Indonesia Earthquake

This prediction has happened. I hope for the speedy recovery of all those injured in Jakarta.

The second prediction was a reminder that an earthquake was about to happen, but they implied Latin America? There was a four day gap of time.

Predictions 2-13-17   Spirit, some of the readers are asking if there is a major earthquake coming for New Zealand because of the whales? Is there a major threat to New Zealand?

“Not yet.” I had a visual I was up in the sky looking down on New Zealand, but then the view shifted and I was staring down at Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.  “Over there.. there is your threat”

Then a warning that the earthquake is around the corner.

Predictions 5-25-17  I had a visual of one massive crack. That spells a very damaging earthquake

The Facts on 5-29: “JAKARTA, Indonesia – A strong, shallow earthquake rocked Indonesia’s central Sulawesi province Monday evening, injuring at least three people and damaging some buildings and houses.

The U.S. Geological Survey said the magnitude-6.8 quake was centred in a thinly populated area 79 kilometres (49 miles) southeast of the provincial capital, Palu, at a depth of 9.1 kilometres (6 miles).” Quoted by



Predictions 4-13-17

I had a visual of individuals marching, dressed in green. Then the visual shifted to show the desert landscape, it looked like Africa. Then the visual faded to black and you heard a loud gun shot followed by gasping. Then the visual returned to show anarchy, rioting on the streets.

Sounds like South Africa. The one shot seems to be an assassination or the spark of a very dark period for South Africa.

Coming Earthquake: Spirit clarified that both the South America earthquake and the Philippines are around the corner. The immediate one is expected to be in South America in the north west region. It also expected to be extremely damaging because of all the flooding and mudslides that are currently plaguing the area.


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Predictions 3-13-17

I had a visual I was walking down the road to see houses on both sides in complete rubble.
I had a visual of the number 14 put into a box.

Where Spirit?
South America
I had a visual of multiple numbers in boxes: 14, 22,30, and 2.

We have three different predictions that talk about South America. I have tried my best to narrow it down but without success. Perhaps its the Tsunami prediction, that would explain why they have not narrowed it down.  I do believe they are marking the 14th with this earthquake, keep in mind its ‘around’ the 14th. If I am right then they just marked several dates.

Predictions 2-21-17  North West South America

Prediction 1-8-17 Chile

Predictions 3-29-16  Tsunami


Predictions 3-7-17

I had a visual of the United States Flag and the Chinese Flag coming together side by side.

“Both nations have grown tired of Kim Jong Un, his removal is imminent, the regime is ending.. it’s over”

“North Korea will become a part of China giving them a strategic edge in Asia.. all will unfold soon”

I had a visual of Kim Jong Un being led away, he had a look of fear on his face.

Could this older prediction be related to Kim Jong Un? Predictions 5-3-16

I had a visual of a massive car pile up, several cars were crushed.

“Destructive..Earthquake.. Philippines.. 20” (is 20 a date or countdown, a countdown would lead to sometime around the 27th?)

The Spirits also brought up the South American earthquake but instead of Ecuador they mentioned Argentina? The previous prediction: Predictions 2-21-17

I had a visual of a very large wave  rushing across the sea, then they connected it to Sri Lanka, confirming a Tsunami,  they must be talking about this previous prediction: Predictions 12-27-16

“In about half an hour.. the date marked” (that means about 15 days which leads to a time frame around the 22nd)

That’s a bold prediction, China has consistently sided with North Korea, the idea they would change their position and side with the US is very hard to believe.

Predictions 3-5-17

I had a visual of  0 9 5 7, then spirit broke it down starting with 9 then 5 then 7. The message was followed by these four back to back messages:

I had a visual of the ground shaking violently, then I heard a very loud snapping noise.

I had a visual of Spirit slamming a box of Kosher salt

I had a visual of an airplane

I had a visual of a detonator, with someone’s hand on the trigger.

I believe we are talking about 4 different events. Because of how it was presented, this code I believe is related some how. Could they represent the 5th, 7th and 9th?  Or is each number a countdown? They have implied that these four events related to old predictions are coming next. Here is a list of predictions that might be related to these four messages.

Predictions 2-21-17   Predictions 5-10-16 Predictions 2-4-17   Prediction: Hijacked Plane

Prediction: US Terror Attacks  Predictions 12-23-16   Predictions 10-18-16  Prediction: US Terror Attacks

New Predictions, we need to gather more details:

I had a visual of a large cross on a wall, then I saw fire everywhere. “The church will be destroyed soon.”

There was an unverified implication of a British Church.

I had a visual of a gas station burning in flames. A huge, massive fire.


Predictions 2-21-17

I had a visual I was floating in the clouds looking down at a land mass. The land mass was South America, the north western region, the part of the country that extends in a western direction. That implies Ecuador perhaps Peru.

“Earthquake its a big one.”

“Russia.. an image is leaked.. Washington continues to be topsy turvy.. one that changes the scope of the investigation dramatically. ”

“Hostile actions taken by Trump begin to backfire.”

I had a visual of someone handing me information on a threat coming. On the paper he handed me was the word “Pence” underlined several times.  He implied that safety and security was in question.

I had a visual of a digital clock counting down from 12 to 11. (that implies a time frame around the 3rd or 4th of March.)

We are expecting a prediction to unfold between the 22nd-24th.


Predictions 2-13-17

Spirit, some of the readers are asking if there is a major earthquake coming for New Zealand because of the whales? Is there a major threat to New Zealand?

“Not yet.” I had a visual I was up in the sky looking down on New Zealand, but then the view shifted and I was staring down at Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.  “Over there.. there is your threat”

“The temperature of the water is an issue.”

We should expect a major earthquake or Volcano eruption soon in the Indonesia area. They showed the ocean again and again after the message. Are they implying a Tsunami? They implied that with the old prediction below as well.

Predictions 12-27-16   “A massive earthquake.. Sri Lanka”

The implication was that it was an earthquake and tsunami. They implied February which is odd, they usually don’t go that far out for an earthquake.

Though we have concerns over the marked ’14th’ I also question whether or not they might be talking about next month.

“War is coming.. over land.”

We plan to ask for more details on the war.