Super Typhoon Neoguri

This prediction is happening. The prediction dates back to last year, and the number 8 represent tomorrow the 8th. In the recaps we assumed the prediction was a failure, especially in timing. I would later assume it was storms in October.

When they presented the riddle of the ‘ 5 ‘ they showed it in big bold font and made it of stone, my first thought was an old prediction. I will leave it to you to determine which prediction it fits, but it could represent a “Category 5 Typhoon”

Notes on 7-2-13  Here are the Notes from Spirit for July 2nd.
Japan.. will be hit with a Typhoon.. 8.. the houses in the city damaged.. – My thought is 8 means August, I am also starting to think that might apply to the Tsunami as well.

Notes 6-21-14 “At this point we know of three ‘Category 5′ Hurricanes expected to hit landfall in 2014.” — Spirits Voice

Notes on 7-4-14  I had a visual of the number 5 in big bold font.

The Facts on 7-7-14 by CNN: Heavy rain is falling in southern Japan ahead of an approaching hurricane-like storm. Some 80,000 residents of Amakusa are being advised to evacuate before Typhoon Neoguri arrives. The enormous storm system could reach Category 5 strength by Tuesday. That means sustained winds of up to 165 miles per hour, and gusts up to 200 miles per hour. Some beaches could see waves as high as 39 feet.

This is the second time that hurricane predictions have been predicted in 2013 and happened in 2014, which unfortunately puts the Florida Hurricane back in play: Florida Hurricane Path – Notes on 9-29-13



17 thoughts on “Super Typhoon Neoguri

  1. Hi Eric. I think the number five is probably for the Typhoon hitting Japan. My son lives near Tokyo so I think it will be a two by that time which I am thankful for. He told me that the Kadena AirBase was in the process of moving their aircraft up to Yokota where he is. I will be praying for everyone there in Japan and in Okinawa especially. Do you think that the Spirits will show you the number five now for the next two hurricanes that are predicted to be cat5s then? Also could the reasoning behind them giving you numbers that are looking like movie credits be that they are pointing to LA/Hollywood or Bollywood even? Is that India (Bollywood), where they make those movies? And is this earthquake related to the previous earthquake predictions for China/India? Thanks for all your hard work and I hope you were able to enjoy the fourth.

    • Hi jules104; prayers to you and yours and japan. I have been tracking this one since its journey started..and arthur of course…it was heartning to see smiling faces on the news reports over the 4th of july and the days around it…

      • Thanks Rhona for the prayers. Hopefully all will fare well in Japan and the surrounding islands/countries. I, as I am sure you will be also, sending out that vision of light and love to all in the path of that hurricane. Yes it was nice to hear that most had a very wonderful Fourth of July holiday weekend. And who knows, perhaps just this group of people and Eric and his Spirit Guides sending so many warnings, prayers, light and love forward helped in some small way. Blessings to You and Yours.

    • Thanks Jules, there is another prediction that talks about a Typhoon that hits areas around India so it could be that. I think they showed the 5 as a reminder of this old prediction that never really happened, as it connects to the here and now. I believe the credits mean “at the end” of a situation or circumstances or “credit”. Not sure how that all fits together.

  2. Natural events that were meant to happen in 2012/13 that were delayed are starting to happen now. exciting times we live within

  3. interesting is NZ was also hit last night with a strong storm with winds between 120 to 170kmph, it’s a windy time

    • So was the Denver Colorado area. The storm was so odd. Really windy all of a sudden coming over the Rockies. Seemed like they would have been micro bursts or down drafts. Those winds that bring down airplanes. The only storm my black lab has ever barked at. Really weird behavior on her part.


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