World Predictions 1-16-23

“Hurricane Season” I had a vision of a map of the United States gulf. Then a large massive storm rolled in moving in the direction of Louisiana and Texas. The destruction to the coast was extensive because of the tide. The tide now sweeping through swaths of multiple locations.

I had a visual of a trash can, the trash can was filled with egg shells. I could visualized hands throwing the eggs away. Next to none left.

I heard a sound, bang, bang, bang, metal swords slamming against the ground. Then I found myself flying through the clouds, I swept down and below me was Taiwan. Then the power went out over the night sky. The banging became louder. “Is it an invasion Micah?”.. “Its looking like a threat.” -Micah.

“The price of energy will skyrocket as the ‘petulant toddler’ has nothing left but to crash the systems in place.” Thats the nickname Diana dubbed for Putin.

All of these World Predictions are products of your Personal Readings. How do I predict the future? I use multiple faucets of time during your reading. The reading begins and ends with messages from Spirit. But there are also the “Echoes” of time that move like a zipper of the past and the future creating your now. Then I will look at the “plan” the Universe has in store for you. I will examine your Karma, and your “Flow” to show me the direction you have chosen. But now the Spiritual Realms World Predictions have infused into your readings. The world predictions are no longer bound to my office at the dead of night. They seems to be seeping into all things. So the option is now available to you, you can now ask questions about the future of the world during your Personal Reading.

22 thoughts on “World Predictions 1-16-23

    1. I honestly think its a simple prediction that says we run out of eggs. The set up is officially new. We no longer just predict the nightmares of tomorrow. But predictions that happen “Next” so the sky is the limit on any and all predictions.

        1. This is where the shift happens. In the past that would have never made it on my site. But this is different now. We no longer predict just the tragedies of tomorrow. But what is Next, next, next. So now “Eggs” missing on a shelf, guaranteed news for the local news, it will be good enough for us too. As long as its next. The question is where? Everywhere? Or just a state? All the eggs?

  1. What month do you see this massive hurricane hitting? We are in North Louisiana.
    Thank you 😊

  2. Hey Eric… have you ever thought about making a specifical section for hurricanes, floods, earthquakes etc?
    Maybe it could be act like a “weather forecast station”. I don’t know if it’s possible, but people could subscibe to that, receive an alert and see if they are in danger. A simple app like that could spread a lot, be useful to people and also attract them to your website.
    I don’t know, just a wild thought!
    Cheers! 🙂

    1. I would love a site of just write “Echoes” those are the most accurate predictions We actually tried to sell, to Macabe, and Darcy the idea of just doing Weather and Disasters. But Spirit said no.
      Yes, we have plans to create a reference page so you can see predictions lined up in sections. A page for just the predictions and nothing else. Unfortunately we are on hold.
      We need Sprit and I to still make our new plan a bit more well oiled.

      1. Yes! Sections also would be great. It would be easier to read and to track, and would also give the reader a sense of narration. It would make it more accessible and… tasty.
        Of course, like in all things, the decision is always for the Spirit to take.

  3. A few weeks ago I had a sudden really intense intuition telling me “freeze your eggs.” Logically I would have assumed it meant my reproductive eggs which I’m considering BUT something in me kept saying to freeze actual store eggs to be safe just in case that’s what it meant since that’s way cheaper than reproductive egg freezing which I definitely can’t afford right now. I immediately froze a dozen eggs. Your prediction has me thinking it may have really been about food eggs! Also earlier today I was thinking about a grocery list thinking randomly I should really stock up on eggs just in case… and maybe freeze even more. I’m going to buy a bunch tomorrow!

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