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John Boehner Gaffe

The first part of this prediction has happened.

Notes on 8-3-14  “I had a visual of John Boehner with his hands covering his face as if upset. “The vice president.. calls on different people.. stand in opposition.. the balloon then deflates. You might not think it possible.. the US congress approval sinks even lower, making it historically the worst body ever in US history.” — Spirits Voice — Spirit implied they would do something that would infuriate the public.”

The Facts on 9-22 by Christian Science: “Boehner says unemployed ‘don’t really want’ jobs. How bad a gaffe for GOP? After giving a speech about his plan to revive the economy Thursday, House Speaker John Boehner said the unemployed would rather ‘sit around’ – reviving the image of Republicans as a party of the rich.” Quoted News:;_ylt=AwrTWfxHbSBUjn0ALKfQtDMD

Terror Attack Warning

Here is a reminder of all the different predictions involving terror attacks. Its unclear if they are talking about just one event or multiple ones. Please make every effort to share the information with everyone, so that we can bring about change.
— World Prediction Glossary Reference: Spider, Numbers

Notes on 7-26-14    “An infestation.. a gaping hole.. a massive explosion.. where the leaders are.. by the Capitol.. Europe (Norway).. 27.. we can try.. warn them!”
27 could be seen as the 27th or the 2nd (7 could be symbolic to the day), no month was provided.

Notes on 8-7-13    “Bad news for country.. capital.. defiant.. delirious.. killer.. up in the air, weight over (over weight),  another monster”
They showed the Norway flag used by the cruise line, the one with the big ‘N’. Its unclear if they are talking about Norway or could it be a separate situation.

Notes on 7-24-14      I had a visual of a spider that had features of water bug, but also had wings. It was an oversized Spider with metal tips for legs. Spider represents a terror attack or school shooting, but a bug?  We will try to get better details but something sinister is coming.
I had a visual of the number 3 in a countdown,  putting it around the 27th-28th.

Notes on 7-17-14    “Also.. There will be a bombing in the bush(es).” — Spirits Voice

Notes on 7-16-14     I had a visual of two metal poles, one on the left side the other on the right. A white ball slowly rolled down from one pole and stopped a little bit over half way on the field, then there was an explosion.

Notes on 7-11-14     I had a visual of a soccer ball rolling, then they implied I should look at our history of predictions, this is the only one that came to mind, please let me know if you can find another prediction that might have ties to the soccer ball, it wasn’t a very nice message:

Notes on 12-31-13     “It came, it came, the games have arrived!.. oh you’re in trouble.. cancelled.. disappointment as the dream is squashed.. terrorist ” I had a visual of red roses being cut down.

Notes on 7-4-14     I had a visual of people sitting on benches in a stadium, everyone was looking up while clapping, than under the bleachers, behind the people,  an explosion happened, people began to scream and everyone scrambled for safety.  “Terror.. terror”

Notes on 1-25-14     I had a visual of the number 8, then a page was turned, and I had a visual of a man with a whipped back, then a page turned, I had a visual of a large target sign, then the page turned again and I had a visual of fireworks going off.

Notes on 1-15-14     I had a visual of fireworks going off, it was exciting and people where cheering, then a massive explosion on the ground behind something, and the cheering turned to terror.

Whether related to this or a another prediction here is a message from Spirit. Now more than ever before, the Spirits are imply its possible to alter these events from unfolding and tragedy can be avoided.
I had a visual of road with dead trees and desert land in the background. The road was old and the asphalt was broken up and decaying. Up the road was a golden brick wall directly in the path of the road. The pure gold bricks glowed with a white glimmering light that was brighter than the sun that came down from above.
“We are trying to warn you of events coming.. the possibility of changing tragedy more imminent” – Spirits Voice



Super Typhoon Neoguri

This prediction is happening. The prediction dates back to last year, and the number 8 represent tomorrow the 8th. In the recaps we assumed the prediction was a failure, especially in timing. I would later assume it was storms in October.

When they presented the riddle of the ‘ 5 ‘ they showed it in big bold font and made it of stone, my first thought was an old prediction. I will leave it to you to determine which prediction it fits, but it could represent a “Category 5 Typhoon”

Notes on 7-2-13  Here are the Notes from Spirit for July 2nd.
Japan.. will be hit with a Typhoon.. 8.. the houses in the city damaged.. – My thought is 8 means August, I am also starting to think that might apply to the Tsunami as well.

Notes 6-21-14 “At this point we know of three ‘Category 5′ Hurricanes expected to hit landfall in 2014.” — Spirits Voice

Notes on 7-4-14  I had a visual of the number 5 in big bold font.

The Facts on 7-7-14 by CNN: Heavy rain is falling in southern Japan ahead of an approaching hurricane-like storm. Some 80,000 residents of Amakusa are being advised to evacuate before Typhoon Neoguri arrives. The enormous storm system could reach Category 5 strength by Tuesday. That means sustained winds of up to 165 miles per hour, and gusts up to 200 miles per hour. Some beaches could see waves as high as 39 feet.

This is the second time that hurricane predictions have been predicted in 2013 and happened in 2014, which unfortunately puts the Florida Hurricane back in play: Florida Hurricane Path – Notes on 9-29-13


Earthquake in Alaska and New Zealand

This prediction has happened, they have the date right , even noted the time difference, but its location does not fit with New Zealand or Alaska. No reported damage.

Notes on 3-22-14 – Major Earthquake
Big one.. major earthquake.. this is going to be a bad one.. 24.. 23 to 24.. dirham.. at its tip or end.. the place shredded and mangled.”  – Spirits Voice

Notes 6-21-14
They showed the word ‘Cracker and Kraken.’

The facts on 6-23-14: CNN) — A trio of earthquakes struck in the South Pacific Ocean Tuesday the 24th morning southeast of Raoul Island, New Zealand, the U.S. Geological Survey said.
Tsunami warning issued for coastal Alaska following a quake with a preliminary magnitude of 8.0 about 15 miles from Little Sitkin Island.


Notes on 4-12-14 Partial Tsunami

I had a visual of a mammoth sea monster rising above the ocean with its tentacles stretching outward, its tentacle slammed into the land, but the rest of the sea monster fell back into the ocean before it could accomplish more.

“Partial Tsunami! Its coming soon.. 18.. 18.. this is the wave that will crash against the houses..” — Spirits Voice

Related or not: “The pacific rim will be violently active.”

Previous Predictions:

Notes on 4-10-14
I had a vision of a wave of water crashing into several houses, the wave was so fast and strong that it swept up the houses and the houses were carried in shambles with the force of the wave. It was a horrible sight to see. — I later asked for clarity on a location and they showed the British Flag symbol of the red and white cross / X.

Notes on 4-6-14
“Chile another one.. hold still.. hold on.. lights out.. that way farther south.. the oreo broken..”  I had a visual of two numbers being pushed 1 – 8.

Eric’s Comments: There seems to be a contradiction on location, assuming all of these predictions are related. What I know for sure is that a smaller Tsunami will hit a coastal area and create excessive damage. Its timing seems related to the number 18, perhaps a date.  I can understand some of the confusion as a Tsunami would affect multiple locations but I will put my full effort on a clear location, then we need to bring awareness to this situation, people need to be warned, and I desperately need your help to do that. I have also asked them to start a countdown of this Tsunami when it applies.




The Future of China

“When the passing of the great leader arrives and the country celebrates the individual’s life.. so to does its changing path of prosperity.. China’s wealth will multiply as its hands reach towards the Middle East and Africa.. its success multiplies.. but internal threats rise in great proportion from the far west side of the country.. spiders, spiders run rampant in the worst possible way!.. be careful China on the eve of a great era your own internal enemies have truly horrific plans.”

Glossary Reference: Spider

Malaysia Prediction Update: The spirits again point north. North is where it is. They also mentioned “The pilot dropped the ball” that’s not a contradiction to the original message of “Passenger 45 is to blame” but an addition. They might also be talking about someone currently dropping the ball.