Unfortunately Eric had to return to the hospital again because of his intestines. Please send your prayers, and positive thoughts thank you.


George Papadopoulos Indictment

This prediction unfolded while I was in the hospital, I can see why they  presented a young person.

The Prediction: Mueller makes official charges against a Trump surrogate. This prediction is linked to a previous prediction:   In the visual it was a younger surrogate.






Wow what an absolute nightmare. Never in my entire life have I gone through pain like that. The large hernia I had entangled with my intestines causing a shutdown/blockage of my intestines. Unfortunately after the surgery the nightmare continued as my intestines shutdown twice. Once at the hospital and a second time when I made it briefly home to recover.

When my system shutdown a second time I felt deathly sick, I couldn’t  keep anything down and had a bucket in my hand, I felt horribly weak, and there again was an unbearable pain so bad that I begged the doctors to put me asleep. The hospital told me I would have to be re-admitted because the condition was very serious. At one point out of shear weakness I begin to fade into sleep and a wave of concern had me questioning whether or not I was at deaths door. Just then I realized how content I was with that, it was a calm that consumed me. I had a full life.  I had a loving family and we were good to each other. I dedicated my entire life to Spirit and God, serving them without  question or complaint , and though I never made any great impact with the world predictions I felt I had helped a great deal of people over my 40 year lifetime. Though I had no desire to die I was content if it was time.

But I am alive! I woke up the next day strapped with hoses and wires on my body, as they drained me of all liquids. That damn pain consumed me. It would be a few days before I could walk again. At one point I looked out into the city of San Diego, cars racing on the highway, people walking down below, then my mind shifted; I am not content at all, as God is my witness, as Spirit is the fire around me, I am resolute in my mission to alter these ghastly horrible predictions I receive. Before my death I will create an impact and leave with a legacy to remind all those people with gifts of precognition that this power doesn’t need to be tabloid fodder, or entertainment, for the masses, it can be used to make an impact on the world, making lives a little bit better.  I will have that day, when the darkness does not come to pass. So here I am starting again, I am back, and I am resolute.

I want to thank everyone for their support, for their donations, for their help and aid, and for their patience during my difficult time. You have shown me a wonderful world and community filled with love and generosity.

On the Road to Recovery

The Spirits once told me that it isn’t success or wealth that determines how great your life is but how loved you are by all those around you.   I have never felt so much love from so many different people. I want all of you to know how grateful I am for all your prayers and support during this very difficult time. Thank you for your donations, that has alleviated some serious worries. Thank you for your prayers and all the healing I received. Thank you for all the messages of support, and thanks to those who updated everyone when I could not.

I am still unable to do many things, my recovery unfortunately is moving very slow. For now we will be taking it slow. I will continue to post predictions that have happened, but we will slowly roll out new predictions. They are already talking about a quake that takes over a hundred lives, but we are lacking the details.  Many of you have been waiting patiently for personal readings, for now our plan is to start working again around the 2nd or the 3rd. I am sorry for the extended delay. These delays also include email readings.

Update on Erics Critical Health and a Go Fund Me page to help him.

Hi this is Bea! I want to give everyone an update on Eric Leigh-Pink. Friends of Eric have set up a go fund me page, we hope you can help donate.

Last week, Eric went to the ER for a second time with stomach pain, he was diagnosed with a stomach hernia, the hernia pulled in, entangled, his intestines. At that time an emergency surgery took place to fix both his hernia and his intestines. Unfortunately after a day of his surgery things took a turn for the worse, a blockage took place, and his intestines stopped working. After a few days Eric started to recover. Today he is planning be released from the hospital, but is extremely weak. He has plans to reconnect with everyone in the next few days.

Eric wants to express his absolute gratitude for all the prayers and kind words. We are in awe over the overwhelming love so many of you have expressed. The good news is he is on the road to recovery. We are asking for donations to help during his difficult time,  the link is below