China / US Willing to Work Together on North Korea

This prediction is starting to unfold.

Predictions 3-7-17   I had a visual of the United States Flag and the Chinese Flag coming together side by side. “Both nations have grown tired of Kim Jong Un, his removal is imminent, the regime is ending.. it’s over”    “North Korea will become a part of China giving them a strategic edge in Asia.. all will unfold soon”  I had a visual of Kim Jong Un being led away, he had a look of fear on his face.

The facts: “Today on a phone call with President Trump Xi said “He is willing to work with Washington to end North Korea’s Nuclear weapon program but wants a peaceful solution to escalating conflict.”

In other news we are now expecting a large earthquake but we need to narrow down which of the 4 predictions they are talking about. We are also expecting the basketball prediction to unfold soon too. Predictions 3-25-17  Earthquakes: Predictions 2-21-17 Predictions 3-7-17  Predictions 12-27-16 Predictions 10-30-16

It is also looking like the Cold War is starting back up: Predictions 5-28-16  Predictions 12-12-16   Predictions 6-5-16



Predictions 3-14-17

“He is dead.. the butcher will pass.. they killed him.. assassinated.”

Every implication pointed to Kim Jong Un. However Bashir Al Assad and Omar Al Bashir are also referred to as the Butcher.

I had a visual of a massive landslide, perhaps mudslide.

“Airplane hijacking.. around April 2nd. ”

Spirit also showed the number 22.

“the clock strikes 9 all of our focus averted to this one event. The tragedy of it must be altered.  A massive earthquake.. big one.. San Francisco.. San Jose.. surrounding North 8 or 9”

The clock striking 9 could be seen as September.



Todays News VS Spirits Prediction

Please share this listing with everyone. The sooner we can authenticate Spirits message the sooner we will achieve our ultimate goal of change through awareness. Now more than ever our goal of changing future tragedies seems achievable.

All of these predictions are in the news right now. Though I am still trying to understand how it works it has come to my attention that Spirit seems to gather all the events of one specific timeframe and make predictions around that time, like a fisherman casting one net and catching several fish at once. Thoughts?

Notes on 7-16-15    I had a visual of an explosion, fire.
China.. 18.. such a horrible tragic event.. terror.. around 650.. a massive situation. Vehicles destroyed.. one of the absolute worse. (It was implied to be a terror attack but oddly they presented it as a fire?)   China Blast

Notes on 11-3-14    I had a visual of a shooter preparing his weapon but then he was tackled by those around him. “Heroes! Heroes!”  France Train Attack

Notes on 7-16-15   ‘C’ will pass.. even though he was a world leader its his philanthropy that he left a true mark. He left the world better than what it was.  Jimmy Carter has Cancer

Notes on 7-27-15    “We are talking about a president (or prime minister)… Oh have the mighty have fallen.. he is told to resign immediately.” — Spirit Voice  Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras Resigns

Notes on 3-30-13   “This is great news!!.. Notorious.. Crazy.. The new mad leader takes aggressive action.. There will be a launch.. island.. the leader will fall.. everything is about to change.. they will have to wait outside for a little while..” I believe they are talking about the North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-Un. If not him, it’s another ‘Notorious’ leader in the world.  North Korea Attacks South Korea

Notes on 7-16-15     Ecuador (or around it).. evacuate the old town.. 27.. such a massive explosion from the volcano.
I had a visual of a massive display of lava and smoke. Then they showed it afterwards and there was only half the volcano left.   Ecuador Volcano Erupts

Notes on 9-4-14 North Korea’s Collapse

I had a visual of a wall and then a large crack shifted the wall.
I had a visual of a restaurant that did not receive a shipment of food and could not function.
“The North Korea government has cracked, collapse.
The Kim Jong-Un dynasty is ending.
People will be shuffled around to carry the façade of change but it will not work.
China will step in.” Spirits Voice

When? I asked   “It’s already starting.. by 24” Spirit responded

I also had visuals that could or could not be related: I had a visual of someone being forced to take a syringe shot. I had a visual of an old man standing by a podium

Eric’s Comments: I am not sure what the last part represents?  In previous predictions they implied China would take control but they also implied a military control? We are still waiting for a timeframe on previous predictions but Spirit wants all the new messages out first.

Kim Jong Un’s Executions

This prediction continues to unfold, first his uncle and now more of the dynasty is put to death.

Predictions for 2014 : Kim Jong Un slices and dices leaders.. a Brutus moment approaches.. one will fall bloody.. they try a coup.. the end.. not now, later, North Korea will become China.

The Facts on 1-26: “The entire family of Kim Jong-un’s uncle, executed less than a month ago, have also been killed at the North Korean leader’s instruction, according to reports.
Jang Song Thaek was put to death on December 12 at the age of 67 after making an alleged attempt to dethrone his nephew, including contemplating a military-backed coup.
Now Yonhap News Agency reports all Jang’s direct relatives were called to Pyongyang last month and executed in a bid to “clamp down on mutiny”.
“Extensive executions have been carried out for relatives of Jang  Song Thaek,” a source said. “All relatives  of Jang have been put to death, including even children.” Quoted News:

Notes on 9-23-13

I had two visuals. The first was a big red ‘O’ –that doesn’t sound good. The second showed another ‘O’ with 4 marks above it? As I have mentioned ‘O’ represents a cycle is complete which means one of their predictions is about to happen.

“In North Korea, the power plant is a mess, so poorly operated.. mismanaged.. if?.. its continued operation will set off alarms across the globe.. it could become a massive disaster, unspeakable.. Chernobyl?” – Spirits Voice

Kim Jong-Un’s Spoon

This Prediction has unfolded in a cool way. Thanks Goosher!  Some nice news for a change. The Prediction Reads:

Here are the Notes on 4-12-13: “So the riddle I woke up to was a small spoon being hit against the corner of a table over and over again like some bratty child. I am open to your thoughts on what this could mean. The way I see it they are demanding a sense of urgency towards the flooding in Hawaii, as if to say pay attention. More likely they are implying that the missile launch will happen today or tomorrow at the latest. As if Kim Jung Un is that bratty child acting out. Thoughts?? …” To see the full Prediction: Notes on 4-12-13

On April 17th on NBC Today; Savannah Guthrie interviews President Obama. The President is quoted as saying in regards to North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un: “Were not going to reward this kind of Provocative  behavior. You don’t get to bang your spoon on the table and somehow get your way.”

Take a look at the full video below, the part that is quoted is about 2.40 minutes into it.