The Ancient One Speaks To Give Me A Miracle.

In a vision, I approach her as I have so many times before. Not a Spirit but an Ancient One. Christians call them Angels. Hindu’s see them as Gods. They are as Spirit dictates the Ancient Ones and they are in charge. A force that directly serves the Creator. Beings of light,. that existed well before any of the planets and stars where ever here.

I hold the honor and privilege of speaking to them for you. It is a privilege beyond the anything. It is for this sole reason I created this site, I write these world predictions, simply because they asked me to, I have approached her multiple times before, and like a knight with a sword in hand I bow to one knee and ask

“How may I serve you?”

Here above me floating, I feel fear and excitement all at once, as the brightest of all lights sat hovered over me. Flames of fire pushed out in all directions. Fire of all different bright colors. Making it seem as if she had wings of flames. This is a Queen in the realm of the Spiritual World. In the center was a beautiful woman, her hair silk black, her face ambers of splendor and joy. Her eyes were like small Suns, exhuming fire and her hands were electrical currents reaching far and wide across the globe.

“I am here to serve you as celebration is in my honor” – The Ancient one said.

Me? I thought. Did she say that right? For years now I have served Spirit like a knight going where they have asked me and helping those they have asked, but Me? I didn’t want to keep her waiting, so I thought of the one thing that pains me. The one thing I have demanded, pleaded, begged from you. How do I alter the tragedies of tomorrow? It’s so frustrating .How do I change the future I predict? You told me to illuminate but how? How do I convince others to follow your direction? It plagues me, as if I had reached the finish line only to fail now. Really? Then she said, almost as if I was being a silly child.

Oh Eric, put your hammer down.
There is no need for this hammer.
Display our work.
Display it for those to see or not see.
I will help you with this.
Display it in “front’
Make no demands to serve us.
Bring them to us.

So with the last of the funds you gave me thanks again, I used the rest of the money to take out an ad. It pained me to do that. So much money for a second of time, just to display two predictions, Irans erosion and January 6th. I displayed them as she told me to do. Costing a small fortune and wouldn’t you know it.. In one day it all changed. I mean WOW times a billion. A miracle happened. I broke Facebook. I didn’t even know you have a limit of 5000 people, but we hit the limit. In one day. She handed me a miracle and I am so blessed to be apart of this great story.

We have a new direction, and with such splendor exhuming in my heart, a miracle really did happen. So I will wait, wait till we have a prediction like Covid, January 6th, Breonna Taylor, a prediction that is clearly undebatable, and then when we have it, we will strike. I will ask for your help in that moment. I will ask you to help me market that one message to the entire world, display it for all to see. We will strike again and again until we have our moment. That is how we change the future. This is our time now.

People often ask what faith are you? What religion do you follow? My answer is always to say I serve Spirit. But that doesn’t entirely answer the question does it? So here it is. This is what I have learned. Imagine a 100,000 puzzle piece in front of you and we have been handed just a few pieces. Each piece another faith and yet if you looked at the pieces they do not align at all. The images aren’t even the same. Oh but they do. Do they ever align so perfectly. Your just missing all the other pieces. One massive puzzle to describe the universe we are attached to and the God we serve. So if I gave you any real Spiritual advice here. Read them all. Consume all the major faiths because together they actually do form an image. One the darkness does not want you to see.

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  1. I’m happy about the miracle. Hopefully we can change the world. God bless you.

  2. That is an amazing message! I always said that if you took every single religion and broke it down to its most simplistic basic elements…..we all believe in the same thing!

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