Truth: Precognition

How exactly is the future predetermined? To answer that is to understand that it’s the past and the future that create the present. Through that a direction forms. I predict a moment, one moment, when the past and future form a directional state.
The Spirits once best described it as an echo of things to come. That I could hear the echo coming, that movement of a voice carry itself from one space to another leading to a specific result.
Have I lost you yet? Let me give two specific examples.
I was playing a marble game with our foster kids. I had a 7 year old partner and we were losing badly. In the middle of the game I had a quick visual of a dice that read 2, then I had a quick visual that I would win. My junior partner rolled a 2 next and in that moment a direction from the past and future was set, a specific result had formed for the future. Is it absolute? No I could quit in that moment if I wanted. But I didn’t. I was curious to see it play out. It’s important to understand that it wasn’t until mid game that the future became determined, I could not see the future at the beginning of the game. It was one specific moment that determines the course of our actions, that led to us winning.

When I was in my 20s living in the mid west I was talking with Spirit late at night. I asked them to predict what I would eat the next day? They said I would just change it so there was nothing to predict. Then a month later I was waking up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom.
“Tomorrow you will eat spaghetti” they whispered

Ha! I hear a challenge! I responded

I heard a chuckle. “Go for it.” As if my plans were fruitless.

The next day there was an epic snow storm coming in. I was on the phone with my boss at the time to see if we were going to open the restaurant. We decided not too. I needed to get the list of the other managers working for me, from the car. The snow was already pouring down. I went to the car in my house clothes to grab a list of employees to tell them the restaurant would be closed. I went down to grab it from my trunk. On my way back the key broke off in the key hole. I remember thinking “That sucks”. Then I realized with jolting panic the full weight of my problem. I don’t have my wallet, I am dressed down, I have no access to my house, and I am stuck outside my door with just my cell phone and car keys.
I spent several hours waiting for the landlord I called. Finally by mid day I finally heard back, I would have to wait till tomorrow because of the snow storm. At this point spaghetti was the least of my obstacles. As they day wore on my junior manager called to ask about the following day, would we still be closed? I explained my plight. He in turn told me to come on over, we could play cards all night. It was a drive, his apartment was on the other side of town but what choice did I have? Not to mention I was starving by now. So I went to his house. By the time I got there it was diner. As he invited me I could see the dining table where his roommates sat eating. Marcus the spirit that oversees all readings, my spiritual brother, floated by the empty chair at the dining table, pointing with his hand to an empty seat. He smiled at me with such glee. My friend told me to take a seat, eat, he opened the pot at the center of the table which was spaghetti.

In summary it is the state of motion and direction that allows my sight to see what’s next but choice is always ours.

Other messages:

Is the Bible correct? Is the Quran correct? Is the teachings of Siddhartha correct? Which religion is accurate?
Count all the stars and planets in your own galaxy. Count each and everyone of them. Then count all the stars, all the planets in all the other galaxies and know that the being that created all of that cannot be summarized in a book.
If you can accept that you beliefs is one sliver, one small piece of something so much more epic, than yes it is accurate.
Failure to recognize that there is so much more, determined to limit your beliefs, runs the risk of taking a more radical path.

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  1. Hi Eric….very deep message in regard to what is right, what is wrong! I, for one, believe that there is not one right way…the messages from the koran, the bible, etc., Leave us all with a choice! I try my best to connect with God, my ultimate source despite all religions!! Born and grown up as Christian yet there is more…so much more!

    1. I agree, no religion is all right or all wrong. I like the idea that each one might have pieces of truth in them. Messages about peace and decency and love seem to be in most religions, so maybe that’s a major part of a higher power.

  2. Eric…comment back up again…thank you! Not quite sure what to say anymore..

    1. Only I can erase them, the only other reason for a block other than me is when it risks the blog, say an unsafe link, or virus. I only erase messages that are beyond profane, or violate rules. I haven’t done anything recently. Not sure what happened?

  3. “Failure to recognize that there is so much more, determined to limit your beliefs, runs the risk of taking a more radical path.”

    Are you referring to radicals in religions?

    1. Yes and no. Terrorist clearly are radicals of religion. But there are so many examples of religion forcing its will on others, unwavering, cruel and without ever really looking at the other side. Spirit feels it’s their narrow scope, their self opinion that only they could be right, no one else. Their piece of the puzzle is the only right one, and the rest of us are just lost. Ironically that’s where true evil resides too.

  4. hey Eric. my spiritguide,, years ago, mentioned, three wavery lines, one stood for the past, one stood for the present, the third line ,stood for the future. he mentioned, that each of these lines {past present future} are not separate, but each operating in the now! but, the choices and decisions, one person, one nation makes, EACH and EVERY second, does change the present and the future, that is why predictions and timing is off, because GOD in his love, gives each one of us, FREE will, so everything in Motion, is always changing, for humans, the illution, is that time, doesn’t really exsit, in human terms, everything is in constint motion, past present future. THIS whole concept, many years later, still confuses me, as their is more to this, than what you and I covered. for those, who want to know, other planets, other species, also have their OWN belief systems, some simplier to Earth, some totally different. BUT, Love, Truth, Joy. etc, are universal, in all areas, as long as you show and practice love and respect, for ALL live forms, than you can do no wrong. for love IS the basic building block, of all planets, univereses, etc. hoping this didn’t confuse people more, but some of you, do indeed understand more, than others, so I am sharing this with the group.

    1. “Love, Truth, Joy. etc, are universal, in all areas, as long as you show and practice love and respect, for ALL live forms, than you can do no wrong. for love IS the basic building block, of all planets, universes, etc.”
      I love how you put this! If all people lived by those principles, the world would be much better.

  5. Hahaha….I couldn’t wait to hear how spaghetti was going to fit in your day in that story you told!!! 😉 I looove it. Oh please share more stories. See? Need to write a BOOK. 💖😁 Brighten up my day for sure.

  6. Hello Eric
    My question is I wonder how/why some people can hear spirit and others not. Do spirit select the ones who have the gift?
    I once knew someone who was a healer. He said that he couldn’t explain
    it, he just knew he could do it. It is quite amazing.
    Love reading your truths.
    Best wishes

    1. I would say it’s about the journey. It’s a path I have chosen a long, long, time ago. I have had so many lives doing this. But I have also done readings where a surgeon had multiple lives as a doctor. All of us searching for our own mastery of talents we have gathered over time.

  7. I really enjoyed this also Eric! It is interesting to hear about your experiences. The echo of the future…wow.

    It feels like the universe is so mysterious when I think about the spirit world and how it interacts with us humans–often in ways we don’t realize. I often feel like I should just say thank you to Spirit everyday for all the things they do for me and all humanity–I feel very humble thinking about my limitations compared to Spirit.

    Eric you are kind to share these types of things with us. Thank you.

  8. I’ve long since knew concerning the religions of this planet; my beliefs were constantly confused until one day I got fed up and I sought the truth years ago.

    In the end I came to find each of them had one piece of the truth, but not the whole picture.

    Eventually I came across your blog, and you helped put a lot of things into perspective that I heavily struggled to find answers for. Years ago I got side-tracked by False Ones that put on a convincing story to keep people hooked on their attention-seeking (most of the time they mixed truths with lies); back then I was really gullible, but eventually I learned the truth and made me a wiser person.

    I’ve accepted the fact that I may or may not get the get whole picture unless something supernatural happens (chances are pretty low LOL).

    In all seriousness the things I’ve learned on my journey that rings true –

    What Ghosts truly are depending on the circumstances of their death
    Psychic abilities of all varieties
    How Energy works (such as Channelers that can look into the past and present with a person’s energy)
    What Karma actually is, and how it tends to be misunderstood in its purpose.

    Energy seems to be one of the biggest things, and that something I’m currently trying to understand better.

  9. I have thousands of examples of visuals of future events. Seeing visuals of the future is as natural to me as breathing is.

    On Sunday I ordered a guitar on Amazon that had a lot of really bad reviews. (Read them for yourself: Fender CD-60SCE Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar – Natural). I decided to take a chance on it anyway.

    Sunday night I awoke from a nap and asked to see the outcome. I had a visual of a hand holding up a guitar in beautiful sunlight with a silky white cloth on the lower part of the guitar. It arrived today and it was brand new and perfect. And yes, it was enclosed in white packing material.

    Unlike the author here, most of the time I don’t like visuals and spirit communications interrupting me during the day so I turn it off.

    1. Flicker-Interesting!!! Thanks for sharing your story. Cool. Maybe with your visuals help a police department or do detective work? When did the visuals/spirit communications start? Young age?

  10. Thank you it is a beautiful story about the spaghetti, again, write that book!!

  11. I wonder if black people will still exist in the future, and even if we did, would we still be treated like low level people & will we evolve in the world. To understand that our present choices & decision is a product of past +future it scares me because the way that we as a collective black people has been treated for soo long, it sorta feels like maybe we arent meant to make it. It’s always been one of those questions you wana ask .. you know ‘Why?’ But you dont know who to ask.

    1. It’s understandable why you’re worried about that….the way blacks have been treated over the years is appalling. Hopefully, with the protests and pushes for reform going on around the world, more people are becoming aware of the prejudice blacks face and can do more to fight it.
      For whatever it’s worth, I think blacks will make it….I’ve never heard Eric or any psychic predict any race not making it.

      Racists and bigots make a lot of loud noise, but I think most people aren’t like them…..but they certainly need to speak out more to discourage the racists.

    2. I am really sorry for your feelings! You all went through a lot but I want to think and i believe it better days will come for all people no matter black white or yellow! Its not the global thinking trust me! In Greece black people are never treated this awful way! Everyone is feeling safe and all the black people are happy here and nobody bothers them! There is a fascist movement here that we excluded it from the parliament the last years! its only 2-3% . In Greece fascism is a sickening situation and we do everything not to allow it because the nazis killed 1.000.000 Greeks during the world war II.. Stay positive we are with everyone of you🤛🥰🤗 Greetings from Greece we stand by you guys

  12. Hi Eric,
    That’s a really interesting understanding. From what I recall, there are a couple of equations you can solve in physics (e.g. electromagnetic radiation or light) whose solutions are comprised of both a future and past component to describe the state of a wave. Though they fit the bill, I think its regarded suspiciously amongst physicists because it violates the principle of causality – the idea that you can’t have an effect before its cause.
    Light cones, which define places and times in the past which can influence you, and define places and times in the future which you can influence also remind me of what you’re saying. From what you say, the twist would be the future influences you as well.
    Would you know why time for us runs forward and can’t run backwards?
    Thanks for this post and take care!

    1. They implied that their are different pockets of time in space, So if you where in one of those pockets and traveled to another you would find yourself in the past here. Even more confusing is the spiritual realm is like the hub of this massive universe and has its own version, it’s own separate time.

  13. I love this one thank you. I love hearing about the humor of your guides. ❤️ In my experience with working with many peoples guides they do find themselves to be funny, and it always cracks me up.

  14. Hopefully you still enjoyed the rich and flavourfull spaghetti, despite your lost bet with the spirits ! 🙂

  15. Im sure Eric, they love humor as humor is sometimes the best part of us mortals lol Sometimes the irony is too great. I: sometimes feel like they tune into my life like its an episode of the “Laverne and Shirley”
    show. I:n a good natured way of course. Laughter is good for all! It probably makes the hard stuff they have to share just a little better!

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