Fusion Energy Breakthrough

I had a vision of two very large glass cylinder shaped bottles. Beyond huge. Scientist were putting them together. Making two forces into one. The vision showed these two mega sized glass bottles connecting. “Smart” was written on the side. The connection was something out of a Marvel Movie, like Tony Stark, locking two systems into one for Tony’s physics test. There was a specific metallic locking circular mechanism. Other large mechanical devices surrounded the core. Once it locked the two forces did in fact become one. Then Boom! Humanity had a power it never had before. Like holding the power of the atom in our hands. I had a vision I was walking on a white floor. The floor was marked like a life sized Calendar. An image of ’1’ was in the corner.

I had a visual of the number 4 written, big and bold.
I had a visual of a set of keys
I had a visual of a light switch, the light switch was off, then it showed another next to it that was on.
I had a visual of an old wooden beam with seven antique light bulbs running across, the second light on the row turned on very bright.The first message implies I am ‘off’. The wooden beam looked like something out of a Canadian TV program called Murdoch Mysteries where the Detective is half inventor half detective. The show takes place in the early 19th century.
I had a visual of two Christmas light bulbs. There was a tree in the background. ‘Two.. Two”

World Predictions 4-25-22
Predictions on 11-10-15 Predictions 9-3-18

This World Prediction from 2022 has happened. Christmas in the air again Eric? It is! Times 2.

Merry Christmas!

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6 thoughts on “Fusion Energy Breakthrough

  1. I am very ignorant about science. but I read one time that they could not make cold fusion work. So is this cold fusion?

    1. yep I think cold fusion experiments failed back in the 80s? This breakthrough is about hot fusion where they’re trying to simulate hot temperatures and high pressure like the sun! This usually takes a lot of energy bc of the high temperatures and pressure but for the first time they were able to get more energy out than they put in. Very cool!

  2. I’m glad you found this prediction and I pray Mother Earth can heal now.

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