World Prediction 3-11-23

I had a vision of a black robe. Then the person begin to walk down a long hallway, showing me a Judge. The Judge sat in their Chair and slammed the gavel down several times hammering again and again.
“The law has arrived for Trump”

We are testing something. How soon can we predict? Can we predict in days instead of weeks? So if this test is successful this prediction should happen before the next moon cycle. The target timeline holds for was the 14th and 15th. But the core of the prediction is to see if we can predict, days from now. The Judge seemed angry so I don’t know if there a literal rage coming from a Judge or they are symbolically predicting Trump gets hammered.

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49 thoughts on “World Prediction 3-11-23

      1. Michael Cohen’s testimony, of course. I heard it will be on Monday.

      1. That is interesting. There are 3 Brunson brothers, it’s checkmate what ever the result.

        If SCOTUS do not do the right thing having exhausted all civilian options the military can take over.

        IDES of March.

        What week it will be.

        1. Is this what you are referring to?

          “The Salt Lake Tribune, Feb. 22, 2023:
          Supreme Court — again — rejects Utah (Brunson) brothers’ effort to reinstate Donald Trump as president. The suit sought to kick President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris and nearly 400 members of Congress out of office and return Trump to the White House.”

          Not knowing the American system that well, is there a situation where your military can overtake the decisions of your highest court, and if so, who has the power to instigate that option?

          1. Part 1.

            Yes that’s the case. We should know the verdict within 5-4 weeks.

            The American military swears to defend the constitution.

            I, (state name of enlistee), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. (So help me God).”

            They can only intervene if all legal efforts to protect the constitution are exhausted.

            Every member of congress who signed off on a fraudulent election result can be arrested.

            There is chatter in the UK that our government will also be removed so I guess the 2 are connected most likely through China.

            This is a dangerous time frame. States with a history of rioting will be activated.

            Also huge tectonic plate movements.

            I don’t know if Eric is on a fault line but this may be the cause of insomnia. Our strongest instinct is to survive, it releases adrenalin for the fight or flight response.

            1. Your argument is absurd. SCOTUS already rejected the suit. Nothing in the Constitution allows the military to intervene. Lastly, the fraud in the 2000 election was on the Trump side.

              1. Richard Williams: Yes, my point exactly in posting that link above. And surely, before the military were to intervene, a call for the people to speak via vote (we call them Referendums) would be necessary?

            2. Just stepping into this conversation with my 2 cents. I have insomnia because in this timeline, I am watching Putin murder the innocent on an epic scale, torturing with profane malice, all of which will eventually come out and now I can’t sleep.

              1. Mate, wish I could offer you something other that the suggested diet. It’s a painful journey we mediums/psychics etc are having to travel for the next few years. Hang in there brother.

            3. mk: Do you have a link for this that you are referring to? Is there a second action being called to the Supreme Court via the Brunson brothers, or by other parties on the same matter?

  1. I have been trying to stay alive long enough to see him in jail but I really don’t think it is ever going to happen. I belive he made a deal with the Devil and is never going to be charged gor anything.

    1. Or maybe we’ve all been fooled and he’s not guilty of the thousands of accusations that have been made against him? The Russian hoax was the first of countless lies that have been told in an attempt to keep him from holding office. If he gave the establishment anything to take him down, they would without hesitation. It’s all been smoke and mirrors to sway public opinion against him. I really wish American news wasn’t bureaucratic propaganda, but that is without a doubt exactly what it is, and it is truly astonishing how they’ve effectively mastered brainwashing half of our society. The establishment hates Trump because his policy making cannot be swayed by the highest bidder, unlike the current resident in the Oval Office.

    2. Don’t lose hope, Liza, he can still be held accountable. For whatever it’s worth, you should stay alive for the people you love and things you want to do….Trump doesn’t deserve to have such a prominent place in your life. Your life matters in countless other ways.

  2. Hi Eric. WOW. Well I’ve just finished posting this on my Latest Notification Page, then I opened your Blog. Here’s what I got:
    “Received a message as I was going to bed: Both Putin and Trump will be toppled this year. Both will have their wrong doings exposed more and more to their people and the world. My Spirit Friend confirmed an earlier prediction that Putin would be assassinated as was Julius Caesar: ‘Et Tu Brutus’. It won’t be this year. Finally, the writing is on the wall for Trump mid year.”

    1. Hi Pete, What does your notification page look like? I went to your page, and did not find it. Is the Notification Page under another heading? I like your posting. Hope it comes true.

        1. Thank you. I’ve been reading you for a couple of years. I am having a hard time with the seed soul. It sure gets complicated.

          1. Hi Egwefer. Me too. It is way too complicated for my feeble brain. Why They picked a poorly educated individual like me to spread such an intricate ‘Process’ beats me. It helps when readers like Dot and Steve, among others, pose questions that my Spirit Friends then answer. I’m beginning to get some semblance of what it’s all about. And thanks for your patronage. Pete

    2. It’s interesting that all psychic-based descriptions about Putin’s final moment point to betrayal by people close to him. Also, the common denominator in the different descriptions of the practical implementation of the assassination is always something happening to his head or neck. The prevailing view is also that his ousting from power will be prior to his assassination, so that he would be expected to still meet the consequences of his own actions in his current incarnation. I gather that several psychics are given similar messages because there is an urgent need for humanity to get some comfort and a vision of an end to the ongoing atrocities.

  3. Hi Eric. Off topic for this page, but not sure where else to put it.
    This cyclone has got to be the most extraordinary, and worrying sign of climate change, ever.

    Cyclone Freddy is one of the strongest storms ever recorded in the southern hemisphere
    It is the second time the cyclone has struck Mozambique
    State media reports one person died when his house collapsed

  4. If I may discuss this with you Eric as it got me thinking, I have a friend who is a channeler which is a type of psychic involving energies. My friend dislikes predicting the future because we’re giving that energy to become true via collective or personal-wise and well the future can always change for anyone.

    I wonder if we’re all here unintentionally giving energy to a bad future prediction when we should channel our energy into another future that ends up positively?

    During your meditations are you looking at one future path or multiple? I was thinking if we’re giving our energies on a basic negative timeline then we need to change that.

    Is it possible for you to also a post a timeline where there is a positive effect? That way people can direct their intentions without the negative prediction being in the back of the mind if there is something positive to focus on.


    I read your frustration with the banks that it could have been prevented, but looking at those banks those were not traditional banks (They were crypto-focused) so I don’t think traditional banks are in any immediate danger in my opinion, and Crypto was already shady to begin with. I feel bad for the people who fell for this, and putting their money into Crypto focused Banks, but if we look at this on the positive side that this event will serve as a cautionary tale and may not likely happen again, so its a lesson learned for humanity as a whole. I hope though for the people who lost their money will get their money back eventually.

    Also it serves a remainder in today’s modern fragile capitalistic society with huge banks remain untrustworthy as they always have been if we look back on history, all bankers are shady creatures and they can and will ruin a country when certain conditions are met. It shows to us as a society we need to change more than ever as banks and money is just a form of control.

    1. Hi Tirin, I would have to debate the process of how time and the spiritual realm operate. As I read your message “Because we are giving that energy to become true” thats a force used by healers. Is your friend a healer. Healers pull the energy and transform ours, by pulling the spiritual power here in the this place. I do not pull that dark energy at all, don’t even touch it. All I do is “Read” it then report back to you.
      Am I looking at one future or multiple ones? I see time in layers. Like an onion, and each layer has its own objective, its own goal, and all of them contradict, so I read all of it as one and predict. For instance there is a plan. A plan that the entire Spiritual Realm is following. A plan they will never waver from and if your actions go against that plan, you automatically lose. To know the layers, is to have the tools to see the future.

      1. Eric, may I also include you comment here, in full or in part, to my Spirit Friends? It could end up being quite a long Blog, but I’d be happy to put it here, in full, if you wish.

    2. Hi Tirin. May I have permission to put your perspective here to my Spirit Friends for a future Blog? I’m not sure how They plan to answer, or of which section. Pete

      1. Yes you have my permission, and Eric’s views helped me understand this side of psychics a bit better. Yes my friend would be classified as a healer and I’m also been told I’m a healer myself, but just not the scale my friend can do (least not yet, but I hope to do what my friend can eventually if it happens) and I’m also capable of intermittent visions via sleep when I was younger, but was turned off slowly over time as it was considered dangerous for me at the time according to my spirit family, but it makes sense in retrospect as I wasn’t quite ready yet for such things back then, but having matured that has changed.

        1. Also I realized I gotta clarify on some things as my mind was a bit scattered when writing that.

          The concern was because we’re acknowledging this timeline is possible but there being no other counter-future to read upon.

          So say Eric having predicted the Ponzi Scheme that happened recently, and the people got away with it

          But what if there was a counter-future timeline predicted where important figures stop the Ponzi Scheme from reaching fruition? Basically we as a collective give our energy to that direction to deflect the negative prediction.

          Least that is what was going in my mind, I understand there is a personal energy which you and me, etc and there is collective world energy which was my main concern that can direct future timelines.

          Though messing with timelines is not something my friend is a fan of, and apparently certain Aliens do that be for good or ill.

          Though If the predictions is more like a Onion that will have to be something I gotta wrap my mind around eventually, I think I understand somewhat.

          1. Thank you so much Tirin. I’ll add your latest to the mix and get onto my Spirit Friends as soon as I can. Probably a couple of weeks before the Blog appears.

        2. Seers like me are rare. Its a hard task. So lion like personalities are required, ones not afraid of showing teeth. Healers don’t carry that cup of tea, they are more happy and emotional, in visions they are always rabbits. Something we will talk in the second class, best to stay in your own lane when it comes your gifts.

  5. Part 2,

    Tirin I think you make such valid points.

    We create our reality with our thoughts and I see everything that is happening as positive. As you say the banks have behaved despicably on many occasions. Rather than seeing them as failing we should see them as criminal cartels being removed.

    New technology is in the wings that dosen’t require these banks.

    ” All the world’s a stage ” Behind the scenes there is an epic battle to control the narrative and where humanity goes next. All sides are played to keep every one fighting and distracted.
    That illusion is breaking down. Leave your camp and free your mind.

    This time the truth and god wins, how ever that may be so we have nothing to fear.

    1. Thats unfortunately the horror of it all. Moscow will fall in the cracks, become isolated, and then a leader who gains power from a cue will seduce the public and unleash a third WW. We need to break that somehow.

      1. As much as I hate to say it but a good chunk of the Russian pop. mostly the older people are brainwashed after so many years of propaganda and falsified information, and their religious clergy seems hellbent to take things back to the medieval era.

        Their Russian Elite seems more or less rational ironically from the things I’ve read, so if we were to spread the message their future leader is going cause so much trouble then the prediction needs to be directed at them.

        I remember that one conversation on here a group of Russians actually go around reading these predictions??? So they’re obviously aware of the psychic world, so if they care enough they would try to prevent bringing such a travesty. (Least I hope they care enough).

  6. After the end of the USSR, it took Russia several years, closer to a decade, to rise again. Do you expect it to take that long this time?

  7. 11.30am Qld Aust Time Thurs 16th March. There’s been 7mag quake not quite half way between, closer to, the Fijian Island and NZ. No news reports as yet.

    1. Magnitude 7.1 earthquake strikes Kermadec Islands in New Zealand – USGS
      March 16 (Reuters) – An earthquake of 7.1 magnitude struck the Kermadec Islands region in New Zealand on Thursday, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) said.
      The quake was estimated at a depth of 10 km (6.21 miles) USGS added. A tsunami warning was issued after the quake, the U.S. Tsunami Warning System said.

  8. The multiple hammerings or gavels coming down could mean the number of felonies for which Trump is found guilty. There are about six ongoing investigations against him right now, the Stormy Daniels one is arguably the least serious. The Jan 6 riot, the classified documents, the Georgia election interference and the Manhattan case about his business dealings are quite serious.

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