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Personal Readings

First I just want to say I am officially a prospective parent! Some of you know how hard I have fought to adopt my boys. Now I am almost there. One more final step. 🥰

Second: Again they showed 0. This time it was ‘ 0.0 ‘ It is a message that one of their predictions is about to happen. We have reached zero time left. Their presentation is odd. Why is there a dot? It might be the earthquake prediction.

I recently had a conversation where I had to give someone a message from Spirit, along with readings sometimes they have singular messages. I went out of the way to ensure the message went to my normally friendly neighbor.
“Your coming into money and it would be arriving a bit late but arriving all the same. Be patient.” I said excited.

His response to my message hand delivered: “That’s it.”

I said “yes” a bit confused.

“You are the one that predicted the Coronavirus, the economic collapse that followed, that Tsunami that devastated Asia a few years ago, and then there is all that racism thriving in the US you keep talking about… Wow, what a relief; I saw you, and my life flashed before my eyes. I thought you were coming to tell me I was dying or sick, or something? I was petrified for a second there..”

“What? Do I really have that reputation?”

Then Marcus, who is in charge of providing these messages, whispers in my ear

“You do.”

It’s come to my attention that some of you think that personal readings are like these pesky world predictions. They are not. Other than the power of precognition and Spirit there isn’t any connection.

We seek out the horrors of the world here. We are literally searching for them like a hawk to its prey.
Personal readings is more like going home to an ancient version of mom and pops and hearing the endless array of advise on your life. From how nice or mean you are, to you life purpose and oh by the way you really need to fix that light bulb in the fridge. They want you on the right path. It’s a group effort with plans to provide you the best direction. Doom is very rarely apart of our normal everyday life. They want you to be happy, to find love, to find forgiveness, to find blissful joy, most of all to find purpose, and they work to advise you on how to achieve it.

To set up a reading with Eric Leigh-Pink contact Bea at  mailto:worldwidepredictions@yahoo.com  

Available are: One hour, 45 minutes, or 30 minutes readings. Over the phone, international call, zoom, Skype. Payments can be made by the orange button here on the site that reads “buy now” I am sorry but I am still not doing in person readings right now due to Covid.
Please take a look at all the testimonials: https://worldwidepredictions.com/testimonials-of-personal-readings/

Personal Readings

Are you interested in a personal reading? Please contact us at worldwidepredictions@yahoo.com to set up your own personal reading with Eric and converse with the Spirits.

Under the Personal Reading page you can see a Q and A over the many questions people ask. In the comment section there are also testimonials from those who have had readings.

In other news we are now in full swing of testing our new process of predicting events that are expected within days instead of months. The hope is to eventually make predictions that unfold within a timeframe less than a month. Even more idea then that is to make predictions that unfold within a 7 day period. I have voiced my concerns over events that happen too quickly and how that might infringe on our ability to alter it. Unfortunately because of our 3-6 month testing period they are not taking any questions as we all work to master this. We will still be doing Truths, but their focus right now is trying to make this unique process work. If it does work, it will take over.


Personal Readings with Eric

If your interested in setting up a reading with Eric. Here is the answer to many questions you might have: https://worldwidepredictions.com/personal-readings/

Under the comment section is testimonials from so many fans: Please email Bea or Eric at worldwidepredictions@yahoo.com to set up a reading with Eric!

Did you know?

That under the page ‘Most Accurate Predictions’ we have a list of the most accurate predictions over the last 6 years. Here is the link: https://worldwidepredictions.com/major-events-predicted-in-2013/

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That in setting up your personal reading you can click on the ‘buy now’ button, to make your payment.

You can add you email to our following so that all of our posts are emailed to you directly the moment I post them.

Finally I want to thank all of you my fans for sharing my work with others, it is because of you that our site has 6.2 million viewers and that is a testament to your dedication to Spirits mission of change through awareness. Thank you!

Personal Readings

It’s time for me to get back to work as we have moved past my hospital ties. If you would like to set up a personal reading please email us at worldwidepredictions@yahoo.com the details are below under the toggle ‘Personal Readings’. I would encourage you to share your testimonials in the comment section of the ‘Personal Readings’ page.

via Personal Readings

Did you know?

By clicking on the + at the top left there is a ‘search’ engine that allows you to type in any subject and it will pull up all related predictions.

You can also translate this site into any language by using the Google translate button.

You can make your reading payment in the ‘buy now’ button.

There is a ‘Glossary’ page that talks about common symbols used by Spirit. It is an aid to help you translate the messages they have.

Predictions 12-7-17

We had a slew of small earthquakes here in Southern California. Spirit is still talking about the earthquake prediction from a few days ago, marking it with the number 6, which I assume will be its magnitude, so even though our timing is off, they still seem set on this magnitude 6 earthquake striking California in the very near future.

Spirit has also marked the very end of the year with a Tsunami. The details will follow but it really does look like it will unfold in or around Japan.

“In 18 there will be the absolute worse mass shooting of all time in the US, so much death, it leaves the US emotionally tattered. gasping at a problem that can no longer be ignored. ”

“Russia testing its place, flexing its power, takes land that isn’t theirs. Europe stands in opposition while the US is absent.”

Messages in Question:

“Another mad man with a gun.. another shooting spree.. Who is being attacked? Children.”  I had an image of a student walking up a set of stairs.

Originally I had asked about Ohio, this shooting was their response.

However I have doubts. This message that was created last night sounds very much like the events that tragically affected New Mexico. I will try to clarify. 

“Their giving you a 6 month reprieve.. its only 6”

I am unclear what that means?

As we move towards the weekend I have multiple requests from Spirit: When is the airplane attack? When do we go to war with North Korea? When is the Tsunami? Truth?

Personal Readings: I am finally back to work with Personal Readings. Phone readings and readings in person are available. Please contact Bea or I at worldwidepredictions@yahoo.com for the details. 

Unfortunately I am massively behind with email readings due to my hospital stay so email readings are temporarily on hold. 


Personal Readings Update

Those of you outside of the US now have the option to do a reading using Skype between 8pm and 11pm pacific time. Just a reminder if your in Canada or Mexico you can have a reading over the phone anytime. But please let me know your outside of the US because I have to use a specific phone.

Now that we have Skype, we have officially ended email readings as of August 5th. If you still would like an email reading please set it up prior to the deadline.

Between the World Predictions and personal readings I have asked Bea to help set up personal readings. As many of you know Bea helps me already with the accounts and tracking the readings. So the next time you forward an email to worldwidepredictions@yahoo.com it is very likely you will get a response from her to set up your reading.

For all the details and a Q&A on personal readings please see the Personal Reading page below:


Predictions 5-2-16


I asked, what happens in California? I had a visual of a monstrous looking hand, with a black reptile looking skin and large fang like nails reach out to the state.

I had a visual of tiles on a floor, they had extensive blood on them.

“When the beast is damaged.. this is how they respond.”

“This will happen.. weeks away.”

California will be attacked, the implication was a port again. Usually when they refer to a beast its an organization or group, they have in the past referred to the Nazi’s as a beast. They also have clarified the timeframe as weeks away. Not sure why they presented it with such urgency before. But if that’s the case I have to assume “In 2” means two months.

“Obama will have an accident.. injury.. and require medical attention.”

“There will be one massive landslide/mudslide that will engulf so much.. so much damage”

They implied this location had something to do with a river.

I had a visual I was standing on a desolate land with a dead tree off to the side. In front of me was a black horse that looked sickly and weak.

Please do not go directly to the worst case,  they are not predicting the end of the world in any way. I understand the biblical reference of the ‘black horse’ and the four horsemen, but note the source, these Spirits have a direct connection to the Heavens, and they know religion far greater than you or I could ever imagine, so using biblical references are very common for them. I believe the prediction is simply warning us that a great famine is coming.


Skype Readings

I am very excited to report; as of June 1st we will replace email readings with Skype readings.

All email readings will come to an end on June 1st. Their will be exceptions made for those with a language barrier but all other email readings are coming to a close. Also on June 1st (sorry not before then) we roll out Skype readings for everyone outside of the United States. These readings will only be available from 8pm pacific time to 12 pm pacific time Monday-Saturday.



Thanks ‘L’ for allowing me to share this.

I wanted to share a conversation I had with an avid fan who was getting her first reading. She has been following the site since its inception three years ago, we talked briefly how much has changed since then and  I asked her jokingly what took so long to get a reading. She said that she was always too nervous to ask about her future, expecting it to be horrible news, just like the world predictions. It wasn’t until she conversed with another fan that assured her that wasn’t the case when getting a reading from me.  I was floored, both shocked and confused. Did everyone else assume that a reading from Spirit would be fairly identical to the horror I post here? So I want to take this moment to clarify

For the last 20 years I have been giving personal readings, I have dedicated my life to the pursuit of serving Spirit making it my only source of income. Its a way for you to connect to the same spirits that make these world predictions and more importantly converse with those who have guided you your entire life. It is designed to provide spiritual guidance, peek through the window of what’s to come, show the path and purpose of why your here and connect you to loved ones who have passed away, all of which we squeeze in an hour.

This blog on the other hand is completely different. We seek out the absolute worse horrors the world has to offer. We are in constant search of the next tragedy because we truly believe one day that with enough attention and information we can alter the tragedy and make everyone’s life just a little bit better. But I am still a novice. I have only been posting predictions for the last 3-4 years, I look forward to seeing how uniquely different the world predictions are when I have 20 years of experience writing these posts.

So for all of you avid fans who have considered getting a reading but have their doubts, I hope I have removed any misconceptions you might have.

Finally for those of you who have received a reading from Spirit, please use the comment section of this post to share your experience, so others can get an idea of what to expect.

For details on getting a personal reading go to:

https://worldwidepredictions.com/personal-readings/  or just email me at elppredictions@yahoo.com