Predictions on 11-10-15

Spirit give us clarity on these earthquakes?

I had a visual of two Christmas light bulbs. There was a tree in the background. ‘Two.. Two”

It sounds like the San Francisco earthquake will happen on December 2nd.

So 7:02 is December 2nd?

Which leaves us with the visual of a birds long legs and feet? What ever the prediction is, its coming very soon.  Is there another prediction I am missing here? Please give me your feedback. We still plan to ask about New Zealand.

“In 38 minutes (38 days, around December 17th) the racist will attack the black community. The mum in the hospital.” Spirits Voice

The implication was a church or community function taking place.

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      1. From a numerology point of view, “22” is a master number – dramatic world events often happen on the 11th or the 22nd – just my observation. Japan’s earthquake was on the 11th of March, 2011. President John F. Kennedy was assassinated on the 22nd of November(11-22); the end of WWI was on November 11 at 11:00 a.m., 1918. So, Dec 22 makes sense. Just my two cents.

      2. Good point, Lia! Noticed that too. Number are mystery that has the meaning.

        11–11-15. Ouch. 7:02 am, pm?

  1. I wonder if they might mean a Chile/San Francisco dual earthquake. The recent 8.3 wasn’t very big for Chile- it rattled things for a minute, but nothing to write home about. We had a Chile/Napa dual phenomenon a few months ago too. I just have a feeling Chile is not done yet. Thank you.

  2. Hi all…could be a way of defining the time of the three quakes…
    New Zealand..Aust…San Francisco
    2x xmas bulbs is two seperate locations in December
    =San Francisco + N.Z
    =N.Z +Aust
    =Aust + San Francisco
    with the third one un each quation happening seperately…..
    Two Two is in words which implies a grouping as they would normally write 2 for a date in numerals? Wouldnt they Eric? Just a thought…

    1. It will be summer in Dec for New Zealand.

      A couple of hours ago, the strongest shakes in Chile was 12 quakes constant within 2 hours straight. That’s keep rolling strong. There is one in Nebraska recently. Small quake and very rare.

      My best bet is Chile, New Zealand, Australia and California but not sure 100% sure. It’s all within the rings of fire.

      2..2…could it be 12-2-2015 or 12-22-2015.

  3. Also New Zealand seems first as Kermadec Isle has had a rumble in last 24 hrs and spirit is saying soon…blessings and stay safe a vigilant …I Too believe Chile is not finished yet….

  4. Yes Hi Chaos that is so true but we are honning in on a time.frame to link in qith spirits prediction fir caution ..We always say if we inly jnew that was a precursor to a big one..the aim in.tune in with mother earth hand in hand with spirit….we all belong o spirit including earth spirit… I agree with all your past comments inly we work in unisome with the macro and micro it us i believe part if our growth ti be aware of our vibrational shifts in all manners and improve on our commpassion un harmony with natures shift…nothing is set in stone …yes clearing is happening and gid bless humanity and her courage for the untention to be a.better place in her already devine ways…

    1. Hi Star48. I was wondering about that being the possible number 2…until you added the rest of those quakes. LOL Thanks for adding the others. What are your thoughts on where or when this/these quakes may be? Do you think the quake could actually be somewhere around New Zealand with the effects of a tsunami for Australia? And another for San Francisco? Blessings Always

      1. Jules104, my opinion –is that there will be EQ in CA..( I am a true believer in a Spirit)
        .I remember reading a early post about a tsunami in Dec/ Jan for CA.? Do you remember that post?
        The other candidates with bird references…NZ, Cascadia?
        The options are numerous…there are flamingo birds in Mexico..
        So it will be interesting. To see how this unfolds..

      2. Your right, star48. Forgot about that. It did mentioned of tsunami to California a year ago or so.

        SO frustrated!! It’s not well organized putting the puzzles together with the older posts that are unfolding.

        There are 5 that mentioned in the past posts: Japan (10), California (wed.), NZ, Australia and Chile. All these will happen but it’s the matter of which one and when. A ugh! !! Frustrated…

        1. Yes, you really do have to put all the notes together as one. They way we present the predictions here on the blog is a constant topic, the spirits don’t like it, I don’t like it, we need to create a site where you can read all the predictions together, they believe it would make more sense that way.

  5. Eric, Jules104, for the record..
    98km NW of Coquimbo, Chile
    2015-11-10 18:46:19 UTC-08:0010.0 km
    83km NW of Coquimbo, Chile
    2015-11-10 18:23:38 UTC-08:0010.0 km
    81km NW of Coquimbo, Chile
    2015-11-10 18:18:08 UTC-08:0035.0 km
    89km NW of Coquimbo, Chile
    2015-11-10 18:14:39 UTC-08:0010.0 km
    76km NW of Coquimbo, Chile
    2015-11-10 18:06:36 UTC-08:0010.0 km
    93km NW of Coquimbo, Chile
    2015-11-10 17:54:37 UTC-08:0010.0 km

    1. Star48- I am in Santiago, and the 8.3 in September was really felt, but these others this month hardly raised an eyebrow. In fact I am in the habit of notifying my daughter in San Francisco Bay Area when we feel something, and I didn’t even bother to tell her about these little rattles.

      1. Susan, hola…I understand.
        .having been born and raised in earthquake country..little ones hardly count.
        I showed the list so they could see that movement was going on continually..not the TWO
        Two could stand for information from 2 years ago?
        Two will happen simultaneously .?
        Two will happen in 2 differant areas?
        What are your thoughts?

        1. Personally, I think two separate quakes will hit on the same day, and overshadow the 25th celebrations. They said “wed” as well which could be the 23rd right before christmas. I do worry about SF and Chile(condor representing Chile), although I am admittedly biased, since I am in Chile and my daughter is in SF. I worry about concurrent quakes for us because we tend to have a lot of coincident experiences, even when far away. Best to be prepared no matter where you are. Thank you, star48. Ah, or 2 could be two days prior to the 25th, a Wednesday.

  6. Could the tree in the back ground mean close to Christmas?
    The two lights could represent the second day of Christmas or second day of Hanukkah (the lighting of the second of candle)

  7. “The 25 will be lost to this” praying its not referring to xmas day…just a thought..

    1. That was my thoughts also Rhona. I recall a post “around the sacred holiday”, and the number 25 in the past, and something with a package and a tag on it. I’ve been wondering over the last month about this so when you brought it up… Could it be an earthquake or an attack? Could it just be my imagination? Eric did say they were referring to people when they said the number 25 though Will try and look up more old post today. Blessings stay safe.

  8. i think chile is not over yet a bigger one about to come may be 9 mag from looks of it & date is definitely 22nd december probably around christmas time frame the chile fault may trigger off other faults ………..

    1. Agreed. Chile is not finished yet. I don’t know why it’s still going unsettled. Going strong and does not rest.

  9. this is the new moon to the full moon this whole week guess thats when earthquakes get active also ……….

  10. Not sure how literal the words are from spirit but the coast of Napier NZ is lined with pine trees that have xmas lights all over them. Ken Ring has also predicted newsworthy quake due to barometric pressure/moon location and there was a whale stranding on west coast of South island. Just a few other signs to note for NZ that may help other join any potential dots.

  11. Oh my…just looked at the live map earthquakes. It’s still on rolling. Not looking good.

  12. Not sure about Australia. We aren’t on any fault lines and it’s also a very rare event. There was a damaging one back in the 80’s, but we just don’t get regular quakes like NZ, Japan etc. hope we don’t have a significant one.

    1. That’s weird. If you see the eye in sun…it’s pointed directly to that area. It’s the sign.

      1. Shebrokebad, I looked at the past history of Australia earthquakes. It’s likely to happen even if there’s no fault lines.

        Eric, I tried to find the name that related to trees in a city in Australia. I don’t think know which city that has the meaning of “trees”. Or maybe in NZ. Looking for a decoding.

    2. a fault line is a a scar of where an earthquake has been. Scientists scratch their heads trying to understand why earthquakes happen in places they thought there were no fault lines. a fault line is created when an earthquake happens, so they can take place anywhere as this planet is raising it’s vibration.

      Suggest you read the following article, australia for the past decade has been having at least an earthquake a day

  13. Hi shebrokebad me too …but who knows…just stay alert as spirit did mention Aus.. Cant recall notes 8-10-15 i think…its on previous post back ..sorry it seems im presuming you didnt catch it…blessings look after you and yours

  14. Yeah, I can vouch for that, I live in Newcastle NSW, Australia, and apart from the Quake in ’89, we get very little in the way of anything significant as far as quakes go, not just here in this state, bit in Australia as a whole.

  15. Could it be Dec 2 at 7.2 magnitude. The Christmas lights like a song day 2. Double 2 may represents two major earthquakes on same day either same place or 2 different places.

    Japan…10…still unfold. Calif…500…wed…still unfold.

    Bird legs and beak could be Australia, NZ and calif. What about Japan?

    What’s going on with Chile still going strong….is it related with volcano actives? Many quakes active in unusual places in US and once in France.

    What else I am missing?

  16. Good morning Eric, just outside enjoying my morning coffee looking out at the ocean and noticing that it is dead calm out no wind what so ever which is very unsusal.also very quiet with no birds chirrping around. Im just up north in Newport from you and was wondering if you notice the same?seems like Earthquake weather to me!!!

    1. Wow…If there’s no birds sound. They sense something “off”. Pay attention to the animals behavior. They are very sensitive to the environment on planet. It could be any moment. Just listen to the birds. Is it back to normal yet? Where Newport? In California? I’d be alert if anything is odd.

    2. KikimoniqueE, hi if you are living in Newport..are you aware of the Newport-Inglewood fault? My mother lived near Epicenter in 1933 EQ..Be very aware of the possibility of ground motion similar to waves…also the problem of liquidizing of the ground. Very hard to write down all that happened..very violent experiences…
      My grandmother and family at large had many observations about that fault and as well as other 1952 EQ a well as all the others..that have happened..
      I lived on the Penninsula in the 60’s/70’s, and I lived and moved from Laguna Niguel and Dana Point area in 2013..
      Basically have a good plan put in place,supplies available, and a plan how communicate with loved ones. ( e.g.Someone out of state be the communication point..
      Do not be afraid…just prepared…! Blessings to you..

      1. Hi star,yes I’m right on top of that lovely fault!… the wind has picked up since this morning but the birds are still scarce!…as for the liquidation…sh!!!t..I don’t even want to thank about that!. 😉

        1. KikimoniqueE, don’t be upset.. .
 will probably be in a Northern CA.
          Southern CA.. Has many more faults…towards the many possibilities..!

          So….just make sure to secure & strap your hot water Heater.also your refrig
          . Make sure anything around your bed is not a flying missile.
          And your kitchen cabinets have latches …..
          snap lights…bottled water..a GO bag– keep good hike boots and extra socks…in your house/ car
          .have a plan …a What if plan.. Talk to your will be fine

        1. KikimoniqueE, your lucky your not on Pennisula!
          You are much better positioned than I was…just behind you are the ball fields ? Also you have large parking lots…good meeting places…you okay…

  17. I looked up the latest big earthquake was March 10, 2014 in Ferndale, Calif of northern part of California at 6.8 magnitude.

    Wish we could be in Eric’s office so we can investigate together as a team. It’d be nice.

  18. So there are 2 earthquakes predicted. One in San Francisco and the other presumably New Zealand. 7 represents “talking about month” and 2 is the date. Christmas lights are in December so it’s possible that both earthquakes will occur on 2 December “2 and 2”. It appears that there are a couple predictions about birds. You call one a Flamingo and the other possibly a Kiwi. Perhaps the bird is a symbol that identifies the location and that an event is about to take place but not necessarily an earthquake?

    1. Wait a minute! Please correct me if I’m wrong. I do remember living in NZ when they celebrated Christmas lights in July because it’s cold and winter in their seasons. Is that possible because 7 is the month for July when kiwis decorated Christmas lights in their winter seasons? Some do, not all of them. The kiwis like the blinking lights in cold and snow season.

      1. mid year xmas is basically a commercial thing that business brought around for sales. It’s a marketing thing, kiwis don’t put up anything xmas in their homes or towns for it. i dont know any kiwis that like blinking lights in the cold season

      2. I looked at Erics glossary and 7 means month but not necessarily a specific month. Spirits are speaking in a language so the challenge I think is to try and sync up with their language. Symbols is what i’m thinking.

      3. Chao, I was there and there was few Christmas lights in neighborhoods decorated in the winter spirits.

        Peace to you.

      4. Eric, I think NZ decorated it for fun copied the idea from USA as white snow with Christmas lights. I think they put it up just for fun and enjoyable. Not sure if they celebrate Christmas in July. But they do celebrate in summer in Dec. Its hot there even with the lights up at nights. Still beautiful whether it’s snow or not and in summer. 😉

    2. Around my neck of the woods, a lot of people start with their Xmas decorations around Thanksgiving. The stores (not all) have had some Xmas decorations up before Halloween ( which I really don’t like) and the radio stations start with the Xmas music the week of Thanksgiving, so I’m guessing these earthquakes could really happen at any time between now and the end of the year. Since I have family in SF I am just gonna keep praying that it doesn’t happen or if it does, it’s just a minor one. That’s really all we can do.

    3. The number 7 is usually a reference to ‘date’ its symbolic to them saying we are talking about time. December 2nd is the most likely of that message. But the bird prediction is coming next.

    1. scandal, I don’t think so, there is no such thing as a NZ bird of the year. it’s a silly little thing run by a greenie group.

      1. Chaos, you made me laugh…
        of course…it does not hold a candle to any “big” scandal..
        Silly little things can give joy…please do not quash. Greenies, silly birds, or people taking joy in birds. It is all part of their human experience and part of a journey of compassion,
        I know how hard it is to appreciate the smaller, softer and fragile, likes and hopes of some individuals.
        So many major issues take precedent ,our focus…sometimes small is big.

      2. actually no, I am a greenie and a bird lover with an aviary, it is a silly little thing that you have picked up by googling and having to post from a foriegn paper to NZ because it is just tabloid gutter rubbish. no scandal just silly people

        1. Chaos, I read the U K papers On a regular basis..
          So your telling me it is not true?
          Thanks for the update that the information is false..
          I will try to get a second reference next time…blessings on your help.

  19. Just some food for thought…the Flamingo is an “unofficial” state bird of Florida. Flamingo is also a “ghost town” at the very end of the Everglades and is at the end of the state. Florida averages 285 earthquakes a year, go figure and I am originally from California

    1. Yes, my original thought as well, but they quickly sank that. We need to figure out why Spirit is so set on the feet, the legs of the bird?? Ground? Stable?

      1. Thanks Eric, I bet it’s definitely the Kiwi bird that matches the visual you saw the feet and beak. Even the tree you mentioned as their hiding places from dangerous. It’s rare and extinct. And the Christmas lights represent for Dec. Now, “Two…Two” could mean the 2nd or 22nd of Dec.

        I hope this is my final anawer. 😉 we’ll see.

  20. Poor Chile…it kept hammered for days and nights. Crazy! I think it’s gonna explode.

  21. Hi all ..i know most of us know the facts on the tectonic plates but i thought i would add this link because i got to thinking maybe the Aust Plate subducting Pacific plate and a big one in or around Plymoth N.Z. If gig enough will cause a fault echo in Aus….or
    maybe spirit was just implying the Aust Plate is the culprit in the Plymoth quake…this isnt.going to help with timing but at least we are conversing Star 48 informative link on California …I stayed in Laguna Nigual for several weeks in 2004….lived at to read lol…fave spor Chappel on the hill….blessings all…

    1. Rhona,
      the library was closed for remodeling…almost a year when I sold my house and left in Jan, 2013. All residents had to use Dana Point library..Great Library system..
      By the way my iPad has over 475 books so far..,I love books too.

  22. Star48 thanks for update on library …i thought it quant and the energy was strong ..i could almost here the past and the ones who had visited there…yeah i have been known to to have three or four books on the go ar once…
    Jules 104 your welcome…
    Sleep well guys be safe in all ways

  23. Hi Chaos thanks …yeah to the North if N.Z underneath noth island is subducted under Aust Plate…
    To South Island under Fiordland Aust Plate is subducted under Pacific plate….wow what a twist….blessings…

  24. Hi Eric i have been doing some thinking about the Flamingo 10-14-14 notes…..this article is about a line Flamingo that turns up on The Bay and around Hayward…Oakland… is from july 2013 maybe another pun by spirit… you for all you do blessings…

  25. Also….maybe if seen again soon it could be an indication of the time is very close….just a thought….

  26. CME glancing blow on earth from sun today, 12 Nov. Sun activity does appear to have an impact on earthquake activity. Eric, not sure how you arrived at a possible earthquake about this time but it is possible. I’m still leaning toward 2 Dec being the time frame for both quakes in San Francisco and Plymouth New Zealand to strike. I guess all anyone can do is insure their earthquake preparedness plan is good to go.

    1. Thanks Greg. It perfectly make sense. It added stress from CNE glancing blow from the sun to boost the earthquake activities. You are right on! It has to be California and new Zealand on Dec. 2nd. I’m glad you checked into CNE.

  27. Unless I have a metaphysical revelation I’m done working on this one. Time to move on to the next. – The racist attack. I’m thinking that “mum” may be “nun”. The question is what country?

    1. I was wondering the same thing. Though Spirit does speak in a seemingly strange way to us earthlings sometimes. So maybe…the hospital is mum? Maybe they know something or could lend evidence to something that occurred but don’t speak up on the matter?

    2. The U.S. – ok. “The racist will attack the black community” Maybe spirit will be able to pinpoint a state or city because otherwise this is truly a needle in the haystack. There are a lot of University protests going on now over the white/black thing so this may be what spurs the demented individual to go on the offensive.

  28. There is a report in the British news about the prosecution of a Maoist cult leader who has been charged with abusing his female followers and keeping his own daughter locked away. I remember you wrote something about someone keeping people under control a few weeks back, and was reminded of it when I read this report. I also wanted to add something to the mention you made of a strange name ‘Miss Calve’ or something similar. Not sure if it’s any relevance, but miscalve was an old Anglo Saxon word (quite crude) which meant to abort. Here’s the report from the BBC on the cult leader
    I hope you’re well.

  29. Eric, I go back to your original statement. “You saw a visual of 2 christmas light bulbs”. What does that means to you? “There is a tree in the background”. What’s that mean to you? And you saw “two…two”. What does that means to you?

    To me, the tree in the background is related to Kiwi. That’s where they live among the tree. They hide from wild animals from attack. Kiwi is very rare and extinct. They live hiding the trees from dangerous. They comes out at nights to eat.

    Now the 2 Christmas light bulbs….what 2 Christmas lights bulb represents? Is this related to 2 “Christmas lights” festival or events?

    “Two. .Two”….does that mean double? Is it 22 or 22nd? Does this mean “twin…twin?

    Also, I remember in the older post as you mentioned Plymouth in N.Z. it’s unfold.

    I’m feeling in my gut it will be New Zealand and Australia likely to be hit again as the spirits mentioned. Japan…10…still unfold. There is increased earthquakes activity crazy in US from Calif to Missouri since Oct 28th on full moon. Lastly, Chile is ongoing quake movement crazy like a hammer kept hammered in that spot of Chile. Maybe its related to Chile volcano activities?

    It’s all I seen and monitored on earthquake live maps for the last 2 weeks. It definitely something bigger coming up.

    1. Never mind Eric. You already replied to some of my questions to others. Thanks and blessings to you!

      Gonna focus on “mum” towards the racist. Mum is the word in NZ for Mom.

      You mentioned it’s in US. Let’s find out what clues we have here.

      1. Awe. …it makes sense since the Spirits are called the Ancient Ones. They have been through many centuries and spoke their languages before our time. That’s excited and exceptional cool!! I got the goose bumps. 🙂 Many thanks to Eric!!

  30. Reblogged this on melbrake and commented:
    At this time, I would like to reveal what I learned during my download from a few days ago that San Francisco, Ca will experienced a catastrophic earthquake. We need to take this information very seriously because, I witnessed the earthquake myself while I was fully consciousness and I experienced the light and radiation first hand. I hope never to experience something like this again.-Mel Brake

    1. Very interesting. Thanks, Mel. I’m not sure if this is true or not but it’s very interested. Thanks for sharing.

      Blessings to you!

  31. There’s Something else. What if the Spirits say Two..Two for a twin towers in a big city like world trade tower. Is there a twin towers in California? And the tree in background with the twin towers just saying.

  32. I think someone (maybe Mary?) may have mentioned this already but I couldn’t find it so…could it be “the mum (Mom) in the hospital”? So Mum, meaning Mom for some, and giving us an idea of the location? Would that be Great Britain, New Zealand, Australia? Any others?

  33. Eric, on 9-28-14 you ask have these predictions happened yet? The 9-10-14 prediction says…
    “Earthquake coming by a coastline
    right above the location sits the bird
    where the land sticks out.” You have a visual of the duck/goose cartoonish looking bird. Could this be related to the bird in this prediction? Also the post above that 9-14-14 talks about a Florida hurricane and has the number 22. I wouldn’t think anything of it except that it’s combined with this other bird post for questioning did they happen yet?

  34. Eric, another thought. Think the visual of the bird legs that might be related as “Turkey” which is nearby Europe?

    Because there is many earthquakes in Turkey today. I think I counted about 15 quakes within 2 hours period. It still come and goes. Just wondering.

    1. Yes that is becoming very possible in my mind. However if it is a reference to Turkey then they are talking about the terror attack expected with the black mist.

  35. Eric …coleagues …at the risk of seeming like a dog with a bone, i camt stop searching and found this event in Plymoth on the 22nd of Nov 2015 …peurto Flaminco …now i questioned why flamingo – flaminco and if spiri gave a vison of dancers it could be more confusing than this is….they dance alot flamingos and its all to do with feet and legs in flaminco dancing too ..long shot but here is link it has several dates Aus too …scroll to c 22nd nov 2015

    1. Hi Rhona, good research, that actually makes sense somewhat to me Though I didn’t see this scheduled for New Plymouth, NZ on 22 Nov 2015, but for Malta. Did I miss something? And then, while looking for it…I did find that New Plymouth, NZ is having a “Port to Park Fun Run” along the Coastal Walkway, New Plymouth Foreshore, New Plymouth, on Sun 22 Nov 2015. It made me think of the people on the sidewalk and a big plank coming towards them and someone yelling brace for impact dinosaur prediction. Also I remember a prediction with the Spirits saying the timing was bad bad…or such, ( Not even sure if that has happened already) but it would definitely be bad timing. Though it sounds pretty far out there I know. Like… and how did you arrive at this? LOL Just wanted to mention just in case there is something there. I will include a map of the Coastal Walkway. Also…this is just one of those strange things…while watching “The Dinosaur Train” with my grandchild this am, of course the dino the Paleontologist is speaking of at the end has all to do with the “Flamingo”!! With pics. You know, so of course I have flashing lights and bells going off in my head. LOL 😮 (Oh just thought about this…that would have to do with legs also wouldn’t it?)

  36. Jules 104 hi just woke up to Paris news prayers live and light to the hostages and the authorities involved in all of this …..I think if yoy google Puerto Flaminco Plymouth N.Z 22nd Nov 2015 it will come up as ..Tour Puerto Flamingo…..i see with the link i posted it scrolls to 22nd but has chogam i dont get it …but on goole list it comes up with Plymouth date ..please try it so i dint think ilost

    the plot lol..
    How i arrived at it is something was nawing at me for some time nowing faminco is spanish for flamingo

  37. Jules sorry phone still making it hard to type and comment….
    And the beak of the bird they hold their heads high and dance in a group ti expise beaks and flaminco dancers hold their hand high and make the same movement as the bird…al intersting as.. no one jnows the origin.of.the dance it is speculated but no.fact ..The gypsies of Spain are credited with it…Spaun has second largest colonies of flamigos…
    Typos are too hard to correct due to dodgy cursor so i will continue to make these mistakes in spelling and format….lol…when you were watching Dinasaur of my favs…spirit must have whispered intuitively to you….. I think maybe the same with the flamingo for me just a whisper of dual confimation for plymouth ir maybe giving us a closer date…we will have to wait and see…as Eric would say…
    Eric i know they werent dancing in you vision.but thought its all about the feet.your right prob off base…blessings to all…

    1. Rhona quite all right with typos…I completely understand. Much sorrow for the French People today…my heart and prayers go out to them. I read a headline last night on CNN, it was someone saying the gunmen were picking them off like “birds”. Thought that was interesting and wondered if it could be related to the bird so I started looking for the article. I found this in todays headlines, probably nothing but I feel the terrorist will try and do more harm all over the globe. I remember thinking once a long time ago when I would read up on Nostradamus Quatrains….it was almost like reading the newspapers headlines or watching the news but in the here and now. So I always wonder when I see things that seem to relate somehow to predictions now. I’m sure it’s nothing at all, just saw “Melbourne” and wondered about the” legs”, and then there is the sporting event.

  38. Hi Jules….im concerned for Melbourne too…Our Melbourne Cup race has already been run this year a first time win fir a woman jokey..Fantastic…There is a prediction 10-15-15 that warns of south east aust ..i thpught melbourne but Sydney isnt toi far fim melbourne…Heres hoping its foiled and we are all kept safe…i get the legs bit but not sure…All any of us can do is just keep being strong and as My mother used to say …”onward and upward ” blessings to you and yours our vision for the future will triumph but maybe not as soin as we would like but we are paving the way for the young ones ….

    1. Great advice…onward and upward! I remember that prediction about southeast Australia. I too hope they can be foiled along with any others. I do think the spiders will be on the run soon enough. Praying for Peace.

  39. Hi Eric, i live on the westcoast of New Zealand where we are due for an earthquake on our overdue alpine fault. Could you please draw more attention to New Zealand to see if we are in danger?

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