Third Class With Eric Leigh-Pink this Friday

“How To Connect To the Divine”
This Friday November 17th At 6:00 PM to 730 PM Pacific
Edgar Cayce called it the
Akashic Records. Buddhist call it Nirvana. Eric calls it the Shimmer. Together you and I will explore this being, this place, and all things related to this one epic force that fuels all of my work. Without the Shimmer there would be no World Predictions, it is the source of all the power that fuels my Spirituality.

Join us on Zoom this Friday.
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If you paid the 60$ fee ahead of time please shoot me a reminder email. See you all there!
Did you know if your set an hour reading appointment with Eric Leigh-Pink you are more than welcome to share the phone with others. It’s your reading. If you want to give some of your time to family or friends that’s up to you. Some readings are done as a family affair. The same applies with Classes. If you want to reserve a spot and share the screen with a group to save on cost that is entirely fine with me.

Below is a quick recap of the first class as it is information needed for this one.

“How To Connect To the Spiritual Realm in 4 Steps”

1. Connect to the land. Find a place where there are no buildings and very few people. A place of pure nature. Here you plant your feet, breath deeply several times, close your eyes and listen. Just listen. Do nothing but listen to the universe, the birds, the wind, the animals. Listen to what the universe has to tell you. Listen for a good hour.

2. Clear you mind of all clutter. Find a comfortable place to sit and clear your mind of the endless chattering in your head. If you are to hear the Spiritual Realm silence is required. Use the practice of the Buddha, practice Tai Chi, Qi Gong, or any of the many Scrying tools, but the mind must be quiet. All of these practices help achieve that.

3. Find a tool. A tool to pull at the tether of the Spiritual Realm. From Shamans, to psychics, priest, and monks, all of them yield a tool to harness the Spirituality they serve. Mine is plastered all over the site. An incense burner in the form of a dragon, that burns my own lavender, sage, myrrh, frankincense, and cinnamon. I also use the hematite sphere for scrying.

4. The power of Intent. The Power to manifest your connection. As you sleep at night ask yourself. Who am I? Connect me to the Spiritual realm. Allow my mind to connect to my Creator. Pick a phrase Ask for it over and over again and again. Then imagine what that would be like. Make that your only nightly thought.

Then begin the process again the next day.

There are two other steps that add fuel to the fire. Another class for another day.

My holy place, where I connect and communicate with the Shimmer:

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  1. Alma M Mercer Avatar
    Alma M Mercer

    Thanks and I think I will take you up on that . Just Breath ….

  2. Cynthia Avatar

    Can’t wait for the 4th class!!

  3. javamyworld Avatar

    Me three! Very much looking forward to the Shimmy class. Thanks for writing down the recap above . Being the eternal student, I do better visually. 🙂

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I am really loving this new role of teaching my craft.

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