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Notes on 8-10-15

The first three predictions are expected in ‘August’ the fourth in question:

I had a visual of an airplane in the sky, lightning crashed into it, then you saw a large explosion.

I had a visual I was observing the damaged airplane and it was burned.

6/7 (Around 8-15?)

Eric’s Comments: They made this sound soon, it could be the 6th but more likely the 6th day of the week which is Saturday the 15th.  I can only assume they mean the plane is literally hit with lightning, at first I thought it was symbolic, it still could be, but how does that explain the second vision.

I had a visual of hands reaching out, joining forces, uniting. “The oppressed minority will join forces, rally around each other, stand for each other against the oppressor.”

Eric’s Comments:  Part of the vision showed some of the people coming out of the ground, which implies that the support will come from unexpected locations, buried, untapped. It was good to see, a triumph among the normal horror I am a use to witnessing, it wouldn’t last long, as another vision followed.

I had a visual I was standing in a desert and people were hanging dead from above.  (Sounds like ISIS)

I had a visual of something truly despicable. I was shown a large warehouse, or large open house. Men held woman captives. They were treated like slaves and kept as if apart of a twisted collection. In part of the vision one of the men dressed himself in a metal monster suit, they showed blood on the wall and called it “Red tooth” but soon it was about to unravel.

“For safety, these men need to be put in a padded room and the key discarded.”

I also had a visual regarding our work. I walked outside and there was a massive moon. They have in the past shown this massive moon; Bin Laden’s death, Japan tsunami, Ukraine war. It represents a major event on the horizon. We plan to refocus on what that represents.

Notes on 10-29-13

“Congrats to the child who receives accolades. Our hats off to you.” They showed a young child walking up to a stage, while a large crowd clapped.

“A massive jam, huge, unmoving situation, everyone stuck. ”
They implied Canada, but not entirely clear

“The whopper is off to the side.” A looming superstorm is forming. Its unclear if we are talking about Florida or another area.

Typhoon Usagi

Another Storm hits the projected Philippines. This is one of 4 areas expected to be hit hard in 2013, Philippines, Mexico, Japan,  and Florida. Florida’s Hurricane is expected in October. The first prediction is either off in its projections or another Typhoon is still coming. The Prediction reads:

Notes on 8-13-13
“The Philippines will be hit again with another massive typhoon.. the southern part.. so much destruction for one year.” – The last part might be the sum of all hurricanes and typhoons for 2013.

Notes on 3-16-13
“Oh my, so many floods are coming.. Florida and Japan have the biggest storms.. New Jersey and surrounding areas are hit again.. Florida will be hit with a massive hurricane, the tide and path make the flooding deep.. the shorelines of the Carolinas devastated..  Japan hit in the worst way.. Korea is affected.. Typhoon strike the Philippines.. Philippines are ill prepared, slow response.. there will be excessive tragic deaths.

The Facts: “The most powerful typhoon of the year swept through the Luzon Strait separating the Philippines and Taiwan on Saturday, battering island communities and dumping rain as it headed straight for Hong Kong.” Quoted News:

Syria Waiting

This part of the Prediction is happening, my original assessment is incorrect. Its obvious now the message is about the overall worldwide watch dog whether it be the UK, the delays of the US and other nations, ‘watch dog’ action seems exactly that, off to the side in a waiting pattern, unproductive. We will continue to ask and report what is next in Syria prior to it happening. The Prediction  posted 8-25 reads:

The Butcher Al Assad
“Syria? I saw in the dark a small dog standing under bushes, waiting, and waiting. – Dogs in the past have represented a sort of watch dog. Recently in the news it has been reported that the UN is now allowed to visit those areas in question of the chemical attack by Al Assad. My guess on this message is that even though the UN has been told that access will now be available, the message contradicts that by implying that the “dog” will wait off to the side, unproductive.”

Notes on 8-12-13

The Prediction that is coming next.
I saw the head of a man landing on Mars or it could have been Mercury, they look similar. “The failed prediction will unfold”. – Who is this person? Head of State? President Assassinated? A situation expected Tuesday or Wednesday. Mars could also be seen as war.

There are two other old possible predictions besides the list presented earlier, but its a prediction about a leader:
President Assassination: A man standing at the doors of UN he had odd-looking glasses dressed in black and the floor said ‘death’ .. “President Murdered” – The UN reference I believe is to point to an individual outside of the US, as if to say a global figure would be murdered.
The Passing of F. Castro was another very old prediction.

Planets are old school, and  they are bringing it back, it’s a pun in which the head of state or leader, lands on Tuesday or Wednesday:
Monday – Diana or Moon
Tuesday – Mars
Wednesday – Mercury
Thursday – Jupiter
Friday – Venus
Saturday – Saturn
Sunday – Sun

Also coming soon: “The earthquake looms” – There are only two predictions: Mexico earthquake 1,2 that would be damaging and the Tsunami.

Typhoon Utor Strikes Philippines

This Prediction is happening it reads in two posts:

Notes on 7-29-13
’0′ is arriving.
“The Typhoon (Hurricane) is coming/forming”

Notes on 3-16-13
Here are the notes from spirit in regards to the major storms of 2013.  These storms are very important to the spirits. Not only are they major events of 2013 but if there was any one event we could alter through awareness, with your help, this is it.
“Oh my, so many floods are coming.. Florida and Japan have the biggest storms.. New Jersey and surrounding areas are hit again.. Florida will be hit with a massive hurricane, the tide and path make the flooding deep.. the shorelines of the Carolinas devastated..  Japan hit in the worst way.. Korea is affected.. Typhoon strike the Philippines.. Philippines are ill prepared, slow response.. there will be excessive tragic deaths.
The Vision; they showed maps of almost every location mentioned. The map did show other locations that I was not familiar with, I will verify later. In the vision Florida and Japan were hit with the worst. The vision also showed the tide rising creating larger waves of water crushing houses and putting them underwater. I am sure you noticed a lack of timing. We are expecting this for the Hurricane season which is still several months away. As we get closer to the mark we will regroup with clear details and timeframes.
It’s important to understand the importance of this prediction. In December we had plans to rollout the 4 major events of 2013; The good news, huge medical breakthroughs, major technological advances especially in regards to space. Then the two stains of 2013 were a revitalized return of terrorist acts, and these horrible storms.

The Facts: Philippines braces for Typhoon Utor. A typhoon packing gusts of up to 185 kilometres per hour is 160 kilometres northeast of the nation’s easternmost island Catanduanes. Quoted News:

There is expected to be 4 major Hurricanes/Typhoons; Florida, Japan, Philippines and a fourth unknown that we plan to predict later. On top of that in Asia they seem to be implying some of the places get hit twice. Because of the rising sea levels the flooding is expected to be massive and abnormal. Also is the “Next” or “Coming” prediction seems to carry weight, we can now tell you which predictions are next in line to unfold.

Venner’s Suicide

Has this prediction happened? Also not that accurate, there is no connection to Canada which puts it in question. It reads under Notes on 5-6-13 :

“I just wanted to say goodbye.. were done.. Canada relationship.. infamous master..”
“Don’t make poor choices.. There isn’t any situation out there that can’t be helped by others.”
It sounds like some type of suicide or self-inflicted death. Master could be a reference to a teacher, someone who is a master at their skill, and has students.

The Facts: Dominique Venner, the far-right French essayist and historian, who shot himself before the altar of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on Tuesday, was a bitter opponent of same-sex marriage and influence of Islam in France. Quoted News:

The Future is Beautiful

The Future is Beautiful. This century is all about change, do you feel it. A tsunami of change is coming, and when it crashes down the world will be born again. Do you feel it. A world where music is on a stage for the entire world to dance to and everyone is dancing, a world were our leaders answer to the world not just their own egos, a world where our brothers across the globe are a click away, and our cultures collide blissfully. A world where knowledge is free from its chains. A world where all of us are intertwined tighter then we could ever imagine and the stars aren’t that far away after all. A new world is coming where all of us must participate and cultivate as one, together united. For those of you who might choose to hold onto the old ways of radical acts, racism, hate, war, and most of all apathy, don’t bother, otherwise you will drown in your resistance to change. Yes a new world is coming, do you feel it, let the emotions of fear and excitement roll over you, and I say to the violent old, good riddance you were a waste with little purpose. Yes a tsunami of change is coming, do you feel it, this is the century when it all comes crashing down, the future is truly beautiful.

So many of you are asking about the violence and horror of the world, why?.. this is their response, the days are numbered for that darkness that ruled in the background for so long and they know it.

Notes on 4-20-13

Here are the notes from spirit on 4-20-13

There are several cryptic messages and vague messages here. Now comes my dilemma, do I continue to focus on the old predictions that still needs clarity or re focus on the new ones. I can’t determine which will be a major predictions. But details are lacking and we need to focus on details. On another note, these visions however obscure usually describe a specific situation that becomes news. Characters are used to describe a theme or individual description, Morgan Freeman would represent “A Free man or individual”  In the coming weeks we will try to focus on details to bring clarity.

They showed a tornado or quick storm roll in and do great damage. Then they showed a man recording the event in awe.

“An avalanche, cave in, it’s not pretty” Another tragic event. Avalanche has in the past been used to describe mud slides as well anything that comes crashing down a mountain.

Written on a door was the word “Wings”

“Get your F+++ing hands off of me!” Described by them as a situation or verbal comment that comes across the media wire.

Written was the words “Tee Father”

I had a vision of a man who looked like Sam Braun the fictional casino mogul (played by S. Wilson)  who had ties to Mafia. He was upset because he did not like ‘us there’ “your not suppose to be here” He sent out his thugs, and there was a great variety of different thugs and they stabbed and maimed individuals. It seemed almost as if time passed there was more of his actions unfolding. Something in the background implied he had ties to drugs. Several of his henchmen were caught and their necks were snapped. But he stood there by a fence watching and lurking. As I came out of the vision the spirits said “He is a very bad man”


Notes on 4-12-13

One Note from Spirit on April 12th.

So the riddle I woke up to was a small spoon being hit against the corner of a table over and over again like some bratty child. I am open to your thoughts on what this could mean. The way I see it they are demanding a sense of urgency towards the flooding in Hawaii, as if to say pay attention. More likely they are implying that the missile launch will happen today or tomorrow at the latest. As if Kim Jung Un is that bratty child acting out. Thoughts?? Spoons are used to describe a type of prediction, if its something they gave me they use it as a spoon vs the old school way of me asking about subjects. Not only that but the size of the spoon determines how big of a deal it is. This one was very small which implies North Korea again. Just a couple of odd facts, Knives are used to describe a prediction they don’t want posted (yes that does happen) as if to say “cut it out” and a fork actually means they are done with a prediction whether it has details or not and want it posted “Put a fork in it.”

Notes on 4-11-13

The flood in Hawaii is coming about 5 minutes (minutes means days). Warn Them! Change must happen! Stay away from the shoreline!

The original Post on  Notes on 3-17-13
“A tsunami is coming.. A tsunami hits the west coast.. various parts are affected.. Hawaii flooded.. not horrific but damaging.. April..” We will try to update the timing as we get closer.

Here it is.. your opportunity to change the outcome of this situation. The timeline is not exact. For now we are projecting a timeframe between the 14th and 19th as this information came in late yesterday the 10th.  As we move closer to the timeframe we will project an exact date, but now is the time to start a conversation to change this outcome.

Notes on 4-9-13

Notes from spirit on April 9th
“The storm is coming soon” I had a visual of a storm hitting an island area first, New Guinea or Indonesia then coming across to North Australia. It’s clear that we are talking about a Cyclone or Typhoon. Now the storm is coming it makes this Australian storms arrival within a few weeks.
“It will be China that takes over North Korea”. Wow they really are predicting the fall of Kim Jung-on. With that everything changes, I don’t know if China is there for a transition state or literally taking over. They have also implied that much of the bluster is the product of internal issues, they showed a general or military man taking over.
“The new weapon is so dangerous.. too much death and devastation.. so bad that there will be a ban by nations.”
They keep presenting the number “2” as an important date that is coming.
Finally I wanted to share this big change , big news to me anyway.  When we predicted Hurricane Sandy it was presented as three different storms, one that talked about the destruction, one that predicted how the mid east coast would be affected, and the last with a late October timeframe predicted how Latin America or the Caribbean would be affected. However accurate it was confusing, it seemed like they were presenting three different Hurricanes. But now we have switched that process to an actual trajectory of the storm, note they are doing it backwards, starting with the land and working its way back.

Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher Passes Away

This prediction has happened. Its time frame off,  it reads under Prediction 25: European Leader Passes Away :

The great European leader passes away.
Expected time frame: June/July I tried very hard to figure out who. They showed me a portrait of Prince Philip (UK) dressed in a red uniform as a british royal. I am not sure if Philip is the person they are talking about however the look of royalty or connection to a royal family is clear, could even be a prime minister.

The Facts: Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher passed away April 8th 2013.

The Building Falls

Its possible that this event relates to the prediction below. My assumption that it would be a landslide is incorrect. It was on March 29th that there was a horrible landslide in Tibet and the spirits predicted that tragedies of these kinds weren’t over.  It reads under Notes on 3-30-13 :

“Last night people fell.. they will fall.. more coming..” I am assuming they are talking about the landslide in the news, they seem to predict more is coming or it’s not entirely over.

The Facts: New Delhi (CNN) — “At least 46 people have died — including 17 children — and dozens have been injured after an illegal building still under construction collapsed in western India, police said Friday. The building, in Thane, about 10 kilometers northeast of central Mumbai, caved in on Thursday evening, said Digambar Jangale, a local police official.” Quoted news:

Notes on 4-7-13

Here are the notes from Spirit for April 7th, its short and somewhat vague.

“Whoops.. the president.. basketball..” Then they chuckled. A silly situation involving the president and basketball, it was very much presented jokingly.
“Too much strain.. out of service.. everybody loses.. the funds.. out” It sounds like it could be the sequesters negative effects kicks in.

A visual of me standing on a hill in Hawaii and a large storm was approaching. The wind was picking up speed and danger was looming. Repeating a prediction is a consistent practice of theirs. Repeating a prediction was originally used as a way to show that their prediction is still coming and has not changed. It was an important tool that made it clear that even with public opinion against me their message holds.  But now I believe its purpose has changed and is for the future. When you and I start working towards changing these predictions these messages will be vital, it will show what our efforts and labors have created. It was only a few post ago that we predicted mass flooding in Hawaii, a moderate Tsunami would affect the west coast and Hawaii sometime around April. The next step for this prediction is to focus on timing.

The Future Is Ours To Own

It was right after the turn of the century when I met with the spirits that I  communicate with, over an idea. By this time in my life I could get basic information about world events. I was happily living a life doing personal readings for loads of wonderful people, but life was about to take a different course.
The idea; What if? What if we could use the same talents with our personal readings for the world. What if we could warn the world of the next earthquake, the next hurricane, the next Hitler. What if we could change the outcome of the future? Since that lofty idea I have made it my one mission in life to conquer that future. My goal in life is to change just one of the outcomes of these horrible events  before I pass away.
Now the goal is no longer lofty, the idea is strongly in motion. We still have some work to do, we need to improve my accuracy, and details. I need to understand the blogging lifestyle to get a large enough audience to bring that change and finally the part I haven’t even started, (until now) I need to convince you to help me bring that change, by making everyone aware. So this is my hand extended to you, help me and just maybe we can change the world in some small way. You are the vessel of change, you are that missing piece of our lofty grand plan. I am asking you for help.
The spirits will start pointing out those predictions we need to focus on. Share your ideas, social media experiences, thoughts.  As the new focus shifts towards actually bringing about change I know I will stumble along as I have in making these predictions. This is foreign territory, that no one else has a map to. And as before I have no idea what I am doing, I just going to do it. The future is ours to own, it always has been, the time for change is here and now.