Anniversary of Capitol Attack

All of these predictions happened before it was ever a conversation. This one I still cry at night over. I tried so hard to warn all of you and with politics standing in the way, it fell on deaf ears. At my own home I could not stop any of this. It is one of my biggest failures. We are a military family who truly believe in the ideas of our great republic. I agree with Spirit, my own neighbors trampled on the sacred foundation of this great Republic. You spit in the face of our founders, Washington, Jefferson, Adam’s and then tried to brush it under the rug like nothing happened. Truth matters and I personally still stand with our founders.
Share this over the media, with your loved ones, we can alter the next January 6th event and prevent the next horror but not without you. The future can be altered. Consider what we could accomplish. The new predictions are coming very soon.
The predictions made, in some cases years before the event, and how they became reality:

World Predictions: November 3rd Nov 3rd  Biden  “50”  20-0  : With doubt you ensure chaos. The thief will try and take the election and make it theirs.  The light on them is too bright. Their actions become overly obvious. 

World Predictions 4-5-19 I had a visual of a calendar with the 6th blackened out. The Spirits pointed out I am missing parts:  I had a visual of the US flag wrapped around its poll upside down. “Liberty.. which was held sacred at one time.. will be under attack.. trampled

WORLD PREDICTIONS 2-3-20. Protest.. civil disobedience.. civil war.. fever pitch words.. Trump.. hold onto power.. in 20.. A disastrous moment.. bloody.. short.. a nation torn.. the leadership begins to fall and fall quickly. 
From cruel words.. from cruel verbiage back and forth.. violence becomes the new way.

Prediction 31: The Storm Prediction 31: The Storm A dark storm is coming over the Capitol, over the White House, and the United States as a whole.

World Predictions 1-4-21 I had a visual of multiple people holding mini American flags outside the view of a window. Then with horror the view showed inside the building a man loading a rifle or large gun. There was a loud click, he was preparing. 

WORLD PREDICTIONS 8-20-19 I had a visual of a red market arrow pointing down, down, down.  
Spirit is confirming an already existing prediction that the economy is going to have rough period.  
“As the new elections close.. the US spirals out of control .. things go down hill fast and furious on multiple fronts.”  
The implication at the center of this spiral was economic in nature.

Another prediction made in 2018, how their would be one president who would find himself facing impeachment twice, something historically new.

PREDICTIONS 4-11-18 “Huge scandal coming.. White house.. tit for tat.. what’s in it for me.. I did you a favor now you owe me a favor.. flush for cash.. this is the scandal that will eventually be his undoing.. impeachment tried twice.. mockery..”. Spirit implied that the house of cards would fall apart in July for Trump. Spirit showed a picture of Trump and then tore it. Could the message mean something else? They also showed 12 as when all things would come to a head.

The Capitol Attack on the 6th

Spirit pointed this out. “A full picture” In other news the new world predictions are coming. We are going to wait on Truths until the beginning of February.
Share this post, the more people see, the more they know, the better we can alter the nightmares of tomorrow. It can happen.

World Predictions 4-5-19 I had a visual of a calendar with the 6th blackened out. The Spirits pointed out I am missing parts:  I had a visual of the US flag wrapped around its poll upside down. “Liberty.. which was held sacred at one time.. will be under attack.. trampled”

Prediction 31: The Storm Prediction 31: The Storm A dark storm is coming over the Capitol, over the White House, and the United States as a whole.

World Predictions 1-4-21 I had a visual of multiple people holding mini American flags outside the view of a window. Then with horror the view showed inside the building a man loading a rifle or large gun. There was a loud click, he was preparing. 

WORLD PREDICTIONS 2-3-20. Protest.. civil disobedience.. civil war.. fever pitch words.. Trump.. hold onto power.. in 20.. A disastrous moment.. bloody.. short.. a nation torn.. the leadership begins to fall and fall quickly. 
From cruel words.. from cruel verbiage back and forth.. violence becomes the new way.
PREDICTIONS 4-11-18 “Huge scandal coming.. White house.. tit for tat.. what’s in it for me.. I did you a favor now you owe me a favor.. flush for cash.. this is the scandal that will eventually be his undoing.. impeachment tried twice.. mockery..”. Spirit implied that the house of cards would fall apart in July for Trump. Spirit showed a picture of Trump and then tore it. Could the message mean something else? They also showed 12 as when all things would come to a head.

Personal Readings A Look Behind The Scenes

Forum Part 1
I have the most incredible job in the world. Who can say their job is to communicate with heaven for all of you. Who puts that on their resume. Then the splendor of my daily rollercoaster begins. I have no idea how the ride will go other than exciting. Here is a day in the life of Eric Leigh-Pink.
I just completed the first reading of the morning, so I burn sage to remove all the energy I just consumed. Sage clears energies. Its function is a resetting of all things. As soon as the sage fills the room, I open the door a bit to let it air out. With my eyes closed, I can feel the spiritual energy leave my body. I can feel the empty shell I am. Then I burn Lavender or Myrrh. I feel the energy return but purified. Then in the most magical splendor, the room fills with pools of this beautiful energy that looks like crystal clear water with a shimmer. It moves in multiple swirls within the room. This is what fuels the reading. There is one corner space that has what I can only describe as a fountain that pours spiritual energy down. It feels incredible. I see it as sparkling water with an unusual bright glow. The heavens are filled with this energy. Without it, the information will not flow. I sit under this fountain and allow the power to pour down on me. It moves like a water fountain splashing on me. While it pours, I can feel myself bob up and down. Vibrations, as they say. Then a jolting flash of light. Marcus begins the same way every single time. “Are you ready?” I, in turn, nod.
A flood of random information comes through. These are all the puzzle pieces of your entire reading. The information will come in completely random.
An image of an axe pops up. Then an echoing voice, “I told her! I told you!” A visual of a leprechaun smiling, then winking, A graphic of flames burning. Visual of a mic dropping. Then this meditation before the reading ended with a visual of lightning crashing. The fountain of energy begins to drip now as it has filled the room slowly like a swirling floor fog.
Lightning represents God. To see it is to say; God was there. Like a child on Christmas Day, I am excited to see how this plays out. There is no greater symbol to see. It perfectly reflects his will. Lightning is an unstoppable force of pure power. Illuminating everything, it comes in a flash and leaves just as quickly, always leaving you in doubt. Was God there? Like a father not wanting to intrude on their children’s moment, our creator quickly helps and quickly steps back.
Now I move to the opposite chair. This is my everyday work chair with candles, trays for the sage, the books I write in, multiple cups, and my toy ducks. As I sit, all the spirits start arriving, like a convention forming. Introductions are happening. Your guides, my client’s deceased family, meet my guides, discussing what will take place. The order in which they will talk. The process will unfold. It’s as if your relatives were on tour and my guides are hosting the tour.
Fun Fact: they make this an event. I mean, sometimes there are other Spirits just hanging out to see these unique circumstances play out. Yes, we have an audience watching from the Spiritual realm; it at times has a party atmosphere. Think about it. It is a reunion of past individuals, and they’re going to enjoy themselves.
As the clock ticks to the phone call, then Marcus occupies the fountain chair. All the other Spirits stand in one corner. If needed, the fourth corner is occupied by ‘guard spirits’. That is very rare, though. It does happen, you would love to see Uncle Bill, but he was a very bad man in life. The spiritual realm isn’t like here; there, everything dark is under the thumb of heaven. So the guards hold the role of a security force.
Marcus puts up his finger when we are ready. Then I call. I have a book in front of me with a pen readily available for everything that is about to happen.
Fun Fact: When your meditating, focus on nothing. It is true they could read the signals of our brainwaves, see what we are focusing on, or you could have an open book in front of you, write your questions and leave it for Spirit to read with their eyes. Much more simple.
“Hi, is this John? My name is Eric Leigh-Pink. Are you ready for your reading? The first thing I will do is give the spirits the floor, let them tell you what they feel you need to know, and if we have time, we will get to the questions. I know we only have 30 minutes so that I will speak fast.”
“I had questions about my wife?” John said.
Marcus quickly points to his wrist. As if implying stick to the process and watch the time.
“Hi John, let’s just try it their way.. see what happens, ok.”
“Ok,” he said, slightly concerned. Then, with such splendor, the energy begins to move, like water swirling and fire dancing. The orchestra is now playing. The spirits begin to float around. I close my eyes, and the visual begins. Here we go. It literally feels like a rollercoaster setting off.
Sometimes the client feels it. Especially in-person readings, when the energy rises, they will say, “Did you feel that?” and I will smile, thinking you have no idea.
Then I close my eyes. At first, I see the blackness behind my eyes. Then I see mist like the air right before the rain as you drive. It forms into gas like structures of light, like heat from a barbecue but much more colorful. At this moment, the energy splashes against me, and it feels so awesome, like standing on a shoreline and a wave consuming you. There is a sudden crackling / electric sound. Then I am in a tunnel. The same tunnel every time. There is an odd glimmer to the ground. I always put my fingers on this ancient wall for luck. I walk down the tunnel into a beautiful light. So warm. I always wondered if the tunnel was a real place or in my mind? It is always exactly the same.
Then the vision begins. The visions move at a hyperbolic state, with speed. Try and imagine seeing something just slightly on fast forward. Or slices of information sliced like bread.
I had a visual of an oven door. Michelle and Marcus, who are my guides for this specific reading, examine the oven, open it, stick their heads inside. “Sorry, there is no bun in here.. maybe later?”
Fun Fact: We haven’t talked about this at all, but Michelle is my better half, my soulmate. A conversation for another day.
Then a booming voice interrupts us. “Where there is a will… life finds its way.”
Let me explain the process here. There are always two, perhaps three Spirits representing us in reading. Marcus is in charge of readings, so his role is that of a director or conductor. Michelle will be assisting in this process. If we don’t understand something, she will find an alternate message, normally in the form of a voice. Macabe, our boss, which we don’t see, is most likely the booming voice, observing from afar. Ensuring the overall ship is sailing the right way.
Then it fades to black. I had a visual I was walking down a hall. Everything was like a black and white movie. On the wall was a set of pictures. The child in all the portraits was in color. It was the only thing in color in the entire house. Then it shifted to show me standing in the Sedona desert. This is where I would first cross paths with my creator, so its significance is clear. Then lightning everywhere lit up the night sky. God was here, in this person’s life! Standing next to them! Then the visual shifted to show a college-aged man jump into a large body of water and pull someone up who was unconscious. Then the visual shifted to show the shadow of a very fit man dressed as a firefighter. Smoke billowed everywhere. He then swung a large ax at the door, again and again. Then I floated up like a balloon until I was outside.
Fun Fact: The view of a Spirit is 360 degrees. It takes a bit of visual adjustment to do this job.
The building was on fire. I looked to see this large city from the skyline. Then boom, one large bolt of lightning came crashing down. The visual shifted to show that same firefighter race through smoke carrying an injured woman. Then it faded to black.
It’s important to understand I can feel the warmth of the fire, the breeze of the sky as I look down from the clouds, the smell of ash, I can smell the chlorine right before he jumped into the pool. It really does feel like I am there. In one reading, I actually became seasick; the reading was for a sailor. I always cringe slightly when we talk about your health because the best way to interpret one’s health problems is to feel it.

Then the visual shifted to show the Price is Right game playing. This is where our rollercoaster shifts direction. I was literally on the stage floor with Bob Barker holding his mic. Bob looked good! But I was a ghost just observing.
“Lep, welcome back, friend. You have three doors to choose from. Which one do you choose?” Bob said in his awesome voice. Smiling at a Leprechaun?
I turned around to see the oddest thing. A leprechaun was playing the Price is Right and choosing a door? Lep gave it some thought and pointed to the middle door. There was a huge, almost stadium-like crowd clapping. Boom! All this confetti shot through the door. The Leprechaun bounced up and down wildly, the crowd cheered. Then Bob went up and congratulated the Leprechaun. Then two young individuals rolled out gold bars on a tray. Then the visual shifted to show the floor of a stage. A woman walked to the center of a stage, stood in the middle of the stage, and dropped the mic.
Then before the visual was finished, before I saw the end, I felt this pullback, followed by John’s voice.

“Excuse me, are you there?” John said
Was he seriously interrupting my Picasso piece? It’s like interrupting a song playing, you can get it back, but it’s not the same. Now I have to start over. Who interrupts Picasso!
“John, please be patient. Give me a minute to hear what they have to say.”
“Oh, Ok,” he said
Then a Spirit takes center stage. I know this because a glow presents itself at the center of the room, politely demanding the stage. As the one in charge, I have to give her the green light, so I do. This means we aren’t concluding the Price is Right saga. But I give it to her all the same.

“I told her! I told her not to marry that loser! Didn’t I say that, honey?” I heard loudly, and I mean, this soul had to get that off her chest.
Then I had a visual of an older woman with the thickest glasses cooking a large pot of soup in what looked like an industrial kitchen.
“Do you want some chicken noodle soup?” She said with a cute smile.
All of the windows have fog on the other side. Thick heavy fog. This clarifies I am talking to a real soul. This person isn’t just a symbol.
Then it shifts back to Marcus. My eyes shift around a bit, then I come back to earth. I begin explaining the details of each visual to John, followed by my interpretation.
I have been making World Predictions for about a decade now and consider myself a novice. Readings, on the other hand, have been going since I was a teenager, I have done this so many times that the symbols are consistently familiar. Let’s put it this way the Leprechaun and I are on a first-name basis.
“Ok, so those are the messages, John let me give you my interpretation. Let’s start with the first message. I am sorry to say; if you were looking for a baby, it’s not right now. It is coming through.
It’s that next message that is so exciting. I am assuming they are talking about your child. He is going to be a hero of some kind. Seriously he is going to be a huge hero. (I find myself saying things repetitively in readings. I don’t know why. ) Wow. I am curious what does your son do for a living.”
“He is a firefighter in training,” John admitted.
Now we can talk about the firefighter prediction more, but I move on because it’s just 30 minutes.
“Ok.. the next message is luck—pure luck and success. I mean, wow, doors opening. A leprechaun and for a woman on the stage. I so want a message like that! Someone has success coming. Do you know what they are talking about? Does this make sense to you?”
I honestly have no idea what they are talking about. I give you what they say. My role here is that of an interpreter. Their language mixed into ours. I always find it amazing how they answer your questions in this manner.
John explains that his wife has plans to go back to acting. She wants to give it another chance. He is concerned about finances because her venture is affecting their money. The Spirits have countered with their own opinion, “The price is right.” Always look for hidden messages; they are always there. The odd messages are so fruitful. In this one message, they came to clarify multiple spots. For instance, the crowd was extra-large, Bob’s stage and another stage, all layered to reflect ‘acting’. Why so silly, though.
This is hard to explain; so much of what we do is so gritty, so rough, humanity can be so viciously cruel at times, and we seek out problems to solve. It’s a job that can be very emotional. As such, everyone always involved jokes and pokes fun. We try very hard to make it light and welcoming like the Television show Cheers. We do it because our work can be tough to see, especially the World Predictions and cases. This is why the work is presented in a light manner.
Then there is the lovely lady. I learn this is his mother. His sister is currently going through a nasty divorce. According to the story, she was never a fan of what is now an ex-husband. She worked at a soup kitchen and had serious issues with her eyes at the end of her life. It’s important that you understand; they are fixed on providing a message that I can understand. Most importantly, here is personality; this person was assertive, loud, passionate, and slightly rude—all features of the actual historical person. Your personality has direct ties to your soul.

“Can you look into my brother Joe?” John asked.

“I need his full name and age,” I asked.
Why do I need that? Why do I need to ask what time you were born? We need a focal point. We need something to focus our massive telescope at. Giving me a name and time simplifies that process; otherwise, we have to start over with the tunnel and warm light, glimmer, touching the wall, and time is ticking here, people.
Fun Fact: When my younger sister goes out on a date. I always say, “Make sure you get a full name and date of birth.” That way, I can make sure she isn’t dating some loser, and yes, that is clearly an abuse of my power, very tiny, though.
If you asked me to look into someone with just their first name like “Tim.” How many Tim’s are out there? We need the details. The more information I have, the more information you will have.
After giving his full name, I visualize a man getting into a car, a Volkswagen bus. His eyes were bloodshot in the mirror. He was clearly intoxicated. Then he raced off. Then the visual shifted to show flashing red and blue lights in the rear mirror. Then a visual of handcuffs coming out.
Now I explained to John, listen, your brother needs to be very careful, not driving under the influence or getting arrested. I was confident in the interpretation. But that’s not what happened. The brother’s car was stolen, the person who stole the car was a heavy drug user, and later the police found the vehicle and arrested the thief.
That is the consistent flaw of my work. You see, a Spirit looked at that future. Then they told your guides. Your guides told my guides. Then my guides communicate it to me. So you can see there is room for errors. If you received a reading from me, you know what I am talking about. That ever so slightly perfect prediction of your future with that one piece just a bit off. Now clearly, we could skip some steps, but that will never happen. No Spirit communicates with me without going through my guides first. It’s a barrier to ensure nothing evil crosses me, like shields surrounding me. When we make the World Predictions, we have guards outside protecting the house. These guards are Bruce Lee times ten. I try not to upset them. I have seen them in action; it’s a sight! To be clear, I am not expecting some grand battle out of Lord of the Rings; this is more about a force that doesn’t want me meddling in its affairs. We are throwing rocks at the house of everything wrong with this world or you. We do it while ensuring Dwayne Johnson is standing behind us.
Now we move on to the wrap-up. John, unfortunately, did not get many questions in. That is the unfortunate reality. I don’t have time to chit chat much with you. I want to ensure you get your messages, this lack of interaction between us is something I need to improve on.
“John, any last questions before I ask; is there anything else you need to know?”
“Go for it.” I think he gave up on questions

I closed my eyes. A band was playing like Mumford and Sons. We stood in a small pub with a stage. Marcus stood by my side. He handed me a gold key.
“Here is the key to all your problems.. because the reality is that you create so many of your own problems.. here is the answer to making your life so much better.”
Then with such beauty, everyone begins to dance with such exuberant joy. The room filled up with dancing, happy people. The band played with exuberance. People in the crowd stopped to toast their friends. Then the key turned into an envelope. I opened it. Right before I did, Marcus touched my hand, pausing me for a moment. “This message comes from the highest authority. All of this can be John’s.” Then he opened his arms, reflecting what John could have.
Then I opened it. It read; Be Humble.
After saying our goodbyes, I wrap up. This is where your family members say, “Thank you.” Some of them graciously go out of their way. Then we edit and critique our own work. Sometimes flow is an issue. Sometimes some interruptions affect the orchestra playing. Sometimes I forget a message. Today it’s one small correction. They point out how I should have emphasized the “middle door” that was important. Most of the time, I don’t know how the reading goes. Nor would I ask. I am here to give you their message. I serve them; my interest in their satisfaction. I am like the moon, only here to reflect their light in the darkness. It’s important that you understand I work for them, for heaven, and they will be represented to the best of my abilities. That trumps my human obligations.
I always imagine the World Predictions as a chummy band of Spirits and one pudgy human charging at a great hoard of beasts on our horses going to battle, all-knowing fully well the odds are against us. It’s us fighting the vilest creatures, and we are going to strike, giving it our all. Maybe just maybe we can pull this off and alter the future forever. What you might not recognize is if one domino falls, the others follow.
Readings are more like being invited to apple pie and tea at Grandmas and Grandpa. All so they can give you their opinion, their advice, their knowledge. “You know, dear. I think you should do this.” Once they start talking, it’s best you sip your tea and listen. No one is better equipped to advise than those who already achieved life; these are beings that already fought the trials life offers. They fought and won. So when I receive advice from our floating “grandparents,” I listen. Please make no mistake, though, our two works here are not the same.

Please share your experiences as a spiritualist, I would love to post it. I am going to give others one more day. Then I will post all of our different ways of providing Spiritual Personal Readings.

Questions? Comments? Here and now.
I leave you with a final message from Bea, who sets up all your readings before you speak to me. Use email! It isn’t very clear switching from email to Facebook, to texts, to Twitter. Please email us for all reading requests. That’s Bea’s two cents at our forum.

To set up a reading with Eric Leigh-Pink contact Bea at  

Thank you, M, P, and B for letting me use pieces of their readings.

RemdesivIr First US Covid19 Treatment

And there it is! Finally good news!
This prediction has its sequels WORLD PREDICTION: CORONAVIRUS UPDATE Here is the first of this group of messages.

WORLD PREDICTION: CORONAVIRUS THE TIDE SHIFTS Finally I have good news! Share it with everyone. Get our word out. 
This post has three parts: The new prediction, the original Coronavirus predictions and predictions that have been happening in the news recently. 

Back in November I had this strange symbolic message. In the visual multiple destroyers (from Star Wars) had arrived on the outskirts of planet earth. Their weapons were being loaded and I heard Spirit say “December” 

I never posted the message because part of me questioned whether it was a message for me? Was I becoming sick again? The message was clear “The destroyer arrives in December” it made no sense? A destroyer for the whole planet? Yet here we are. This oddly symbolic message did not happen in December but it is happening now. 

Yesterday’s visual: I had this vision that the destroyers were hovering in earths atmosphere. Then suddenly they were attacked by a massive offensive all at once. Spaceships including X wing fighters quickly flew up from the ground. The ships begin shooting at the destroyers on all fronts. There was this beautiful part where the sun gleamed on the X wing fighters going to battle. The unified front was an awesome visual of unity. At first they missed their specific target but they continued to try. Even though the ships attacking were very small when compared to the destroyer it was the huge swarm and this united front that begin to turn the tide. The vision ended in the middle of battle. 

My interpretation: It sounds like science pushes back, makes head way, comes up with a specific strategy against Coronavirus that shifts the tide of this nightmare. A medical insurgence is coming and going to battle. This might explain their sudden shift towards the positive in June. The sunny days are starting to return. 

The messages that predicted the Coronavirus back in 2019. 

PREDICTIONS 8-8-17 I had a visual of Spirit marking multiple locations all across Europe. “An Epidemic unfolds in Europe.. one of the worst in decades..”

WORLD PREDICTIONS 10-6-19 I had a visual of China, in the eastern coastal region semi close to Taiwan, that was marked. On the map was the number 2

“An epidemic is coming that will move with such fury.” Then it shifted to show people in tents coughing.

I had a visual of a map showing an area between France and Spain in the more northern region. Then the area turned red, the red are grew outward, getting larger and larger.

WORLD PREDICTIONS 11-19-19 “The two walls.” I had a visual of these massive metal doors/gates shutting.

World Predictions: 9-18-20

The start of three new predictions. The details are now a focus in the coming days, as many details as I can get. Unfortunately it’s unlikely I will complete all three in time.

I had a visual of a red alert. Then an image of the US gulf turn ALL red. “She is here!”
I believe this is the next tone. Ouch! Just as I predicted “scandal” as a tone this image reflects the new tone around the corner. The tone in January was an image of a snow globe being shaken, Corona followed.

Tabasco prepare yourself.
A separate message for the Gulf.

I had a visual that I was circling the Washington Monument from above. It was at night. Then I had a visual of the number 2 on a calendar. “Something is wrong.”

Eric — I really wanted to throw something after hearing these messages… this year is just bad. But then this…

I had a visual someone stumbled on a golden city, like El Dorado, the entire place was both ancient and oddly new. It had a glow. The ground was old thick bricks.
On one end this might be about me, sudden success all at once? Or it’s a world prediction about archeology.

So it pains me to say out of the gate we are putting a kobash on the Past Life Regression conversation. Some have voiced concerns and I will respect all wishes and end the topic in its existing space. The information is there for your consumption. But I have no desire, nor intend to offend.

Moving Forward

A 10 year old having a conversation with Spirit.

Spirit do animals have souls? As I conversed with Marcus at Sunday school.
“Eric you are literally an animal among other animals why would it be different for you or them?”

Here is some information moving forward with are plans:

Past life Regression post part 2: Thank you all for sharing you knowledge on the subject. Now I will collect all your comments and messages, on Friday I will re share the post with your comments as the main message of the post. Spirit has insisted all of the messages be used. If you do NOT want to share what you said, now is the time to let me know. Then I plan to engage on a conversation with all of you to discuss this together.
For instance many of you talk about having a therapy or class, but please share how exactly that worked. What were the steps involved.

Personal Readings: please now include your full name, date of birth, and now time of birth when emailing Bea for your personal reading. The added information allows me to look further.
Did I miss your message or request? Please resend it! When I initially went to the hospital it was one epic mess. It was like halting this massively fast moving train. So if we failed to contact you please let us know. Thank you all for your help. You donated your money or time and I am eternally grateful.
I am just now learning I can do more! I would describe it like this. Since the beginning I believed that I needed to tether myself, one step in the spiritual realm the other here. I make a point to stand right on the beach between the ocean and land. Placing myself equally. I recently learned that I can deep dive into the ocean. I don’t have to be stationary. For now it’s like receiving a brand new mega television, huge, but the remote control temporarily eludes me. Should be interesting to see what changes come. Eventually that change will carry over to the World Predictions.

Comments: I have reached a point now where I can’t always keep up. Which is an awesome problem to have. I remember at the beginning of this journey trying so hard to strike a conversation with you and now look at us. This means I now have a lag. Your comments will still go through but because there are so many messages the process runs much later. Also be patient in me getting back to you on all the other social media outlets.
Please also respect their wishes for a respectful decent dialogue between all of us. Their is no reason for cruelty in a debate unless you have a losing argument. THE GOLDEN RULE is now in effect.

The UnKnown

First a few predictions.

Texas will flood… coming next.. brace yourself.

Three separate times I have had visuals of epic destruction. In one vision I was looking down to what looked like a massive explosion. The other visual showed me standing on a hill looking down at a valley that was destroyed.
The third visual implied one huge earthquake. The destruction was buildings crushed.
Are they related. I am scrambling to find the location. Due to my lingering illness which is annoyingly interfering in everything I do here, I can’t see the location, but everything tells me time is running out. So I am posting it now.

“The Unknown” : The unknown parts of being psychic. The unknown parts of death. What we don’t know about ourselves as humans.
It’s a new kind of message we are rolling out very soon. Three different types of posts now apart of this site “Truths” the “Unknown” and our continued efforts to master World Predictions. Most of the stories about myself fall under the umbrella of that unknown.
That leaves one missing piece, the distant predictions. I assume they are saving the best for last. Or just waiting on posting some wildly unbelievable future.

An example of stories to come

Someone expressed concerned over the battle between good and evil. Whether the Creator was prevailing. , I chuckled a bit in my own mind thinking, Really? To which Spirit responded “They don’t see our true selfs.. it is unknown to them. So let’s break down what I see.

When I see a Spirit, human Spirit, it looks nothing at all human. Not one human feature what so ever. I have never seen a movie that accurately portrayed it. Even when we do a personal reading and the Spirit is explaining their previous life the will point to their head and say “purple” and I will respond by saying “she is showing me her purple hair.” Who we are physically does not carry over, and that’s done by design, our personality on the other hand do stay with us, almost amplified or stacked. For example I was doing a reading for a friend and her mother came through to say, what she felt was the most important message to give to her daughter after she passed from cancer. “I told you! Told you not to marry that loser.” Later I would learn the daughter was getting a divorce. But she knew it was her mom, personality alive and well.

What do they look like?

Human Spirit: Have you ever hit your head or sneezed and saw stars. That star but brighter and more human sized. The shaped is like waves of water moving together and expanding separately. I also see them as a shadowy mist behind me or walking past me. They move with such speed. It’s said that the reason outer space is so massive, so open, is breathing room for the souls to travel.

Lower Spirit: A spirit without glow, it’s shadowy, slow, as if glued magnetically to the ground. You can always notice a lower spirit because it moves like a snake, back and forth. It has a shape like a fat eel.

Older Spirits: When I see Macabe it’s waves of orange and glowing red fire swirling, folding in on each other. Just the sight and speed in which the flames engulf one another just reflects pure power. His shape is always altering. Even as he presented himself in multiple visuals it changes from Lion, to foo dog, to human, The energy all around him seems to readjust just because he is present. It’s very beautiful.

Ancient Spirits: Also known as the Hindu Gods, Angels, the first ones. Wow.
Just a backdrop, spiritual we had to go to outer space just to meet this being. All of this a story for another day.
I was standing in front of this massive light, the size was epic, like the size of the moon. In the center was a diamond shaped light brighter than everything else, tsunamis of fire emanated outward on the outer rim of the fire there was swirls of different colors as if someone twisted rainbows.
During our visit Marcus, who was with me, joked that we could surf on their belly of fire.
To compare this light to our sun doesn’t do it justice. This bright light could extend its light like an arm, direct precise, to places of great distance, I would later learn that allows this being to be in multiple locations at once.
My initial thought was absolute terror. This was a being that could swat me like a fly with its fingernail. But then this ancient being made her thoughts my reality for just a brief moment so that we could talk. Communication clearly on a whole new level. After meeting her in the most fascinating way, it was oddly pleasant, fun, happy.

So my thoughts on the darkness having a winning chance? No not possible.

The Spirits have spoken they want to share it all. Question now is do we continue with the name World Predictions?

Brazil’s President Has Coronavirus

There are three separate predictions unfolding here.
The sinking poll numbers of the US President. Brazil’s President is now unfortunately ill with Coronavirus and finally I question whether the first prediction marking 7 is talking about July?

I apologize for my absence. I was sick with something just ruthless. Still queasy but hopefully it’s over. Not sure if it’s something I ate or just my stomach history again. Hopefully not the latter.


WORLD PREDICTIONS COVID19 P2 In 7 the US will be affected horribly”, I am expecting one massive jump in cases and deaths around this time. 

“Trump.. in July the fall begins and in December it will come to a close. Oh how the US will go down, down, down.. The new president will face crisis on top of crisis.”

Brazils President

WORLD PREDICTIONS 6-20-20 “Economic collapse” Spirit implied a nation who had economic concerns prior to Covid19 will now have an economic collapse. 
Later they implied Latin America too. The president falls ill.

I had a visual of South America. Then one of the South American nations was marked, then another and another until the majority of the map was marked. The Coronavirus had struck South America.
Then Spirit showed one specific area and painted it black, One location would have so many infected in one condensed area (I am still working on that specific location)

Sinking Poll Numbers


Trump is going to be hitting an iceberg scenario.. the Titanic.

I had a visual of a ship that looked like the Titanic, it was sinking into the ocean from the top down. 

That which is undefeated.. unsinkable.. will fall soon. 
A message explaining the Titanic message.

The Coronavirus Prediction

PREDICTIONS 8-8-17 I had a visual of Spirit marking multiple locations all across Europe. “An Epidemic unfolds in Europe.. one of the worst in decades..”

WORLD PREDICTIONS 10-6-19 I had a visual of China, in the eastern coastal region semi close to Taiwan, that was marked. On the map was the number 2

“An epidemic is coming that will move with such fury.” Then it shifted to show people in tents coughing.

I had a visual of a map showing an area between France and Spain in the more northern region. Then the area turned red, the red are grew outward, getting larger and larger.

WORLD PREDICTIONS 11-19-19 “The two walls.” I had a visual of these massive metal doors/gates shutting.

Wisconsin Oil Refinery Explosion

This prediction has happened. Hopefully those injured recover from this horrible incident.

We had made a similar post about Texas, its unclear which Spirit was referring too. We really need to focus on location.

Predictions 2-19-18    I had a visual of a gas or oil factory, could also be a chemical factory, then it shifted to show a massive fire.

Predictions 4/18/18  Yesterday. I had a visual in a waking moment of a bomb or explosion going off.

Government Shutdown

This prediction has happened. It only lasted a few hours. The irate actions might be about Rob Porter.

Predictions 2-7-18  I had a visual of the Capitol. “Government Shutdown.. 6” I had a visual of Trump irate. I had a visual of a jar of pickles, a dirty rag was being taken out of the jar.

I can’t speak for the rag other than a “cleaning up” but pickles in the past have represented the pun ‘being caught in a pickle’. There is a small possibility they are talking about the next round of government wrangling and not now.



World Predictions of 2018

The Word of 2017: Topsy Turvy

Spirit marked this prediction as the major event of 2017

The first bombshell is coming soon.. Trump..  what starts off as a small issue grows and grows.. fraud.. fraud.. fraud.. back channel deals.. Zero then five”  — Spirits Voice
Previous prediction:
“Wait.. Wait”
There is an epic bombshell coming, other bombshells follow, the US politics continue.. disarray.. topsy turvy
Russia.. back door deals.. tape-taps.. the strain between the US and Russia mounts so bad that a new cold war is inevitable.” – Spirits Voice

The Word of 2018: Enough!

The World Predictions of 2018 with a renewed focus to circle the world.

“Enough! Enough!.. So many fed up with their governments. From protest to all out violence, sudden shifts as new leaders rise.. and the old ones fall.” South America and Central America seem to be the core of this prediction.

They are also predicting one massive shift in who is running the nations of the world, some of which might carry over to 2019

I had a visual of a large sheet of iron being made into a wall. “The Iron Curtain is back.”

I had visuals of civil war scenes. The civil war ranged from different centuries. Then the Spirits pointed to the middle east.

I had a visual I was jumping in the ocean from high up. Within the depths of the ocean was so many bodies, so much death. Then the visual shifted to show a Tsunami (we have predictions about that) then massive storms, then battleships. “So much death will have ties to the ocean”

I had a visual of a ship in the ocean and then one massive explosion.

In the US, so much of 2018 will mirror Nixon’s fall.

A quick view of 2019:

Geek is King! Ha! Computers, television, so archaic. The world is going through a massive shift as technology leaps beyond anything before. Oh how the world will change with on swipe.

Reading Riddle

With all the ugly posts recently I thought I would have a bit of fun. I wanted to show all of you what its like when I do personal readings, how I receive messages. These are real messages I have received in the past. There are three different messages, all three have a very specific meanings. I am giving it to you to figure out, keep an eye out for puns. I already know what they mean but what do you think? Share your thoughts in the comment section and on Sunday I will share the meaning in another post. Remember for those interested in knowing what 2018 brings, forward your personal reading request to Bea or I at you can also look at the personal reading page:

Question: I recently broke up with my girlfriend what do you see happening?

I had a visual of the young man in front of me cooking bacon. The bacon was still raw, and the pan was just starting to sizzle. He seemed very nervous while it cooked. Then the visual shifted to show a storm coming, but the storm broke up and the clouds separated to show the sky and sun.  The visual shifted again to show the young man in the tub, the water had steam coming from the tub, there were cute hearts floating all around him, in the air, almost dancing around him.

Other messages from Spirit for the young man:

“Eric we have a concern.. grandma” The visual shifted to show a very old woman laying in the hospital bed. Then the visual shifted to show a lit cigarette burning down, then the visual shifted to show a black liquid being poured into a clear vase of water. Then I saw a doctor with a smile, the doctor took the vase and poured in a cream that made the water clear again. The visual ended by showing the old woman leaving the hospital.

“He better be careful.” I had a visual of Spirit opening an oven, inside the hot oven was a small bun. Then the visual shifted to show the young man unwrapping a present while Spirit sat in the background saying “shoulda woulda coulda”. Then the visual ended with one of the Spirits with a smile,  smoking a cigar with the smoke rolling off the top, there was a pumpkin in the background.

What do you think? Thoughts? Leave your thoughts in the comment section.



Predictions 12-15-17

I had a visual of a man who over time became a monster, then at the end of his transformation he said.

“Everything is going to be irie.” The man truly believe he was doing a good thing?

Then Spirit showed pictures of 29 people that he had killed.

I had to assume there is a Jamaican connection, perhaps the man is from there?

Truth 6

What is our Purpose? You exist to learn and be.

Spirit clarified that this purpose would change as time passed over the many centuries. One clear objective coming up is a united human race. Something humanity has not yet seen. But for now the focus is more singular, each of us are here to learn and be. For this post let’s talk about the learning part because it’s different from what you might think. There is karma, and the learning of a more ethical self,  but there is another learning you might not know about.

Your life right now is just one thread of a much larger tapestry. It is another chapter, among an endless book. It’s the tapestry that holds greater weight. A tapestry set to master a subject. For example:

In a previous life close to the end of the 1800s my name was John Hendrix  a farmer and advid confederate of Tennessee. After losing my daughter to disease, my wife and children left me. I fell into a deep depression, and found myself asking for guidance from God. A booming voice told me to sleep outside for 40 nights to receive revelations of the future. To this day I can remember the frigid cold of those nights. During those days visions were presented very much like they are now. It was in these revelations I would learn about WW2, the Manhattan project, and the atomic bomb. After receiving these messages from the highest of authority I was determined to tell everyone. To me this was a message from God, everyone had to know it whether they wanted to or not. Even children I crossed would be forced to hear my message. That unfortunately would turn on me as the authorities put me in the county farm otherwise known as a hospital for the insane. My time their was a true nightmare of filth and fear. It was a time in that life that scarred me. I would later escape and predict the destruction of that hospital.

It is my previous life as John that influences my life as Eric. As John I forced my messages on others, filled with excitement I told everyone I crossed their divine message. I jumped into the deep end of the pool without considering the reactions of others, and did it with pride and fervor. As Eric my message is presented completely differently, learning from my experience I chose to slowly step into that pool starting with the shallow end.  I do not push my message on anyone and have found a subtle way of allowing everyone to come to me, while slowly presenting myself and Spirit.  I have learned, as I have from the many other lives before this one.  It is the experiences of all those lives that have infused into my work with Spirit today.  It is the multitude of these lives and experiences that have built a beautiful tapestry of my existence. Its one tapestry of learning the best way of carrying Spirits message to all of you. One image that will be followed by other tapestry images, as my existence continues.

Everyone has their own tapestry of learning. It’s not necessarily a job, you could be learning valor, compassion, wisdom, or perhaps  the continued story of ones lover, or it could be mastering a specific talent like music. But you do have one, call it you talent, or magical connection to a lover, but it’s there, the sum of multiple lives threading a tapestry of one entire experience that exists to teach you.

Life is an endless learning that draws us closer to our creator.

“John Hendrix the Oak Ridge Prophet” who was a moderately known seer, below is the historical person. On the page I would recommend the video:

Our Hidden Past: The Prophet of Oak Ridge;_ylt=A0SO81DmjNFZx_cAelfBGOd_;_ylu=X3oDMTEza3NiY3RnBGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNwYWdpbmF0aW9u?p=prophet+of+oakridge&pz=10&fr=yfp-hrtab-900&fr2=p%3Afp%2Cm%3Asa&_tsrc=yfp-hrtab-900&b=1&pz=10&xargs=0


Predictions 8-30-17

If its in blue its just Eric’s opinion separate from Spirits message.

As I sat and meditated Spirit came up to me with tears pouring down his face. “I am sorry for predicting this nightmare.”

I had a visual of debris from an airplane crash spread across an entire area. Then the visual shifted to the past, showing several different people all preparing to get on an airplane. A young man saying goodbye to his parents. A gay couple walking towards a terminal. As I followed them on the plane I felt a black space on the plane, with this horrible dark feeling behind it. While all of this unfolded I could hear a song playing in the background “Tomorrow” — “Your always a day away.”

Then the message shifted again to show the US flag followed by the numbers 901

A plane crash is coming and very soon. Between the darkness and previous predictions this crash could have a sinister act behind it. Though they never said September 1st directly, between 901 and the song implying this prediction is happening ‘a day away’ I would prepare for a time frame on or around the 1st. 

Previous predictions that may or may not be related, Texas might be seen as a precursor warning, with Texas dominating the news they might be using it as a precursor event before the airplane attack. The number 27 could also be seen as the 2nd, the number 7 in the past has been used to describe a ‘date’:

Predictions 3-28-16   “World wide panic.. airplane attack.. bombings.. 1 and then 2”

Predictions 2-26-17   I had a visual of an airplane on a tarmac. ‘Hijacked.. 27’ — words written
Prediction: Hijacked Plane    “7..7..7    The bombing is coming.    The airplane will be hijacked.. British.. air.    The port under attack”
Its unclear if they are saying British Air or are they implying a UK Hijacking. I don’t know what the number seven represents, however again they are implying three different attacks, perhaps on separate days. — Eric
Prediction: US Terror Attacks  I had a visual of several people with cowboy hats. Then Spirit pointed to a southern / central area of the US, which implies Texas. “British air.. hijacking.. the passengers do not cooperate.. Heroes on the plane.” — Spirits Voice


I had a visual of a sudden shift with North Korea. Spirit showed a symbolic visual of Trump and Kim Jong-un sitting at a table about to talk. The visual was presented as cartoon figures, normally that means the message is symbolic not literal.

Massive rain.. flooding.. the first half of September. Spirit implied the US in the South. Then said Tennessee.

Bombshell.. Egregious.. He is getting charged now (indictment?)..  at the end (end of the month?)… he fights back.. his lawyers fight back with fever pitch.. these charges against him.. we are now past just looking into things.

“September 15th” I had a visual of several people at a vigil crying.

Spirit left with this final message marking the 15th, in our next round of working on world events we will start with this message to gather details. We are also going to try very hard to get a more exact location of this plane crash.

Predictions 8-20-17

Spirit has marked an upcoming day: In one to two minutes. That implies a time frame between the 21st and 23rd.

“Charlotte is back.” I had a visual I was looking down on a town, there was a shade starting to hover over a city, then an explosion. Spirit implied children would be hit in the cross hairs of this horrific act.

Charlotte could imply a previous prediction : “Protect the children, the children are in danger, elementary, just when you think it can’t get any worse.. Charlotte.. 23.. logan.. school.. main street.” I had a visual of this demon like woman sitting in the back of a classroom she delicately put down a bag on the floor.

Possible ties to another prediction:  “Car bombing.. a catastrophic attack.” Location: I had a visual of the US flag   “Outside the building”

This also lines up with another warning they put around the corner: I had a visual it was pouring rain, there were children in the rain standing next to a school bus. There was mud all over the ground.

They really are going to hurt children.. unbelievable


“Blitz attack.. just as it was dispersed” I had a visual of people marching in the streets.

I had a visual of a town that was in flames, there was plume of smoke rising in the air. One location looked like a gas station.

To the counter protester who would use violence.. you are no better than they are.. violence is wrong

Personal Readings Update

For those of you who receive personal readings I have now simplified the process by adding a PayPal button on the site.  The ‘buy now’ button allows you to use either a PayPal account or card. The other options are still available.

Phone readings are available now to anyone in the world. Please email us at for the details.

For more details about personal readings with Eric check out the Personal Readings page above the posts:


Colombia Landslide

This tragic prediction has happened. The location is incorrect.

Please pray for all of those in Colombia.

Predictions 3-20-16  (3-20-17) I had a visual of a mountain of rubble. “Mexico”   This implies another landslide or mudslide, the odd part was the rubble was very small in size. In the vision it was massive.

Predictions 3-14-17  I had a visual of a massive landslide, perhaps mudslide.

Predictions 4-1-17  I had an odd visual I was looking down of the inside of a house or building then within a second it was ripped apart. It looked like it was ripped out.

Predictions 3-25-17

Q 34  7..the government freezes..  he is going to address the nation.. Trump is no more.. the leaves fall.. there is going to be a great swing in government..

Spirit is claiming that Trump will not finish his term.  The year is unknown, but something in July 2017 or 2018 really changes the scope of things.

Q 35  I had a visual I was looking down at basketball court in a full stadium, one of the players was horribly injured. It was not good. Spirit made is seem grave.

Q 36 I had a visual of an old 1900s train with gold in it, (a reference to the gravy train?) several rich and powerful people were in coach,  then out of no where the train was stopped by Native Americans. They took over the train.

A reference to capitalism or greed being halted or held up by Natives of that nation?

Q37 I had a visual of Vice President Pence on a stage, at a town hall. Then the visual shifted to a door in the background. “Threat!”

Again Spirit implies there is a threat to safety for the VP. I need to ask where? However they implied an April / May time frame. This prediction absolutely must be altered.


Predictions 3-20-17

In regards to yesterdays post: I had a visual of a man walking through a door pointing a gun. Spirit pointed to the US by showing the US flag.

From there unfortunately it became confusing: They pointed to Philadelphia but then also pointed to the north west

We have another set of predictions that talk about a threat to Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), more importantly there are references to mirrors (not windows) is that what they might be talking about?  Are these predictions related to yesterdays message: Predictions 4-15-16  Predictions 10-30-16   Predictions 4-1-16   Predictions 2-16-16


“Russian sanctions will begin to be lifted.”

“In the US.. The new health care is a disaster.. premiums skyrocket.. coverage for low income diminish.. implementation of the rollout are confusing and unclear.. all leading to an epic amount of protest in the US.. rage.”

I had a visual of a mountain of rubble. “Mexico”   This implies another landslide or mudslide, the odd part was the rubble was very small in size. In the vision it was massive.

“When the Hurricanes arrive.. Puerto Rico will be demolished.” We need more details that will be gathered as we get closer to the time frame.

New Orleans Car Plows into Parade

Is this the prediction they talked about? Please pray for the recovery of those injured in New Orleans. So truly tragic.

A few things to clarify.  This event is used as a precursor, a warning that after the event there would be a wave of terror attacks. They even implied that it would most likely happen in the following week. Also, in hindsight the number 22 is not a date but a countdown, 22 days after the 4th would be the 26th. I also believe Spirit mixed up these two different events making them one, the vehicle attack in Germany and this tragic event in New Orleans. On Predictions 2-10-17  they mentioned that they ‘scrambled’ events, they even mentioned the number 2, possibly knowing there would be two vehicle incidents on the same day.

The prediction:

Predictions 2-4-17  “NOW.. the 1st of multiple attacks coming.. the vehicle will run down the people.. multiple people on the ground.. many injured laying on the street.. in your own back yard.”

“In the following week.. airplane (s) attack.. 7.. hijacked..  worse and worse.”

“Boston”  — Spirits Voice

I had a visual of a white van or truck, and individuals shooting at the tires of the vehicle.

I had a visual of multiple people being hit by the vehicle.

I had a visual of 2 then 22

Predictions 2-10-17  The terror attacks? Spirit again showed the number 2 which I believe represents this month. To add they implied a ‘scramble’ of the message. They have not swayed from their message that an attack is coming.

Predictions 2-25-17   I had a visual of 000, three different predictions have gone full circle the countdown is complete. We are expecting 3 predictions to unfold within the next two days.

These are the possible terror attacks that might follow: Please note that ’27’ could be interpreted in two ways. the 27th or the 2nd. In old predictions they used the number 7 to describe a date (7 days in a week) Please read the glossary page for more information. They also mentioned a parade.

Prediction: Hijacked Plane    “7..7..7    The bombing is coming.    The airplane will be hijacked.. British.. air.    The port under attack”

Its unclear if they are saying British Air or are they implying a UK Hijacking. I don’t know what the number seven represents, however again they are implying three different attacks, perhaps on separate days. — Eric

Prediction: US Terror Attacks  I had a visual of several people with cowboy hats. Then Spirit pointed to a southern / central area of the US, which implies Texas. “British air.. hijacking.. the passengers do not cooperate.. Heroes on the plane.” — Spirits Voice

I had a visual of a man folding his clothes in what looked like a hotel room then there was a massive explosion that ripped through the walls. “In the national capitol”

Predictions 10-18-16   “The hero will fall with the plane.”

US Terror Attack 2 In Miramar.. they plan to use an explosive device.. around the parade.” — Spirits Voice

I had a visual of an airplane on a tarmac. ‘Hijacked.. 27’ — words written


Calling All SWC

Spiritual Warrior Clan: As we move into 2017, its time for us to take our work to a whole new level. I am calling on you to join us in altering the tragedies of tomorrow. I am forming a group of die hard fans to help me alter these predictions. If your interested in joining us email me at Title the email with SWC. In the email put your nick name or computer icon, also let us know where you live, country and city. I would also ask that you get a Skype account, because that is what we will communicate with. The plan is to form the group, then when Spirit has selected a specific prediction, have a group meeting to discuss a game plan on how to bring awareness to the prediction with the intent of altering its outcome.  Please understand that each person will have an active role of commitment, please only join the group if your willing to take a bold chance in serving Spirit. I look forward to our first major effort towards changing the future. Imagine the possibilities of what we could do. Imagine the impact we could make in bettering the world, hinder the suffering of others. The positive possibilities are boundless.

Personal Readings: You can now get a phone reading anywhere in the world; Australia, United Kingdom, France, Malaysia, Ireland, Spain.. anywhere! All you need is a phone number, landline or cell phone, and be able to pay through paypal. If you would like to set up you new year reading please email Bea or Eric at to start the conversation and set up your reading.

World Predictions of 2015

The world predictions of 2015: Below are our successful predictions, and our major failures. Our goal continues to be the same, bring awareness to these tragic events and alter the outcome through awareness. It has and always will be our mission. Join us, help us change the future and set a presidience to end tragedy in all its forms. We haven’t accomplished it yet, but now more than ever we are set on a path of success.

Without a doubt the biggest success of the year is you.  Many of you have become die hard fans that have joined Spirit and I in doing our due diligence by sharing these predictions with the hope of altering them, and boy did you bring awareness to the work here. Just in this year alone we had over a million viewers. Your loyality and dedication is well appreciated and we thank you.

Our biggest failure is all the major events that we did not predict. But the one that really affected me this year was the Nepal earthquake. We knew the earthquake was coming, we knew it would be massive, but we just could not get a location from Spirit and just as they narrowed it down, the prediction happened.

Time continues to be our crutch. The events unfold but the timing continues to be off. We are rolling out a new process to end this constant thorn by focusing on the ‘next’ major event, this will allow us to narrow down a much smaller timeframe.

The major predictions of this year:

China Explosion

Notes on 7-16-15   I had a visual of an explosion, fire.
China.. 18.. such a horrible tragic event.. terror.. around 650.. a massive situation. Vehicles destroyed.. one of the absolute worse. (It was implied to be a terror attack but oddly they presented it as a fire?)

Russian Airplane Bombing

Notes on 10-3-15 Airplane Bombing I had a visual of the black flag of ISIS, then it switched to a massive dinosaur sized spider next to the flag. The spider spun its web, the web shot out into multiple directions around the world.

I had a visual of an explosion within an airplane.
I had a visual of a flight attendant walking around ending her journey in the front of the plane by the cockpit.
Spirit wrote: 67 or 77 (which implies around the 6th or 7th.)
Spirit wrote: 23.. 359 (I know they wrote 35 but unclear of the last number, I believe  it was 0 or 9. I am unclear what these numbers represent)
“International.. terror.. trapped” — Spirits Voice

Paris Terror Attack

Notes on 3-5-15
France.. Paris.. again another attack.. in 10 (if its a countdown that puts it around the 14th).. oh people of France protect yourself the best you can.

Notes on 1-10-15
I had a visual that a newspaper fell to the ground, it read “Four Attacks!” as the headline.
I had a visual there was police cars with flashing lights everywhere.
I don’t think they are talking about a train attack, but I could be wrong. This prediction seems to imply the arrival of a prediction. They are clarifying that another terror attack is approaching very soon. We are expecting another event today or tomorrow, “around the 10th”
I had a visual of a man with a gun walk into a building with an awning above it, like a hotel.
I had a visual I was walking through what looked like a school, I went into a theater or auditorium. It was dark, there were audience seats, and a stage in front.

Notes on 7-4-14
I had a visual of people sitting on benches in a stadium, everyone was looking up while clapping, than under the bleachers, behind the people,  an explosion happened, people began to scream and everyone scrambled for safety.
“Terror.. terror”

Notes on 7-16-14
I had a visual of two metal poles, one on the left side the other on the right. A white ball slowly rolled down from one pole and stopped a little bit over half way on the field, then there was an explosion.

Notes on 2-10-14 Terror Attack
Major Event 1
“An Attack!” .. “Things were very happy and quickly became horrific.”
“Around the time of the dance, when the fireworks run, as it all closes up, its ending” “Soon” The Spirits showed individuals with heavy snow jackets so we are talking about a winter location or timing.
“1,2” The spirits showed two explosions, but it was unclear if they were just showing the same explosion from different views. They showed a long list of names and faces of those who were injured and tragically killed.
“In the crowded area..  in the North East..  from the fireworks.” The spirits showed a diner or restaurant for some reason.  They showed a row of fairly new buildings one of the buildings looked like a castle or a tall square tower made of rocks or cobble stones.

Notes on 2-24-15
“Eric there is a threat to Paris.. focal point.” — Spirit’s Voice

Notes on 2-1-15
“Paris situation hours away.” (Hours means months)

Water on Mars

Notes on 3-10-15 Mars   “History in the making.. water!” Spirit’s Voice

I had a visual of the planet Mars.
It could be Venus, but unlikely because we are only exploring Mars right now.

I had a visual of a large deep canyon with deep caves, the cave had a small pool of water and the cave was damp.
If this is symbolic they are implying the water is underneath the surface of the planet.

Turkey Bombing

Notes on 9-24-14   “Turkey they have plans to attack you in the worst way, prepare yourself.” — Spirits Voice

Notes on 4-1-15   I had a visual of a large group of people holding red and white flags. The group seemed to be a gathering. Then the visual switched to a bloody scene of people laying on the ground, it seemed chaotic.

Germanwings Airplane Crash

Notes on 1-18-15   “Eric we are sorry for this horrible, horrible news.. in about 15 minutes (15 days which would be sometime around the 2nd or 3rd of February).. there gone.. several hundred.. he killed them.. flying.. explosive.. plane crash.. the monster forwards his message separately.. ” — Spirit’s Voice

Notes on 1-25-15  The plane, its target, France.. such pure evil.
26th and the 1st is marked.

Notes on 3-8-15  France, I had visual of an airplane taking off, there was an overwhelming feeling of fear both on the plane and at the airport. There was a feeling of someone’s demands to ‘keep going’.
France.. Paris.. again another attack.. in 10 (if it’s a countdown that puts it around the 14th).. oh people of France protect yourself the best you can.

Notes on 2-15-15  I had a visual of a very large bridge similar to that of the Golden Gate bridge.

King of Clubs Al-Douri of Iraq Killed

Notes on 10-4-14 Hong Kong Protests   I had a visual of the King card being pulled out of a deck of cards. They placed it down, the card was either clubs or spades because it was black not red.
I had a visual of an 8 ball but instead of the number 8 it had the number 1.
“Win, Win” Spirit said

Notes on 1-23-15   I had a visual of the US flag flying high. They implied the US would ‘execute’ the ‘great enemy leader’ bringing happiness to several different groups of people.

Denmark Terror Attack

Notes on 1-25-15  I had a visual of a radical man wearing a flag of red and white on his back. He was a radical mad man who was making horrible plans.

Notes on 12-31-14  I had a visual of bullets shells next to cut roses. Then Spirit reminded me of a previous prediction. They also reminded me this is a trilogy.

Iran Nuclear Deal

Notes on 5-29-14    “Iran’s list.. almost complete.. the shackles around them are finally loosened.”

Philippines Ferry Sinks Killing 189 Passengers

Notes on 6-28-15   “In July the ship will capsize.. sink.. around 180.. due to neglect.”

Venezuela Elections

Notes on 2-25-14 Venezuela   In Venezuela.. 3.. 3 written on a gas station.. not available.. staples needed..  impacted.. rushing into it.. come to my neighborhood.. then celebrations, the rule (regime) is coming down, it is expected to fail, all things come to an end.

The Fall of Brazils President

Notes 8-12-15
“The president of Brazil
She took (stole) the money, she has it
Too many lies and secrets
The truth is coming out.
Massive protests demand her removal, her impeachment
Her demise inevitable.
A new cleaner process replaces the old one.
Oh how the mighty have fallen.” — Spirits Voice


Notes on 8-4-15    We are talking about a president (or prime minister)… Oh have the mighty have fallen.. he is told to resign immediately.” — Spirit Voice
Spirit who are you talking about?
Eric’s comments: Spirit explained, it’s not one person but a theme of events that stretch over the whole year, a Karmic force that dictates a period were our leaders must pay their dues.  It will be the end for many despicable leaders, the exposure of the corruption and lies, and multiple shifts in power.
“It’s time for us to expose what’s underneath. We will crack open the prison of the many and with overwhelming Karma your leaders will pay their debts.  For the year, revolution and civil dissident spread like fire.” — Spirits Voice

Nepal Earthquake

Notes on 4-5-15   E A R T H Q U A K E spelled out in a visual

Notes on 4-23-15   I had a visual of  a large crack across a large land mass.

Notes on 2-24-15   A visual of crackers, a message of a destructive earthquake.

The Expectations for 2016

There are going to be some changes as we move forward. The main change is a big push to predict the very ‘next’ event that will unfold. What is coming ‘next’ in the news. This in turn will allow us to narrow down a timeline by days instead of months.

Because we have grown with our audience its also time to provide a language translation of the prediction made. For example, a prediction made about Brazil will be translated to Portuguese. The translation will be computer generated so unfortunately we will be limited to the computers ability.

Finally we are shooting for a 3 tier prediction; the event, the location and its basic timeframe. But with the new process the plan is to present the event and location first, then as we get closer to the timing of the event we will repost and begin a countdown.

Again thank you for all the help you gave us. I look forward to the day that we together can make a difference. Change comes through awareness.


Fans, Friends, Followers please help us get the word out by using your social media outlets to share this post of ‘World Predictions of 2015’. Help us facilitate change and set the stage for the future.

“The unstable future is ours to change.. and with our success we will make the world just a little bit better.” – Spirits Voice


2015 Prediction Summary

Source: 2015 Prediction Summary Updated.

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Predictions on 12-4-15

I asked again about the earthquake. I had a visual of 4 then 44.
Perhaps today?

“Oh Russia.. Again!” I had a visual of an airplane in flames crashing to the ground.

“Her! Get back in the car! The car is bullet proof. The guards will protect her.” The impression was a world leader was in danger.

“ISIS plans to use W M Ds”

“The next attack.. ”
I had a visual of a bus with the number 601. The bus and other vehicles were in danger.
Is 601 a date perhaps, the 6th.

“Our fathers response to all this horror  is coming.. while the enemy brings death in his name.. he will bless the world with life.”
By father they mean God. This message again implies a surge in medical breakthroughs and scientific discoveries.

“Our father will bless the world with Heroes, one after the other, simple ordinary people doing extra ordinary things, all under the coat of our father.. his response is coming and it will be marvelous.”

Many of you have pointed out the prediction 7-3-15 and how it might tie into the horrible tragedy in San Bernardino, I will let you decide, but there are several parts that do not fit. Please pray for those in San Bernardino. Such a tragedy.

Notes on 7-3-15   “Two, dual.. dark scorn.. 40 (could be 4)..” I had a visual of a large explosion, then you saw a man and woman holding each others hands with an evil look.
“This situation will bring out the horse of war.. who has been sitting in its stable.”

Predictions on 11-2-15

“They are planning to attack you.. attack the US, the prediction not yet clear”

“Hostage.. kept under control.. a despicable act.”
The vision below symbolically describes it better. They also added an odd message of “Miss Cave or (calf)” but I could have misunderstood what they said.

I had a vision of a person complaining to the leader of what seemed like an odd religion.  The leader acted concerned, even hugging the person, but then turned into a large black snake the coiled itself around the person, squeezing them tightly. The snake held the victim in a place of squalor. Bugs and filth surrounded the person. The snake continued to slither around what was now more than one person, growing larger, its eyes turning black. Then like that the secret was out.

Its unclear if they are talking about just a group of people under some ones influence or an actual religion/cult. What was made clear was the leader was presented as charismatic, full of concern and presented himself as a righteous leader, but the true nature of the man was cruel, mean, vindictive, controlling, and more than willing to commit despicable acts. They implied it would be a large scandal.

I had a visual of a large tarantula spider crawling.

I need to get more details, however they might be implying one of the more sinister predictions is about to unfold.

“Oh its wonderful.. our father is coming to intervene.. to open a door of opportunity.. its so exciting!”
“Our father is coming!”
“Breakthrough.. K I D S.. we will do anything for the safety of the children.. such a massive win.. such a happy change.” — Spirits Voice

Father in the past has represented the Creator or God.

Afghanistan Earthquake Causes Landslide

This prediction has happened.

Predictions on 10-20-15   I had a visual of a massive landslide. An entire chunk of the hill was gone.  The landslide took place right next to houses, and in the vision you could see cars consumed by the mud.

Notes on 10-15-15  “There will be an earthquake in or around India.” — Spirits Voice
“Double.. two.”

Predictions on 10-22-15 California Earthquake / Meteor Strike

I felt the ground shake under me as I slept and it shook heavily.
That implies an earthquake
I asked Spirit Where? They responded with.. San Francisco
We have a previous prediction about San Francisco, a very dire prediction, but its possible they are unrelated events:

Notes on 10-14-14   “Earthquake.. wed.. 1 left.. over 500 losses.. North California, San Francisco area.. such horror” — Spirits Voice
I had a visual of people gathered together, then the ground shook and people began to scatter in different directions, people stumbled on each other and you could hear screaming. (Are they saying Wednesday?)

I also asked about the meteor prediction. Where would the meteor land?
“In the location of the Portuguese” — Spirits Voice
At first I thought, Spain. Then as we tried to narrow down the location to a city they mentioned the scope of land was very large to cover. I realized they must be talking about Brazil.
“Destructive to the town, such a sad loss of life.”
I had a visual of glass being swept up. There was glass and debris everywhere.

The previous predictions:
Notes on 5-24-15   I had a visual of a group of asteroids flying through space. Then the visual switched and from a distance I looked down on a town. One part of the town was engulfed in black smoke, followed by a voice saying ‘2’.  Spirit then showed the number 5 in roman numeral, and said “5 months”

We need to refocus our attention on this prediction. A meteor will strike a town, but where? I am assuming 2 represents two different meteors will strike different locations.

Notes on 10-15-15  “In 1-30 the meteor will strike the town.” — Spirits Voice

To be clear, the Asteroid will not be hitting the earth. The Asteroid is the precursor to the meteor strike.  It shows the timing of this event. When the Asteroid arrives so does the meteor strike, they might be related or unrelated.

Fox News reported on 10-20:    A skyscraper-sized asteroid will fly by Earth on Halloween, according to scientists, who say that the object was only discovered 10 days ago.
Asteroid 2015 TB145 was discovered Oct. 10 by the Panoramic Survey Telescope & Rapid Response System 1 (Pan-STARRS-1) in Hawaii. Quoted by:

Israel Discovers Oil Reserves

This vague prediction has happened.

Predictions on 9-28-15   I had a visual of black oil spraying from the ground at a massive speed.

The facts on 10-8: “After Israel complained for years that it was surrounded by oil-rich states but didn’t have a drop within its own borders, it appears there’s a big-time turnaround with the announcement Wednesday that massive oil reserves have been located in the Golan Heights,close to the country’s border with Syria.” Quoted News:

Hospital in Afghanistan Bombed by US

This tragic Prediction has happened. Please pray for the people of Afghanistan. Please pray for the doctors and patients.

Notes on 7-30-15   I had a visual of people in a desert mourning the loss of life. Then they showed a large metal eagle fly over the desert. “The bomb dropped is in the wrong place.”

The Facts: The US bombs Doctors Without Borders hospital in Afghanistan.

Roseburg Oregon School Shooting

This tragic prediction has happened. My assumption to the ties with Greece is incorrect. We are waiting for the name of this very disturbed young man, to see if it has ties to another prediction.  Are the roses connected to Roseburg? Please pray for the victims, please pray for the people of Oregon during the trying times of this tragic event.

Notes on 9-30-15   The mad man will raise his gun in a crowd and shoot to draw everyone’s attention. The crowd will run and hide.

O and O, the countdown for two predictions are about to happen.

Notes on 12-31-14   I had a visual of bullets shells next to cut roses.

Typhoon Dujuan

This prediction has happened. The eye is large, but the overall typhoon is Category 4.

Predictions on 8-24-15    I had a visual of a massive Typhoon heading towards China, it was so massive, and did great damage. It will swipe the Philippines and then slam into China. Its size unheard of. They will evacuate the people, but that in itself will become a problem, too many crowded in one space.

ISIS War at a Stalemate

This vague prediction has happened.

Predictions on 9-7-15    I had a visual of a tank rolling down a field then one of its wheel broke. It sat in the mud.
The tank could be a literal message, however it is more likely it is symbolic to a war or battle that is stuck, stalemate.

The facts: “War on IS a focus of UN General Assembly amid stalemate.  When world leaders convene for the U.N. General Assembly this week, it will be a year since the U.S. president declared the formation of an international coalition to “degrade and ultimately destroy” the Islamic State group.” Quoted News:

Predictions on 9-23-15

Many of you have been asking me about the internet prediction made about an asteroid hitting the earth around September 24th. The prediction as I have heard it reads as the following:

“An enormous dinosaur-killer of an asteroid is going to smash into the Earth sometime between 15-28 September 2015. The scary predictions say that the asteroid will come down in the Atlantic Ocean near Puerto Rico, causing a “300ft tsunami” and a “Magnitude 12” earthquake which will lay waste to the eastern seaboards of the USA, Mexico and central and southern American nations” Quoted by

I am happy to report that the Spirits have not mention such an event. The only tragic event they have predicted to happen by the end of September is a terror attack bombing against a military base. We do have a prediction that discusses a meteor that will strike a town and do extensive damage, but that is a meteor not an asteroid, and it is expected some time in October or November. We plan to ask Spirit for more clarity in the upcoming weeks about the meteor, I am hoping to get a location and a more specific timeframe. But in no way is that prediction related to this one. Here is the link to that prediction: Notes on 5-24-15

“In 1 to 2 minutes (2 days) the awful prediction will arrive.” — Spirits Voice

They did not mention which one however my guess would be: Notes on 9-16-15 Military Base Bombing
“The military base will be bombed.
way in the back
56 people, fire, fire
Thursday.. 18
The sadist will gloat about his evil work. (I had a visual of a computer)
Get out! Get as many people out as you can.
Please help us! Alert all. Alter this horrific event. Put it on your wall” — Spirits Voice

I had a visual of the half pig, half human head. In the back was complete darkness.
“Such a gruesome response by the drug dealer (cartel?). It found logistically.” — Spirits Voice
This could be related to a previous prediction: Predictions on 9-14-15

“A drug deal goes horribly wrong.
A morbid scene of the flesh cut up.
Two people.
The house known.
Good news the culprits found.” Spirits Voice

“The famous person will be arrested in 15 minutes (days). Finger printed, the person will beg the court for a misdemeanor offense.” — Spirits Voice
This prediction was discussed on September 16th, placing the event at the end of September or beginning of October.

“In 50 minutes (days) the Hurricane will arrive around the US Gulf.” — Spirits Voice
We need to ask for more clarity, its possible this is related to another older prediction. This prediction was discussed on September 16th placing it around the very end of October or beginning of November.

“The Mormon preacher is lying, the money is all gone. A massively substantial swindle.” — Spirits Voice

I had a visual of a man preparing a large gun, then the visual showed a rifle.

“Like John Wilkes Booth.. go out there and catch him, he is on the run.” — Spirits Voice

Pope Francis Calls on Catholics to Help Refugees

A very fitting visual for our time. Al Assad could be symbolic for all the horror coming out of Syria and the refugees fleeing it.
Love for all, happiness for all, compassion to all, charity, respect, and tolerance a shared responsibility, that’s how its done in the heavens, its only your collective will that holds it up here.

Notes on 3-11-14  I had a vision that the Pope Francis stood with a staff in his hand, the Pope glowed white and the emblem of the staff had white fire all around it, president Al Assad of Syria was standing by him, Al Assad shrank and became sickly (diminished).

Eric’s Comments: The Pope and Al Assad? Perhaps it symbolically means a ‘holy man diminishes the oppression of Syria? A spiritual force? It’s difficult to see the actual Pope have such an active role in Syria but we will have to wait and see, he has a knack for surprising us.  I know from previous messages that to shrink means to diminish and white fire represents a spiritual God like power. It was a beautiful vision.

The Popes words:
Addressing the crowds who gathered for his weekly address outside St Peter’s Basilica, he said: “Faced with the tragedy of tens of thousands of refugees who are fleeting death by war and by hunger, and who are on a path toward a hope for life, the Gospel calls us to be neighbors to the smallest and most abandoned, to give them concrete hope.
“It’s not enough to say ‘Have courage, hang in there’.
“May every parish, every religious community, every monastery, every sanctuary of Europe, take in one family, starting with my diocese of Rome.” Quoted by:


Refugees Arrive in Germany

This prediction is happening, and the oppressor is Hungary’s leadership, where is your compassion! Meanwhile open arms and jubilation from the German country.

Notes on 8-10-15   I had a visual of hands reaching out, joining forces, uniting. “The oppressed minority will join forces, rally around each other, stand for each other against the oppressor.”

Eric’s Comments:  Part of the vision showed some of the people coming out of the ground, which implies that the support will come from unexpected locations, buried, untapped. It was good to see, a triumph among the normal horror I am a use to witnessing, it wouldn’t last long, as another vision followed.