World Predictions 6-16-20

I had a visual of an ancient emblem sitting by a large round stone. Then it begin to crack.

I had a visual of Spirit pointing to the Middle East, then another crack.

I believe they are predicting a destructive earthquake in the Middle East. The emblem reflects a location of ancient artifacts?
The borders of Iran/Iraq are famous for artifacts, but so does Israel and Turkey.

Your fired! .. oh so upset over what is said.

W A R spelled out in bold letters.

I had a visual of Ireland.. in the background was a large storm.

Now the radical right (alt right) comes out in violent opposition.. it is bad… so much hate.

The fired message was used in the past to describe a loss in the White House staff. The second part might be pointing towards General Mark Milley or Mark Esper.
The last three messages require more details and my attention.
It really does look like Spirit has changed the process. They marked these locations; Northern region by lakes, Turkey, Florida, Nevada, Southern Florida a second time, and now a storm in Ireland. Spirit is marking locations that need my focus. I say that because the first two locations had recent tragedies. Turkey had horrible floods and the ‘Northern region’ had a dam break. I have already shifted to focus my attention on locations.

Looking back at our own history.

In June of 2018 the summit took place between North Korea and the US …and it was literal.

Predictions 8-30-17  I had a visual of a sudden shift with North Korea. Spirit showed a symbolic visual of Trump and Kim Jong-un sitting at a table about to talk. The visual was presented as cartoon figures, normally that means the message is symbolic not literal

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    1. june 21 is a big day indeed it’s a solar eclipse and lot of planetary conjunctions happening. In India we are having nearly every day a small crack. Mother earth is shifting. Rest every one to be careful on eclipse day.
      Thanks Eric. God bless.

  1. Is the war related to India China ? 20 Indian soldiers are dead in the latest fight in Ladakh Galwan Valley

  2. Does the storm for Ireland mean a very bad weather storm or is it related to the Irish government issues just curious

    1. They are marking your country with a need for me to focus on it. The storm historically represents troubling times. Let’s see what comes back after I focus on it.

        1. Thanks Eric – The risk for “Troubling times” is always close to the surface in Ireland, particularly with Brexit looming.
          From 1968-1998 we had “Troubles” that lasted for 30 years in Northern Ireland, preceded by 50 years of anti-irish discrimination.
          Let’s hope we are not heading for a re-make

  3. Don’t know if you watch Huff Paranormal on YouTube because spirits, as of late, have been mentioning “W A R” through his spirit box that he created. Wish he would ask between who though. I think it could be retaliation for the terrorist attacks coming or possible war with Iran due to the attacks coming from them.

      1. “Spirit Predictions 2020. They Keep Predicting a new War. Soon.

        “Every time I do a session these days (the last 3 months) spirit keeps talking of a war. They have said it will be a bad war. They said it is not the virus. They have told me who will start it, why and when (those details I am not publishing) but can we believe these prophecies? I am not so sure simply due to the fact that the spirit realm does have a lot of entities who speak untruths. Some speak truth but the challenge is understanding WHO is saying these things from the other side. They were right about the virus and started warning of it in Jan 2020.”

  4. Eric- RE: Nevada
    Here are some educated guesses:
    1. Fire! Fire! Fire!
    2. Earthquake (either Northern or central Nev. In 2014 I saw “36 miles northwest of Ely (Nevada).” I looked and Ruby Mountains are there. Wells, NV prone to large earthquakes. Also saw something from Yellowstone back then but lets not go there. Or a large eq in Cali impacts Nevada.
    3. A nuclear explosion from test site? Causing an emergency with wind direction? Evacuation scenario?
    4. We do get flooding so its an option as well. Hopefully no terrorism whether domestic or foreign.
    Hope this helps when you meditate. Love and light!
    Thank YOU. God Bless. 💖Thanks to all the spirit warriors on this site too.

  5. NEW DELHI (AP) — The Indian Army has raised the death toll in a clash with Chinese troops on disputed border from 3 to 20 Indian soldiers.

  6. “Now the radical right (alt right) comes out in violent opposition.. it is bad… so much hate.”
    That doesn’t sound good. What kinds of incidents should we be on the alert for? How long do we have until this prediction happens?

      1. I have bad feelings with all the Juneteenth marching and trump rally goers clashing into horrible events.

  7. Eric,
    Updated number on India 🇮🇳 and China 🇨🇳
    W A R spelled out in bold letters.

    @20 dead from India
    @The sources who spoke with the Times said 43 Chinese troops died in the fighting.

    DOZENS OF TROOPS FROM India and China were reportedly killed in a dispute along a contested area of their shared border – the first bloody clash between the two countries in decades and an event with the potential to spark even more violence.

    Chinese state media described the incident Monday night in the Galwan River valley where both countries have deployed troops in recent weeks as “the most serious clash between Chinese and Indian soldiers so far,” confirming casualties but offering no further details about them. Indian government sources speaking on the condition of anonymity told The Times of India that 20 Indian army personnel had died in the fighting.

  8. There have been 5 Black people who have died by hanging in trees in public places in the US in the past couple of weeks. (2 in CA, 1 in Ny, 1 in OR, 1 in TX). All were immediately deemed suicides however suicide experts say this is an EXTREMELY unlikely method of suicide for this demographic, especially in public locations. It really seems like lynchings are occurring right now and many are calling for the FBI to investigate these deaths.

    There was also a right wing militia member who shot a protestor in NM yesterday.

    There is so much speculation that much of the violence from “protestors” is coming from white supremacy groups. (The arsonists in Atlanta Wendy’s Fire were all white and in one of the photos the police released looking for them one is giving a white supremacy hand sign).

    All to say- the right wing violence may already be beginning.

    1. It feels like the alt-right knew the winds and tides are shifting rapid and fast against them. So all this violence they’re committing is their last big hurrah and they’re going out with a bang.

  9. Eric,
    Ref:::W A R spelled out in bold letters. (preparing?)

    Taiwan 🇹🇼 —
    Taiwan warns off intruding Chinese aircraft for fourth time in nine days

    TAIPEI (Reuters) – Taiwan jets on Wednesday again had to warn off Chinese air force aircraft that approached the island, Taiwan’s military said, the fourth such encounter in nine days as China steps up its activity near the Chinese-claimed island.

    1. Update: Less than 24 hrs after it went up, Trump’s campaign falsely claimed the inverted red triangle was an antifa logo – it’s not – before finally pulling the anti-antifa Facebook ad with the “inverted red triangle.”

      The ads now feature stop-signs & yield-signs with the same fear-mongering message about “dangerous MOBS of far-left groups” destroying the country.

  10. “Jihadist plots used to be U.S. and Europe’s biggest terrorist threat. Now it’s the far right.

    “A report he co-authored recorded 14 terrorist incidents, including attacks and disrupted plots, from Jan. 1 to May 8. Thirteen of them were classified as right-wing, and the other was recorded as being religiously motivated in the context of jihadism.

    “The report found that the comparable figure for right-wing attacks and plots in 2019 was a little more than 60 percent, which itself was the highest level of such activity since 1995, the year of the Oklahoma City bombing of a federal building, which killed 168 people. And in both 2018 and 2019, right-wing attackers caused more than 90 percent of the terrorism-related deaths in the United States.”

  11. Trump might fire FBI Director Christopher Wray for telling Congress the truth about Russian election interference and the threat of far right white supremacist terror being the greatest threat in America – both of which the Trump administration is intentionally downplaying.

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