Predictions 2-28-18

The first two predictions are expected to happen very soon. Several of the other messages need some more details. Assassination? Which Volcano? Even though this entire post is dark, there is some positive news I am working on now. I am having trouble understanding the details (there meaning) of this awesome prediction, so I want to clarify it prior to posting the message. It’s an ‘epic’ event, one that changes the world.

I had a visual of ‘7.2’  “Southern California, LA area”

Spirit made it clear this prediction is coming very soon. They implied the countdown is winding down to an end for this prediction. If you look at the old predictions there seems to be a contradiction of the magnitude of this earthquake. They also implied the earthquake might happen in the ‘evening’. We are expecting it in the coming days. They wrote 28 but did not clarify its meaning. Perhaps tonight? Please those of you in Southern California please take the necessary precautions.

Previous prediction:   I had a visual of a typed memo that read 6.2 rolling earthquake.  This prediction might be a sequel to the Southern California earthquake prediction. That’s a larger earthquake then they originally implied. –

Prediction: Southern California Earthquake  I had a visual I was watching a famous actor argue with his daughter over her organization skills as they pointed to a shelf, when all of a sudden everything in the room began to shake, then the visual shifted to show the outside of an old liquor store with Hispanic males somewhat intoxicated outside drinking and smoking, when suddenly they felt the ground lift them up. “Was that a quake” one said to the other half concerned and half amused. Then the ground lifted them again.

I had a visual of two stove burners turning red. A symbolic message that is reminding me of a fire (burn). Spirit is now warning us that this prediction is about to happen: I had a visual of a large fire symbol, and then a second one soon afterwards. Where Spirit? “In the bush country” (That sounds like Australia)

The bush country is most likely Australia, but could also be seen as Texas (President Bush). 

I had a visual of one massive Volcano eruption. The ground shook violently. The sky began to turn black. I have never seen an eruption so massive. It looked more like the historical Pompeii eruption. I need to find the location.

“The assassination looms.” They implied a March timeframe.

I had a visual of a medicine bottle lid, carved on the lid was the words “Natural born Killer” This message might be related to another prediction: Predictions 7-12-17

Spirit what happened to Pennsylvania prediction? I heard shots being fired, and people screaming then Spirit said ‘It’s still coming.’

I had a visual of a very small drone flying all the way up to space, then the drone flew back down, flying across a large desert. “The spy of the future”

“Your fired.” I heard Trump say. An implication that someone in the Trump administration is about to lose their job.

“The market is about to take a nose dive.”

“The producer passes.. Roman”

I had a visual of children Marching with fists to the sky, followed by a wave of white light exploding like a shock wave. A wave of something positive coming. But then Spirit countered it.

“It’s not good news.. New Port Beach.. a bloody scene.. so much death.. so many lives lost.” Before the shooting there was a ‘grand opening’. Everyone was waiting with excitement.

“Some will die in the audience.. some will die on the stage (or balcony).. the loss of life exceeds the Vegas shooting.. making it historically the worst shooting spree in the US.”

I need to clarify these two messages, are they talking about two different events or one.

March 11th is marked.






Predictions 2-20-18

I had a visual of a can of California olives fall over, the olives rolled across the counter.

Perhaps a symbolic reference to:  I had a visual of a typed memo that read 6.2 rolling earthquake.   This prediction might be a sequel to the California earthquake prediction.

Is this the infamous date 207 (20 – date)? Today is marked. They marked the date saying the 20th, as well as saying ‘Times up’.

We need to find the first time they marked the 20th. Chicago explosion? Philippine Earthquake?

We also need to ask about Pennsylvania.


Predictions 2-14-18 Japan Earthquake/Tsunami

We are expecting one massive earthquake/Tsunami, if we are to follow the old message it will be in the Japan or Asian Pacific. This prediction is also the same prediction that talks about Pennsylvania. 

Spirit kept repeating 7 39, 7 39, 7,39. Then they said ‘Earthquake, its a big one.’ This implies an old prediction:

Predictions 10-30-16  “Japan.. Japan.. Japan.. 7. 39.. big one.. such a massive flood.”  Pennsylvania.. violence erupts.. around the 8th-10th”  Earthquake in San Jose? “Your time is 9”

Other Predictions:

The plane we predicted comes from Australia.

‘Assassination plot coming’ I had a visual of a clock that read 25 minutes. I had a visual of 4 to 5 people lined up outside of an old abandoned club or bar, it looked run down and very old.

There is another prediction that warns of a threat to Vice President Pence, I need to verify that this is related.

A school is evacuated due to a horrible outbreak, visual of one person deathly sick, as other students feared the worst.

UFO? I had a visual of several people looking up at the night sky. There were stars out of place, some of them seemed blocked by some large object. Then lights and stars moved at an accelerated speed and then disappeared all at once. Everyone watching was in awe and perplexed.


Alaska Earthquake

This prediction has happened.

In the original message they implied it would happen sooner. Is this the event they were counting down too? I need to go back and ask about the Indian Ocean Tsunami? But I believe in hindsight I did ask when the ‘earthquake’ is coming and they showed one finger. Technically we are off by one day.

Predictions 1-20-18  Right before I wrote this post I asked again how many days are left before this Earthquake happens, using fingers they showed the number 1.

Predictions 1-21-18   Tsunami.. wait..

Then I had a visual of the number 207 big and bold.

Spirit used this code before where the number ends in 7, I need to research previous predictions with this code and see if it ended up being a countdown or date? The number 7 has been used in the past as a reference to ‘timing’

The 207 could be in two days or also could be seen as the 2nd. I could be looking at this all wrong, with the number ‘one’ being shown yesterday and ‘two’ being shown today, perhaps they are trying to show the 1st and 2nd, however that does not fit with ‘times up’.

Predictions 8-19-17   We are expecting that Alaskan earthquake/volcano now. They again pointed towards Alaska, or North but failed to use the words Alaska

Predictions 7-17-17  Spirit where is the earthquake on the 21st? I had a visual I was standing in the middle of the ocean without any land in sight. “The message.. February”

That implies a Tsunami, we have two old predictions about Tsunamis ironically both have ties to February, I need to get clarity and soon


Predictions 1-6-18

“The authorities will beat the protesters in the most egregious way.. bloody and broken.. the actions will create the opposite effect.. meant to achieve oppression.. it will lead to even bigger protest and a clear rage from the public.”

Sounds like Iran. This prediction was created with the new process which means we expect it to unfold within the next few days. 

I had a visual I was in a city by the beach. From the look of the city I would guess it was Sri Lanka or India. Everyone went about their business when suddenly I looked out to the beach, the water was gone. Then everyone began to run away from the shoreline, people started screaming in terror. Then the visual shifted to show one massive wave coming from the deep ocean.

Another prediction pointing to a Tsunami in the Indian Ocean, their message has become very repetitious. I have to assume by doing this they are solidifying this event as something major for the year. 

I had a visual of a man in a submarine, he started to become erratic, then he just went insane with hostility.

“Bannon forced out.. pushed away from the chair he once occupied.”

“Trump unravels in front of the camera.. unhinged..  yelling.. his words shocking.”

I had a visual of Trump talking with someone in a room, I was looking through a window. The impression was that Trump said something egregious or snapped at the person(s) he was talking to, then a man dressed like a general walked out abruptly. He walked down the hall and out the door.

Sounds like John Kelly or McMasters 

“Raise your hands if you want a gun.. there is a war on terror.”

I have no idea what that means?

I had a visual of a baby being born; this message seems related to Predictions 1-3-18






Prediction: Indian Ocean Tsunami

I had a visual of multiple zeros, all of them had an odd font that made it look old. They also had an old clay look.  I immediately heard the word ‘disaster’ Then they said both ‘weekend’ and ‘Saturday’

This is a message that a prediction is about to happen, the countdown is complete. It could be one event that we discussed on multiple occasions, or they are implying multiple predictions are coming back to back. In the very old predictions clay was used to describe heavy amounts of damage. They would show a clay plate being destroyed, this was their way of protecting me from having to see a horrible event first hand. 

“The Tsunami is coming soon.”

“Indonesia will be hit hard. The small Island ill prepared and Australia will also be affected.

Its possible the small Island is Sri Lanka.

In the area of Pakistan, there will be one very large bomb, with such horrible losses.

I had a visual of the oval room in the White House, showing the US flag. “Two to three indictments are coming back to back, all three sweating bullets..  over the internet the truth becomes slightly exposed. ”

I had a visual of a large file being opened. “It is the financial truths that imply guilt. Things are no longer looking good for the White House.

Again there was an implication that one of the indictments was for Donald Trump Jr.

There are a few old predictions about an Indian Ocean Tsunami. In it 11 and 30 was mentioned. I can’t speak for the number 11 but is it possible that 30 might be an estimated date, a timeframe ‘around’ the 30th? They have another prediction about a large earthquake in Sri Lanka. Here are the links:

Prediction: Tsunami Coming Soon

Predictions 12-27-16

Prediction: Tsunami Coming

The blue parts are just my opinion, and not apart of Spirits message.


Predictions 12-10-17

I had a visual of the number zero in red on a scale.

A countdown is complete, either today or tomorrow we are expecting a prediction to unfold. I can only assume the scale represents an earthquake prediction. We have had a swarm of small earthquakes here in Southern California.

The earthquake prediction: Prediction: Earthquake Coming Soon

I had a visual of an oil tanker floating across the ocean. Are they predicting an oil spill? This could be linked to the previous message about murky water: Predictions 11-30-17

Such evil! The mother has one child at home while the other is now gone.

Again the implication was an attack on children in Ohio or France as it discusses in this recent prediction: Predictions 12-1-17