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It was in The Awesome and Flawed Life of Eric Leigh-Pink P1 that I discussed how I link myself, to a person, to the land, to time, to the universe. Its as if everything in the universe, all of it had a voice. A voice most of us can’t hear. But there is “One” voice I wait for most of all.

Its 10am and I need to start my meditation for the multitude of personal readings I am about to do. Time for my day job. I normally go outside for this specific meditation. It is a meditation set to download some of the information I receive for your readings. Normally its a ray of multiple subjects all at once. So many voices. Random, out of order, and very confusing, but this is the equivalent of preparing. If I was cooking it would be the moment of chopping the vegetables to prepare for a pan that comes later. But this day seems different. I hear it. It always starts with a ringing in my ears. The ringing will continue through out the day. I hear it and exuberance takes over me, like a child on Christmas Day. This is a rare treat. One that has happened so many times before. The calling of the “One” The vision starts as it always has a hundred times before.

The vision always has me standing on a beach. The air is both windy and overcast, the sky sprays me with subtle rain, as my bare feet hold, while the ocean splashes against my legs, the tide pulling at my feet back and forth. I am always dressed in an oversized black overcoat, the bottom of the coat lays in the ocean waves. Then the wind picks up. In this moment I look to see who is to the left of me. Today its Marcus leader of our personal readings. Oh how I yearn, maybe, just maybe, one day Micah, leader of the World Predictions will be standing there. Here are both of us receiving a very important message for someone. As a testament to the moment, to the sacred message there are always two witness’s. Then it begins.

I feel so utterly small, a sense of fear takes hold. The sky becomes electrical. I can feel it all around me, the ringing grows in pitch. I feel this invisible energy envelope me, like moving fire, it surrounds the entire space we are in, the entire beach, and the ocean as far as one can see. Then BOOM. Crack! Followed by a large massive electrical thunder strike. We watch as the lightning brightens up the entire sky for a second. Then the vision ends. What will happen next, is a message for one of the many people I am talking too. I will know it because apart of the message will have a huge glow to represent the “One”.

The “One” is a force all on its own. There is our universe, that blankets all life everywhere. The life of both Spirit and humans all answer to the wills of the universe, set to fulfill a “Plan” for all of us. But there is one force, One group that existed before the Universe. A Creator sits at the center of this group, along with the Creator is his first born children, that Spirit has dubbed the Ancient ones, they in turn have a King, A King that rules it all. This entire group is referred to as the “One” because it is separate from the whole. Separate from the Universe because it created the Universe. It was first. Some call this group Angels. Others call them deities. All I can say is This is who I serve, this is who I kneel to, this Beach is my Church, my temple. Here I have the honor of giving a message that is beyond us. No matter what the message, this force has always managed to prevail. They never fail. They are as the vision projects, a bolt of lightning. A force that cannot be stopped, cannot be quelled. It moves fast and leaves just as quick always putting the individual with a twinge of doubt. But they are unstoppable, there will becomes reality. Their message will be life changing. I feel almost daily like the drummer boy in the Christmas special. I have the honor to stand between two vast spaces, life and death, the sand and the ocean, I live for both, but I answer to this majestic energy. The force of the “One”. Yet I am just a simple man, playing my drums for something beyond me.

Then the vision ends. Now comes the reading in a few hours. I wait until the message arrives. This is where I must have an intermission. These are sacred messages, sacred and given only to the one who should receive it. But an example is warranted. So it just so happens that in one of the hundred times I have done this, one time, the lightning hit me! I mean I saw the bolt cross the night sky, Macabe was standing with me and then it hit me, throwing me back into the sand. That specific vision, shocked me, I spent the entire day waiting for a message. Then I fell asleep and the vision came…

The year was 2007,

my brother had just died and my family was broken. Shattered into a million pieces. Our extended family in the moment of grief tried to bring us back from the cold fog that was our lives. So our extended family took us out to Disneyland. But I wasn’t feeling it at all. So I left, I went back to San Diego, to have the “One” unknowingly waiting for me just as I took a seat in my chair to meditate. Then the night came.

As I fell asleep on that day. I stood there with my feet in the wet sand, as the cold ocean splashed against them, It was the ocean that begin to glow like a bright light, so bright that it lit up the night sky. It looked as if night became day, but upside down.

“Go back. Go back now. Go back” I could hear whispers carried over the wind both distant and close.

I know the message will be short, I know time is a factor on all things involving this great power I serve. So I screamed out:


Then I looked behind me. Oddly behind me was Disneyland, then it glowed. It glowed like a white bright fog had engulfed the small Disney town. I would wake up the next day and without hesitation, found a train, and got on it. I didn’t have a dime to my name at the time but wouldn’t you know it. Someone who owed me money, just so happened to pay it all back in full. So I suddenly had the means to get there. Then it shifted yet again, I was running late to the train, and I stepped on the train at the very last second. Another odd moment where it seemed like all the barriers magically went away.

I walked into Disneyland as a surprise for my mother. She did not know I was coming. I approached her from the side, but then I saw her. She was in shambles, crying, she looked lost in the moment. This wasn’t fun at all. Then I put my hands out almost imitating Mickey Mouse. At first Bea looked oddly, at what I was doing, then she realized it was me, her son. Joy swept her face. She became excited to see me. I quickly walked up and held her in my hands, she was talking, but her words volume plummeted to a faint whisper as the sky above me became white raging fire I could hear. I looked up as it swirled with tints of rich colors. Oh color, the Spiritual realm is beyond colorful. Then the white fountain of fire poured down on both of us. Just as it did, I squeezed my mom ever so harder. It felt so warm. So comforting. I could feel the heat pour down my body. They healed us. It was a moment. A moment that has made me unwaveringly loyal. I felt my Creator. It was brief. It was beyond approach. But I did feel him.

That changes you. It shows you without words or sounds that this force answers to one emotion. One calling. The calling of the King. Love. Love dictates their every move. They will protect it. They will fight for it and they will bend those that fail to see its beauty, they will bend them to their will. They are the “One” and I am honored to be just one of a trillion other soldiers, students, and loyal servants playing my drums.

For Bea. My Anchor.

I may not be able to share your experiences with this great light, but you on the other hand can. Some of you might find a need to keep it private, but if your willing share your experiences with the Divine.

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  1. TW Longtime Lurker Avatar
    TW Longtime Lurker

    God is Love and the Source of Love. Thank you Mr. Eric for sharing your stories.

  2. Rose Avatar

    Love to your and your family. Thanks for sharing your beautiful story Eric.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you.

  3. Gloria Avatar

    Such a lovely story about an everlasting bond.

  4. Jupiter Avatar

    IS God a big ball of light that creates and destroys everything

      1. jupiter Avatar

        so god is a group of evoled and enlightened souls that are looking after all the creation in this and other universes

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          The Creator does not need to be evolved or enlighten. Those are human qualities, becasue we were created flawed. We evolve, but the Creator has been the same being consistently.
          The Ancient Ones, evolved, but recognize the timing. Their birth came with the birth of the universe. As it grew older so too did these Ancient ones. Now they have evolved to learn everything there is to learn. They now help their father, control the systems of both space and time.

    1. petemedium Avatar

      According to Google: “The earliest written form of the Germanic word “god” comes from the 6th century Christian Codex Argenteus, which descends from the Old English guþ from the Proto-Germanic *Ȝuđan.

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