Prediction: San Jose Earthquake Coming

NOW.. the countdown is reaching zero. I had a visual I was in a hospital and while doctors treated patients everything began to shake violently. People began to scream. ‘It will move the land’.  I had a visual of the number zero in big bold print.

Then they wrote San Josey,  they also said it’s lunch time. They also showed the number 76.

After a wave of small quakes the large one follows.

Not sure what lunch time means. In all the predictions they have shifted from San Francisco and San Jose, with the addition of the letter y I believe they are implying it’s around San Jose, around San Francisco. The old predictions below pointed to a timeframe ‘around’ the 19th, I will try to verify that tonight.

In other news:

The new Hurricane will strike Florida around Columbus Day.  Later they would say.. The Hurricane will strike Florida in about 18 minutes (days). That’s two days before Columbus Day.

I had a visual of a sinister man holding a large knife. He was planning a horrible act

They also pointed to Europe, I believe a location around Denmark.

Both today and the 19th are marked. They implied it would be tragic.

Here are the previous earthquake predictions, looking at them now they do mirror this time frame:

Now is the time to share this information with everyone. If your a fan I am pleading with you to help get this word out there.  Share it over FB, twitter, start a thread on  ATS, our friends and family in North California must be warned, and we must deliver that. 




100 thoughts on “Prediction: San Jose Earthquake Coming

  1. Is Maria the hurricane that Spirit sees hitting Florida? I believe the timing would line up unless another storm pops up between now and then. Where in Florida are they implying will get hit? East coast, west coast, panhandle?

    1. From what I’m watching, Maria looks to effect Long Island, New Jersey in 10 days. (Of course a long way out still to know for sure,) but if Maria is the storm, it would be here (Florida) the end of next weekend or so. I don’t think Maria is it. I do think Maria will be the reasoning for Eric seeing NY/NJ grey… especially right after Joses rains. Maria seems to be curving just right for the northeast and potentially the Carolinas. Those are my thoughts. I don’t think it’s Maria for Florida…

    2. No I don’t believe maria is the big storm..I believe it hasn’t formed yet.. but keep an eye on lee you never know.. .. when this hurricane comes it’s going over central Florida .. causing flooding like nobodies ever ever seen EVEN in that location.. even though we are no where by the ocean! The ocean will travel very far inland ..

      1. I just heard them say that Maria jumped from Cat 1 to Cat 5 in 27 hours. She’s apparently a narrow hurricane and they believe/hope that although she may take out Puerto Rico, that Jose may actually impact her path and shoot her out to the Atlantic after the Caribbean. I wanted to make sure everyone knew that she had gotten much stronger very fast. But it’s not a wide hurricane per what the weather ppl just said on TV.

  2. Eric, is the entire state of Florida will be affected by number two hurricane than Irma? Are the people thst chose to stay instead of evacuate because they didn’t want to do it again as they did the fist time? Will the death toll rise.than Irma?

    All blessings to you and the Spirits!

  3. 7 + 6 equals 13
    0 1300 means 1:00 in the afternoon that could mean a lunchtime earthquake today’s the 18th

      1. Todays earthquake in Mexico City was 7.2 and around 2pm, was this the earthquake of this prediction or should we stil wait for another tragedy in San Jose???

  4. I wonder which events are marked for which day….whether the event on the 19th refers to the quake, hurricane, or knife incident.

  5. Eric,
    Do you think the knife attack/sinister man is related to terrorism, domestic violence, or something else?

    Also, for the quake, “it’s lunchtime” could mean the quake strikes whenever people in California take their lunch-breaks, maybe around noon Pacific Time.

    1. I thought of time too, spirit is stepping back from answering what type of attack it is, an attack is an attack to them. Who supports This nightmare is not key to altering it.

      1. One thing that puzzles me about the quake prediction visual…they showed a hospital as the quake struck. Maybe that location was chosen because the earthquake’s epicenter is near a hospital. Or one of the most badly damaged places would be a hospital.

  6. TS Lee is following Hurricane Maria.
    Irma took 16 days from forming to a hurricane to being downgraded from hurricane status. this is the path of Maria and Lee.

    Kind regards and I hope everyone affected came through Irma okay. I looked at the sum of the Florida Hurricane and it occurred to me that a storm to move in that path would have to come up the gulf and move “poleward” to hit Jacksonville. It is rare but TS Larry in 2003 moved southward. Jacksonville to Naples not sure about that path though. We fared well for the most part but had lots of power outage and downed trees and fences. If Tampa Bay had gotten the direct hit and the storm hadn’t of lost strength I probably would even be able to type this as my office just got internet and phone service up. I’ve been getting some service through my phone and had to charge it up via my car and the generator. Electric service came on a couple of days ago but there are still some that have been out since 9/10/17. Some on the beaches never went down. This is the largest power outage Florida has ever had.

  7. “The Graham-Cassidy Obamacare Repeal Bill Still Covers Fewer People” —
    Predictions 2-19-17 TrumpCare Is Spirit referring to what’s happening in the news now, prior to the bill being passed? Perhaps they are saying the bill won’t become law? Is that what they mean by ‘denied’? “The new health care in the US, will not serve the poor.. denied”

  8. Oh sorry, I checked the site for small earthquakes and so far none in the San Jose area. There are some in Mexico though. My thoughts are with all those affected. I hope we can keep warning people. It has helped me be much more diligent and I can assure you I am telling everyone I can.

  9. More about the San Jose area. The Hayward Fault is of great importance because The USGS forecasts that it has a 33% chance of rupturing in a M=6.7+ earthquake by 2043. This is the highest probability of any fault in the Bay Area.

    1. Several in San Francisco del Mar, Mexico today… Makes you wonder if the large quake will be in Mexico instead of CA.

        1. Eric,
          You were right…blessings..
          32 anniversary of 8.mag that hit Mexico City..they were having drinks..

  10. Back to Trump….I believe you predicted sometime about “taping?” Well tonight we find out that Manafort was wiretapped including conversations with Trump before and after the election.

  11. Hi Eric, I’m in the San Jose area. You mentioned the 19th being a possible date for the earthquake. Do you see that being tomorrow or something further out in the next couple of months?/ any updates on what you see for San Jose?

  12. Very quick Dutchsinse update (I didn’t watch it all, just found the California bit of the video). Latest forecast, for the next couple of days. A new swarm of small quakes all down California, all around old volcano spots. A quake of up to 5.5 is expected at any moment out at a sea fracture off the NW coast of the U.S. Once that happens, the pressure will travel down and trigger a 4-ish quake in South California. However, he believes that some of the activity is not being reported by the authorities, so that is based on what information has been officially released. No sign of the Bay Area as yet, but one thing leads to another very quickly, and this report is just for the next 48 hours.

    1. This guy is brilliant and certainly knows what he’s talking about. I only wish he did an abridged version of his research, rather than the ramblings he give us. Not everyone can afford such long winded downloads.
      I went through three months internet cost with my server in one week interacting with his site. Still, if one has that kind of money, then he’s worth the waste I guess.

      1. Sorry to hear about him costing you so much! He did apologise the other day for the long videos, but he said he wants new people to learn the methodology and everything on earth is all connected up, one thing leading to the next, with long term and short term monitoring becoming suddenly urgent. He does his forecasts for 72 hour / semi weekly chunks, with a more general weekly monitoring, so it’s not necessary to follow every video unless you’re in a specified area for the 3 day forecast. As long as Eric’s waiting for his prediction to occur I’m happy to trawl Dutchsinse’s videos for updates.

        One very huge step is that the USGS has now officially acknowledged his work. He’s no longer the eccentric online conspiracy crackpot, but the developer of a validated method of earthquake prediction which can be honed into weather-style forecasts for general media. Who knows, maybe one day he’ll even be honoured by having something named after him. I’m so happy for him – and everyone else who lives in earthquake zones. This is a breakthrough.

      2. Oh beachie I fully agree with you that he knows what he’s talking about, but there’s not much sense in what he does if very few people can wade through any of his videos, and in some cases where he repeats himself.
        I live in an isolated rural area of Queensland Australia….almost third world out here because the political party that represents the bush is not unlike your tea party….and the internet service is grim at best. I have to time my Blog page when the server is at it’s best, and that’s so irregular as to make it historic when it’s finally posted.
        And I’m not the only one living out of a major city here. I’d love to recommend Duch’s work but most of my contacts live in similar areas.
        But again there’s no taking away from what he does, he deserves the recognition he’s finally getting.

      3. Well Pete, if that’s your internet situation then I have even more respect for the posting and blogging online. It must be very frustrating.

  13. I’ve watched Dutchsinse for years…he truly is the real deal and has a tremendous amount of information to offer all of us on a scientific level!!! I’m delighted he is getting the respect he deserves for the countless hours he puts in to try to warn all of us…so we can be safe!!
    Prayers to all in the California area for safety….sending love and light!!

  14. Magnitude Mw 7.1
    Date time 2017-09-19 18:14:40.2 UTC
    Location 18.66 N ; 98.41 W
    Depth 60 km
    Distances 49 km SW of Puebla de Zaragoza, Mexico / pop: 1,591,000 / local time: 13:14:40.2 2017-09-19
    8 km SE of Tepeojuma, Mexico / pop: 5,200 / local time: 13:14:40.2 2017-09-19
    Global view
    Source parameters not yet reviewed by a seismologist

      1. The earthquake that may have been predicted for today. The world is going insane this year.

  15. Hmmm…another Earthquake/Hurricane connection. There is so much chaos going on right now, including politics. I cannot relax, at all. Stay safe, everyone. Thank you, Eric, for keeping us aware and informed.

      1. Good point….we only hear about the bad in the news, but that’s because it “sells”, in a sick way. But there are more good people that just don’t make the news.

    1. Iamtot, hi
      Just a note…the 8.1 caused a 32 foot lateral displacement earth movement .
      This 7.1 maybe just the first of compensation Earth movement ..I also this was 51 km very far reaching…

      ( my opinion) could actually cause larger eq’s in United States…CA, etc.
      migrating north..

  16. Jules104,
    The 7.1 earthquake was too far from the larger quake 11 days ago to be an aftershock and appears to be a separate and unrelated event, said U.S. Geological Survey seismologist Paul Earle. The epicenters of the two quakes are 650 kilometers apart and most aftershocks are within 100 kilometers, Earle said.

    Tuesday’s quake was at a known tectonic fault, but not at the edges of two moving plates, like many strong earthquakes, Earle said. This fault was inside the Cocos plate, which about 300 kilometers further east slips under the North American plate. As that happens, there is a “pulling apart motion” of the plates, he said.

    Side note
    epicenter is 76 from Mexico City..
    Also report hospital parking.ot collapsed..

    So now the WATCH for North America…CA. Marching north…

  17. Eric, SWC,
    🇩🇰 Denmark
    Reference from this post”
    “They also pointed to Europe, I believe a location around Denmark.”

    The severe weather conditions from the Copenhagen Half-Marathon in Denmark was the scene from a runners’ nightmare. The popular event featuring more than 20,000 runners started off under clear skies but things took a quick turn for the worst as severe lightning, rain, hail and even snow fell on the Danish capital. Flooding at the finish line was so bad that timing mats began floating away, as can be seen in this story’s featured videos. The race was cancelled at approximately 1:30 p.m. local time. The race posted a statement to its website which reads: “Due to thunderstorms, lightning strikes, massive hail and flooding in the starting and finish area and on parts of the course, the CPH Half was discontinued for the safety of all runners and spectators at 1:30 p.m.” According to a race statement, race timing was “interrupted” though race times were still registered thanks to a back-up system. The race began at 11:15 a.m. local time meaning runners on course after approximately two hours were affected by the stoppage. A Danish website reports that a runner, a photographer and a race volunteer were hit by lightning.

  18. Yikes – scary stuff…. Sorry I ha en’t had too much time to myself to call you so sorry about that. Kathy Kelly is where staying to find a place to retire to and has asked for my help in condo and townhouse hunting…I promise to catch up with you in the next few days. Luv ya kiddo, m >

      1. Eric,
        There has been an uptick…still ongoing..
        You noted the 6.4 mag in Vanuatu it was on land and deep 200 km..( no tsunami)
        However I am concerned that area is so unstable…volcanos and deep deep eq’s
        I have a sinking feeling it is going to lead into a catastrophic event in that region…
        That is why we three are monitoring so closely..,
        Side note
        The Oct 12?Columbus Day Hurricane is next for Florida …I reminded Luna tic a Floridian…..I hope that was permissible? If not let me know…
        I wondered about SWC planning? Scheduled?

        1. Yes, and yes! By all means share the previous post. The meeting is coming very soon, however I would like to record the meeting and post it here. Unfortunately it’s more difficult than I thought so I have reached out to WordPress for advice.

          1. Eric,
            Great source? Another thought if appropriate..
            If you think it is feasible..
            what about google? Or Facebook?

  19. Eric,SWC,


    Last week residents of San Jose were reportedly stocking up on emergency supplies over fears the area will be hit by a massive earthquake.

    The city was shaken by a number of tremors including a strong 3.3 magnitude quake that was felt throughout the region.

    San Jose is situated precariously close to the San Andreas fault line, an 800-mile fissure that runs almost the length of California.

      1. Eric,
        something is going on with the monitoring agencies..the European one has been stuck for a number of hrs (not reporting)
        and the USGS just deleted the second eq off CA just showing one earthquake now downgraded to 5.7 mag..

        The USGS site is showing only 22 earthquakes worldwide over 2.5 mag..
        So underreported..

        Very strange..still monitoring.,let’s hope that it is a temporary situation ..
        However 2 at the same time is suspicious…

        Keep smiling😜

      1. Eric, Star48. Is it possible the EQ happens off/on our West Coast which could generate a tsunami transfering over to Japan? Just a thought considering the slow slip going on now.

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