The Awesome and Flawed Life of Eric Leigh-Pink P1

So Eric, your talent is you speak to the dead, ghosts and Spirits? -No not really.

If I am to be perfectly fair that should be the response to this overwhelming common question. But yet this entire site is dedicated to Spirit. I constantly talk about Spirits, ghosts and the Spiritual realm. But thats not the core gift in my hand. The gift is not about death at all, that part is an after effect. My communication with the dead is a side effect to something much larger. Let me explain.

If you brush against me, I will pick something up about you. If I shake your hand, I will see something. The Leigh-Pinks and our close friends have the added benefit of Erics gift. Someone will ask “Can you check in on me?” Then with their hands out, I will put my hands on top of theirs and squeeze.

Now, just before my hand touches yours, I feel a jolting weight of energy drain to my fingertips, as if my hands became heavy with deep thick energy, then in that split second, if your sick my hands will suddenly clamp up and become horribly stiff as if to warn me, then the second I touch you a link unfolds. Its not like a plug or latch, its like a wave from the depths of my ocean, coming inside you. Imagine a wave of an ocean coming out of my hand, into your arm and reaching at all things within you. Reaching to your mind, to your heart, and all the small places in between. The wave moves from your hand and spreads in all directions. My hand feels like water moving over it and through my hand. Just like any ocean wave, it will recede back to me. This wave will go in and then come back just as waves do, during this time, there is nothing but silence as I wait for the process to finish. Then the wave comes back my way, I get a mirror of you.

Mirror of you? Yes I have found that the most accurate way of predicting the future is to create a mirror of emotions. A flavor. This is the talent I have come to master. The flow of this energy. Its movement.

The minute the wave returns, I feel suddenly drained, there is a horrible pain on my left side, my body sweats, I suddenly become nauseas all at once. Then a horrible feeling of inflammation, all unfolding in seconds. I consume this moment, your tide, and then tell you as I tasted the flavor of you, “You have a Kidney infection” While I say that I have a metallic taste in my mouth. Then like a wave, it disappears in the depths of the ocean, while another one forms.

I can see you in all its forms. Most of all I can see you Qi. You energy. The sum of what your putting out into the world. No matter who you are I will most likely pick that up. It is the scent of you. Maybe your stuck in life, maybe your a full fledged thief, or maybe you the sweetest kindest person on the the planet. I will feel it. I will know it. Like the instinct of an animal times a hundred.

My link to you is always running. It never stops, I set it up that way, so it is constantly getting stronger. Constantly learning new flavors. But recognize there are no Spirits in this conversation. No ghosts and nothing to do with the afterlife. I could honestly just use this talent as a career. But why stop there when I have them. So what is it?

Here is how I would explain the talent. I can link myself, to a person, to the land, to time, to the universe. Its as if everything in the universe, all of it had a voice. A voice most of us can’t hear. The land, the stars, the depths of you, and I can hear that voice. It is the next level of instinct. I will spend hours of splendor just sitting in the middle of a forest and just listen. Hearing the lives of thousands of happy little creatures of all kinds, in all places.

Which begs the question. One I asked. How does linking to the universe bring all these Spirits into ones life. How do you connect the dots there? To outer space? That is the million dollar question. Yep. Looking into that connection, led to utter shock and awe. Because in truth the two are attached at the hip in a way you would never believe. It was a truth above all others. One I will share at a later date.

“The awesome and flawed life of Eric Leigh-Pink” will soon become a staple here. A new series to explain to you everything I know about the other side. To show you the Spiritual Realm through my eyes, as I see it, in all of its awesome splendor. I will explain how fire heals everything it touches in heaven. I will introduce Mara, the queen, I will explain the origins of hell, and the plans in heaven. I will share the Legend of the Ancient Ones, and explain the loopholes in time. Its time to show you whats on the other side, piece by piece. To share with you everything that is the afterlife. I am getting goose bumps as I type. This is something I have wanted to do for a long time, but the Spirits wanted authentication of who they were first.

A new page is about to form.

15 thoughts on “The Awesome and Flawed Life of Eric Leigh-Pink P1

  1. Whoa. My mind is blown. It’s like when I try to really think about the universe. All it’s made of, everything that is out there and everything we keep discovering. The pictures from the Hubble and now the Webb telescopes are almost too much to comprehend.
    This sounds fascinating Eric and I am really looking forward to hearing about this.
    You are awesome man!

    1. No. You have a paint, a force of focus. Most seers choose multiple colors say healing, precognition, telepathy, to name a few, but I choose to paint it all purple which is precognition the power to see the future and by doing that, the purple is thick and powerful.

  2. I just finished reading, and that was incredibly awesome! I look forward with excitement and wonderment to the next description/installment. Thank You!!

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