Notes on 10-29-13

“Congrats to the child who receives accolades. Our hats off to you.” They showed a young child walking up to a stage, while a large crowd clapped.

“A massive jam, huge, unmoving situation, everyone stuck. ”
They implied Canada, but not entirely clear

“The whopper is off to the side.” A looming superstorm is forming. Its unclear if we are talking about Florida or another area.

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  1. Gaynor Avatar

    This could be Malala the Female Child who was shot by the Taliban because they feared the fact that a female wished to gain knowledge and encouraged education….She was also recently awarded the Shakarov prize…
    Malala won 17 awards before failing to win Nobel Peace Prize … › Today’s Paper
    12 Oct 2013 – PESHAWAR: Though Malala Yousafzai failed to win the prestigious … (3) Amnesty International — Ambassador of Conscience Award, (4) …

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Not sure.

  2. mitmits2001 Avatar

    earthquake in Russia and china boarder. Didn’t you predict this lately? I think you did. 🙂

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      They talked about a collapse of some kind but on the west side. So its possible they are off, I will ask.

  3. lilcalichick86 Avatar

    so any ideas on all these predictions of an earthquake on the west coast, the one that will break the san francisco bridge? a lot of people predicted it, im wondering if it was more a of “spiritual” happening instead of a physical thing people were expecting… have you gotten any warnings about something like this? bay area/northern california quake/tsunami? I have had tsunami dreams recently.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Hi, I have not heard them talk about an earthquake that will destroy a bridge. Any time they mention “cracker” or “collapse” its about an earthquake so I have to go with a literal translation. There are several predictions about a west coast Tsunami that would affect the entire west coast/Hawaii especially British Colombia, and an earthquake in San Francisco that would happen around “3” “3 is key” For all the details you could use the search engine. Hope that helps

      1. lilcalichick86 Avatar

        in regards to “3 is the key” that may not be a date or a time, there are three strong planetary alignments that will be happening at the same time in a few days. it could be an astrological thing. a lot of other people got the number three as predictors as well, but the 3rd didnt pan out, so i guess we will see 🙂 im thinking its something other than a date because they usually dont give specific dates.

  4. jules104 Avatar

    Could this be the young boy shown to have walked up to the stage with the Pope during the “Family Day” this am on the news? At first I thought no due to the sound being off and then they unmuted and I heard them clapping and cheering and thought maybe?? Just wondered if it could be they were showing a sort of time line leading up to the Florida storm. Also if you look at the weather map there is a huge storm “off to the side”. I am wondering how it will end up as it moves over towards FL. Again also, I was watching the weather channel yesterday and they had the whole revisited “Hurricane Sandy” thing going on all day, and they mentioned a previous hurricane I think “Helene”, may be misspelled, in 1953 I believe, which was historic, that went up into Toronto, Canada, and caused alot of damage. I know that is a stretch and probably not relevant, but I wondered about the whole timeline thing. Keep up the great service /work you are doing Eric.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Unfortunately, the Hurricane is expected to form in the next few days ” when the pumpkin is out”. I will have to check the news on the boy, but it is a prediction so if it already happened then I would have to say no.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      You might be right with the child, it fits.

  5. jules104 Avatar

    My first thoughts were also the child, Malala. But if not, could the young child be the boy who walked up on the stage to stand with the Pope during “Family Day”? It was broadcast on the news this am and while they unmuted for a second you could hear the crowds clapping and cheering. Was just wondering if this could be tied into a sort of timeline they were showing you. Also was watching The Weather Channel yesterday and they were revisiting “Hurricane Sandy” all day. They were showing a historic “Hurricane Helene”, from 1958, which caused alot of damage up into Canada. And then today you see the huge storm “off to the side” moving east. I am wondering if this will have any effects on Florida as it keeps traveling east. I just thought perhaps they were trying to show a timeline of some sorts for a series of events. Also if not for the Halloween period could it be them showing pumpkins in the window as in relating to pumpkin pies on the window sills during Thanksgiving time period?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      It’s good that nothing really bad happened.

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  7. mitmits2001 Avatar

    We are getting a huge storm now from Texas up to NY State into Canada…heavy rains and winds…I am thinking this could be the storm spoke about?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I will have to check that out.

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  9. jules104 Avatar

    Eric could this be the prediction for what’s happening in Atlanta now?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I will check it out

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