Malaysia Jet Missing

Even though we have already visited these prediction it sounds more like the Malaysian Flight as loved ones still wait for news. My heart goes out to all of you. The second prediction is in question.

Notes on 1-17-14
I saw a plane that was on the tarmac, on its tail was the number 20. “too late.”

Notes on 1-15-14
I had a visual of an airplane in mid-air and then it exploded, it switched and I looked at the ground, the debris was everywhere. “Terror took their lives” — 26

The Facts: Malaysia Airlines Loses Contact With Jet Carrying Over 200. Malaysia Airlines announced Saturday morning that it had lost contact five hours earlier with one of its flights, which was carrying at least 239 people to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur, and had activated a search-and-rescue team.

The plane, a Boeing 777-200 operating as Flight MH370, took off at 12:41 a.m. Air traffic control in Subang, a suburb of Kuala Lumpur, lost contact with the plane almost two hours later, at 2:40 a.m. The plane was scheduled to land at 6:30 a.m. in Beijing, but there was no further word on its fate by early Saturday afternoon.

Vietnamese officials told local news media that the aircraft had never reached the air traffic control region for Ho Chi Minh City, formerly Saigon, after the plane was supposed to have passed over the ocean between northern Malaysia and southernmost Vietnam. Quoted News:


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Predicting the world events of tomorrow in the hopes to alter any tragic outcome through awareness.
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51 Responses to Malaysia Jet Missing

  1. Zaza says:

    You may be correct with the second prediction.
    “If there was a minor mechanical failure — or even something more serious like the shutdown of both of the plane’s engines — the pilots likely would have had time to radio for help. The lack of a call “suggests something very sudden and very violent happened,” said William Waldock, who teaches accident investigation at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, Ariz.

    It initially appears that there was either an abrupt breakup of the plane or something that led it into a quick, steep dive. Some experts even suggested an act of terrorism or a pilot purposely crashing the jet.”

  2. Bob says:

    Aircraft missing is a Boeing 777-2H6ER with tail number 9M-MRO and serial number 28420.

  3. paul2k99 says:

    I was in Kuala Lumpur that night and shocked, but Malaysiam airports must be more secured, I mean on LCCT airport you can even walk thru the planes!!

  4. Toedancer says:

    it switched – could have meant it changed directions which they now believe it did
    on the ground – ??

  5. Alson says:

    Can ask the spirit where is the plane?
    Still have no clue after 72 hours.

  6. Toedancer says:

    I had a visual of an airplane in mid-air and then it exploded, it switched

    • I would caution taking this too literal, its more symbolic. First they acknowledge that the plane is in the air when it explodes or falls apart so they seem to imply something different from crashing down, or hitting something.

  7. Zaza says:

    Does anyone else find it odd that they can’t seem to find the plane and if it was a terrorist event, no one has claimed it? Part of me is beginning to wonder if it was a trial run.

  8. Rosemary says:

    My husband thinks if was a trial run.

  9. Toedancer says:

    DCA and RMAF statements are now contradicting each other and if this goes on like this, don’t expect the plane to be found, this information after four days is truly baffling.
    [Malaysian civil aviation chief] Mr Azharuddin said the search includes northern
    parts of the Malacca Strait, on the opposite side of the Malay Peninsula and far west of the plane’s last known location. Mr Azharuddin would not explain why crews were searching there, saying, “There are some things that I can tell you and some things that I can’t.”

    Someone is lying, this is getting so contradictory.

  10. jules104 says:

    Do you think it could have gone down over land somewhere? I can’t help but feel as though they should be looking over the land for it.

  11. Regs says:

    In an article, ssome Chinese nationals with relatives and freinds onboard that plane, they tried to call their cell phones. it rings, heard nothing then the phone hang up? If and when the plane fall into the waters. it wont be ringing then! Thinking here that there might be human trafficking..hope not!

    Eric, please help and ask where the plane now? Sending prayers to the affected families.

  12. Toedancer says:

    Malaysia’s air force chief denies saying MH370 detected over Strait of Malacca

    Then fishermen find a life raft, grab it and give over to the authorities, who of course, somehow let it sink.

    The incompetence is simply breath taking, while families are suffering terribly.

  13. jules104 says:

    Possible debris found on Chinese Satellite images on east side of Malaysia. First area they looked in.

  14. Toedancer says:

    Vietnam said they already checked that area and the Chinese have known about since Sunday. Do you get the feeling some countries just don’t want it to be found?

  15. Patrick from also received that it was terrorism that brought this plane down,

    “No survivors, terrorism, the device used was brought through passenger security in disguised pieces, assembled then hidden in the carry-on bag of an unsuspecting passenger. The perpetrators were not aboard, the trail leading back to them has already gone cold. The passenger cabin depressurized abruptly, low oxygen claiming everyone in the passenger cabin within minutes, some sooner. Cockpit oxygen allowed some control despite reduced airworthiness; the bitter cold soon also affected the cockpit. Pilots turned to attempt a ditching closer to land, and to descend into warmer and oxygen richer air. They also succumbed to the effects. The gaping hole ripped into the fuselage prevented a more rapid emergency descent and eventually the plane could not maintain flight.
    Reports of transponders, radio and other communication systems going silent are because those systems were damaged in the explosion. The wreckage will conceal most of this.”

  16. sammy says:

    for Joshua Buckley…..WHY??? and WHO???

  17. cchambers says:

    So, as far as I see it, this is a test for your so called spirit(s). If IT/THEY or YOU know, it would be very cruel to not tell the world where the plane is. worldpredictions is either legit or it isn`t. Every time a psychic says ” we`re not allowed to say” just reeks of mumbo-jumbo. Real psychics would know how to find the plane.

  18. clstine11 says:

    They are now saying that the plane flew for as many as 7 hours since pings were heard by our satellites. I can’t imagine a plane in that condition flying for that long. Now there are questions about the main pilot’s watching a terrorist trial. I think we will know more shortly since his house has now been searched, along with the co-pilot’s house, and they will find something there. The plane went up to 45,000 feet and then went down to 23,000 feet, according to the news. If the plane crashed, they should have found it by now.

  19. clstine11 says:

    P.S. The plane turned at exactly the time when it left Malaysian airspace and before it entered Vietnamese airspace. A bomb wouldn’t have known to go off at that time.

  20. Max says:

    Could the 20 signify the 20 passengers that worked for Freescale Semiconductor? If anyone looks into that it looks suspicious. Four of them had a patent that was waiting approval. There were five patent holders the fifth being Freescal Semiconductor. If they die before patent approval the dividends go 100% to the living patent holder. Look into who owns the company…..Quite interesting.

  21. ELLY says:


  22. ELLY says:


  23. clstine11 says:

    Whatever the Malaysians say cannot be trusted – this weekend it was announced that the plane was not on autopilot when it made a 90-degree turn to the left. I think more and more it was a small bomb.

    • The Malaysian government is not handling it very well. That was just horrible how they treated that poor lady by escorting her aggressively out while she wanted news about her loved ones.

  24. The spirits are implying that the debris of the plane is over land, not the ocean?? Does anyone know why the focus is just on the ocean? We are still trying to get the details, but boy does it contradict everything the news is reporting.

    • clstine11 says:

      CNN’s reporters don’t believe the plane could have flown that far over land without being detected. Maybe the plan crashed closer to where it went off radar and fell on land? There are way too many questions and way too much disinformation.

  25. Firstly, I’d like to say that my heart, thoughts and prayers are with the families, friends and loved-ones of all passengers on flight MH370. Although I don’t claim to be a psychic, I do have visions about events on occasion (most often while meditating or in sleep). A few nights ago I had a vision about the plane; that a small object penetrated the exterior at a very high speed. It sounded like a loud and fast sharp breaking straight thru glass. I then heard a second object hitting / penetrating the plane, which sounded like it went thru metal. That is all the information I received, but whatever the object was, it did serious damage, disabling critical functions of the plane which led to its demise. I very much hope I am wrong on this one for the sake of all loved ones. For the past several days I’ve also had the number 24 coming into mind, so I am hoping that is the date the plane is confirmed as found.

  26. jules104 says:

    Breaking News on CNN. Malaysian Government saying “All Lives Lost”. This is now their conclusion due to all of the info they have. Pray for the friends and family members. I can’t even imagine what they are going through. The whole thing seems a little “off” though to me. I wish the governments would start to take psychics gifts more seriously and allow them to help out. Open their minds up to other things besides just scientific facts. Or at least use both. I think science and the spirit realm can work together. Don’t put God in a box. I am still holding out hope that we may find some survivors.

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