World Predictions 3-22-23

I had a vision of a man yielding a gun. The gun was large, it looked like a 44 magnum revolver. Then the image leaned back to show John “Good Man”.

I had a vision I was on a freeway, the freeway was empty, rain poured down on my face and wind was heavy. To the immediate left of me was a sign that read “Cyclone” then a bit farther down the road was a much larger sign that read “Hurricane” I looked at the sign again to the left of me and suddenly the words became latin. Then I looked at the second sign farther down the road and suddenly I saw the shore of Texas covered by a massive Hurricane.

Here we are again with two separate messages. I have to choose one to focus on, and if I have time the second one. This time unlike the last, my mind immediately goes to the storms. I need to know where and when those storms roll in. One of them we are expecting very soon since the sign was right next to me. Nothing has more impact here at World Predictions than storms. We have “Changed the tragedies of tomorrow by making you aware of what is coming.” With storms. Not just once but a handful of times and I am not missing the opportunity to do that again. We have a direction, now we focus.

Riddles, the Spirits always talk in riddles, why? That is what we will discuss in the second class. “The language of Spirit” because if you understand it, the tool has unwavering power. This class will come out in May. In the meantime I thought we might have a bit of fun today and present these riddles for you to solve. Practice prior to our next class. All of them also have one very specific thing in common do you see it? What do you think these riddles are talking about? There all old, so understand they will not be about current events.

The Sun rises and then falls. The leader now gone. The young one petulant to the moment.

From that place that worships leaves, the ground cracks like a tundra of frozen ice.

The fruit holds the key, let the shiny brick speak.

I had a visual of a ceiling fan, then one light came on, under
the fan, and another, and a third, but the fourth was off. Meanwhile the fan blades moved with such vigorous speed.

Late at night as I work with Spirit and my mind wants to sleep, they would say: “Waves! Stop with the waves Eric, Stop that.. put the wave down or you will fall. That red wave is going to be your undoing.”

Share your answers in the comment section, and then in my very next post I will share the answers.

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30 responses to “World Predictions 3-22-23”

  1. Itk Avatar

    Latin…Corpus Christi?

    1. Ed Avatar

      Or just “cyclone”/”hurricane” in Latin.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        I think the messages is more about storms back to back, sign to sign. It should be interesting to see if it goes in order.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      We need to ask. That storm was something massive. My hope to predict the actual trajectory.

      1. Itk Avatar

        The Latin for ‘storm’ / ‘hurricane’ would be tempestas or procella, turbo for one of the whirlwind type. It occurred to me that the use of Latin in this context might be a cue as to the exact location, in the sense that it could refer to the Spanish-speaking areas, as Spanish is a Neo-Latin language. The city name Corpus Christi itself is Latin (‘Christ’s body’).

        A potential connection between the first and the second part of the prediction MIGHT be what I found reading about actor John Goodman. He has volunteered to help Louisiana recover from Hurricane Katrina, see
        “Since Hurricane Katrina, Goodman has appeared in several recovery commercials aired in Louisiana.” The fact that “Good Man” appears in quotes might further support this hypothesis.

  2. Lisel Avatar

    Sounds like electronical equipment, like an Iphone, computer

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      As one of the riddles?

  3. Ellen Avatar

    The Cyclone is in New York City in Brooklyn.

  4. francine1 Avatar

    I wonder if the first one means John Goodman is going to make a suicide bid, or if he has a stalker.

  5. TW Longtime Lurker Avatar
    TW Longtime Lurker

    You guys are good!

    1. Ed Avatar

      TW: IF correct.

  6. Sara Avatar

    Is this guy with the gun planning a mass shooting? Any idea where or when we should watch out for him? “Good man” could be the last name Goodman, but that’s a guess on my part.

  7. Ed Avatar

    To “yield” a gun means to give it up.

    1. Sara Avatar

      Unless he meant to say “wield”, I don’t know which one.

    2. francine1 Avatar

      Yes, yield, as in if someone is convinced to put the gun down or if person in question wrests a gun from someone and turns it in.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        In the vision it was almost oversized.

    3. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Sorry I totally spell that wrong. Oh I feel sheepish, millions read that error. I meant hold the gun to his side. You have to forgive me but recently had to renew my drivers license, it’s rubbing off on my work.

  8. Sharon Fowler Avatar

    Is the first riddle about Kim Jung Un?
    The second riddle earthquake in Canada?
    Is the third riddle about fruit tree/crop damage from severe cold or hurricanes?
    4th riddle -discord among countries?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Very Nice. 1. No thats the correct side of the world though. 2 Canada Yes! Very close. It was that moment when the Niagara waters froze over about 8 years ago. 3. It actually has nothing to do with ‘real’ fruit. The fourth is the hardest, they are walking in the room and saying “Whats with the wave again.” So it something to see. The “undoing” already happened. All of these message are a bit old.

      1. mk Avatar

        I believe you explained the wave before and it was a warning for you to lay off the cola.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          I already told you about this? Ruins the surprise, but you are correct, Red Coke bottles. And Pepsi has a wave too. Inevitably leading to my health woes.

  9. psychic chris Avatar
    psychic chris

    john “good man”

    could this be a reference to the actor john goodman ie. the father off the 90s sitcom rosanne?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      That’s actually who it was in the vision. . Unlikely it’s actually him, however when they showed Kim Jong Un Cartoon with Trump that happened. It’s all in the name, Riddles. My thought was they are talking about a hero or someone who saves the day and guns are involved.

      1. Sara Avatar

        Makes me think of The Big Lebokski scene where John Goodman pulls out a gun at the bowling alley. (Movie gun is a Colt M1911A1, not a 44 Magnum revolver).

        Or it could be the Maduro prediction and the prediction is calling the shooter John, or a John Doe, a “Good Man” for shooting Maduro? :

        World Predictions 2-10-19
        I had a visual of a man holding a silver gun, then a shot fired.

        That prediction has ties to:
        I had a visual of a large silver hand gun being pulled out and then someone began shooting rapidly. “Red.. Red port.. Like New Port.”

  10. Darla Avatar

    As a resident of Corpus Christi, I really hope you guys are wrong about the place.

    1. Itk Avatar

      Hi, Darla. Actually, it was only I who mentioned the name of your city, no one else, and I’m a linguist, not a medium. So, we’d better pay attention to what Eric says.

  11. Kim Avatar

    Texas worst Hurricanes are mostly Aug / Sept time frame. But we’re about due for another biggie.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      It might be between LA and TX.

  12. Kiliyak Avatar

    Is the first riddle about Japan possibly, land of the rising sun? Maybe to do with the royal family there? I think the second riddle has been answered by sharon. I thought the third riddle sounded like an Apple Iphone? The fan one is hard, sounds like the checks on a jet or plane not working properly or some sort of safety not activated, but they proceed anyway? The final one I thought was possibly to do with political opinion and backlash you might face if you hold a bias, but I’m leaning towards what you pick up from an energy perspective? If your mind is asleep, maybe it drifts to something else it isn’t supposed to?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Very close! Yes on Japan. The prediction was for Shinzo, Yes on the IPad. You’re good at this. I will be posting within an hour, the “Fan” is you and everyone else here. You might be the winner. You’re the closest so far.

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