Notes on 2-17-14 Turkey

I had a vision of the flag of Turkey, than blood sprayed on it.

“Turkey.. upheaval.. volatile.. assassination.. such foul stench of corruption.. such discord, unbelievable.. such a horrible moment for the nation.”

I had a vision of a man sneaking up to a sleeping leader in the dark.

Eric’s Comments: This could be the location of the previous predictions about a presidents assassination or a separate issue involving a leaders assassination/or attempted one, in Turkey. Sleeping could be symbolic to unaware. We are also working on another incident in China involving a building.


9 thoughts on “Notes on 2-17-14 Turkey

  1. so sorry if this is Turkey – she has supported us in NATO, she deserved to be admitted to the EU, her towns and cities have been destroyed in earthquakes, she should not be torn apart by civil unrest – which has been building for quite some time
    let’s hope this doesn’t happen. May her people have peace and prosperity
    best regards Eric

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