China’s Military Drill Circles Taiwan

World Predictions 1-16-23
I heard a sound, bang, bang, bang, metal swords slamming against the ground. Then I found myself flying through the clouds, I swept down and below me was Taiwan. Then the power went out over the night sky. The banging became louder.
“Is it an invasion Micah?”
“Its looking like a threat.”
-The Spirit Micah answered

In this January World Prediction, I honestly saw all that troop movement, just like the video shows, and questioned are we going to war? But Micah corrected me, showing this moment as just another threat. The lights didn’t go out?

Under World Predictions 1-16-23 we predicted the running out of eggs, this banging of swords and another event, we are waiting for that to happen. If you look at it, you can expect gas prices to go through the roof. Just warning you.

World Predictions 12-6-19
I had a visual of this secret bunker or private room. Russians were on computers, others were organizing their plans while communicating to those in charge. On the wall was various pictures of different people.. In the center of the room was a large monitor that read
“Summit”. Then I had a visual of a pun of some kind. I had a visual of “Morton Salt” container, at the bottom of the blue container was the word
The Russians are planning a very covert operation, secretive, and sinister. The room had a great number of people so whatever they are planning it’s huge. The room looked like a bunker in the movies where the president has to go in a special room to deal with an attack.

They just poured salt on NATOs plans. Unfortunately I warned you recently this might be coming.

Predictions 6-3-17
Assassination attempt.. Putin.. loyalties now in question.

I had a visual of Clarence Thomas sitting in a chair and then he was gone.
Collaboration confirmed the cat has left the bag.

Conspiracy.. money exchanges hands.. put into business .. from one hand to another.. Russia.. while the white house looks on.

Predictions 6-3-17

Written in 2017, before Putin smashed the world. Spirit predicted Clarence Thomas would have a scandal in which “The Cat is out of the bag” and collaboration with others apparent. At the same time, we also predicted Putin might be assassinated. In 2017 Loyalties might not have be in question, but they are now for you Putin. Do you remember all the way back to 2017, when Trump first started, Putin and Clarence were not on the radar of concern.

Fun Fact
As we talk about Salt
Kosher Salt is Vital to a Spiritual Seer

Hollywood uses Kosher Salt in a very strange way? In the movies the main character will throw salt on the ground and say “Stay in the circle, this will keep us safe from the evil Spirits” How utterly silly. Are you protecting them from the pepper monster. What is going on here? Why is it a circle? Why not a square? This is why nobody takes my work seriously, as you throw a condiment on the floor!..
and yet.. Daily Eric burns, Lavender, Sage, Palo Santo, Frankincense, and Myrrh, Blood Moon, and Pano.
The act of burning Lavender is sending a message, like a lighthouse saying. The light is on. Come one come all. Everyone is welcome! Then the Spirits flock in droves to my home. Then I burn the Frankincense. Which is a message that says
“Not You”
To all the dark forces that might want to enter the orbit you are unwelcome. Frankincense is used to protect the space. Then I burn Myrrh. This where I am calling on my Spirits to deal with those dark forces that have decided there not going to listen to Eric. A more forcible act is coming from Macabe’s Guards as I burn the Myrrh. Then after the unwelcome guests leave the rest of us settled in to begin the work of the day. All of these elements burn on a large bed of Kosher Salt, and it has to be Kosher to absorb all the heat from the coal. As you can imagine I buy Kosher Salt in bulk. But in an odd way it is used “To keep us safe from the Evil Spirits”

Lavender burns for your readings as it does for the World Predictions

8 responses to “China’s Military Drill Circles Taiwan”

  1. TW Longtime Lurker Avatar
    TW Longtime Lurker

    Praying for peace and safety.

  2. Itk Avatar

    I googled about kosher salt and found it is produced by Morton Salt. Would it be possible that it is symbolic of the summit being protected in some way against the hackers’ evil plan?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      They poured salt on the plan. I think this message is over. It however Implies the US has a spy.

  3. egwefer Avatar

    Well, my neighbor died and we were with him almost until he died. For more then a few days, I was wakened up at 4AM by knocking on my front door. This went on until I put salt across my front door way. So it must have done something.

  4. Shakugan Tan Avatar
    Shakugan Tan

    The world is becoming too complicated. Everything is happening everywhere all at once.

  5.  Avatar

    the price explosion has already taken place in Europe several months ago

    this means that it will be worse next year
    or in the near future ?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I am expecting Putin to blow something up, most likely a pipe. Does that create a cascade effect on the price. I don’t think so, just another nail in the coffin.

  6.  Avatar

    when you expected gas prices to go through the roof

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