Hurricane Hanna

This prediction is unfolding. Texas stay safe. Florida prepare yourself please.
I have noticed a pattern forming in Spirits work. They seem to start with one to two messages followed by a final reminder right before the event.


Texas will flood… coming next.. brace yourself.

WORLD PREDICTIONS 4-23-20 I had a visual of Texas, then it shifted to show flooding, huge massive amounts of water covering huge swaths of land.. 
I had a visual of the US Map then spirit painted southern Florida black, and then painted it again. The visual shifted. I was on the ground of what looked like Miami looking out at the ocean to see one epic storm coming. Black, huge, the wind rushing against my posture. 
The question is the storm a hurricane? Or symbolic to troubling times.

WORLD PREDICTIONS 1-29-20 I had a visual of a great portion of Texas. A massive storm was coming. Then it showed so many places underwater. An epic flood was coming. 

I don’t think Texas is now but a bit later in the year.