. A few newspaper columnists and scientists have suggested pegging Category 6 to storms with winds greater than 174 or 180 mph.

    “a problem that only you can fix” — does this mean climate change is fixable, or if we want these new storms to not worsen we can end our current ways and accustom ourselves to these new storms?

    “I thought I told you to get rid of that hat.. No!” — Very random. Ha-ha.

    “battleships firing on each” — NK? Iran? (we’ve had tensions at sea)

    “number 5” — earthquake 5 days from now, October 5th?

    1. Climate change but also a need to do things differently perhaps build houses more inland or have excessive bottled water available before hand

      1. We’ve long been expecting it. We’re the only country involved in Afghanistan that hasn’t taken a major hit. (We’re still grateful PM Chretien kept us out of Iraq). There have been isolated incidents, a soldier shot and killed at a memorial across from Parliament Hill in 2014, some homegrown groups thwarted — but a lot of us still believe we’re in the crosshairs for something major.

      2. Unfortunately terrorists have been hitting countries that haven’t had any involvement in anything. It is a war on the West fullstop.

  12. Eric – there was a terrorist attack in Edmonton, Canada last night outside of a football stadium. Perhaps that’s the brawl that was mentioned.

    1. There was another in Marseilles, France, with two women stabbed to death. Recently ISIS released a warning to Muslims that attacks on the west were imminent, and ISIS’s leader apparently released a new audio recording, encouraging more attacks as well.

      In light of all this, I encourage everyone to stay alert…don’t panic, but keep your eyes open. Learn what to do in potential terrorist situations, note exits in public places, tell police about anything suspicious, mentally plan what to do.

  13. I’ve seen a a few predictions over the last year or so implying KJU’s demise. I hope his own people do him in.

  14. October is not good month means .I think the the start war north Korea and USA .earth quick will increase also.Storm’s .terror attacks.if Kim start the war.means trump will order to kill Kim .that is why Kim will dead at same time war is going on .

  15. I’m wondering if the ‘hat’ part of the prediction has to do with the phrase “he wears many hats”, rather different personas or roles.
    Maybe “I told you to get rid of that hat…no!” means someone is advised to stop playing a certain role, or to change something about themselves.

    Just a guess. I can’t think of why someone changing a literal hat would be important enough for a prediction….unless it’s a symbol for something else.

    1. I do find the hat one curious! I’ve no idea, though tensions and culture wars are becoming so inflammatory right now I can imagine anger whipped up over someone wearing a hat, maybe with a slogan or symbol, that takes over the media for days and ends up with someone sacked / hospitalised / shamed / when they wear it again. Crazy times.

  16. When does Kim Jung Un Die? I am south korean so I would like to know incase I have to prepare for war.

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