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Predictions on 12-12-15

Evacuate the building.. bomb

ISIS has more powerful weapons.

New York will be attacked.. 17

The old prediction is back. Spirit also mentioned the word ‘dozens’ but did not explain its place:

Notes on 12-16-14 US Terror Attack   Predictions for 2015, the first seems to either fall in December or early January.
 “Bomb” — Spirits Voice
Notes on 12-27-14 Terror Attack  I had a visual of a colorful cloth covering the bomb making it unable to see with the naked eye.
Metropolis, New York, New Jersey
“A bomb.. a building is the target.. known for its second floor.. NJ.. NY.. at 3, 4.. bell view.. the nation addressed.” — Spirits Voice

Horrible, horrible storm.. Europe.. December

Spirit mentioned Poland being affected but something tells me that’s just one of many locations.

Spirit also showed a very large 0 as if to say a prediction is about to happen.





Notes on 10-15-15

“Australia danger..”
Australia National Security
I had a visual of a black widow spider crawling on a bush.
“An explosive situation”
“Such a despicable act.. such hate from  youth”
111 Spirit drew three lines as if putting up 3
In about 34 minutes (34 days). Some time around the 15th-18th of November
I had a visual of the map of Australia, they pointed to the south east corner of Australia.

“In 1-30 the meteor will strike the town.” — Spirits Voice

Are they saying in about one month?

I had a visual of the world
“In the coming years expect patches of droughts to ravage the world. Land becomes desolate and there will be no relief.” — Spirits Voice

I had a feeling of the ground shake under me. An earthquake is coming soon

“There will be an earthquake in or around India.” — Spirits Voice

“Double.. two.”

“The aligations against the president are false, cruel lies to drum up a scandal.” — Spirits Voice
I had a visual of President Obama with a scowl. However the image might just be a symbolic jesture to a populous president in another part of the world.

Spirit has verified a change in how they will present predictions. The hope is to really push towards predicting the event and a location. In their initial prediction they will ignore the timeframes, then at a later date, as the event draws closer, they will present a timeframe in the form of a countdown.

Notes on 5-10-15

“Around May 20th.. earthquake.. injuries.. destruction.. in California” — Spirits Voice

They implied the LA area, but then pointed east and north.

I had a visual of houses under water, horrible flooding so large that everything in the town was consumed and under water.

“Oh how bad it will be.. such horrible storms.. Australia will be flooded extensively.. Spring.”

Are they talking about US spring, or Australia spring?

“Drugs.. Chicago area.”

I had a visual of a town in mourning. Several teenagers had died from an overdose, or the drug was poisonous. All of them had died around the same time. In the vision the drug was synthetic. The vision ended with a funeral, there was leaves falling in the background.

Notes on 12-6-14

“Lebanon, Lebanon.. An epic massive battle is coming. The US arrives late. In Lebanon.. In Syria.. Wednesday”

“Breaking news.. Bill is arrested… 15″

I heard sirens running. A red light was lighting up a cement hallway.
” Nuclear power plant.. emergency!.. poorly run, it falls in great danger.”

Spirit, does this mean you are back, making world predictions?
“No Eric, soon, soon, give us more time.. we do have plans to share the core of 2015”

Eric’s Comments: In other news, we are discussing using astrology as a form for predicting timeframes. Its just an idea right now. We will also  be rolling out a summary of what to expect for 2015. We never posted the 2014 summary which read:

“2014 its bad, bad bad, terrorism rises and horrible natural disasters, pouring, drenched. Not a good year.”

Because it was such a massive downer, and not something you would like to read as you recover from your hang over on new years day, we left it out. But now we have decided as a group that whatever they say about 2015 it will be posted. Lets hope its a better message.

*New*  At your request you can now ask single question readings. Before if you wanted to set up an email reading your only option was a full 3 question reading, there was no option for a mini version. Now you can email just one question for a smaller price. Please look over the page “Personal Readings” or email me for the details at It would be an interesting New Year’s gift to ask “What does 2015 have in store for me?” even if its just going to be short and sweet.

Nix to those who might ask the 1 question with part A,B, and C. It’s just the one question please.

A Review of 2014 Predictions

Here is a short review of Predictions made in 2014. Spirit had one goal this year and that was to become far more specific than they ever had before. If you look at the old predictions of 2012 when we first started world predictions there was always a level of vagueness that made the work hazy and open to criticism. This year they narrowed some of the predictions down to cities instead of only its nation. One example of how exact they became was the percent of the ‘No’ votes in the Scotland vote for independence, 55%. Here is a list of our successful predictions. Their success brings us that much closer to our ultimate mission of changing these predictions through awareness. Imagine how much good could come out of our mission:

Typhoon Hagupit Strikes the Philippines
Predictions on 10-25-14  I had a visual of  several crushed houses floating in water, nothing was left undamaged.
Between November and December, the worst natural disasters unfold as the year closes, Japan, Florida, and one of the absolute worst for the year in the Philippines
Oh people of the Philippines two years in a row you have suffered, such absolute horror, complete destruction, massive casualties,  so much death, people of the Philippines brace yourself for the worst, Poseidon shows no mercy.
Notes on 11-19-14   “Where the damage is on the western shores of Florida, so to will the damage of the eastern part of the Philippines be.”

Russian Ruble Falls
Notes on 9-19-14  No one trusts Putin
The business in Russia begins to faulter as no one trusts the Russian word
an economic recession in Russia is inevitable
unemployment begins to spiral in the wrong way
Putin’s gamble is an utter failure.

Mass Protest in Mexico
Notes on 11-3-14
In Mexico such a truly evil act
The bodies now found
Rage, protest ensues, corruption demanded to end
with protest violence follows. -Spirits Voice
I had a visual of a large black sulfur looking cloud blanket an area in Mexico where a mountain sat.
I had a visual of the President of Mexico, there was a locked gate behind him but now the gate would be completely open.

Buffalo New York Hit With Massive Storm
Notes on 9-28-14  I had a visual of massive flooding. The view showed brown water and implied the flooding was deep.
“Buffalo, 12″

Scotland’s Voters Say No
Notes on 9-17-14   Spirit,will Scotland vote yes on Independence? I asked
“No, however it will ensure the voice of Scotland will be heard louder.”
I had a visual of individuals holding up new IDs.

Cyclone Hudhud
Notes on 6-25-14   Hurricanes ?.. July-August, October.. I then saw a map of the bay of Bengal. I believe India was the focus but I would not discount the other Peninsula to the right of India. We still need to put the puzzle of location and time together. They also clarified that it might reach Category 5 in the Ocean but not be that strong when hitting land, bottom line we are talking about  3 large Hurricanes / Typhoons.
Notes on 7-7-14 I had a vision of a great number of people injured. They were being attended too but there was just too many people to help. The injuries ranged from severe to minor. In the vision some of the individuals where laying down it was unclear if they where sleeping or passed away. There was so many people. The culture of the people implied, India.

Yosemite National Parks Wild Fires
Notes 6-12-14   I had a visual of three burners red hot.  Where? “Yosemite will spark a fire”

Canadian Parliament Shooting
Notes on 8-10-14  “Ontario.. fugitive on loose.. man hunt.. possible evacuation.” — Spirits Voice
“Vin.. (Vincent?)

Iceland Volcano Erupts
Notes on 5-8-14  I had a visual of spirit pointing to a map of Greenland, Iceland, and the spirit said “this is coming very soon” – A reference to the Volcano eruption.
Notes on 4-4-14  Many of you have been asking about future natural disasters; whether or not more massive quakes are coming and Yellowstone national park volcano. Here is their answer to our concerns:  “The volcano will erupt where the Danish live.”

Jerusalem Synagogue Attack and War with Palestine
Notes on 8-3-14  “Hamas.. violates homeland security.. Israel.. war now switching to the spiders of terrorism and their wicked acts.. a family violation.. and kidnaps.. cutting spraying.. death.. both sides now pouring blood all over their hands.. so sinister, while Palestine people did not know.” — Spirits Voice

War Between Israel and Palestine
Predictions for 2014 Israel will have a bloody conflict with its neighbor
Notes 10-11-13  “Crisis in Israel”   “War is coming”
Israel Crisis  Israel will be poured lemonade, and react with vitriol. For the first time in a long time it puts them on the wrong side from the view of world leaders.. uncompromising.. without compromise there will never be tranquility in the holy place.. another bloody conflict.. another crisis.. now he is gone, out. — Spirits Voice

The Rise of ISIS
Notes on 5-8-14    I had a visual of a massive spider so large that it was bigger then a human. Its belly was fat and the spider had large spikes at the bottom of its legs. It held a man under it belly, the man looked terrified, he had a name tag that said “humanity”
“A huge spider.. a campaign of terror is about to unfold.. starting now
His brutal strategy plan spilled.
In 4 to 5 months it will be bad.. some of the worst we have ever seen or predicted.
They will claim the first as a lone wolf but it’s not.. a calculated group effort.
4 songs
‘apocalyptic’ ‘three fifty-one’
in between two gulfs
fire started, fire started, huge explosion
9.. 10.. now.. US
these attacks lead to war.” – Spirits Voice
At one point during the conversation I had a visual of a large crowd of Arab dressed individuals running in the same direction.

Malaysia Plane Crash
Notes on 7-8-13 I had a visual of men on the ground with grenade launchers shooting at planes in the sky. I never saw the plane but heard it in the background.
Notes on 1-15-14 I had a visual of an airplane in mid-air and then it exploded, it switched and I looked at the ground, the debris was everywhere. “Terror took their lives” — 26

We had our set of failures too. From a barrage of predictions about a massive Hurricane in Florida, a great female leaders passing, to the entire post of “Predictions for 2014” which had vague and some predictions that were completely off. Then there was the “Lee Harvey Oswald moment” implying the assassination of a world leader which never happened.

Timing was  a constant thorn. So many of the predictions would happen much later then predicted. We consistently missed the mark on timing.  We predicted a massive earthquake in California for March and it happened in August. Timing has the largest area of improvement, even with the Florida Hurricane we are still expecting it to happen, but of course the timing is already off.

The biggest news is how far the fan base has grown. Its no longer an unknown site. If you google ‘World Predictions’ now this site can be found on the first page of searches. I might not be known in the public eye but when it comes to the internet you have made our work very well known. That brings us that much closer to our ultimate goal of changing these predictions through awareness. Now more than ever I can taste the sweet possibility of changing these nightmares, preparing the world for all the horrors on the horizon, and maybe we can make the future just a little bit better.

Please share with us the predictions you thought were very accurate, what do you think we need to improve and any requests you might have for 2015? Finally I ask that you share this post, make others aware, moving us that much closer to what we are trying to accomplish.

Typhoon Hagupit , Philippines Evacuate

This prediction is starting lets hope its not as bad as they say it will be.

Predictions on 10-25-14  I had a visual of  several crushed houses floating in water, nothing was left undamaged.
Between November and December, the worst natural disasters unfold as the year closes, Japan, Florida, and one of the absolute worst for the year in the Philippines
Oh people of the Philippines two years in a row you have suffered, such absolute horror, complete destruction, massive casualties,  so much death, people of the Philippines brace yourself for the worst, Poseidon shows no mercy.

Notes on 11-19-14   “Where the damage is on the western shores of Florida, so to will the damage of the eastern part of the Philippines be.”

In my opinion that would also imply both the middle and southern part of the Philippines, when they showed the Florida map the southern tip and middle had heavy damage. They are still talking about Florida? Logically at least one of these storms has to fall on next year. Will see.

The facts on 12-3-14: The Philippine government on Wednesday sent food and medical supplies to central provinces on the path of a category 3 typhoon, with many of them still reeling from devastation brought by super typhoon Haiyan late last year.
Residents of coastal villages and landslide-prone communities were told to move to government-designated evacuation areas, as typhoon Hagupit (Filipino for lash) barreled towards Eastern Samar province in central Philippines with winds of up to 140 kph and gusts of up to 170 kph

Quoted by:

Notes on 11-30-14 Imminent Threat

Another attack, another Spider, enough already, this message was confusing and we are determined to get some clarity assuming we have time to do so. Last time Spirit predicted an ‘imminent threat’ it happened 3 days later. Take caution, either way expect something to happen very soon.

“An attack is imminent! Its coming now.. 3”
I had a visual of the number 3 in a square.
Each time I asked ‘where’ it was a different answer making it very confusing.
‘Canada Ontario’
‘UK.. England’
‘Previous prediction.. look at our past workings’

The Previous Predictions:

Notes on 6-29-14  “3.. Boston.. college.. attack.”

Notes on 9-24-14  “Turkey they have plans to attack you in the worst way, prepare yourself.” — Spirits Voice
I had a visual of massive smoke everywhere, nothing was in view except the smoke. (Smoke in the past represented destruction) I had a visual of terrorist holding a string of VX nerve agent, the visual showed small neon green gum ball sized spheres attached to a metal plate. They had several strands. They showed a man drop off a box in a busy city, there was a fountain in the background and then he put on a helmet and walked away, then smoke exploded everywhere. The visual switched and “Intelligent Agents” as spirit called them cleared a path of rubble.
I asked where?
They implied Turkey and said the word ‘Capitol’ as the first target, but they had a second plan for Qatar over the sea. They also had separate plans that did or did not involve VX with:
Russia, plan unclear
Amsterdam or Netherlands, I had a visual of a young man kicking a soccer ball
Boston or the North East US, but they had issues finding the best path through.
They showed a man on a bike or moped bike, waiting to cross a desert border. I assume that is Turkey
“Such an absolute horror
Stuck, Stuck
They acted like wild animals
Turkey now thrusted into war”

Other possible places based on historical predictions would be Norway or the Netherlands, click on this post for details: Terror Attack Warning  And Notes on 11-12-14 Prediction 17: The Bridge Attack