Truth: Precognition

How exactly is the future predetermined? To answer that is to understand that it’s the past and the future that create the present. Through that a direction forms. I predict a moment, one moment, when the past and future form a directional state.
The Spirits once best described it as an echo of things to come. That I could hear the echo coming, that movement of a voice carry itself from one space to another leading to a specific result.
Have I lost you yet? Let me give two specific examples.
I was playing a marble game with our foster kids. I had a 7 year old partner and we were losing badly. In the middle of the game I had a quick visual of a dice that read 2, then I had a quick visual that I would win. My junior partner rolled a 2 next and in that moment a direction from the past and future was set, a specific result had formed for the future. Is it absolute? No I could quit in that moment if I wanted. But I didn’t. I was curious to see it play out. It’s important to understand that it wasn’t until mid game that the future became determined, I could not see the future at the beginning of the game. It was one specific moment that determines the course of our actions, that led to us winning.

When I was in my 20s living in the mid west I was talking with Spirit late at night. I asked them to predict what I would eat the next day? They said I would just change it so there was nothing to predict. Then a month later I was waking up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom.
“Tomorrow you will eat spaghetti” they whispered

Ha! I hear a challenge! I responded

I heard a chuckle. “Go for it.” As if my plans were fruitless.

The next day there was an epic snow storm coming in. I was on the phone with my boss at the time to see if we were going to open the restaurant. We decided not too. I needed to get the list of the other managers working for me, from the car. The snow was already pouring down. I went to the car in my house clothes to grab a list of employees to tell them the restaurant would be closed. I went down to grab it from my trunk. On my way back the key broke off in the key hole. I remember thinking “That sucks”. Then I realized with jolting panic the full weight of my problem. I don’t have my wallet, I am dressed down, I have no access to my house, and I am stuck outside my door with just my cell phone and car keys.
I spent several hours waiting for the landlord I called. Finally by mid day I finally heard back, I would have to wait till tomorrow because of the snow storm. At this point spaghetti was the least of my obstacles. As they day wore on my junior manager called to ask about the following day, would we still be closed? I explained my plight. He in turn told me to come on over, we could play cards all night. It was a drive, his apartment was on the other side of town but what choice did I have? Not to mention I was starving by now. So I went to his house. By the time I got there it was diner. As he invited me I could see the dining table where his roommates sat eating. Marcus the spirit that oversees all readings, my spiritual brother, floated by the empty chair at the dining table, pointing with his hand to an empty seat. He smiled at me with such glee. My friend told me to take a seat, eat, he opened the pot at the center of the table which was spaghetti.

In summary it is the state of motion and direction that allows my sight to see what’s next but choice is always ours.

Other messages:

Is the Bible correct? Is the Quran correct? Is the teachings of Siddhartha correct? Which religion is accurate?
Count all the stars and planets in your own galaxy. Count each and everyone of them. Then count all the stars, all the planets in all the other galaxies and know that the being that created all of that cannot be summarized in a book.
If you can accept that you beliefs is one sliver, one small piece of something so much more epic, than yes it is accurate.
Failure to recognize that there is so much more, determined to limit your beliefs, runs the risk of taking a more radical path.