Notes on 2-23-14


In 2 minutes (days) – the death

In 11 minutes (days) – it arrives. (Between the 3-5 of March. )

They pointed to the book I write in, I opened it in the vision and on it was the number 3, they tapped it as if concerned.

Eric’s Comments: A major event is around the corner between the 3rd and 5th of March. A reminder that they talked before about 3,  “3 is your number, 3″ was used to describe a large earthquake in California.  “The death” could be another prediction, but could also be talking about some event in my own life.  As we move closer to the timeframe we will ask for more details and clarity.


11 thoughts on “Notes on 2-23-14

  1. Eric there have been several predictions of late that 3 volcanoes around the world are going to explode this year I wander if that’s your 3 is the key to major events.

    • Not sure, they have a tendency to tell me about earthquakes and Volcanos right before they happen. They did however say that this year would have massive activity and implied a rough year overall.

  2. Eric do you think that the death is about the Presidential assasination that the Spirits said was going to be soon? So possibly tomorrow the 25th?

  3. Eric, anything more ‘specific’ on the possibility of the Northern California earthquake impacting Western Canada particularly Vancouver and surroundings?

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