Cohen Secretly Recorded Trump

This prediction has happened. Not a wire but a tape.

“Oh how dire.. time is short..  time is running out.. another bombshell” then the visual shifted, I heard voices in the background, the voices where not Spirit, it seemed as if I was listening in on a conversation, here is what I heard:

You where wearing a wire right?


Good lets talk about the last things that was said.

Though there is not much of a message here, the implication is that someone has been recording conversations. This in turn leads to another bombshell.  My guess is they are talking about the old prediction last year in December regarding Trump because of the verbiage ‘another bombshell’. Here is that old prediction posted 12-12-16:

Predictions 12-12-16   There is an epic bombshell coming, other bombshells follow, the US politics continue.. disarray.. topsy turvy.  Russia.. back door deals.. tape-taps.. the strain between the US and Russia mounts so bad that a new cold war is inevitable.” – Spirits Voice


Predictions 7-20-18

The first few predictions are old, they were very cryptic messages so I left them out, but Spirit kept tapping on the book, implying it needed to be posted.

‘Paul Ryan’ I need you to sign these papers.

Investigate.. ION… your days are over, its disgraceful.. you do know that’s totally against the law.

Mueller does a sting operation (That part has been posted, its the second part that was excluded because it made no sense.) Spirit threw something at an ATM a few times. “Your going to jail.”

C A lied to special council.. now going to jail

The Apollo man will become popular, his popularity will grow as the jewels and gems are collected.

They might be referring to me, but just in case it’s not, I will post it, perhaps they are talking about an astronaut? The act of using precognition to alter the future for the world has never been done before. There is no reference for us to follow, no examples for us to use with the exception of the ancient ‘Oracle of Delphi’. This was done a very long time ago, where oracles warned world leaders, and people of coming threats, it was very popular for its time. It was also believed that the Oracles consulted the god Apollo, that was the faith of that time. Much of what they did has been adopted by us. For instance they allowed everyone to come to them, they never went out into the world to bring people to the Oracle, if you wanted a consultation you had to travel to Greece. It was done solely by reputation, and there was no pressure to consult, they believed that the work spoke for itself. We have adopted the same principles here.

New messages:

Mueller, “Biggest case in history” (Spirit put it in quotations as if implying this is not their message but perhaps something the media is saying)

14 days. (could be the 14th)

They also implied another bombshell is coming between 8 and 10 days. They are clearly implying Mueller is now moving against people here in the US, and fairly soon. 

Predictions 7-19-18

The Russian government.. consuming and fueling so much boloney.. oh America the Russian bots are coming with a full fledged attack against the United States. They are ramping up to control and manipulate the elections yet again. You are officially under attack.

Trump wants to bring back the Russian oil.

Spirit showed Twitter, not sure if they are actually saying Twitter is one of the main companies attacked or they are just using Twitter as a social media example.

Racism rises with its own pride.. marches and violence.. but a counter approach arrives to say we will not go backwards.. we will not return to the days of our fathers.

We are working on predicting the Mueller findings, a prediction that is going to create a firestorm, some of the content is a bit tough to believe, even for me. I need to verify it first. 



Trump Russian News Conference

Is this the prediction? It really is up to you to decide. I am on the fence, on one end everyone is turning on him after this Russian press conference, and perhaps we are at the beginning of the troubles in July, but to say its done is a bit far reaching. The flaw of all political predictions is that it really is in the eyes of the beholder.

In other news: Truth coming, it is a mind bender. I have been holding out for more examples to explain the Truth but last night Spirit implied that its beyond the scope of the one person. So we will post it soon.

Predictions 1-11-18  I had a visual of a large picture of Trump, with the words July on the frame.  Then the picture was slashed in half. “Its done.. over.”  Later they implied the house of cards fall in July.



Prediction: New Zealand Earthquake Coming Soon

“The mega quake is coming in a few moments.”

Where? Spirit wrote the words “Christchurch area”

“So massive”


The impression given was the size is approximately 8 magnitude.

The message has changed. Originally Spirit implied a moderately sized earthquake, but now they are predicting a massive quake. I still have a small doubt on the location, they predicted something very similar for California. Is the mega quake for New Zealand or California?

There is also some dispute on the timing. In one prediction Spirit  presented the date 16.5 (I assume that means the middle of the 16th) which would be the 17th for New Zealand. However in another prediction the earthquake unfolds around the 19th – 20th. It is possible that they might be predicting a large earthquake and then one large aftershock.

Previous predictions:

Prediction: New Zealand Earthquake   I had a visual of a set of crackers in a bag, one part of the bag was exposed, almost as if someone cut a square out of the bag.  ”New Zealand area.. earthquake”

Then Spirit wrote 2 then 0

As many of you know crackers represent earthquakes, I am unclear on what the rest of the message means, however if we are to follow the shape of the bag and the area exposed it could refer to the Wellington area of New Zealand. The numbers could go two different directions, the 20th or the 2nd and 0 means we are out of time. We are expecting an earthquake in early July. It was marked last month.

Predictions 6-18-18 On 6-15:  “20.. earthquake.. so massive”   “Around 800”

At first I thought 8 was the magnitude but could also be the hour, 8 o clock.

I asked several times for a location, they kept talking about the ‘rolling’ event.  Is 20 a date or countdown? They aren’t letting go of this large earthquake.., it’s still coming. The visual showed one large quake. On 6-16 they showed a map of North California, its possible they are presenting the location of the earthquake. However they never entirely linked the two.

Finally for everyone reading this in New Zealand and Australia I need your help. We absolutely must warn everyone of this coming earthquake. Share it on Facebook, Twitter, ATS, even email friends. I would like you to please forward information to me on local media outlets. I would like to try and contact them. Please help us alter the coming tragedy of this prediction.



Japan Flooding

This tragic prediction has happened. Please pray for the safety of those in Japan.

In other news Spirit showed a list of times and then highlighted 3am and 4am. Another prediction is about to happen.

Predictions 6-10-18  I had a visual of an entire town under water. There was debris in multiple places floating along. You could see houses partially under water.

“Japan”   “7 00”

I believe they are implying ‘July’ with the number ‘7’

Is this the prediction with 7 39? Perhaps I mistaken this flood with a Tsunami? In the original message they talked about an earthquake and mass flood. I assumed that meant Tsunami. However Japan recently had a 6.0 earthquake and a mass flood around the same time.  Here is the prediction below:

“The Japan prediction is coming.” I had a visual of 7 00 in big bold print.

There are only two different predictions about Japan. The first is the passing of the King or queen. The second is a Tsunami, the Tsunami prediction is below, note how 7 00 fits the message, implying the countdown is complete:

We are expecting one massive earthquake/Tsunami, if we are to follow the old message it will be in the Japan or Asian Pacific:

Spirit kept repeating 7 39, 7 39, 7 39. Then they said ‘Earthquake, its a big one.’ This implies an old prediction:

Over 500 homes destroyed by the deluge of water

“Japan.. Japan.. Japan.. 7. 39.. big one.. such a massive flood.”


Prediction: The US Economy Plummets

The US economy plummets in a very bad way.

The Russians steal science and technology from the US, as the keys are practically handed over.

The benefits of the poor slashed.

No one is coming to help.

This prediction is a message about the path we have taken. One hopes that the path is altered. I am unclear if its related or not but I want to remind you of a previous prediction:

Predictions 7-12-17    “The prices too high.. the economy really starts to go south.. stocks tumble.. a new recession begins..”   The implication was July but also pointed to August…