Predictions 7-18-17

Every effort to bring clarity of old predictions is countered with new ones. Sorry guys. However these are very serious events.

I had a visual of a man going on a shooting spree, he spent time hiding, shooting from the ground, from a tree, hidden in what looked like snow. Then he lit people and places on fire. Several people were kept under his wave of terror, as a standoff of some kind emerged.  (There were other parts I am excluding because it is too dark. Whether it important or not, its not appropriate to share.)

The visual very specifically showed a mountain terrain. My feeling was a Nordic country or Scandinavian country. There was oddly a residue of snow, but that might just be symbolic to the location. The victims seemed young as if apart of a school. The visual ended with someone injured who the culprit allowed to leave to get help. In everyway it was a gruesome scene, with multiple victims.

“The queen.. will now pass”

They implied Japan.


7.4 Earthquake Strikes off Coast of Alaska

There are multiple events unfolding at the same time so lets go through it step by step. Please everyone stay safe.

Yesterday I asked Spirit: Spirit where is the earthquake on the 21st? — Is it possible they did not answer the question at all and just showed me what is coming immediately next? That would not explain February? Tonight I will be asking about the 21st again just to make sure, The prediction:

Predictions 7-17-17   Spirit where is the earthquake on the 21st? I had a visual I was standing in the middle of the ocean without any land in sight. “The message.. February”  That implies a Tsunami, we have two old predictions about Tsunamis ironically both have ties to February, I need to get clarity and soon:  Predictions 2-13-17  &  Notes on 2-23-15

The facts: “ANCHORAGE, Alaska A strong earthquake on the Russian side of the Bering Sea briefly prompted a tsunami advisory for parts of the Pacific, including Alaska’s remote Aleutian Islands and Russia. The National Tsunami Warning Center in Palmer, Alaska, canceled the advisory because the tsunami no longer posed a threat. Officials at the warning center had cautioned waves could reach up to 3 feet (0.91 meters) above the tide level. But waves later Monday were reported only 6 inches above tide at the sparsely populated Shemya, Alaska, site of a remote Air Force station in the extreme western Aleutians.The quake was initially measured at magnitude 7.4 when it struck just after 3:30 p.m.”  Read more here:

Also in the news: There was a 6.4 earthquake off the coast of Peru.

Two different major earthquakes dealing with the ocean.

Also in the news: “The Pennsylvania killing Spree, Cosmo DiNardo, 20, is accused of killing four young men at his family’s home in Pennsylvania Since being taken in to custody last week, he has reportedly confessed to two separate killings. DiNardo lured Dean Finocchiaro, Tom Meo, Jimi Patrick and Mark Sturgis to his home under the pretense of selling them drugs. Their bodies were found in a grave on his expansive family property after an extensive search last week. He had attempted to burn their corpses in a metal tank that is used for roasting pigs  Read more:
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The prediction: Predictions 7-16-17  In the news today: “Two cousins in Pennsylvania gruesomely kill 4 teenagers in a drug deal.” Such a horrible event, please pray for the victims families. This event does have ties to Predictions on 9-23-15 but either the prediction is flawed, or facts still have not come out. Spirit also talked about 6 victims. I will never forget the horror they showed and the visual of the two killers as half man and half pig.

Predictions on 9-23-15   I had a visual of the half pig, half human head. In the back was complete darkness.
“Such a gruesome response by the drug dealer (cartel?). It found logistically.” — Spirits Voice
This could be related to a previous prediction: Predictions on 9-14-15

“A drug deal goes horribly wrong.
A morbid scene of the flesh cut up.
Two people.
The house known.
Good news the culprits found.” Spirits Voice

Predictions 7-16-17

I had a visual of a large number being drawn ’21’ with Spirit saying ‘Earthquake’.

Previous prediction: Predictions 6-17-17  One massive earthquake 20, 21 We need to focus on location

“Russia.. Moscow.. under attack.. transportation hubs.. bloody explosions.. terror.. terror.. 3 (they might have said 30).. 7”

I had a visual of people walking by then an explosion throwing people across the hall. I had a visual of a sign that showed an airplane symbol, I had a visual of tracks of a subway or train.

“Massive flooding in India.. so many stuck.. and unable to move.. rivers overflow.. but the worst comes after.. as the water is a deadly contamination..”

I had a visual of people sitting on their roofs, while water surrounded their town. Then the visual shifted to go underneath the water to show the water turn black as if it was poison.  Spirit would later describe the area as the location by the holy river, unfortunately I would later look up that applies to multiple locations.

“Oxford.. women violated egregiously.. but many don’t believe her.”

The message is confusing its starts with multiple women but then shifts to one?

In the news today: “Two cousins in Pennsylvania gruesomely kill 4 teenagers in a drug deal.” Such a horrible event, please pray for the victims families. This event does have ties to Predictions on 9-23-15 but either the prediction is flawed, or facts still have not come out. Spirit also talked about 6 victims. I will never forget the horror they showed and the visual of the two killers as half man and half pig.

We need to find out if the earthquake on the 21st is New Zealand. But there are other locations predicted by Spirit in previous locations.

Spirit has shifted their work to reflect a more calculated focal point. Even with this coming earthquake they have told me to wait until the right time to get all the details. They want to really toe the line, start presenting predictions right before they happen for greater impact. In a world of ‘now’ timing is everything. Once we have the location I assure you our focus will shift on making that prediction our center piece. I will say they have not closed the case in regards to the New Zealand Earthquake prediction which in itself says something.


Predictions 7-12-17

I had a visual of a red balloon growing and growing. Multiple politicians tried to pop the balloon but it did not work, if anything it made the balloon larger.

“The prices too high.. the economy really starts to go south.. stocks tumble.. a new recession begins..”

The implication was July but also pointed to August. We are expecting it soon. Its an unexpected circumstance. Please keep in mind we are talking about a recession. Please make sure we all stay measured, its a recession, in no way are they talking about a depression or economic collapse.

In regards to the post on Predictions 6-29-17 there were many unclear positions in regards to Trumps future. July has always been seen as a month of bombshells. With a barrage of many of you asking, I wanted to clarify the situation, so I asked;

How long will Trump be president? Their response:

“12.. the month” (12 months?)

Then they added whether related or unrelated:   “He gave classified information to Russia.. he was accused of doing it before and he will be accused of doing it again”

In other news: “The famous one will kill one of his family members.” I had a visual of a picture of a man and his son.

The rampage is around the corner.. an insane killer. Spirit compared him to the movie “Natural born killer”

The hidden camera will lead to a great scandal.

“Tragedy.. ship sinks.. Caspian.”

Even though they are pointing to the Caspian they might be referring to the sea between Africa and Europe. It is expected to be a heavy handed tragedy.

Did Donald Trump Jr Collude with Russia?

The July bombshells continue. It all depends on which news you watch that determines whether or not Donald Trump Jr colluded with Russia. At the very least he was willing to meet with a Russian lawyer to dig up damaging information on Hilary Clinton. Meanwhile the Senate passed the Russian sanctions bill by 98-2, but the bill is now stalled in the house because the Trump administration said they disagree with provisions. So does that mean Predictions 3-20-16 will now happen? The predictions:

Predictions 4-16-17    “Now the state knows.. a direct line of collusion between Trumps people and Russia.”

Predictions 6-17-17   I am not going to sign that! I had a visual of someone blowing a kiss at a Matryoshka doll.

Busy day with predictions, I still need to post the new predictions which I will do later tonight. Unfortunately the post coming is even more predictions about Trump.


ISIS Claims Al-Baghdadi is Dead

Though ISIS is not the den of truth they claim their leader is dead. However the US has not confirmed it. To add on Predictions 5-30-16 they predicted  both the death of Al Baghdadi as well as the fall of Mosul. ISIS losing their propped capitol within their so called Caliphate is a major blow to its perverse agenda. The predictions claim that after Baghdadi’s death ISIS begins to dismantle, and terrorism shifts towards Asia

The prediction is flawed, the US did not kill Al Baghdadi, Russia did.

Predictions 12-19-16   “Secretly the leader unclear if he is sitting on dirt or gold.. contemplates his decision to strike.. boldly the eagle strikes the spiders den.. the king of terror is dead.” — Spirits Voice

Predictions 4-8-16   I had a visual of a man walking in all black, wearing a black turban, his face was charcoal looking and  his eyes were like large black grapes. This imagine has been used before to describe an evil man with an evil intent. As he walked towards a stage you could see all of these Daesh troops lined up like an army standing in front of him.

“When the head of the snake is cut off the rest of the army will disperse. His control is too close. His fall will be theirs.”

Predictions 5-30-16    I had a visual of multiple flags including the US flag proudly flying. Then the vision switched and I had a visual of a soldier cutting the heads off snakes. “Territory now gained by the coalition.. a great blow to Daesh.”

Predictions on 10-26-15   “Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi leader of ISIS, will be killed by US forces. His days are numbered. A great blow to the darkness.
The US will protect a large group of people from an incursion by ISIS.
The tide of war shifts in favor of the US and its coalition.” Spirits Voice

US Bombers Fly Over North Korea

This prediction has happened. We will be asking for some clarity on what is next for the ongoing crisis in North Korea. The prediction implied jets crossing each other, that did not happen.

In other news we are expecting another major event, as they said the words ‘Now’ yesterday, which completes their countdown. But I need to go over my predictions to figure out which event it is, according to Spirit this prediction was a major topic during the our transition, right before we took a break.

Predictions 7-3-17  I had a visual of US jets taking off from a carrier.  I had a visual of jets in the sky cross each other. I had a visual of another airplane dropping bombs while jets quickly crossed it. “A battle brews.”