Notes on 3-2-14 California Earthquake

Spirits response to where the earthquake will be:

Earthquake.. California.. more central located.. very wide.. very distant in size.. 4 with a circle around it.. 3 to 4.. 3.8.. 3.9.. last night.. take caution California.. 6.8.

A reminder of several previous predictions:

Spirit has shown a large mass of land with a large crack in it, their point was to show a very wide incident. I have to assume we are talking about an earthquake. We will be asking for details tonight.

Notes on 2-23-14: They pointed to the book I write in, I opened it in the vision and on it was the number 3, they tapped it as if concerned.

Predictions for 2014:  The biggest earthquake of 2014.. in the west banks.. March.

Notes on 9-12-13 Earthquake in San Francisco update: “3 is your number, 3″  Also they presented a very clear indication that this was a North California earthquake. They want to squash the idea that this would in any way be the ‘big one’ ..its not. Its is a large and damaging earthquake, but its large in how far-reaching the earthquake will be. Again they implied this earthquake would be right after “A gathering of Americans” honestly that sounds like 9-11.

Eric’s Comments: Around the 4th? Or in 4 days? 3.9 could mean right before the 4th or around the 9th? Or at the end of March?  The location seems off from San Francisco, perhaps more southern than the original San Francisco area predicted, but wide reaching all the same. 6.8 could be their estimated size.

Now is the time to start sharing, use whatever social media outlet you can, even with the foggy date it is clear they are talking about an earthquake in California in the month of March. Now is the time to bring awareness, even if you’re not in the US, please remember there will be other natural disasters and tragedies in other parts of the world another day that we will need to predict, sharing this helps prepare for the next one. With the more awareness we bring comes a greater possibility of positive change.

26 thoughts on “Notes on 3-2-14 California Earthquake

  1. Perhaps it will take place late from around the ninth hour of the 3rd of March or early into the 4th. Could they mean this is the last peaceful night before it happens? Blessings California.

    1. Don’t look too much into it. Remember cracks represent a small earthquake, larger cracks or crackers represent damaging, heavy earthquakes, but the worst is the shattering of clay plates which they used twice, once for japan and the other for the Philippines. This earthquake is middle ground, cracker. Still expected to do some kind of damage though.

  2. I don’t want to take this post too off topic, but have you seen anything for an earthquake originating near the New Madrid fault line in the Midwest?

    1. They mentioned more activity coming but not now. There focus continues to be over here in CA. The other natural disaster predicted is a large volcano eruption but still working on a location, they only mentioned excessive snow.

  3. There seems to be a bit if activity around California lately I always watch the earthquake site there also seems to be some big ones around

    1. Now it really seems that 3 could be 3 different quakes, they gave so many different numbers, and one could assume they knew there would be several different events back to back.

  4. Yes I don’t know how you keep up with and keep things straightwith those busy Spirits. LOL. That was my thoughts also, a third quake maybe?:(

  5. Eric are the Spirits still saying there will be a 6.8 quake in California? Since these last two recent quakes of 5.1 and 4.1 and the other quake a couple weeks ago of 3.8 or 3.9. Do you think those were the three quakes? I sort of feel like there is still a much bigger one coming to either San Fransisco or LA. Just wondered what your thoughts are on it.

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