Classes With Eric Leigh-Pink

First Class: Learn How To Connect To the Spiritual Realm Start your Journey:

For 11 years I have been on a journey to serve the Spiritual Realm by predicting the tragedies of tomorrow with the hopes of altering them. I have warned you of Covid, Putin, the Paris Terror Attack, and the Belgium Attack. I have predicted Water on Mars and Trump Impeached twice. I hope you see I am connected to something, somewhere beyond us. Connected to a place that hold the keys to our future. Now I want to share that key with you. I want to give you the keys that open this door, so you can start your own journey with the heavens. I want to give you the tools that allow you to connect to the Spiritual Realm

The First Class Starts March 17th 2023 at 6pm pacific time: 12 Spots are available

Day Class: April 15th 2023 at 9am pacific time: 12 Spots are available.

Or Night Class: April 21st 2023 at 6pm pacific time: 24 Spots are available

Email Bea Leigh-Pink at to reserve your zoom Spot, the classes are 60$ and the payment button is linked to the Personal Reading Page.

Eric is still setting up the Zoom and will give further details. The class should be about an hour, but plan for 2 just in case.

Payment Button:

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