World Predictions: Earthquake Coming Soon

“Around me.”
“In 5..”


I had a visual of the middle of the ocean.
Then a visual of a large 3.
Spirit pointed to a map showing, Bakersfield, Los Angeles area.
Spirit pointed to a book I write predictions in implying this is an old prediction. Spirit kept grabbing their wrist, time is short.

They ended by showing a large crack move across the west coastline but in the visual it was North California, San Jose? I have to conclude that we are talking about multiple earthquakes back to back. An Ocean quake seems to be also coming. I kept having visuals of the Ocean during this connection.
I am sorry but we are expecting destruction and damage.

Belarus your prediction is forming, it does not end well for your President.
Here are some possible predictions related to the quake:

PREDICTIONS ON 11-8-15 SAN FRANCISCO EARTHQUAKE Those numbers in the prediction mirror what’s above. We expected this prediction around Thanksgiving. It’s in an old book. This one points to New Zealand as well.

WORLD PREDICTIONS 11-7-19 This message also has similar numbers. The 11 and 12 could be the month.


WORLD PREDICTION: CARIBBEAN EARTHQUAKE This message has been on my mind a lot and would explain why I continue to see issues for the Gulf coast.

18 thoughts on “World Predictions: Earthquake Coming Soon

  1. Around you could imply San Diego, but larger California, and even USA. It’s vague but clear at same time. I think 3 Earthquakes are coming and it will be a wake up call.
    In 5 days it’s November 30, in 5 weeks it’s December 30.

    I’m still seeing that cruise ship collapsed in the Caribbean.

      1. Hi Eric.
        Back on 16 MAY 2018 you had a prediction that started in “3 minutes”.

        It spoke of California earthquakes.
        There was also talk of a tsunami, mid ocean.

        On 4 NOV 2018 you had the prediction of a Tsunami around 17, 18, 19 (might’ve started at 16th) & it said words to-the-effect: Tsunami Australia. A city under water, Brisbane hit hard.

        Could this current one be a re-visit of the 2018 vision? Same locations, events & the “3” just keeps coming up & ‘sticking’.

        There were also New Zealand quakes spoke of around this 2018 window.


  2. Imagine how odd it would be to have back to back earthquakes in Cali? I swore a prediction indicated Dec 2, 3 or 4th.🤔 Going on recollection one prediction mentioned Giants (SF) stadium, San Jose and one that sounded like Borrego. The Anza Gap area or whatever park is there actually has a street named Christmas Tree Lane. Ha! Maybe a ripple effect down the infamous San Andreas fault?

  3. A couple of days ago there was a mass stranding of whales& dolphins on Chattem Island which is off the east coast of New Zealand that is often a sign a big earthquake could happen.98 whales have died.

    1. That’s interesting Deborah because there have been whales swimming well inland up the big rivers in far north Queensland in AU. This is very unusual. There have also been smaller beaching events at the other end of the continent in Tasmania.

      1. Is that up Cairns way Russ? I am at the Isa, but no rivers big enough for whales. I heard about the beaching in Tas recently, made me wonder

        1. I think it was the Burdekin & a smaller, but still able to take whales. river/estuary north of Cooktown.

  4. The San Andreas fault runs from north of San Francisco, down silicon valley, all the way to the Salton Sea, and it passes in between Los Angeles and Bakersfield. Closest cities in that area are Lancaster, San Bernardino.

    It would not be at all surprising to see a large earthquake somewhere along there.

  5. i wonder if the earthquake is metaphorical?

    U.S. is going to see darkest days in modern medical history’: Doctor’s dire warning as 95% of country sees ‘uncontrollable COVID-19 spread’ and 50 MILLION travel for Thanksgiving – with 17% spike hitting California in just 24hrs

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