Notes on 2-10-14 Terror Attack

Major Event 1
“An Attack!” .. “Things were very happy and quickly became horrific.”
“Around the time of the dance, when the fireworks run, as it all closes up, its ending” “Soon” The Spirits showed individuals with heavy snow jackets so we are talking about a winter location or timing.
“1,2” The spirits showed two explosions, but it was unclear if they were just showing the same explosion from different views. They showed a long list of names and faces of those who were injured and tragically killed.
“In the crowded area..  in the North East..  from the fireworks.” The spirits showed a diner or restaurant for some reason.  They showed a row of fairly new buildings one of the buildings looked like a castle or a tall square tower made of rocks or cobble stones.

Unrelated: “New York, troubling times around the New York Stock Exchange.. There will be difficult times ahead” They showed the US flag and in the back was overcast weather.

I had a visual of the flag of Japan. “Large earthquake, tremors, radioactive leak, very concerning problem.. soon.. 11 or 1”

Eric’s Comments: Clearly a terror attack but are we still talking about the Olympics or another event with fireworks?  They showed a large stadium. At the closing of a stadium event the terror attack unfolds, the Olympics close February 23. They also said it would happen at a distance in a North East region, something like Volgograd.  Also, a reminder that there is another prediction where trains, transportation are targets for the terrorist.

They did not show any cracker (damage) with the  Japan earthquake, it was more about the radioactive leak and a desperate need to contain the issue.

30 thoughts on “Notes on 2-10-14 Terror Attack

  1. Hi Eric,
    By chance did the “tall square tower made of rocks or cobble stones” resemble at all the clock tower at Sochi?

    1. Yes on the look as it goes for boxy and tall but it looked very cobblestone or rock looking. But they did make it sound like Sochi would not be the location, it seemed at a distance from the Stadium area.

  2. this happened December 30th. seems like Russia has some time to prepare or concentrate more on this city. Seems like sochi is secure and shut down. There very close to each other. Looks like they did not catch everyone from last raid.
    Moscow (CNN) — A suspected mastermind of twin bomb attacks in the Russian city of Volgograd was killed in a police operation in the restive North Caucasus republic of Dagestan, state media reported Wednesday.

    The man died in a shootout at a house in the town of Izberbash, the official Itar-Tass news agency said.

    One accomplice surrendered to police, but others were killed alongside the suspected mastermind, the news agency said.

    The attacks on Volgograd’s public transit system in late December, which killed 34 people and injured about 100, shocked Russia and fueled security concerns ahead of the Sochi Winter Olympics.

  3. There was just a major explosion of some sort in Peterborough NH. It is in the North East. They haven’t said what caused it.

  4. Eric can you take a look at these tower pics in this city which is north east of Moscow and Sochi. It also has one tower which is a bell clock tower. There are many which make up this fortress wall in the city of Nizhny Novgorod. It also has a music festival each year in early fall. The towers are old and square. Also can you tell me if you are seeing more of a rounded stone, what color stone etc?

  5. Eric I was looking up what the Russians would consider their “Northeast Region”, and it always said they don’t consider it that but they call it the “Russia Far East”, and the “North Eastern Region”, which includes a part of Russia, China, Taiwan, North and South Korea and Mongolia. Were you able to tell by the names on the lists where these people would be from? What culture? Did the buildings or diner, rock tower seem Old World as in European? I did see where Taiwan is going to be having festivals with dancing and fireworks coming up soon.

  6. I found out that they actually have Sochi itself split up into “Regions”. Can you take a look at this “Akhun Observation Tower” pic. It also has a cafe/restaurant on the bottom floor. Though it would be situated southwest of the main city center. You supposedly have a great view of the entire area around Sochi. Also there is a clock tower at the Sochi Railway Station.

  7. I think they are talking about the Olympics for one of the terrorist acts they plan when they say “Around the time of the dance”. The Chechen rebel leader termed the Games, “Satanic dances on the bones of our ancestors.” I feel as though there may be one in Moscow and one closer to where the Olympics are taking place. I think they’d like to have the whole world see it unfold in real time. I wish we could stop this from happening.

  8. Could this relate to Scotland, specifically Edinburgh? There is a large-scale party at Hogmanay (31st December) in the centre of Edinburgh. There is a castle, a clock tower at a hotel in the centre over looking the gardens. The railwayline goes between the castle and gardens where there is a fireworks display.

    There are cobbles as Edinburgh is a historic city. There are several restaurants that have views of the castle and are in modern buildings.

      1. Edinburgh has hosted a ‘Hogmanay’ street party for 100,000 – 300,000 people for over 15 years.

        The main event is on Hogmanay (31 December) with a street party – Princes street – which is overlooked by the castle.

        There is also a large outdoor scottish dance party called a ceilidh.

        There is a televised countdown with a large fireworks display from the castle that the crowds watch from princes street and gardens.




  9. Eric,
    This is a follow up to an old post but may be relevant .. Was the cobblestone castle looking building the Chicago Water Tower? See link to images below and tonight is the firework show as Mickey dances with music to light up Michicagn Avenue for the Holiday Season.

    Winter coats make sense as the Twitter posts are now coming in for attendees waiting for the show in front of the historic Water Tower

    Praying for a safe venue..

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