The Spirits want to share there gratitude for sharing the California Earthquake Prediction. Some of you really put yourself out there for a spiritual force you have never met and they very much tip their hat to all of you. With each passing accurate prediction we move closer to our goal of changing the outcome of the next horrifying event

For those who respectfully doubt my authenticity I encourage you to look at several of the earthquake predictions prior to brushing it off. Here are a handful of some other success. Are their flaws and failures absolutely, but its the repetition of their work that sets a tone.

North California Earthquake – Yesterdays earthquake

New Zealand and Mexico Earthquake on August 16th
Predicted on Notes on 8-15-13  Happened on 8-16-13 – Reference New Zealand Earthquake / Mexico Earthquake “716-92″ Another date, the 16th, (92?) “Immediate” I had a visual of  seismograph running wild with red lines. Yesterday, I also felt the floor shake under me which is a precursor to a large earthquake. There could be more than one. Its unclear if we are talking about an existing prediction (Mexico earthquake or the western Tsunami) or a completely separate location. I am expecting it around the 16th give or take a day or two.

Mexico Earthquake on August 16th and August 21st
Predicted Notes on 6-28-13 Happened on 8-16 and 21st – Reference: Mexico Earthquake “Great earthquake.. Mexico.. dos.. water.. Baja.. 1,2.. this earthquake will be destructive.. take precautions! ” — My thoughts, Baja could be Baja California but more likely a reference to the earthquakes ground zero being close to the shore.  ‘Two’ a date or a countdown? Perhaps they are saying there is one earthquake followed by a second perhaps larger one.

Mexico’s Earthquake on March 20th
Predicted 3-17 Happened 3-20 Summation of Prediction 9
The Prediction: “In Baja California Mexico there will be a measurably high earthquake between the 20th and 23rd. From past experience they usually use the words destructive, or damaging, the fact they are using  ”measurably high”  implies that it’s not an overwhelmingly destructive earthquake but one of caution.”

Earthquake Strikes Peru on the 25th: “An earthquake on the 24th” “Latin America” They showed a Chili pepper. Perhaps Chile, or Mexico, month unclear, perhaps moderate.

Earthquake Strikes Philippines on the 15th: “Again Eric, again, another earthquake, key 8.” 7..8 visual. “Earthquakes coming..” “Seismograph with line, is in the islands, next week” Marked dates:  12-13..  18..  11:15 or 15 “The cracker.. the earthquake will unfold in a couple of days.

Earthquake Strikes Iran on the 22nd: I again felt an earthquake under my feet, I asked several times for an earthquake location: the match box was black, there was mention of Saddam Hussein. But no clear location 70 It’s too late we are out of time. (Please refer to the glossary Numbers) A black match box would imply this coming natural disaster is not on our list of predictions, perhaps the middle east area, but I never got a clear answer on the location. The spirits showed a cracker and then pointed around the 23rd. Which 23rd?

On 12-29 an Earthquake Rattles Italy and Mount Etna Erupts Again: I had a visual of a small piece of cracker, one-fourth of a cracker, then a map that had Italy in the center, Greece was off to the side, then it switched and they showed a plug outlet with a crack going down the center, Spirit ended by showing a stove burner with fire coming out of it. “Now” “Volcano eruption.. Italy, Greece area..”

Notes 10-9-13 P2 –  China Earthquake, Timing wrong
The spirits lined out a map of China slowly, then they lined out the central, north west part of China and marked it.
Notes on 1-15-14
China.. collapse.. earthquake.. 17 or around
Notes on 1-14-14
The Spirits made mention to India/China, and an earthquake again. As you recall they gave three different numbers 20, 27, and 001.
The Facts on 2-12-14: “Powerful earthquake shakes remote area of western China. A powerful earthquake struck a sparsely populated area of China’s far western region of Xinjiang on Wednesday. It was not immediately clear if it caused casualties or significant damage.
The U.S. Geological Survey said the magnitude-6.8 quake was centered 168 miles east-southeast of Hotan at a depth of 7.7 miles.” Quoted News:

Not really and Earthquake but Shockwave: Meteor Hits Chebarkul Lake in Russia Causing Over 1000 Injuries and Shockwaves While Asteroid 2012-da14 Flew By the Earth.
Predicted 9-30 happened 2-15: Prediction 43: The Falling Asteroid
The Prediction: The Asteroid however small will pass through the atmosphere and shock the people as it lands.
Notes: Here is the symbolic messages from the spirits that created this prediction, feel free to create your own translation.

  • There was mention of an ocean or body of water but it wasn’t entirely clear.
  • Visual of a cluster of asteroids all floating in space.
  • Visual of one crossing down to the sky and hitting an ocean or lake by a foreign city.
  • Visual of water splashing over several different people and a look of shock on their face.

17 responses to “Earthquakes”

  1. Bella Avatar

    Do you think it may have helped that many of us send love and wished protection on the people who could be affected by the Earthquake? Usually a 6.9 causes more damage.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I think it would.

  2. jules104 Avatar

    Eric I think that the work you all do and the accuracy speaks for itself. It may still be a work in progress, but isn’t everything. I myself think that you and the Spirits are doing a wonderful job. Keep up the good work!
    Also, are we still expecting a bigger event for the west coast area? That was what I got out of the earthquake predictions. I was surprised that there wasn’t more damage from this 6.9 quake. And I read that people were describing it as sort of a strange feeling for a big quake, as in long and rolling type wave, not to violent. Perhaps what you saw with the seismograph being weird looking like a graph?? Either way can’t hurt to send out light and love for everyone on the West Coast.

  3. Dorothy Avatar

    Hey Eric did it cause much damage your way pray not to much

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      One would hope, it will be bringing awareness to the major tragedies that we need to focus on, any way to block tragedy would be great.

  4. jules104 Avatar

    The “3rd” Anniversary for the Fukushima Daiichi nucleur disaster is today 03-11. Which I think was actually yesterday for Japan. Also , I meant to say 6.8 earthquake in CA which the USGS reported it as. Some media channels had it as 6.9 early on.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Yes I saw that later, the national earthquake system has it as 6.8.

  5. Shannon Avatar

    Awesome job Eric!

  6. Dana Kelly Avatar

    I am personally grateful for the work you and the Spirits are doing. Thankyou

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks, I think this is more about those of you putting you neck out for us, and our need to set the tone of repetitious work.

  7. Lia Avatar

    On Sunday the 9th in Eureka California which is northern CA. There was a magnitude 6.8 and it was off the coast 4 miles underground sounds like you got that spot on.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


  8. Hema Avatar

    Thanks for alerting us through the spirits messages Eric. You are doing a wonderful service. Is the big earthquake for the West Coast still a possibility or have we passed that, at least for the time being?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks Hema, We are waiting for a second earthquake, “west banks” which needs clarification, that could be anything from Alaska, to south America, or middle east, even the much talked about Tsunami which is also expected on a western coast. We need clarity, but for now they have plans to rollout a new set of predictions.

      1. Genesis Avatar

        Good morning, Eric. I did a little research on this this morning regarding “west banks”. Could this refer to the west bank of the Mississippi River? This is significant when speaking of the New Madrid fault line. I live in Tennessee and have heard this fault is overdue for another adjustment and the last time there was an earthquake it made the Mississippi run backward and created the Reelfoot Lake. At the time of this quake (1811/1812), the population wasn’t as great as it is now and if it were to occur again it would cause massive damage, a great loss of life and extreme economic strife for America. Just a thought I had and wanted to share with everyone.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          I did not know they had earthquakes in that area, I will look into it, thanks for that.

  9. star48 Avatar

    updated report.. Too Quiet… Off Cascade. Area. Experts from 2 countries concerned

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