Notes on 2-11-14

The started a countdown 5 -4 -3 -2 and stopped at 2. We are expecting a prediction in the next few days, around 13th, 14th

I had a visual of a woman walking along who seemed intoxicated and everything was red in the background. All the color was in red.

I had a visual of an airplane with 4 blue blankets and pillows, “the 4 survivors”

Eric’s Comments: I was hesitant to put these messages out there, mainly because they are vague and lacking any real information. But its possible these events have ties to other predictions. It sounds like an intoxicated woman creates a tragic situation that would be reported in the news. When I do personal readings and individuals are asking about health, job, other people, they show a color first, Green-good, yellow-warning!, Red-very big warning-tragic situation, black-death-the end, that sums up the meaning of all the red. It could also represent a specific place or nation. Not sure what the blanket means.


12 thoughts on “Notes on 2-11-14

  1. Hi Eric. Is the woman actually intoxicated or could she be walking away from a plane crash? Is this two different predictions? There seems to be a lot of airlines which have blue blankets and pillows out there. American, JetBlue and Hawaiian Airlines just being some of them.

  2. I am an American flight attendant. We do not have blue blankets. However I do agree it is a plane crash and a survivor is walking away wrapped in a blanket. Not really drunk but in a confused state from the tragedy. I hope this is not the case.

  3. I wonder if this pretains to the celebration in Chelyabinsk Siberia. Tonight they are celebrating one year since they were hit with the meterorite. They are celebrating with fireworks, at the meteorite site…uh-oh

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