Presidential Assassintation

We are expecting this prediction to unfold soon, they implied it should unfold before the end of February. 2:45 could be seen as three-fourths into the month of February, making it a rough timeframe sometime around February 21st.

“The Assassination is coming next.. very soon” – Spirits voice Here are the predictions I assume they are talking about:
Predictions for 2014 There is going to be a Lee Harvey Oswald moment.. terror.. decoy.. a visual of the presidents house burning.. 2:45
Notes on 12-22-13 “There is going to be a Lee Harvey Oswald moment.. terror.. decoy.. a major event” a visual of the presidents house burning.

It is possible this prediction might have ties to Ukraine as the last part seems similar to facts being reported in the news:
The Facts on 2-18: “KIEV: Ukrainian opposition protesters on Tuesday attacked the party headquarters of embattled President Viktor Yanukovych as fierce clashes with police erupted again in Kiev for the first time in weeks.
Protesters briefly seized the party headquarters after several hundred attacked it with Molotov cocktails and smashed their way inside but later withdrew as smoke continued to billow from part of the building, an AFP reporter at the scene said.” Quoted News:

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  1. lilimamo Avatar

    I need your help. I’m Venezuelan. Of course all my worries is about my dear country, in deep crisis right now, as our opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez has surrender to authorities after 14 days (and counting) of street pacific walks of thousands of our people around the country to manifest discontent to the socialist regimen of Nicolas Maduro, led by the Castro brothers. There has been 5 deaths caused by infiltrated government people, so they think it’s Leopoldo’s fault for calling the opposition to the streets. What is going to happen? What do we Venezuelan have to do? Is there going to be a United States intervention to calm our streets and command a new Venezuelan president, for peace and oil-to-the-US interests? Please help, we are really desperate here not knowing what’s going to happen, and what we should do.
    I thank you in advance for the prompt answer, and may God Bless You All.
    Lili Mamo
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    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I will ask them, they do have to gather the information so it might be a bit before they respond.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      The Spirits have answered your question, your answer will be posted today in the notes. Sounds like a new government is coming.

  2. Who? Avatar

    what is the nature of spirits? what is the spirit world like? do spirits believe or know of higher forces at work?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Yes on a God, and they follow Gods word and work for him. Nature of Spirits? — A mixture of Guides, Ascended Masters, and Angels or as they put it Ancient Ones. When I use the word ‘Spirit’ I am referring to the entire group that create these world predictions, but it is a large group with different roles.

      1. Who? Avatar

        what is the word of God? is it like his will?

        Is the name of Elohim, YHWH (Eh-Way)?

        Is Satan real? Is hell real?

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          I think those questions should be left to religion, our goal here is to present future events and get to that point where we alter tragedies in a positive way. I don’t think its appropriate to preach our beliefs, it takes away from our mission.

  3. who? Avatar

    I’m sorry

  4. star48 Avatar

    Eric, attempt and coup on Gambia president planned on US soil…foiled..

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