Predictions 12-15-17

I had a visual of a man who over time became a monster, then at the end of his transformation he said.

“Everything is going to be irie.” The man truly believe he was doing a good thing?

Then Spirit showed pictures of 29 people that he had killed.

I had to assume there is a Jamaican connection, perhaps the man is from there?


Truth 7

A few months before the Paris Terror attacks of 2015 I had a meeting with Marcus. Marcus is a Spirit that has been with me from the beginning. He is one of four Spirits that communicate the information that is gathered from all the other Spirits. I was on the beach meditating, and after a good hour of clearing my mind I found myself in the visual state which allows me to communicate with Spirit.  It begin with his voice.

“We are going to have to shift our focus, there are several terror attacks coming and we need to give that our undivided attention.” Marcus said, as we both stared out towards the ocean.

“I Got it we will regroup, I will focus on the attacks… Marcus with all these evil acts it just seems like the good side is losing, it just seems like the darkness has the upper hand in this war between God and the Devil. ” I pondered.

“Is that what you think?! There is a war between God and the Devil.. Good and evil?” Marcus asked

“Isn’t there?” I asked.

Marcus looked at me and pointed down to the ground. “Pick up some sand”

I picked up some sand from the beach, curious where this was going.

“Now drop it.. and hold out your hand.” Marcus responded.

After picking up the sand, I let it fall from my hand and held out my left hand.

“See that spec of sand.. right there” Marcus pointed to a small spec on the bottom of my finger.

“That is your darkness on this infinitesimal planet called earth”

Then Marcus turned around to the ocean, with his hands raised high in the sky, screaming at the top of his lungs with overwhelming joy.

“And this ocean from here to Asia, and all around the world, in all of its depth is our Creator, our father!”

Marcus then turned back around towards me with a big smile.

War? Not really.”

“So then how do you explain so much evil in the world?” I asked

“A question for the boss. I will let him know your asking. ” As we both walked away.

Part 2, my bosses response, coming soon.

This is a simple message that explains the magnitude of all that is good and divine, a message that gave me great comfort, in the end all will be well.

I want to let you know Spirit communicates in symbols, to simplify this message I changed those symbols into words. 


Predictions 12-1-17

Madness.. such evil.

They then pointed to a location in France, first starting with Paris then shifting outward to one then two cities out from Paris.

There was initially the feeling of a vehicle attacking people but then it shifted to a train? We need to clarify exactly what happens.

There was also an implication of an attack on youth because they showed a back pack on the ground.

Then Spirit shifted to Ohio. We need to ask about Ohio first and then clarify whether or not the attack in France is one attack or multiple ones.

Buffalo’s will be genetically engineered, their numbers grow in droves.

According to Spirit there will be advancements in the field of genetically engineering animals. It has it’s limits; they need a viable host, and the species must be able to adapt to the existing climates, so bringing back animals of a more ancient timeframe will be very difficult.

We are discussing the next ‘Truth’. Give me some time to gather the information, it won’t be around the 1st but we will post one for the month.


Predictions 11-30-17

I had a visual of a British flag, underneath the flag was a massive field of murky water.

I had a visual of rich people getting into a car with scandalous intent.

I had a visual of smoke rising into the air, the air was turning black, as if poisoned.

I had a visual of a large wave of water crashing down, in the visual it looked as if there was something behind it, a damn or water canal? Or are we talking about a Tsunami? We need to clarify the situation.

It’s unclear if all these predictions are related or not, however from the images and feelings its some type of major disaster, then a poisoning of the people or the land. One that has a scandal behind it. Perhaps a cover up. The United Kingdom was at the center of it.

I had a visual of a picture of this young happy couple then the visual shifted to show the lady with a gun, very upset, walking towards something.

I had a visual of Iran, with a fever blind patriotism on their side, and an anti- muslim sentiment from the US president the path of war has been set. Its not right at this time.. but you will go to war.

The implication was that through Trumps rhetoric Iran and its leadership could stir up a false enemy, someone to point to for their woes, leading to rising tensions and then a bloody war.

Oh so many lies. Its impossible to defend the indefensible. I had a visual of a man showing a folder to everyone, inside the folder was a list of facts about the situation. The facts completely contradict everything you have been saying. Then the visual shifted again to show a TV flipping channels of news outlets. All of them headlining Trump.

Sounds like Mueller investigation.

Are you (Trump) promoting anti muslim propaganda. Does that condone attacks against Muslims? Because that is what is coming.

I had a visual of John F Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy in their youth holding hands, kissing each other. Then it shifted to show a prince and princess holding hands, both very young and happy. Then a Spirit came by to point at the belly, “Just as they begin, a baby will follow.”

I had a visual of a large red clock, on it was a countdown that read 3 – 32 -00, that implies in three days. A prediction around the 2nd. I need to review which predictions mention the 2nd? I will try and ask what is coming? They also implied a ‘far fetched’ prediction made is about to happen.

I can only think of one prediction that fits both those events: Predictions 3-24-16 “The second.. number 2.. a meteor will strike South America, and leave damage in its wake.


Predictions 11-13-17

I had a visual of a town under water, you could see roofs of houses but everything else was consumed by the water.

Where? Oh again.. so tragic.. the US gulf..

The implication shifted from Florida to Texas and areas around Texas. The original message happened a week ago. I need to ask for a timeframe, however considering the urgency, I am expecting this to start in November.

I had a visual of New York, a massive snow storm.

In the North east, eastern Canada.. the snow will fall again, and again, it just won’t stop. Then the worst possible outcome as the power fails.

I had a visual of map of the US, then someone smashed it with a cooking smasher.

In December, promises made but not kept, the rage against the US President boil over, tolerance and patience.. dead. The word used.. incompetence

Iran-Iraq Earthquake

My heart pours out on this tragic event. Please pray for those in Iraq and Iran. The plan was to get the details tonight, so I apologize for this vague prediction. We knew it was coming very soon.

I had a visual I was in the desert. Then a large earthquake happened.

The Spirits are back, we have been discussing plans, for instance they have dire concerns over natural disasters, storms will be devastating, floods run rampant. So in many ways I am expecting them to shift towards Mother Nature. They are already setting up an earthquake and massive storm, both damaging, and both coming very soon.

Explosion in Houston

The details of this explosion are still unclear, My heart pours out to those injured.

Unfortunately I did not finish getting the details of this incomplete prediction.

The prediction: I had a visual I was walking down a street when I saw a building explode.

The Facts: HOUSTON – Two workers were injured Friday in an explosion and subsequent fire outside the Whitehall Hotel in downtown Houston. The incident was reported about 1 p.m. near the intersection of Smith and Pease streets.