World Prediction: Chernobyl Disaster Rises With Flooding around the 28th.

Russia are you really going to repeat this nightmare? The Predictions in order:

What is coming in 2023?
“The year water ruined us.”
The faucet taps are dry. There is no water supply in many of the coffers, streams, and rivers to fuel our needs. Flooding is epic, I had a vision of just moving water, but an entire city was completely under water.

World Predictions 6-1-23 “Collapse” A vision of Lord Ma Ra.
Then as I opened my eyes after the vision, there she stood, by one of the trees. Her dress was an ornate blue dress that had Indian fabric and laced with multiple jewels and diamonds, the dress had a Victorian air to it as it flowed largely in the bossom . Her hair was a perfect silk black, that flowed down. Behind her was the most massive Lion. Above her, crows flocked in circulation. She gave me a Mona Lisa smile, not opening her mouth, and then disappeared as if air in the wind. The great ancient one, Lord “Ma Ra” Oh this is a very bad. Last time Ma Ra was here was February 2020. Do you recall all the change that came after that moment. But the collapsing message is equally terrifying. In 2011 I made one of my very first world predictions, I had a vision of a clay plate being pulled from the ocean and then smashed it to dust. The Japanese Tsunami would follow.

One day later there was a horrible train crash in India and Five days later. Mass death would arrive, with a Dam Collapse, she was there to warn me, mass death was coming for her to deal with.

Then in: On June 16th 2023, my son Christian graduated Elementary School.

I had a vision I was looking out of a window of an elementary school, and Mara Queen of Death walked with conviction and speed to the other side of the school outside. Her gown was a beautiful flowing white marvel, there was a large sheet that crossed the white gown, covered in ornate flowers of all kind, Her silk black hair flowed down next to the lion walking next to her. She walked with convictions crossing the halls. Then she was out of sight. Assuming she was gone, I looked back at the audience of parents and students, Then I glanced curiously to the window. I looked back to see her staring at me. A sight of Indian Beauty. Her eyes pierced me directly, as she nodded ever so slightly, and then fixed her hair back in a braid. I immediately began to get up to bow out of respect but the minute I did, she floated away.
The Queen of Death, Mara is getting ready to work.

Why are you here Lord Mara? What would come next was ‘feeling’

Now on June 22nd: “2023 The year water ruined us.”
I had a vision I was opening a wooden door, on the door was a date
Then I opened the door, suddenly I was standing next to an endless cascade of water. Water had consumed an entire town. The water moved viciously down stream.
Pure black Evil. — Trapped — Evil surrounds leadership — Brutal act of horror. Then land Poisoned. The Nuclear Plants become unstable. Their systems begin to fail. Leading to an already predicted moment:

World Predictions 12-8-20
I had a visual I was walking up a hillside of a dirt road. On the path of the road were two snakes fighting over the road, constantly snapping at each other. Then one bit the other in such a way that was so hostile.
I continued up the road to see armies gathering. Two nations preparing for war. Each side blustering. Then in the most horrific way the lights that operate nuclear weapons turned on.
The poison, and the symbol is triangle
I had a visual of a triangle-shaped vial. Multiple people drank from these small vials. Then in the most horrible way they all became ill. So many people became ill.

Putin is set to create another flood on the 28th, but this time it will lead to a leak or trouble at a Nuclear Power Plant. Why are we allowing this one man to kill so many? A small mini truth to remind you. What ever hell humanity unleashes, the Spiritual Realm is still in charge. Still the force that will prevail. The force of the spirits, of the Lords and a King.

The Angels, Lords, and King sit at the highest of all places, always watching, looking down at us. But recognize they come here endlessly watching, looking up at us.
Taking lives that allow them a view on the ground floor. So they know. They see. They are here. You can recognize the lords and kings, because they do not answer to Lord Ma Ra, Queen of Death, she is their equal. So the boundaries of death do not apply.
From human, to Cobra, to Elephant, Peacock, Lion, Tiger, Crow, and recently a White Buffalo. They are here watching, observing, and on your last breath, reacting.

24 thoughts on “World Prediction: Chernobyl Disaster Rises With Flooding around the 28th.

  1. Whoa, that doesn’t sound good. If Putin does this, he’s even more insane than I’d thought.

  2. So will this incident on the 28th be the catalyst event for putins demise?

  3. Eric, is this the ‘nuclear’ incident you have been mentioning for a while now? So awful 🙁

    1. This is the one attached to all the war predictions. “Poisoned Land” “The triangle shaped vial” “Poison Next” . Unfortunately there is another incident, A bomb. Just one. So its looking a bit scary. But the moment will pass.

  4. Hi Eric, “They are here watching, observing, and on your last breath, reacting”. May I know how they are reacting? How do the Angels, Lord and King interact with the human world?

    1. Understand there role is not entirely us. They want to make sure the animals, the land, the air, are well. They ensure balance is kept. Balance for the entire universe. They want to make sure its warm, there is food, so they interact, and adjust accordingly. Literally being the animal so they know exactly what we are going through.

    2. It’s a state of judgement when you die. Just as religion dictates. It’s a simple equation, “How much Love did you give?” The Ancient Ones are masters of time and space, each step is time itself to them. So, judgement is simple. Remove “you” from the equation of time, did the world get better or worse without you and how much? That will in turn create a realignment of your position. The heavens demand love. Fail to give it to them and you will go to the back of all lines. Be the poor humble mother, giving anything she can to her ailing children, and she will inherit empires after crossing. They give abundantly to those that serve the Spiritual Realm, and very little to those that don’t. That really goes to the heart of why we are here. You and I both said before we were born, I am going to do the most awesome job on earth. Saying it is one thing. Delivering it another. Your actions is all that matters, and you have either proven yourself, or not.

  5. Thank you for this last post. I see it the same way. What is surprising to me that most people do not understand love, it seems. When I show love and kindness, many take advantage of me as it is perceived as weakness and I have to put a stop to love before I am destroyed.
    A wise man told me once that in many religions including christianity the idea is to give to anyone anything they like at your place… I replied that it was not possible to do it anymore in our times because there would be people who would take it all from me and I would be homeless on the street and they would not care one bit.
    I digressed… but to paraphrase you “Reality of heart is why we are here” … In my life I have tried hard but I have failed. Maybe I will still do some things but being a Don Quixote fighting the windmill is no fun… I cannot either single-handedly erase all the human nonsense and stupidity, vanity and pride… That is why I love nature and animals so much more than people. Even the grain of sand, the dust and the drops of water deserve our love… We build nuclear power plants and then worry what can happen. How silly is that.

  6. This treatment of Ukrainian prisoners by Russia, currently reported by several newspapers, is one of the most appalling:
    As to the question whether ordinary Russians are responsible for the war against Ukraine, I would claim that at least those who celebrated with Putin the “return” of Crimea back in 2014 are, without doubt, as their reaction directly fed the Bunker Grandpa’s delusional dreams. I still remember how genuinely impressed he was by the people’s “patriotic” feelings after his land grab.

  7. Prigozhin just turned on Shoigu, claiming he orchestrated the war just for another 2nd hero medal and also blaming the oligarchs. Did his words just change the course of history?

    1. I also see hes also threatening an “armed rebellion” in russia. The prediction of a russian civil war draws closer. Prigozin is IMO far more dangerous than putin by a country mile

    1. I believe civil war, the collapse predicted is unfolding….it will end very badly, prigozhin is a dangerous unhinged individual and nothings going to stop him

    1. The “Collapse” has just started, the Web is Russia, thats starting to collapse too, the tide is shifting, and we fully expect another “Flood” moment around this month leading to Nuclear plant issues. The 28 is just a base. Factor in time zones, different calendars, and we have learned just say “around”. But you do bring up a good point, that would have been unheard of 5 years ago. All of our predictions at the very least would come months later. In todays World Predictions we are trying to get as close to the moment as possible. The idea being we can then tell the story of tomorrow step by step. Start to present messages in a list like structure. You can actually start to see it form. But I must have what’s coming ‘next’ for that to work.

    2. With that said yes it could fall in July. But thats not the goal. Our goal is to eventually predict what is coming the next week. Normally this takes awhile to shift, so it is bit odd that we just jumped all at once, to our mission.

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