The Power of Precognition

Let me show you the many forms of Precognition. The power of intuition begins with a scent, a smell, a gut intuition of knowledge, as you pull at the fabric of time, as you pull at the Spiritual Realm for knowledge. You get a feeling, a sudden shift in emotions that aren’t yours. As a spray of things to come take hold of you. A feeling that consumes you. A taste in your mouth that isn’t clear, or absolute, but clearly a specific flavor coming in the future, and as it draws closer, the taste becomes stronger.

Here in this prediction below, I felt fury. I felt flames shoot out in all directions, as rage enveloped all my emotions, a beast was coming and it moved like a raging lion. Like a coiling snake ready to bite. I immediately felt fear consume me, so I pulled away, I must step back not to allow intuition to unfeather me, when we wrote it, I could only give it one word, fury:

World Predictions 10-6-19 “An epidemic is coming that will move with such fury.” I had a visual of China, in the eastern coastal region semi close to Taiwan, that was marked. On the map was the number 2. Then it shifted to show people in tents coughing. I had a visual of a map showing an area between France and Spain in the more northern region. Then the area turned red, the red are grew outward, getting larger and larger.

But it isn’t enough to just taste precognition, you must see it too. Leading you to the second layer of Precognition, the visions of tomorrow. Here as you meditate, suddenly you find yourself in a strange elaborate dream, with odd confusing messages. The messages move with speed, as if a flash of information, a jolt of knowledge, foreign to your train of thought. Here in the vision you fall into a trance, and lose your ties to this world for a brief moment. As the Spiritual Realm shows you things to come, A vision to describe the moment approaching. Always shown in riddles and symbols that in the moment make little sense.

Below is one of the most elaborate strange messages, the streets were out of a 1950s spy novel, I could literally see people brawling, while watching Putins wicked smile, snickering child like in the background, but then the tide shifted, and suddenly all the light was just on him, as if massive spot light was in the sky, and the whole place was just looking at one man. Then the storm covered the background with a bolt of lightning and complete darkness. Showing me this is the nightmare of tomorrow. A strange Dali like message, both wicked and silly, that reflects the future.

World Predictions 7-31-19 I had a visual of a future where Americans brawled each other while Putin hiding in the dark corner snickered at the division he created. Then the spotlight was on Putin. The visual shifted to show a new era of America marching in unison, with one enemy.. Russia. There was a massive storm in the background and a horrible ominous feeling of dread. Though the people were dressed in modern day clothes the background looked like the 1950s.

But why stop with these two tools when you can dig for more treasures. The power to warn us of tomorrow. As we move forward the voice takes hold. The voice of the Spirits of divine nature, the voice of ancient beings guiding and supporting our lives and experiences. This is family. This source of information, is profound as we move away from a spray of information, to direct information. The voice is different from the norm, it sounds as if your hearing it through a tin can, an echoing voice, at a distance moving as it trails away, but its message is usually clear and direct, but only room for a quick message, only time for a one sentence line as the voice moves away from you. Still limiting our air of clarity, but the spray of knowledge shifts to a stream.

This prediction below was direct and to the point, and would come 6 months later as Hurricane Maria.

Predictions 3-20-17 “When the Hurricanes arrive.. Puerto Rico will be demolished.”

Now comes power. Because as you bend and pull, as you dig and consume all things Spiritual something happens. You begin to have echoes. A reflection of time itself, a moment that will only be a flash of time, just a glimpse as if looking back into a rear view mirror, or a photo passing by, it no longer sprays with unclear intent, it is the future, it is exactly what is coming, but only a sliver, only a piece.

Here below watch the ball move to the left, then to the right, as the ball stops in the middle of the field, the explosion unfolds, and yet where am I? I knew it was Europe from the buildings, but there was nothing to say where exactly I was. I have come to learn to look for signs, messages, on walls, ads and billboards, to try and solve the location of all the echoes I see:

Notes on 7-16-14 I had a visual of two metal poles, one on the left side the other on the right. A white ball slowly rolled down from one pole and stopped a little bit over half way on the field, then there was an explosion. Eric’s Comments: Spirit has not discounted this prediction. Again they imply an explosion at a sporting event, a terror attack.

I would caution you here in this orbit of the Spiritual Realm, echoes are deep depths of the Spiritual power, the warning from the Good Book haunts me as I am reminded of its divine wisdom “Those who seek knowledge, seek sorrow.” Its a painful, dreadful experience of terror to watch an event like this, I was there in the stadium looking down watching this moment unfold, only to again see it in reality, it builds a double dread when seeing it unfold in your mind and your reality. But another step approaches in the orbit of Precognition, one that leads to peace, calm and Joy.

A river of time? A place that is in a state of nothingness? Yet its there? The universes eye of the storm? A place of endless knowledge, a place where time itself was built. Behind it all a being of absolute Joy! Absolute love and kindness, wanting to warm you and comfort your every move. A child like explosion of happiness and excitement consumes you, as you move closer to the force controlling all the levers, holding time itself in their hands, you start to begin to stare back at each other through the echoes, you begin a relationship that leads to the ultimate knowledge of divine messages, or as Eric calls it

It is here I find my path complete in learning my craft. I have predicted. I have found the place behind it all. I have shown you tangible work. All that is left is to bring change to our world, to represent them in the best possible way, because when you meet the divine, you truly find splendor in serving them. You want very much to give your best effort in their name. Faith becomes reality.

As the fog of tomorrow pulls away, I find myself wanting to give this tool. I suddenly have flames in my belly dancing to share all of this knowledge with you. To give you the keys I have found, to show you where all the hidden treasures can be found. To guide your moves into the the Spiritual Realm, here is my new role, that of a a teacher of the art of Precognition. So I invite you again, to our third class, where I describe and share what is behind it all, that force, that place, that Joy, and all the powerful beings that serve a place beyond us. Allow me the the opportunity to show you the ultimate light, a force that already knows what we will do before we do it. Allow me to open the door to the Spiritual Realm.

New Class: 3
“How To Connect To the Divine”
Edgar Cayce called it the
Akashic Records. Buddhist call it Nirvana. Eric calls it the Shimmer, or Shimmy because the energy glows with white mist and ambers of fire lighting the mist with a beautiful glow. Together you and I will explore this being, this place, and all things related to this one force that fuels all of my work. Without the Shimmer there would be no World Predictions, it is the source of all the power.
November 17th At 6:00 PM to 730 PM Pacific Time

After the third class, we move towards teaching you one on one. To showing and asking Spirit directly for directions on your next step. I leave you with this final message, here in the second half of this prediction, World Predictions 5-19-23 they would predict our success, I can open that door for you. That is what I have learned the message is, an open door for all to come.

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  1. Jupyter Avatar

    Hi , what should those do who didn’t attended 1st and 2nd class

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I honestly think you can take the third class, it’s separate from the other two, I will be referencing the First class, but at a minimum. As for taking the first and second class, you can do that privately now, we are moving towards a 1 on 1 now. Just email us a date that works before the 17th and we can set that up.

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