The Most Accurate Predictions

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World Predictions of 2017

Here are the major predictions of 2017. If I am to look back at 2017 in regards to the world predictions it would be the massive growth of followers. The expansion of this site grew so massive this year, 4.7 million viewers in total. But it was a bad year for me. My health failed in a big way and still consumes my time today. It threw everything off the tracks.

The Spirits have very specific plans for 2018, as they put it they plan to change the ‘menu’ they are going to minimize their focus and shrink down the subjects they predict with the intent of focusing on accuracy. The goal is to really start nailing down predictions and eliminating the mistakes. We all agree a need to scale back the predictions for the sake of accuracy.

Below is just some of the major predictions that unfolded in 2017

Multiple Political Scandals in the US Scandals at the Capitol

Predictions 5-6-16  During the next four years. In the house (US Senate / Congress) There will be a multitude of great scandals. I had a visual of the Capitol building, their was trash all around it.

Las Vegas Shooting Spree   Las Vegas Concert Attack

I had a visual of a sniper shooting from high above, people in the streets were pointing to where the shots came from.
Prediction: US Terror Attacks “Hotel.. 160.. each individual brutally murdered.. there (their?) falling apart.. yet another terror attack.” — Spirits voice
Oh October how ruthless you are.. spiders, hurricanes, and earthquakes circling all of you. Brace yourself for a bad month.
In the coming weeks the Las Vegas police will be on the hunt for a killer on the loose. In the coming weeks for the United States the flag will be at half mass.
I had a visual of a taped off area on the other side was so many bodies laying on the ground. It was a massacre. “So much death.”  In the visual it seemed like it was a park or beach, we need to refocus on timing and most of all location.
I had a visual of a black wolf with black eyes staring me down. I had a visual of the US flag tattered and ready to fall to the ground. I had a visual of large massive storm hovering over the US capitol and white house.  I had a visual of someone walking down a busy street with a heavy bag in his hands.

Hurricanes Strike Puerto Rico Stranded in Puerto Rico

Predictions 6-17-17

“When the Hurricanes arrive.. Puerto Rico will be demolished”

“During the dark hour in the nation when consoling is needed the president delivers the opposite with a message that is self serving.

This year a storm like Katrina after striking the islands will bury the US devastating all in its wake

Charlottesville Attack  Car Plows into Crowd in Virginia

Predictions 7-14-17  “Saturday.”   I had a visual of man with a scowl on his face. “The mad man.. Running people down.. not breaking but accelerating.”   They implied a 3 to 4 minute (day) time frame. That questions Saturday?   I had a visual of a lemon among fruits. I had a visual of the US flag.

Pennsylvania Killing Spree    Pennsylvania Killing Spree

Predictions on 9-23-15   I had a visual of the half pig, half human head. In the back was complete darkness.
“Such a gruesome response by the drug dealer (cartel?). It found logistically.” — Spirits Voice
This could be related to a previous prediction: Predictions on 9-14-15

“A drug deal goes horribly wrong.
A morbid scene of the flesh cut up.
Two people.
The house known.
Good news the culprits found.” Spirits Voice

United Kingdom Grenfell Tower Fire  Grenfell Tower Fire

Predictions 4-21-16  I had a visual of a large building, perhaps skyscraper, there was a large fire and smoke burning from the windows.  Prediction: Train Attack   Location the UK.  From there it became a bit foggy. First Spirit said ‘Whales’ then they showed a container of tangerines or oranges

The United States Muslim Ban Muslim Ban

Predictions 5-10-16   “A ban on Muslims.. people forced from their location.. it makes no sense to force them out.. people should not be treated so coldly.. no one person is better than another.”

Manchester Bombing Manchester Arena Bombing

Predictions 12-22-16   I had a visual again of the bombings coming in December. A lady was singing on a stage. Then you could hear a massive explosion in the background. People screamed and ran.

Predictions 3-21-17  Q31 – I had a visual of a man pointing a gun, shooting a gun, in what looked like a mall or strip mall. In the background of this city was a stadium of some kind. “22nd/23rd”

Predictions 6-11-16 UK Terror Attack  I had a visual of individuals waving small British flags.   I had a visual of a large Spider walking the streets of Britain.   14   I had a visual of an explosion, followed by people ducking and hiding their faces.  Then the heroes responded in droves, people put themselves in harms way for strangers they did not know. Giving life. It was awesome to see such a godly sight surrounded by such tragedy.  I had a visual of Spirit showing numbers rolling past me, that lead to the number 22.

Philippine Earthquake of February 11th. Philippines Earthquake

Predictions 12-22-16   “Next.. next.. earthquake.. Philippines.”  Predictions 2-10-17   OO – Two predictions have completed their cycle and are about to happen, sometime between the 11th and 14th. The  Os where made of metal, almost like rings. The 11th is marked in previous predictions.

The Toronto Building Fire: Toronto Fire

Predictions 2-10-17   I had a visual of a building engulfed in flames and smoke, the fire was massive. “Negligence.”  The implication was Canada.   Later they would add ‘around Toronto’, however I question if the message of Toronto is just the start of a new prediction?

Malaysian Plane Crash

We continue to show the predictions about the Malaysian plane that was shot down. However some of the predictions below are in question. It’s the 17 I want to bring attention too. Are these predictions miss interpretations? Could the 17 be about flight 17? Several of you have also noted that this horrible event happened 26 weeks after the prediction. I ask everyone to please pray for the victims and all those suffering over this tragic event.

Notes on 7-8-13 I had a visual of men on the ground with grenade launchers shooting at planes in the sky. I never saw the plane but heard it in the background.

Notes on 1-15-14 China.. collapse.. earthquake.. 17 or around
A spirit came down and kissed me on the cheek and said “I am sorry for what we are about to show you.”
I had a visual of an airplane in mid-air and then it exploded, it switched and I looked at the ground, the debris was everywhere. “Terror took their lives”

Notes on 5-4-14 Ukraine: “A note for the radical Ukraine.. and Russian rabble rouser.. we need to reverse this course.. reverse the decisions of the past.. Croatia.. Take a different direction now once you step into the bloody road it will be all blood.. getting worse and worse.. we hope.. hope.. for jubilation.. for lessons learned.”

Notes on 4-24-14 In regards to the Malaysian Plane 370:
“you need to look farther north move closer to Indonesia.. seatbelts.. seatbelts.. 17 across is how far north” — Spirits Voice
They are saying the plane will be found 17 degrees latitude, that’s how far north it is. Seatbelts?



Alaska Tsunami

Several fans have pointed out that there is a Durham Alaska in the southern part of Alaska. Others have pointed out the 23-24th as a date. Then there is the number ‘7’ in the Vancouver predictions which many of you note is 7 days later ( Notes on 6-16-14 ) .  The facts of this event continues to show through in their predictions. It’s still unclear if this ties in with the predicted flooding in Vancouver, I will be asking Spirit for clarity on that question. Here are all the predictions:

Notes on 3-22-14 – Major Earthquake
Big one.. major earthquake.. this is going to be a bad one.. 24.. 23 to 24.. dirham.. at its tip or end.. the place shredded and mangled.”  – Spirits Voice

Notes on 4-12-14 Partial Tsunami
I had a visual of a mammoth sea monster rising above the ocean with its tentacles stretching outward, its tentacle slammed into the land, but the rest of the sea monster fell back into the ocean before it could accomplish more.
“Partial Tsunami! Its coming soon.. 18.. 18.. this is the wave that will crash against the houses..” — Spirits Voice

Notes 6-21-14
They showed the word ‘Cracker and Kraken.’

Notes on 6-16-14
Last night as I fell asleep I felt I was in an ocean floating back and forth, I felt I was sinking down, deeper and deeper. It was very unnerving. Previously I have talked about the ground shaking under my feet right before an earthquake happens, this however was very different.

The Facts on 6-23-14 by AP:  “Magnitude-8.0 Alaska quake spawns small tsunami. A strong earthquake near Alaska’s Aleutian Islands triggered a tsunami warning Monday, but only small waves measuring several inches hit coastal communities.” Quoted by


Notes on 5-20-14

I had a visual of several construction workers working on a site, then the site collapsed on the construction workers. All the rubble covered the area.

Spirit also discussed ‘cracker’ and reminded me that the cracker symbol is not always about earthquakes. It could be a cave in, mine accident, or any type of massive land destruction. This also means one of the predictions that I am expecting to be an earthquake is something else entirely. Then they showed a riddle of a drum set, on the drum set was the word “Earthquake”, thoughts.

I had a vision of the word ‘now’ written in a futuristic/square like font. A prediction is about to happen, the font is symbolic to a specific prediction.

In other news Spirit is working towards new plans to provide more details, and eliminate the more vague predictions. The plan is to provide renewed focus on those predictions we roll out, and eventually make it common to show the event, location, and basic timeframe for the majority of our work. The downside is we will be presenting far less predictions.

Notes on 4-20-14

Both the 21st and 28th of this month are marked.  It could be days around them, but we are expecting major predictions.
They are also laying the groundwork for the next major storms:
Kentucky and Louisiana hit hard, Tornado like whether or over excessive rain.
New York in Mid August, Tropical Storm
Florida at the end of October, Hurricane, one of the biggest in a long time.

On May 1st changes to I hope you continue to follow us at our new home.


Notes on 4-17-14

The Spirits seem to be correcting themselves.

“Ecuador wrinkle now.. Peru.. 871.. a very destructive very bad earthquake.. unraveling.” — Spirit, what does 871 represent? “The magnitude”

00- two predictions are expected to unfold in the next few days.

“in 10 minutes” – means in 10 days.

“Breaking news” I had a visual of a red mark, with a circle around it next to a set of islands. (Most likely an island earthquake is coming now or they are talking about the Malaysian plane again)

Previous Prediction: Notes on 4-15-14 “Large earthquake.. Ecuador.. 17.. 21.. very soon.. dangerous.. deadly.” I had the feeling of the ground shaking under my feet between 2 & 3 PM yesterday the 14th.

Eric’s Comments: The spirits seem to be questioning the location of this earthquake, and the message is mixed between Peru and Ecuador. In 10 minutes puts it sometime around the 26th – 28th, its unclear if we are talking about the earthquake or another prediction.

Notes on 10-25-13

In the western part of China.. “Collapse”

A picture of rain just pooring down. Then a picture of Europe.

“Ted Cruz will not have ‘password’.”

Marked places for predictions: Flag of Mexico // A marked spot on the border of Florida to the east.

1,2,3 said very loudly

Then a message that something buried was uprooted from the ground. Perhaps an old prediction is about to happen.

My opinion: The China collapse is expected fairly soon, now as they say, they have used the word before to describe building collapses, mudslides and earthquakes. Europe is about to have torrential rain and flooding or something sad is going to happen.  Password? Most likely something that isn’t evident, or his word/idea will not pass. 1,2,3 a countdown putting it around the 28th? Or three predictions happen back to back.

Prediction 16: Volcano Erupts P2

Around the 4th of May the Volcano Popocatepetl takes it to a new level of danger as it begins to erupt. Those locations around it are hammered with debris. Travel is also affected and delayed.

This dangerous situation seems to last aproximately a month. What is unclear is whether they are talking in total, which would be mid month or they are saying a month from now, which falls at the end of May.