World Prediction 2-1-23

Alaska written in bold wild font.
Then the number 3.
Then Spirit took a hammer to the map of Alaska, slamming it again and again.

Earthquake? Storms can ‘hammer’ us at times? I hope to confirm tonight, the details of Alaska. If we get more details, you most likely will see a video tomorrow.

It was the death of a close friend that has me now passionate over accomplishing one very important task before I die. You see, when I started this adventure 30 years ago, Wow! thats how long my awakening has been. I was always a student, Always learning. I wish there was a manual for my journey but there wasn’t. So I stumbled, fell, broke myself several times, and finally found a space where I could predict with clear accuracy. From Covid, to January 6th, to hurricane Matthew, to the fall of Osama Bin Laden, we predicted them all. It would be difficult with all these accurate predictions, to say there is nothing there. Now I find myself wanting to give you the manual, teach you. Allow me to show you how to connect to Spirit. Allow me to show you how to open your eyes.

First I need examples. Whether it be a personal reading I gave you. Or my work here at World Predictions. Share with the rest of us your experiences. When was the first time, or most impactful time, that I predicted an event and it happened. Then when the time is right I will use these examples to teach the process of predicting and connecting to Spirit. So share, so eyes everywhere can open.

The details of this new plan have not come together yet. Perhaps an online class for all of us, with me as the teacher? But how much would I charge? What app should we use? Also there is talk with other seers about a podcast. But I suddenly have a passion to share what I have learned.

To Set up your own personal reading with Eric Leigh-Pink, please contact the fabulous Bea

When you get a reading with Eric Leigh-Pink multiple tools are used to see your future. From The Awesome and Flawed Life of Eric Leigh-Pink P5 I talked about the “One” you might cross. You will receive messages from you Spiritual guides. I will link with your flow as I said in The Awesome and Flawed Life of Eric Leigh-Pink P1 But there is still one final piece to predicting the future. Echoes. Echoes are moments in time that are coming because of the actions you have taken. Normally they are presented as short corky messages. Stop smoking. Change you tire or it will pop. Change the light in your fridge or it will break. Your going on a nice vacation to Hawaii. All of these events are already in the state of motion, so all that is required is to look through the well of time, to see your past so I can know your future. The best way for me to look at your past is to recognize exactly when you were born There go, the reason I need your Date of Birth and time you came to be.

30 responses to “World Prediction 2-1-23”

  1. 7 Avatar

    Hopefully not Russian attacks, the 3 symbolising ww3 or 3/3 maybe?

    Just a thought that occurred as Alaska was once russian territory

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      3 should be a date.

      1. Sara Avatar

        Think it could be February 3rd?

        Also, are you still seeing a chemical attack being committed by Russia, or has it been prevented?

    2. psychic chris Avatar
      psychic chris

      again i doubt russia would dare attack the us – we all know how the us will respond, putin maybe bad but he isnt stupid, im picking maybe an event caused by nature

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        He will, just in a way he can say he did not do it. He attacked our elections and really did a number on it and that had zero consequence,

        1. Itk Avatar

          Yes, I still remember Trump joking about election meddling at a press conference while Putin was standing smiling next to him.

          1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar
  2. elizabeth journey Avatar
    elizabeth journey

    The Russian flag has a hammer on it.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Good point

    2. psychic chris Avatar
      psychic chris

      the soviet flag did have a hammer on however the current russian flag is red white and blue only with no imagry, anyway i doubt putin would even dare attack the us without being wiped out.

      1. Brightraven Avatar

        The Russians and the Chinese have been attacking the US for years…

        At this point, I would call the attacks extremely successful. Hello Wokeism *sigh*

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          I don’t know. I feel like it hasn’t be successful at all. Yes Putin created chaos, but in his hand he wanted an “Authoritarian World” he thought democracy was breakable, and he could just conquer the entire old soviet block. None of that happened. He can’t even conquer just a piece of Ukraine, his incompetence is beyond the pale and thats just one of several nations apart of the block. A democracy. That has only strengthen in unity on a global scale.
          An attack is coming. UK is first. Something to do with poison.
          on the flip side, mini prediction, he addressed the nation, and I immediately felt that will be the last time.

          1. Itk Avatar

            His speech in Volgograd had elements that make even people around him question his sanity. I, too, got the impression that his career as Russian president is closing to an end.

          2. Sara Avatar

            Ukraine’s leaders are warning that Putin seems to be preparing for a new offensive in the coming weeks. I hope he’s kicked out of power before then, and replaced with a good leader–though that’s probably wishful thinking on my part.

  3. Steve Avatar

    3 is the Month? March?

  4. Itk Avatar

    Storm occurs to me as the most natural option with the verb hammer. The risk of earthquakes is high in Alaska, but you have had an established terminology to refer to them. Of course, hammering can also be symbolic and refer to several harmful events.

  5. Itk Avatar

    Putin is threatening the world again: This may foreshadow his intention to do something very bad in Ukraine, as he is seemingly worried about the promised Western military aid. The sooner he is out, the better for everyone. The big question is which is more dangerous, a genuinely evil person with a touch with reality or somebody who by nature is less evil but living in a fantasy world. Meanwhile, Russia seems to be preparing to escalate the war:

  6. elizabeth journey Avatar
    elizabeth journey

    When I read this the first thing I thought of was Thor’s hammer for some reason.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      It actually was a construction hammer. Now that I think about it, that sounds like something is destroyed. There was an old prediction that made me think so much of Thors Hammer, totally unrelated, but after I wrote it I so wanted to rewrite it because I just did not captivate the SLAM against the desert.

  7. anitah Avatar

    Putin gave the order that all islamic countries should start the holy war against the West.
    Putin asks help from extreme terrorists..

  8. Itk Avatar

    As the prediction about the Great Prophet unfolds, the western world should also develop an understanding and sympathy towards Islam, instead of the current stand, marked by prejudice. The true meaning of the teachings of the Qur’an, from the spiritual perspective, is something that hardly anyone in the West understands, me included. Eric, maybe you could help us bridge the gap.

    1. anitah Avatar

      Putin only uses religions to create violence,hate,wars.
      The west is Satan, he says..

  9. petemedium Avatar

    This is certainly not on topic here at your site Eric, but is very much current in both the US and the world generally, considering the wide media coverage. A well know and respected Aussie Tarot Reader has seen that Tyre Nichols was deliberately killed over a woman and that the killer/officer is both a sociopath and a psychopath. I’m posting it for general interest, if you don’t mind Eric:

    1. TW Longtime Lurker Avatar
      TW Longtime Lurker


      Thank you for posting this. I have seen YT vids about this but nothing in the mainstream press. Interesting.

  10. DG Avatar

    Could this been about the spy balloons sent by China? One is still floating in Latin America. Then there was the one that was shot down in SC yesterday, but it flew across Alaska, where it was first detected, and then across mainland USA. Rumors of a 3rd, but not sure if that’s true or not.

  11. Mike Dee Avatar
    Mike Dee

    Mike Dee. First of all, I’m so sad for all the people in Turkey who have lost their lives. I will pray for all of them. Unfortunately, Thors hammer did come down.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Really? The balloons. My initial assumption about a quake was wrong. I have a bad reputation for that. So much so the Spirits demanded that my voice be in small print, at the bottom away from their “Actual” message. Something we changed with the new site.

  12. Concerned Avatar

    You do realize that Alaska used the be owned by Russia and that it is only 50 miles away from Russia. Right?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Yes, I can’t imagine the Russians picking a fight with the US though, they can’t even accomplish conquering one city in a nation much smaller than Russia.

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