Notes on 2-12-14 President

“The marriage of the president strained, the first lady and children visibly upset. The opposition takes it to a new low. He is over committed unfortunately stale, stag. Two different cars used.”

5.. in two hours.. 530.. 117 – Two hours mean two months (mid April), but then they mention 5 which I assume means May. Could be two different events. The 11th is also marked.

“Times up, he is dead.”

Eric’s Comments: I have to assume we are talking about the US president, but is could also be a world leader from a different nation. Who is dead? This could be a personal message they are providing to me, or it could be a message that one of the ‘death’ prediction is about to happen.


8 thoughts on “Notes on 2-12-14 President

  1. two half’s make a whole. The president’s wife is a bitch(well balanced), in a good way and he needs to start listening to her. What he lacks she has.

  2. Eric, I have always felt when watching both the president and his wife on the news that something just wasn’t right with them, I also feel it is rehearsed and put on. I also feel something is wrong with Bill Clinton and Hillary as well. I feel some of it is a serious health issue. With all that is heating up in the world right now, an assassination attempt or death is inevitable.


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