World Prediction: Caribbean Earthquake

Spirit has mentioned this again. The Caribbean has been confirmed.

Around Jamaica.. earthquake.. massive.. 8..8..

Previous message:

EARTHQUAKE presented bold and big. “It’s huge!” 

I had a visual of an island nation, then it shifted to say “Again another quake” 

I had a vision that started with me staring at a wall. I remember being on an island nation, feeling the ocean breeze, the smell of barbecue, dirt roads.. Then on the same wall was a horrible stain. Then it shifted and their were so many bodies lying on the ground, so much death. It was a bit startling I had not seen such horror since I started this work. “7”

This sounds like the Caribbean island earthquake returns. The number 7 could be around the 7th (6th-8th) or literally one day. 
What is confusing is are these completely different messages or one large continual message?  
Parts of the island did look Jamaican. 

111 thoughts on “World Prediction: Caribbean Earthquake

      1. Geez, I had forgotten about this one. I know when you first posted it I was worried it would be Haiti due to some of the visual clues. I don’t want anywhere to get hit by a big EQ, but Haiti hasn’t even rebuilt from the last big one so that would be really bad. Sounds like spirits are really zeroing in on Jamaica. Prayers up.

        Also Eric, I don’t think you are missing anything in regards to your work. Sylvia Brown long had a name for herself due to all her books and exposure on popular talk shows at the time. She didn’t have a good accuracy rate at all, but apparently that’s been forgotten with what she wrote about this virus. Anyway, look at how your viewership has grown on this site! That is proof enough that people are discovering you and the spirits’ message. I know I have shared your site with others and many here have, and we will continue to do so. I think your exposure will continue to grow over time, so keep at it. Oh, and happy birthday!

        1. Eric , I have been following you for a long time as are several of my friends. I appreciate your insight and the intention to be helpful and look forward to what you receive . Thank you for sharing your gift!

      2. Hi Eric,
        Hawaii is under a tsunami threat as of right now. Do you think this could be it? I am so scared right now.

    1. I would include hashtags in your work, and include a Sylvia Browne hashtag as well.

        1. Personally I don’t think you should do that, as many didn’t find her to be believable. Although I do agree with Edward that it might help others to find you in regards to the virus prediction, but I worry it could turn some away as well to associate yourself with her name. If you do use her name, I would only do it related to the virus prediction and otherwise would use more generic hashtags that might attract followers based on the nature of your work. #psychic, #spirits #psychicprediction etc.. Maybe you are already doing that, I normally follow you here, not on twitter 🙂

        2. Just shared your link in a yahoo story Comments section featuring Browne’s prediction, hopefully it’ll gain some traction.

    2. You’re definitely not being arrogant because yours/Spirit’s coronavirus predictions etc. should definitely be getting more attention now and any other time.

        1. Hi Eric! Not related to the virus…. Did you remember I asked you if there’s a second eruption on Taal Volcano? How strong is it and when will it happen?

          1. Yes, please keep in mind I have to read through hundreds of comments, and I took a day off during my birthday. But I want to read all of them. Yes I will ask them what happened because they were very clear with that. Did anything happen under the ocean at all?

    3. Eric,
      The author who wrote that Sylvia Browne article does have a Twitter account. Not sure if you or anyone else who has a Twitter account would want to tweet to her and inform her about this site’s coronavirus predictions.

        1. Please keep my response private but I don’t think you need to associate yourself to any other psychics predictions. Thanks for all you do and lots of great health to you and your mother.

    4. hey Eric, PLEASE stop, comparing yourself to others! Each one of you, are special, in their own way! each one, has different guides, that are on different levels of advancement, and each cover different messages, as they, and their guides see fit. you have touched other people, and taught others, isn’t that enough? keep continueing, what you do, on your terms. the only thing, I SEE, is that you need to relax and go with the flow, Don’t worry, about how people will react with the predictions, you pass down, that is up to them. A lot of the level four and five pyschics, just let things flow, spirits know better than humans. if people panic, that is their affair, you are the vessel, where truth flows, don’t stop and worry, how people will react, as you are slowling down the flow, between you and your guides! hoping this helps, I have met a lot of pyschics, in my 58 years, EACH are special, and EACH are very different! keep up the good works!

    5. Sylvia Browne was a charlatan. Please do not put yourself in the same category.

      I used to watch the Montel William Show. Browne was a frequent guest. People would ask her to find missing loved ones but she would say the missing person was dead.

      Guess what.

      Most of those missing people were alive. Several have been found.

    6. I forgot to say that anyone with a knowledge of human history could have predicted this pandemic.

      1820 – pandemic

      1920 – pandemic

      2020 – pandemic

      2120 – ?

        1. Yeah.

          Mr. Eric, I don’t think you are doing anything wrong. A lot of people are not or did not take the crisis seriously. Some people are still coughing in public for kicks. There’s even a Tik Tok challenge that has people licking toilet seats to get the corona. I am serious.

    7. If I search “predictions virus” using, I am getting your site as the third result. If I search “predictions virus” on google, I don’t see it in the first 5 or 6 pages of the search… Google is messed up and most people use google as their search engine. 🙁

      1. Yes! Why is that! That’s exactly what I am talking about. Yet yahoo is the opposite. How does google work exactly. I need to learn the ins and outs of how the computer systems work.

        1. Well, if you are a Truther then your site will get buried. It helps to have people mention your site specifically & share links.

          I mention you & post links on another psychic’s site because (1) He allows it (2) I do not want to take credit for your work and (3) You are kind and allowed me to post a link to his site as well.

          If you don’t have Ewe Toob your site will get buried. Be warned – Google owns Ewe Toob & it is cracking down on Truthers & real psychics.

          I see you are using WordPress. The same entity that owns G00 gle & Ewe Toob owns Blogger.

    8. Unlike Browne, you’re neither off-the-wall, grandiosely inaccurate nor a grand-larcenous felon.

  1. That article was written by Jessica McBride. If you click on her name from your link, it takes you to a page showing a summary about Jessica, and recent articles. She wrote about crime. She may have been familiar with Sylvia Browne because of her journalism work covering crime. Sylvia Browne did work with police department regarding crimes. The media also writes Sylvia was often incorrect in her predictions.

    She got the attention of journalists (and therefore free publicity) but was not very accurate in her predictions.

    1. There are a few other articles, far more critical ones on same topic about her prediction. I got to figure this out, because we have the accurate accounts, not always, but better, yet the attention for the prediction is equal to other predictions made, which is still good. Yet the more attention means we can make a real difference.

  2. Hey Eric, wondering if you’ve ever considered going on you tube. I know theres alot of “things” on there but it maybe another way of getting your word out?

    1. I have always wanted to create a video of the predictions exactly as they are. The voices, the visuals, the speed of the messages, the different symbols. All of it exactly they way it is presented to me. However when I look at the cost of making this artistic piece of work, it cost a small fortune. I am holding onto the idea just in case. Part of the writing here just doesn’t do it justice.

      1. Hi Eric, I’m a videographer who shoots and edits videos. I’ve worked for quite a few organizations handling everything video related. I can also do animations but unfortunately I’m not a graphic designer, in other words, I would need someone to give me their designs and then I can animate it for them, if that makes sense. Anyhow, if you need help making videos for a YouTube channel, I can help, especially now since I’m out of work! I also understand that you don’t have the money and that’s also okay! I wrote my website address in your details column so you can see my work.

          1. Do you know if this earthquake is gonna be bigger than the previous one 7.8+?

          2. What do you mean by repeating date like it will happen in 8 or 88 days

            1. This work is done as a group. When presenting world predictions or readings for that matter I could have anywhere between 3 to 7 Spirits conversing, so sometimes the information is repeated or doubled up. If you notice sometimes the same info comes in but just slightly different and that is because there are multiple sources.

            2. So one spirit might be saying 8.. then another one says the same. When we first started this it was consistent issue. Normally now that doesn’t happen.

              1. As you see when I told you about what will happen in Greece during WW3 which is hunger, earthquake, civil war ,war, diseases (Greek prophecies)well some of this might not happen cause virgin Mary sent a message to us (Greek people) and she said because there are some people who repent she convinced Jesus Christ that our sufferings will be much much less Thank GOD THANK MARY also btw the big one would have happened in August last year with a magnitude of 8.2 but Mary made him a small earthquake that’s why the earthquake in Athens last year was 5.3 magnitude

      2. Eric, youtube is great way to promote yourself see how simple some of these psychics videos are. Linda G., Revealing Light Tarot,

  3. Eric , I believe that this prediction is more likely for Haiti . To me , the stain on the wall represents the January 2010 earthquake from which Haiti has yet to recover from . The 7 to me might mean July .

  4. I’ve often wondered if having a YouTube channel would help get your predictions more notice. You have a great personality over the phone when you do readings and I think people miss out on that if they only read your blog. Your warmth and personality and humor come through in the readings, but I suppose that a YouTube channel would take up a lot of your time and energy and maybe that isn’t how you want to spend it.
    Once a psychic gets noticed by others they often do a “shout out” and mention the other psychic’s channel and then they tell their audience to check out the other person. It is great how they all support each other.

  5. A lot of people pay to have their stuff come up in google search, depending on the developer and the money you pay is really how far up the change you are. You need to go viral, do you use instagram?

  6. Channeling ERIK seems popular plus you can hear evp’s, not sure how legit but anything is possible. I’ve thrown out your website on several comments sections to pull in the audience.

  7. Hi Eric. Well my first question is how many of your regulars come from which countries? I’m assuming you have the same graph/map that I have with my site at WordPress. I have never heard of the psychics mentioned here so far, excluding you. As for Youtube or similar, maybe a once a month posting that highlights what you’ve received that month with a link back to here, if that isn’t too expensive.

    1. Hawaii is under a Tsunami watch right now. Do you think it may apply to us? I am having bad anxiety right now. We are on an island as well, it could be us……

      1. I am from the UK and I tune into your site daily. Sometimes when there is a news report on UK TV It reminds me of one of your past predictions.
        I think you are one of the most accurate of people so please do not do yourself down and pat yourself on the back. It is quite a gift you have.

      2. Yes, that is what I was alluding to Eric. Maybe the concentration needs to be OUTSIDE of the States. The US is very introverted with a concentration of matters American. The rest of the world, the majority and by far the largest audience, probably know more about the world events than Americans will ever know in their life time. I’d strongly suggest to look to focus outside of the States. Maybe a British site.

  8. I have been coming to this site to check in every other day for about 4 years now. I don’t really ever post, but today I did about this prediction and it got ignored. Instead the comments are all about getting more views on this channel. I am super confused by that. Disappointed

    1. Not ignored, I have to read through all comments of all social media outlets, that takes awhile. 100s. To be clear we are talking about how to bring more attention to these predictions. My only intent in that is to alter them. Imagine the power if everyone knew the coronavirus was coming when we posted it in October.

      1. Thank you for responding. I am trying to avoid the news mostly and plant my garden. Putting my hands into the dirt and grounding myself is the best I can do now.

    1. That can’t be the quake the spirits are referring to though, based on the details they provided. Thankfully there was no damage or casualties as Eric saw, as the epicenter was a ways offshore.

  9. Hi Eric,
    I’ve been following you for a long time. I think that you are great and continue to get better. I feel that you should do You Tube. I watch Linda G on YouTube and Intuitiveview and David. You should watch them and see what they have done. My Spiritual friend is on Instagram and You Tube.
    I have you on Facebook, but the last time I checked that it seemed like you had not posted in a while.
    Again you are great. You will probably have to use all three mediums to get yourself better known and be active in all three mediums at the same time.
    I hope this helps. I wish for you to succeed in all that you do.
    I’m sure that if you reach out to Linda G. She would mentor you. She seams very approachable.
    Thank you for all that you do for us and the world!

  10. How about Facebook account? If you post a prediction on Facebook and than add a link to the website post, people will be able to share it easily and they will like your Facebook page and read the website. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube are the main channels of communication among the people these days. Not many go on actual websites anymore..

  11. Would it be possible to put the question directly to McCabe for an answer or how to learn quickly to acquire an answer and act on it right away w/o expenses ?

    1. I think it comes down to how to either present or market my work better. Something has to be off, Macabes power is centered around giving spiritual advice, spiritual subjects, he can predict, but has never lived on earth. Bigger than that my power is like a massive telescope that is getting bigger and bigger, it looks at people or the world and predicts through spirit but it has no mirrors.

  12. It may be worth reaching out to Dutchsinse on social media as he is devoted to saving life’s via earth quake warnings and I’m sure he would appreciate your intuitions.

    In2ThinAir does the same to save life’s but his speciality is hurricanes and typhoons. Both can direct people to your site.

    I have always thought that a group meditation/collaboration between some of the most known physics would be powerful. You have Spirit man Joseph in the USA and I’m sure many others.

    In the UK we have Louise Jones and other contributes can make suggestions.

    There are numerous decent astrologers as well – Lisa Lazuli in the UK is wonderful.

    As said by others You tube is powerful the most successful as with any thing give out a lot for free, but it comes back by way of private readings once you are known as genuine.
    Hope this helps.

  13. I’m actually reading about search engine optimization in a book. Go to and enter your url to enter your site map so that the spider indexes your site so it pops up in google searches. It can take a couple weeks, my book is ten years old so it might work a little differently these days.

  14. You’ve got to get up higher in serp listings. Its not that your not good at what you are doing. Its your visibility isn’t there. If I type world psychic predictions or even world predictions into google youre not there. You need to write more meta tags before you get a bot to map your page.

    1. Wow, I know less about computers than I realized! All those words you mentioned: serp, meta tags, bots…it’s like hearing Greek.

  15. Also once you have done that see if your web host provider allows free access to the website log so you can see what keywords in the meta tags are working.

      1. I mean something different than the tags you are referring to.
        The google spider only documents meta tags and your title. This is your title…
        WORLD PREDICTIONS | With your help tomorrow's tragedies can be altered through awareness
        The tag i am talking about is the html tags.
        Seeing as WordPress is not giving you access to the HTML code maybe you can change your title to “WORLD PREDICTIONS With your help tomorrow’s tragedies can be altered through awareness of these world psychic predictions”

  16. Eric, I think you should be careful about trying to let as many people as possible know your site. Remember you writing about your past life where you tried to forcefuly tell the world and got put into an insane asylum for it? You might be living this life to learn your lesson from the previous life. Earthquakes are a natural occurance, God made them for a reason. The collective conciousness agreed to experience certain events and if you try to make everyone aware of the event you could potentially be ‘spoiling’ the experience so to say. Regarding your site I believe people who TRULY want to know the events already follow your site. What I am trying to say is I think you shouldn’t forcefully be trying to let as many people know and chase becoming famous for it. Use your gift wisely.

  17. i also thought about your reaching out to Lind G. or Lena Rodriquez. They are both awesome ladies and I think they may help you out a bit.

  18. Eric,

    Never, ever, even mention Sylvia Brown in or on the same line as your name. Like taking poison. Once you do, or some well intended person does, then your are forever linked to her.

    Don’t worry about ‘getting’ the word out. Some things you are not meant to change, there are karmic laws at work here. People that need to know will find there way here or your message will find its way to them.

    Learn detatchment. Once you do, the messages will be clearer and purer. As long as you are emotional, shocked or frightened by what you see you will never all of the messages in their entirety.

  19. Eric, I watch Linda G Comanche psychic on YouTube and she is wonderful! Check her out! The most interesting readings are the ones where she has other psychics join her in discussing predictions! Happy Belated Birthday! Stay safe, healthy and happy!

  20. I agree about youtube. I understand you would like to present information a certain way. I follow Psychic LJ on youtube. She presents her info sitting down peering into a small orb that she holds up in one hand. She informs in a conversational way lasting no more than 45 minutes. Usually less. It is easy to follow and the videos are there forever so you have ongoing history. She is British and very accurate. Her name is Louise Jones. Take a look. Many of us follow multiple people doing this good work. You don’t have to be fancy about it. People will find you and your audience will broaden for those of us more visually or audio inclined. You are great so I don’t think you are doing anything wrong. People gravitate toward video. We grew up on TV and movies as major influence

  21. Hi Eric,
    Just be yourself.
    Please don’t try and mirror what other people are trying to do.
    Your site patrons will judge you by what you do, not by how you mirror the popularity of other medium / psychics sites.
    As you popularity grows, you will find your site going up in the search engine anyway.
    Spirit guides people to sources of the Truth.
    Really interesting, there were other comments that I was going to write here, but then my screen flickers, never ever seen this before. Must be a suggestion for me.

  22. Be careful of advice. You have it correct dont try and complicate things. Spirit will take time to adjust to a new format and readings will be confused for a time. Get to the core of things. Go global, not focus on USA. Under current situation, the global perspective is patamount- including govt and EU ideals, climate and energy change. This virus is not isolate.

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