Netanyahu Sacks Defense Minister

Israel Crisis

Israel will be poured lemonade, and react with vitriol.
For the first time in a long time it puts them on the wrong side from the view of world leaders.. uncompromising.. without compromise there will never be tranquility in the holy place.. another bloody conflict.. another crisis.. now he is gone, out.


A world Prediction made on 11-17-13, and my comments: “… The difference being the world sees Israel as the transgressor. Lemonade could be seen as a sour aid, or sour deal.” This prediction from 2013 has happened in 2023. “Now he is gone, out” that’s either going to be Netanyahu or maybe just a reference to the Minister Sacked.

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  1. TW Longtime Lurker Avatar
    TW Longtime Lurker


  2. Itk Avatar

    Putin’s example of taking over the judicial system has been followed by other leaders, such as Erdogan and Orbán, possibly others, and now by Netanyahu. Luckily, this pattern is now rapidly becoming outdated. Even though Israel has always been known for its democratic rule, it has had a loophole in the distribution of power, which Netanyahu is now trying to exploit to his own advantage. However, it seems that the Israeli citizens know their rights.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      He is! Literally trying to make Israel into China, Russian and Hungary, Autocrat territory. A beacon of Democracy shifting.

  3. Sara Avatar

    “Bibi, we support your push for a fascist ethnostate, but a fascist dictatorship is a step too far.” — Israeli protesters

  4. egwefer Avatar

    He seems like Trump. He has had legal problems, but got reelected anyway. Netanyahu and Trump like each other. Guess they have the same mind set.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I guess when your a leader, you seem to always want more. More power. I think the power is corrupting him.

  5. Itk Avatar

    I found this interesting article, based on a tapped call: It provides interesting insights into what is happening behind the scenes. If this is real, it spells the end of Putin and his war.

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